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  1. I think that’s still considered a quality start in Colorado
  2. They are doing that runner starting on second base in extras? That was my least favorite change. Think it’s a terrible idea. Way to go MLB continuing to try to ruin the game.
  3. Agree to disagree here because it’s spring training and he has a blister issue on his finger. Why not take the extra rest and opportunity for treatment when the games don’t count.
  4. If he had a blister coming in, why would you pitch him? We all know that blisters are bad for pitchers. Why not rest him, let the blister heal?
  5. Fearless prediction: Pujols will have a Renaissance season and claim 1b/DH full time. He’ll he hitting .320 with .950 ops by early June........ then he’ll get popped for peds.
  6. The minors are littered with the husks of guys like that. Anyone ever wonder if the angels are trying to be too greedy. Seems like they have a .300 hitting guy that hits 40 hrs and steals 40 bases. Yet because he throws hard they are trying to squeeze too much. Worried he’ll get hurt sooner because the temptation to overuse him will be there and be left with nothing. I’ll take the all star hitter in the middle of the lineup everyday. Big risk with big rewards I guess.....
  7. Bullpens are also at the mercy of the starting pitching. Bad starting pitching exposes the back end of the bullpen. That’s why I’m not a fan of a 6 man rotation. That’s 50 starts from your number 5 and 6 starters who usually give you 5 innings at best. Bundy will need to be an innings horse and one of the two pickups needs to be better than expected, and Ohtani needs to be a top end starter.
  8. I think Should and will are two vastly different numbers. He Should play less than 40. The fewer the better. I figure he will play about 30-40 games at first. He will be the starting DH. Let’s say optimistically ohtani gets 50% of DH time which is a stretch. That gives 70-80 games at DH. Then because I can see Pujols saying in a low, threatening voice to Maddon: “Jou better play me mang, or else” he gets another random 10 games. That’ll be about 120-130.
  9. If you go back and look at the stories his wife was very outspoken about the cardinals offers. I wonder if she was the reason he ended up leaving. Now this....
  10. The problem it it seems the angels try to be conservative with all these ulnar strains. They squeeze out 2 years of suboptimal results and ir stints. Then they get TJ. I wonder what the percentage of pitchers who present with a grade 1 strain ultimately get TJ. If it’s as high as I suspect, just do it now.
  11. Obviously you don’t pay that attention to professional sports. Part of sports are aging stars trying to hang on but can’t cut it anymore.
  12. While I understand all announcements should be taken with a grain of salt the reds gm squashed the Castillo to Yankees rumor and seems to have splashed cold water on any trades for him. I only note this because I saw his name in some comments above as a possibility.
  13. Maybe not but there are few teams playing better than the angels right now. No one wants to let mike trout and the boys in. The Astros are very flawed and a much preferable mark in the playoffs.
  14. If this is true he should have opted out of the whole season for her health if that is the reason he is using. There was probably much more risk early season before anyone knew how it was going to work. He didn’t. I’m hoping the angels miraculously make the playoffs and a World Series run while he is sitting at home. Or, have him try to opt back in if they make the playoffs. 2-0 since he quit....... ( yes I know the winning really has nothing to do with quitting)
  15. Didi made 14 million this year and his stats are Up. He’ll get more I think.
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