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  1. I really wasn’t proposing anything. I would argue that comparing the cost and total alcohol consumption doesn’t change the numbers above. It just mean this country drinks a butt-load of booze
  2. Fair enough, but in your perfect world what would you do?
  3. I am putting this thread here because I am hoping this subject doesn’t get politicized. Many of these stats come from the CDC: There are 95,000 deaths per year due to alcohol, that is 261 deaths per day and 2.8 million years of potential life lost. Per year, the US loses 250 billion dollars due to alcohol. In 2020: 10,142 deaths due to drinking and driving 5,000 death of youth under the age of 21 died do to alcohol 50% of all sexual assaults involved alcohol 63% of all intimate partner assaults involved alcohol 45% of physical assaults overall involved alcohol 40% of murders involved alcohol So my question is what to do about this. I am hoping that this can stay on point and not involve any other subjects or non sequiturs.
  4. Where is your line as to where a position turns radical on this topic?
  5. Is this allowed? I would like a ruling please.
  6. Do you actually believe that. Maybe it hasn’t been a train wreck man, to think it is going really well is not logical. He hasn’t been able to find the compromises he said he would, we have given Afghanistan back to very people that helped plan 9/11 and lost 13 fine young men and women oh , let’s not forget he just murdered 6 innocent children
  7. Meh, so much other stuff to deal with. Nothing would change if it disappeared tomorrow. Nothing will change if it stays. The squeaky wheel people will always find something to squeak about
  8. Jacksonville but closer to the ocean
  9. Anyone lived there or spent any amount of time there?
  10. It is, but the bad just happened. Lost a good friend this weekend, leaving 3 kids, 15, 13 and 10.
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