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  1. Ok. Any talk of Bregman as mvp is officially over. I declare myself wrong for even considering it. I couldn’t imagine any scenario where in a World Series game any team in any situation would walk anybody with two outs to pitch to mike trout. Alex Bregman—- epic fail.
  2. When the angels can’t get Rendon for 3/45 they will panic and extend Pujols for his “clubhouse leadership”.
  3. How can going to a team that has unarguably the best player in the game be considered a challenge. The have trout and lots of payroll flexibility. If I think nothing else about maddons managing skills he sees opportunity. While he starting at the rays he also probably understood that when he took them over they were creating a loaded farm system due to the years of suckage. Everyone knew that the cubs were turnkey when he joined, despite the World Series I think some may consider the lack of another a bit of a disappointment considering they were supposed to be a big dynasty. The angels job seems pretty attractive for anybody who wants to win.
  4. Again. My point proven. Why is this even an argument anymore. Jeff Fletcher already indicated that Trout has all but won it. Go place your bet and enjoy the inside betting info he provides.
  5. Yes I do. Was that supposed to be an insult? Is that your thing, run around and insult anyone who has an opinion? psychologically speaking that behavior is usually a defense mechanism in people with poor self esteem.
  6. I do love the fact that if Bregman does happen to catch up in WAR the argument goes to him doing it in more games. A week ago everything was about him having the highest WAR therefore he is more valuable.
  7. Can anyone remember a sure fire first ballot hall of fame having such a forgetful last 10 years. He has been completely irrelevant (except on this board ripping him). The "aw shucks" I only play for the team thing is almost too far over the top, I think it is ok to admit that he is chasing some records. At least he doesn't act like Antonio Brown though.....
  8. Looked at Corbins contract. They will be paying him $35 million at age 35 in the last year of his contract. Ouch.
  9. After seeing what the Cardinals did to the Cubs this weekend where they go into their biggest rivals house and beat them senseless, I thought about how fun it must be to have that storied of a rivalry that it makes that type of weekend that much more important as a Cardinals or on the other side devastating to a Cubs fan. The Red Sox and yankees have a rivalry like that. Who is the Angels biggest rival? I know that they are a newer franchise and don't have 100 years of hatred to fall back on but still.... Do they really even have one?
  10. Funny that we refer to WAR as a "statistic" when on two different websites they can have such different numbers.
  11. The last part was actually a joke....
  12. He’s due for tommy john. The angels should sign him immediately after the Season and send him for surgery. Save the really, really heartbreak when it happens mid season and costs two years.
  13. There is an interview on with Albert. The most frightening thing he said was how happy he was about how healthy he was this year. That means this is the absolute best he’s got saying he’s totally healthy. Oh oh yeah and he claimed that he is responsible solely for mike trouts super powers....
  14. Obviously this doesn’t reflect his career but look around this year. Not that tough to find .250 hitters with 20hr. Most of them can run too and maybe even play above average defense. I personally am devaluing home run numbers this year. When the mlb record will be beat by 10% there is something up.