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  1. A Republican not doing well with the 65+ crowd.
  2. Well you can't say the Dems are running a bunch of far left liberals on the ticket.
  3. Without the USPS, private shipping costs would triple and might be gone altogether in rural areas.
  4. The point being federal programs don't need to turn a profit. They are there to be a service to the country. Yet some people demand the post office turn a profit for it to exist.
  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/usps-just-made-sweeping-changes-to-the-nations-mail-service-2020-8 Basically cuts to all overtime and other policy changes has drastically slowed down service. It also came out recently they will be charging more for mail-in ballots.
  6. This federal agency has a 700 billion annual revenue loss. It's the military.
  7. it's not, and neither does the USPS.