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  1. Maybe not but there are few teams playing better than the angels right now. No one wants to let mike trout and the boys in. The Astros are very flawed and a much preferable mark in the playoffs.
  2. If this is true he should have opted out of the whole season for her health if that is the reason he is using. There was probably much more risk early season before anyone knew how it was going to work. He didn’t. I’m hoping the angels miraculously make the playoffs and a World Series run while he is sitting at home. Or, have him try to opt back in if they make the playoffs. 2-0 since he quit....... ( yes I know the winning really has nothing to do with quitting)
  3. Didi made 14 million this year and his stats are Up. He’ll get more I think.
  4. Ok, you are the manager or gm. A miracle occurred and the angels made the playoffs this year. Simmons knocks on your door and asks to opt back in. You say........?
  5. You are correct. Forgot about that.
  6. He says he wants to win but his last contract was its the reds. They had a winning culture in the 70s. Like most athletes that say these things money talks......
  7. I’m sure he thought it would be to celebrate the numerous big playoff hits and 1 or 2 World Series he brought. 240 million well spent. Good work if you can find it.....
  8. I’m going to assume this is a joke. I know cardinals fans, they want nothing to do with Pujols until he is done. He is the biggest dodged bullet for them in the past 10 years. Imagine his production there without the dh.
  9. That rangers lineup is pretty sad. Three guys with sub 400 ops and none over 800. Losing to them would be an embarrassment. I hope management has a deal with Pujols that if he hits 661 he announced his retirement. Perhaps that is why he is playing every day. ( we can wish, right?)
  10. I agree but he has earned over 300 million.
  11. One hr closer to a reasonable discussion about retirement and buyout. If he does not pass mays this year there is no way he would ever consider walking away this off season. I’ve been saying not to play him at all, give the at bats to the young future but he needs that last hr this year.
  12. Man, I’d walk Upton. Set up the double play. orrrrjust strike him out.
  13. Astros have scored 3 in the 9th to tie the dodgers. Still have 1st and 2nd no outs. edit: 6-5 now
  14. Adell still needs lots of work. That last at bat there were no strikes thrown in 7 pitches. Swung at 4 pitches out of the zone.
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