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  1. Defeat COVID with a pill. Looks promising. Got to take it within 5 days of showing symptoms.
  2. https://fortune.com/2021/09/21/covid-cases-children-schools-1-million-cases-coronavirus-update/
  3. Their own summary says they "could" be legal votes. They have shown zero proof of any widespread fraud. All of this stuff was debunked months ago.
  4. She is best known for handcuffing herself to the door of Twitter HQ and they ignored her. She ended up peeing herself.
  5. All the black Republicans have figured out they can make money from playing that role.
  6. Work sent out an email that they are anticipating a mandate and we can go on the company web portal and submit a picture of our vaccination card.
  7. Mom and I make tamales together for Christmas. We have a system where she puts the masa on the corn leaves and I put in the filling and wrap them. They're delicious.
  8. Honestly, this was a 400 million fraud by Republicans on the state.
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