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  1. I would be too. These are extremely difficult times and every decision needs to be weighed carefully
  2. One rep senator, one dem senator, a republican representative and a dem governor. Don’t know if we have ever voted blue in the presidential election. it is very divided here, the west is liberal and out here is very republican. Rural vs urban
  3. The media is pissed at Trump because he is a moron. They should be. that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do their fricking job though. At this point they should covering it even if only 1% of it is profitable
  4. This administration should definitely not get a pass.
  5. The only controversy I have is with your spelling.
  6. I concur but it does beg the question what do you do if the virus is still active in November.
  7. Man, if you can’t trust the Japanese...................
  8. He does a lot of really great things. I just wish he would stay out of politics