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  1. Oh I don't know...Until he gave up a run? Or got into a jam? Or had any semblance of not keeping the doyers off balance? 7 OF 9 OUTS WERE K's. How can you even argue that? He was absolutely raking during the 1st 3 innings of the game. I don't give a shit if he hadn't started a little league game since 2010, when a guy comes into a Major League Championship game and has it going so well against an offensive arsenal like the doyers, why destroy the momentum? Want to talk intellect? They followed your logic, yanked him unnecessarily early, and look where it got them.
  2. I don't want the doyers to even see the World Series, but the Braves bats better wake the eff up tomorrow. I can't believe how badly the Braves are shitting the bed. But again, look to management. The starting pitcher was up 1-0 with one of the best 3 inning starts I've seen in a while. 7k's against the doyers, then the manager yanks him only to see the bullpen fall apart. Then he had to overuse the bullpen. Now we're where we are, and game 7 is anybody's. Nice to see the Rays showing up, nice to see some good pitching. Let's hope Cash doesn't jump the gun again, let the pitcher get as f
  3. I blame Cash, his terrible timing for pulling Snell, and that god awful shift against Springer for all three runs the Astros have scored so far this inning. Abysmal situational management. Gotta give your ace putting up 0 runs a chance to get out of it.
  4. Braves pitching doing absolutely anything they can to give this game back to the doyers. Holy shit stop walking guys!
  5. Let's be honest, it was only a matter of time before their bats went hog wild. Don't know what was going on with them for the first 15 innings of the 2 games, but they sure snapped out of it quick. I wouldn't be surprised if the Braves don't win another game this series, to disappoint Atlanta and their bandwagon fans, just like they always do.
  6. The last 3 nights of baseball with the Asstros 0-3, los doyers 0-2 against the underdog Rays and Braves has almost made the Halos 2020 suckass season not hurt so bad. I didn't expect it, and this is probably the last thing Manfred wanted, but screw him. It makes it all the more awesome.
  7. The TBS announcers will not stop sucking the Asstros teets. Nor have they mentioned once that their "remarkable playoff stats" are padded by years of cheating.
  8. Just watched that Marisnick play he literally went straight for Lucroy with no remorse. Seeing him trying to fake sympathy was ridiculous. If I was an Angels player it would have been very very hard not to attack Marisnick right then and there on the field. He definitely deserved some what for. Absolutely uncalled for. No reason for ANY contact. That type of play is EXACTLY why the rule was enacted. Bush league bullshit. Ejection and or suspension should most definitely be in order. But it won't happen, because: Angels. I can't think of any team in MLB, nonetheless all
  9. Wow I never thought I'd hate the 'stros but yeah I guess they're the new enemies I'm not going to stand for rules to stop injuring catchers then blatently ignoring the rules and umps looking the other way Terrible.
  10. I thought the rule was explicitly in place to avoid this type of garbage?
  11. It doesn't matter if pitching gets out of this inning, nobody on the offense is going to do shit in the top of 11 anyway.
  12. It pains me to watch Mike Trout pour his heart out in a game like this just to watch these loser pitchers not do their effing jobs.
  13. Shift was not on there, so...NOPE! Chuck Testa.
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