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  1. I'm a veteran. Specifically I joined for the GI Bill. I'm perfectly fine with people getting a free education. The military takes advantage of poor kids wanted to get a higher education. Then rich assholes send them to war zones to protect oil. Fuck all that.
  2. What I get from this is angelinkc is attracted to dudes but has never had the courage to actually fuck one. I for one am not attracted to dudes. It's not something I simply have a choice about. But angelinkc likes himself some dick and chooses to not suck any. Strange dude.
  4. That is the entire government for you. At least this time we might get some healthcare out of it.
  5. ZiPS? Y'all making these things up now. What is everyone's TRL? What is Trout's Mr PiBBS?
  6. If I could get an abortion myself I would.
  7. It would have more value.
  8. Bloomberg is the one candidate that would get me to not vote or go third party.
  9. There is a lot of class warfare in our justice system. I guess I have more sympathy for a broke dude trying to put food on his table, than an already rich dude abusing his position of power. On the flip side, the justice system usually works the other way. There are dudes in prison for stealing something small like a pizza, and there are dudes that get a slap on the wrist for stealing millions.
  10. I hope the Angels give away one of these for the home opener.
  11. Cool. This channels Simmons video was also pretty good.
  12. Rudy will be behind bars once Trump can't protect him.
  13. And by taking votes away from Biden and that Butt-guy he is actually helping Burnie.