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  1. Or, you know, the umpire could call pitches 6-7 inches off the plate a ball...like they're supposed to.
  2. I am so sick of these umpires screwing with the outcomes of the game with their terrible strike zones. It really ruins my appreciation of the game. How long is MLB going to let this garbage continue, it's pretty unacceptable IMO.
  3. Kulpa screws us again. Ridiculous to call that a strike. Especially against Trout who has a phenomenal eye for the strike zone.
  4. What? I watched a couple innings of the game tonight, and against the halos saw at least half a dozen taken pitches --no question out of the zone-- called strikes. They completely change the complexity of the at bats. I don't know what Maddon is talking about, I haven't seen "starter" stuff from Quintana this entire season. He falls behind in counts. He has no out pitch. He doesn't look like the kind of guy I would depend on to go out there for 4 of 5 innings and keep this team in the game. Rendon needs to go up to the plate ready to swing at strikes, plain and simple. He watc
  5. How about the dumb ass umpires call pitches that are in the strike zone strikes, and balls that are out of the strike zone balls?
  6. Is anybody else not a fan of the dugout seats behind the plate at Ranger Stadium? I get having seats back there like at Angel Stadium, but the tables and tv's seem like overkill, and people not even facing the field or paying attention to the game is somewhat annoying to me.
  7. This umpire is absolutely horrible. Automated balls and strikes cannot come soon enough.
  8. Rendon dropping another round turd. This asshole needs to wake the hell up.
  9. From what Adell showed at the Major League level, he has A LOT to do to earn forcing the issue. And with what we have now, I don't see it happening soon. He looked like a Brandon Wood combined with CJ Cron out there.
  10. Throw strikes, you get outs. Whoda thunk it? Ohtani with the W for the Halos. Light that baby up!
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