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  1. So if somebody thinks you are an asshole it would be funny if they sucker punched you? or is it just cons it should open season on?
  2. I don’t think physical violence is normally funny. Somebody attacked another person because the think differently. I don’t see how that is funny
  3. I think we need the study of U.S. history, at least in general high school education, should be factual, not editorial. In other words, young people should know all of our history, nothing should be ignored. Nothing
  4. Another question I have for the left, have they forgotten that the Vice President is one of the most vile people on the planet?
  5. One thing I don’t really get is how the left can want to both open open borders and strong lockdowns/social distancing
  6. I would say entire presidency, not first several months
  7. You forgot he killed tens of thousands of jobs by shutting down Keystone.
  8. Lol, sorry Taylor, I have two nephews named Tyler and I was just talking with one of them. not to mention I am just old
  9. It is a bad look. On the importance scale it’s a one but at least Tyler knew it was a bad look. I don’t need to complain about this because he basically just killed my town by shutting down Keystone
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