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  1. You're insane. I mean you really think the videos of the trashcans - the multitude of trashcans - are doctored? Is that what you're telling me?
  2. Jim Crane is the man who oversaw hiring Luhnow, Hinch, and that fucking weasel Taubman. Good job. Well deserved Executive of the Year honor.
  3. This message board is Arte Ballwashing Central. You guys live in south OC, Long Beach, the IE. If Arte doesn't give a flip, why do you guys care what goes on in the city of Anaheim?
  4. You guys wanted to (and did) spend the last 15 years bitching about how crappy the city of Anaheim is, as well as the mayor, the city council, the citizens. Fine. Arte Moreno, the owner of the Los Angeles Angels, was 'stuck'. Well guess what, as of this year and last, Arte Moreno was a free man. Could be out of the lease of Anaheim, and take his Los Angeles Angels anywhere he damn pleased. And guess where the genius businessman decided to plant his stake? Right there in good ol' Anaheim, with the crappy mayor, crappy council, and crappy citizens. I assume the genius businessman did a cost benefit analysis of every locale he could have taken the Angels, and he still ended up in Anaheim.
  5. Per the article Aviles letter alleges councilmembers violated the state’s transparency law because the 1953 Ralph M. Brown Act limits private discussion of any sale of public property to “price and terms of payment” for the sale of the land. Everything else about the proposed $325 million sale of the stadium and the 153-acres of land around it as well as any general agreements about how to develop the area around it, the next six months of negotiations or the Angels future in Anaheim had to be discussed in public session to be legal under state law, Aviles argues. In her letter, Aviles’ specifically called out the Angels’ 30-year commitment to stay in the city and the move to sell the stadium as items that should have been publicly discussed. “The pros and cons of the decision to sell vs. lease public property and the ultimate decision to sell the property must be agendized as an open session item for discussion. Many of the terms included in the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Fact Sheet, released prior to the December 20 special meeting, would not be permitted to be discussed in closed session either,” states the letter.
  6. It would have helped if you had done even a cursory review of the story. This isn't about suing deep pockets. It is about transparency of a process.
  7. Yet Arte has had every chance to get out of Dodge, but he stays around Anaheim. Year after year after year. The Los Angeles team chooses to stay in the abusive relationship with Anaheim. Wonder why that is?
  8. I think it kind of slipped by here, but Major League Baseball was quick last week to squash the possibility of electronic devices being used to cheat. Almost too quickly...
  9. I could not give a shit about the food. People are going to eat what they want to eat. Obv a lot of people eat Taco Bell. I am glad that they are offering six figures for what I think would be a miserable job experience.