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  1. I love all the jabs at Suzuki. His passed ball last night hurt the rookie pitcher…..
  2. Stupid take. Especially with guys on expiring contracts when you are losing get what you can. You can always resign in the off-season. funny how they don’t mention Houston, Tampa bay, and Oakland. All teams that lost hard and traded off assets at the deadline for the future that allows them to become consistently successful despite operating with lower payrolls. Hanging in mediocrity is the worst place to be. Also as someone mentioned the angels get to operate with a huge payroll and still manage to lose. It is unfair to compare Pittsburgh’s practices with the angels.
  3. Not if people don’t get vaccines. The more it gets passed around the more variants develop and the less likely those variants are stopped by the vaccine. Thanks non vaxers.
  4. Did he really call ohtani’s home run while down 10-0 “heroics”?
  5. Common sense kid. No announcers or message board contributors have any effect on the game. can’t cure stupid.
  6. Yes and yes. It all starts with politically correct complaining from activist groups. However, this causes sponsers to stop supporting the team so they aren’t associated with anything perceived to be offensive. That is the business decision. So they are both correct.
  7. Does Vegas set over/under for numbers of games played before hitting the IL for uptown, trout, and tendon?
  8. If they are going to make a run this is the last ditch. 11 of the next 15 against the twins, Rockies, and rangers. Three of the worst teams on the league. In those 11 they need to go at least 8-3 and then split with Oakland. 10-5 or better needs to be done.
  9. I always love the “if you take out” posts. If you take out all the runs the starters gave up they’d have a 0.00 era.
  10. I for one am still curious how the discussion really went with the angels. He is thriving with the dodgers because they are employing him almost strictly has a platoon against lefties. Playing every other day probably helps keep his hemorrhoids from flaring up too bad.
  11. So while my math may be a bit off the angels play the Yankees on august 18th. His streak might be 53 at that time. Do the Yankees intentionally walk him every at bat to end the streak. If I were a Yankees pitcher I’d through everything pitch 1 foot away from the zone.
  12. Congrats to jered kelenic for already holding a top 10 position on an all time mlb list.
  13. This matchup is borderline lopsided. Angels will take 5/6 from the Mariners.
  14. I said a few times that the angels are overall better than the Red Sox. Also predict 90 wins. Most haven’t been believing me. Thanks to the schedulers 6 in a row against a bad seattle team. Lots of easy wins over the next month with Detroit and Baltimore again. Will be in the thick of the wild card race by mid august.
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