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  1. I heard the Bees fill in guy a while back. I liked him. I appeared on a game show with Matt Vasgergian called Fox Sports Geniuses. I finished second and won one of those huge box "flat screen" tvs that were popular around 2001. I might have weighed 300 pounds. Edit: *IT* might have weighed 300 pounds. The TV. Not me.
  2. Maga. This board will get a constant boner (with the help of their blue ED pills)
  3. I did sweep them up, he wanted me to drop everything and do it that second. I don't know if I updated this story, and I apologize if I have already told this. The gentleman whom I cut his lawn, he died a couple of years back. He had lots of health problems. He was kind of a shut in, a hoarder (I cut his lawn for maybe 3 years, I never stepped foot in the house). Problem is, he didn't communicate with many people, so when he passed away in his bedroom, nobody knew. Until the smell in the neighborhood grew gnarly. Then they called the authorities. His sole relati
  4. In 20 years of message boarding, it really is the one thing I have deep regret about.
  5. So I belong to a facebook Rams Season Ticket holder group. Completely vanilla, lots of "Go, Rams!", "Here is a picture of my man cave" and "Goff Sucks" posts. Today someone posted that she needs to sell her seats. Been out of work since March. Completely understandable. 30 yard line. Cost for the three seats, including SSL, is $35,000. She's a yoga instructor.
  6. Crippling depression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM
  7. That is a GREAT list. I could swear that Pujols was on there a couple times a few years ago. That I could be there for #6, 3 and 2 is just.. heartwarming.
  8. I remember that day. That was frigging cool. If that is #49, and there is anything Pujols-related is in front of it, the numbering on the rankings is screwed up.
  9. Sounds kind of cool! Holiday Virtual Event Tuesday, December 22 6 p.m. We will be celebrating the Holiday season with a Holiday Virtual Event. Everyone is welcomed! Please join us on Tuesday, December 22 at 6 p.m. It is very easy to participate, you just have to RSVP online. What makes this event so unique is that it is community-driven. People from our own community have produced and shared videos on: How to make holiday decorations
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