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  1. Wait so you care about one candidate being a rapist and not the other? I'll tell you what, lets remove both rapists off the 2020 ticket and while we are at it remove that rapist off the Supreme Court. Oh and since it's the election year we are not going to let the current president appoint the replacement. Sounds good?
  2. Is it also possible the Dodgers knew it was a bad deal even before Arte let them off the hook, and would have nixed or altered the deal after the Boston/Minnesota deals were complete but have no reason to admit it to you or any other reporters?
  3. If they had no reason to do it after, what was their reason to make it before Arte pulled out? It was obvious their deal was conditioned on the Boston deal to dump salary to stay below the luxury tax and to get their roster to 40. Since none of those would now happen what would be the reason to complete the deal? To help the Angels out?
  4. I for a second don’t believe the Dodgers would make a trade that was no longer beneficial to them financially and roster wise just out the goodness of their hearts.
  5. Well the only people that would tell you otherwise would be the Dodgers FO since the Angels didn’t seem to go far enough into the process to see. Now why would the Dodgers admit that they were going to alter the deal that was agreed upon and make themselves look bad if they don’t have to? Maybe the reason you haven’t heard otherwise is because the Dodgers don’t want to admit it and would rather blow it off on the Angels?
  6. I don't think Eppler prioritized Rendon over Cole. If he did he should be fired on the spot. Pitching wins championships and considering the state of the Angel's pitching, Cole would have had a 10x greater impact on the team than Rendon will.
  7. The last overturned call was such bullshit. If they slow every swat block down like that they will see the ball touch the shooters hand last most of the time. If it wasn't in the last 2 minutes, no coach would think to challenge it, but hey lets overturn this one.
  8. The Nationals didn't offer $300 million for something, instead focused on pitching, look where that got them.
  9. Too many turnovers, poor perimeter defense, and bad free throw shooting outside of AD. All need to be fixed for them to be a serious contender for the title.
  10. But we were told by @Blarg that when Hillary testified in the Benghazi hearings she had no choice. Looks like she had a choice huh just like Pompeo and all of Trump's cronies who have ignored Congressional subpoenas for testimony and/or documents.
  11. Holding back aid to get an announcement on an investigation from a foreign power into a political rival doesn't happen all the time, at least it shouldn't, and he should be impeached for the sole reason as to deter it from happening again, by Trump or any future Democratic or Republican president. If you are going to no impeach you are basically telling Trump, go ahead do it again, do it to the actual Democratic nominee if it happens not to be Biden, and also setting a precedent for future presidents.
  12. You mean we should believe his text he sent saying there was no QPQ the same day he learned he was being investigated by Congress and the same day the WH got news of the whistleblower's report claiming there was a QPQ? If we would believe every criminal's denial after they got busted we would have empty jails.