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  1. I honestly think most people care about the same things.
  2. So it looks like health care, taxes/spending/government size are two big concerns. I note that neither guns nor abortion appear. Trigger issues.
  3. Who knows, we have had a democratic governor most of the time I have lived here.
  4. We have to get passed the lobbies of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and trial lawyers start tackling costs in all areas. I agree that health care should not be tied into your profession.
  5. Just getting my feet wet in here again. I truly believe most of the things politicians get peopled all worked about have almost no impact on our daily lives. If you had to pick the top three issues that candidates would focus on, what would they be? Here are mine: health care costs Education system ability to retire comfortably
  6. Over the last two years I have lost 90 pounds and I have almost zero will power. You can do it. Nothing drastic, nice and slow. yeah, yeah, I know.
  7. I know that 2020 has been a really bad year for everyone. It has just been a really bad one for me. I lost my dad on Father’s Day due to negligence at a rehab facility which I nor anyone else could not have access to him. I also have lost two other people close to me due to cancer. I have also been out of work since May. I just don’t have the energy to post a lot on here. I understand how important politics are to many of you and I respect that. For me I just don’t like the person I am when I post in this forum. Being kind and giving should be more important to me than being
  8. I don’t know if any of you saw it tonight but there was probably the best ko kick ever.
  9. I expect there to be multiple replies to this. That is sarcasm
  10. In the last four months my dad, my boss’s wife and an old family friend have died. It is the scourge of all scourges.
  11. @Angelsjunky your articles and posts on here are always well written, informative and enjoyable to read. So thank you
  12. U.S. women’s tennis is very good.
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