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  1. Well, not compared to, say, a Georgia- Alabama football game. But compared to the regular season, yes.
  2. League MVPs don't tell the whole story. There is a whole postseason every single year, the thing that people actually pay attention to. Trout thusfar in his career has barely sniffed the postseason. The blame on whose fault that is can easily be parceled out. It does matter. Angelswin is no barometer. F*ck, people here make excuses for him because his wife had a baby. Its insane.
  3. You know who doesn't have time for autograph signing right now? Mookie Betts.
  4. I hope Trout makes a million postseasons. But you are living in a dream bubble if you think the rest of the sporting public views Trout the same way he is on this board. "Nobody remembers Philadephia", and nobody outside this board gives a shit about Trout's incredible weekend series in July against the Mariners.
  5. Nobody gives a sh*t if you aren't performing at the highest stage of your sport. And Marino led his team to a Super Bowl.
  6. Ted Williams played in a game 7 of a World Series, back when one team from each league made the postseason. Mike Trout can't make the playoffs in a year when teams under .500 make it. Ted Williams hit .406 one year. Ted Williams lost three seasons to WW II, where he was a reserve. He came back and won a batting title. Ted Williams flew 39 combat missions in the Korean War. He came back and won a batting title. Mike Trout apparently has a non-par season because the nanny has to change some diapers. Mike Trout is no Ted Williams.
  7. All time great tennis player Pete Sampras was once asked about his title at the Philadephia Indoors, or some such nondescript tournament. Sampras said, "Nobody remembers who won Philadelphia or Memphis", the unspoken part being that the only important tournaments are the four majors. Well, a weekend series in Anaheim against Seattle is the equivalent of the Philadelphia or Memphis tennis tournament. Meanwhile, Mookie Betts is excelling at the equivalent of Wimbledon or Flushing Meadow.
  8. LOL that we are to the point of excuse-making about Trout's wife having a child. And there is nobody in the world, outside Angels fanboards, who give a shit about a player who never plays in the post-season. It is a huge hole in the resume of an otherwise great player. It is a big flaw in an otherwise good looking face.
  9. I have no problem with Kay going to prison for breaking laws. But I don't understand the animosity in posts like this. Do you think he had a gun to Skaggs' head when Skaggs ingested? Do you consider Skaggs an innocent victim?
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