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  1. I've never voted in person. Been voting by mail since my early 20's. Why would anyone want to vote in person? Enjoy the crowds? The wait time? Miss work and lose pay? Or stand in line after work while you're already tired? No thanks.
  2. Dead people get removed from voter rolls unless you have a bunch of dead relatives in your backyard. Also, the signature has to match.
  3. If I wished you got an STD, that means I wishing you get laid. Is that even a bad thing?
  4. What kind of shop is that? Why is the floor cracked?
  5. Trump did praise Henry Ford, a known Nazi sympathizer, for having "good bloodlines" just yesterday.
  6. It's raw data, but does paint a clear picture. Of the 96k patients hospitalized 1 in 11 died. Of the 15k that were prescribed one of the two drugs 1 in 6 died. When combined with an antibiotic the numbers get worse.
  7. At this point if a doctor prescribes this to you for COVID-19 it's malpractice.
  8. The combo of hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics is especially deadly. 1 in 4 COVID-19 patients in this study died when taking both.
  9. I would give tdawg shit, but Chuck should have known better than posting a picture like that here.
  10. Your first mistake was thinking I'm in anyway an adult, just because my age says I am. Anyway, Florida had first cases of COVID 19 as early as February 13th but didn't officially announce any until March 1st. In my book that's villainous behavior.
  11. Correct. These two are not ignorant at all. They are cunning villains.