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  1. Must be nice to make pronouncements like that without any thought of how to do it or what the ramifications would be.
  2. Well this is the country we live in. Never really been ruled, will kick and scream when asked. Good and bad. Unfortunately this is a weakness in this circumstance
  3. If it was easy we would be doing it.
  4. You realize most teachers teach because they love being around their students? You think you will keep them retained when all they are doing is not being around students?
  5. And when teen suicide continues to rise and their education continues to suffer?
  6. I kind of hope he doesn’t do much about anything.
  7. 95% of people think he should stop tweeting.
  8. Great, point made. Congrats. Now let’s talk about what is next
  9. What would be the pressure if he said keep them closed?
  10. He is definitely responsible for a lot, but governors in many states carry the blame and let’s not forget all the a-holes who refuse to wear masks
  11. A disaster is keeping kids home for another whole year.