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  1. It's been established quid pro quo happens. The problem here is Trump is doing it to get dirt on his political opponent. That should never be normalized.
  2. Certainly. However it's usually done through official channels like with ambassadors and other government officials. Trump sent Rudy and a couple of goons. Feels pretty egregious to me.
  3. But military aid was held back. Why? How does holding back military aid (illegally without congress' approval per the Impoundment Act of 1974) further US interests? Also, I like how you just brushed off Abuse of power like it's some ho-hum thing.
  4. Trump really wanted Ukraine to say they were investigating Biden. This has been established, correct? Aid was in fact put on hold, correct?
  5. This is one of the GOP witnesses.
  6. A fat man knows you can get two Western Bacon Cheeseburgers for 6.99