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  1. You probably still think Albert Pujols is an elite 1B. BTW the Angels let go of Simmons because he was no longer the elite SS that they traded for. I doubt they wanted to replace him with someone worse.
  2. Gotta win the 7/8 matchup to avoid Jazz and Clippers in the first 2 rounds.
  3. These games may be meaningful in the seeding but are meaningless in the bigger picture, their pursuit of the ring. It doesn't matter whether they are in 6th or 7th as long as Lebron can come back healthy and stay healthy throughout the playoffs. If the Lakers can't win 1 of 2 games against the 8th or 9th seeded teams in the west in the playin then they have no business playing in the playoffs as their stay will be short. As far as Blazers winning 1 more game, that game is against the Nuggets, who now control their 1st round match up. A loss to Portland and they are guaranteed to avoid the Lakers. A win, combined with 2 Lakers wins, they would face the Lakers. I'm pretty sure I know what their preference is.
  4. Why do you care if Lebron comes back for meaningless games? Obviously the docs told him the the more rest he gets on the ankle the better.
  5. I am not worried about dropping to 8-10, I am confident the Rockets game is a win no matter if AD or Lebron plays so even if they lose the rest, the other teams will have to win out to pass the Lakers. As far as Lebron goes, I'm all for him coming back and playing some games before the playoffs but that is if his ankle is fully healed. Seems like he came back too early at 6 weeks as I read it takes at least 10 weeks for a high ankle sprain to heal fully. If that is the case I'm not worried if he comes back for the play in game.
  6. No reason not to rest LeBron(and maybe even AD) until at least the final 2 games of the season or maybe even until the play in game. AD looks like he is slowly getting back to his old self but back seemed to be bothering him tonight.
  7. You don't need polls, just look at 2016, Trump won a bunch of states by narrow margins(Michigan by 13k, Wisconsin by 27k, Pennsylvania by 44k and Florida by 114k, just to name a few) against a horrible candidate and without a 4 year track record of being president. Also it's not like Trump got shattering number of votes compared to previous Republican candidates. As long as the Democrats turn out like they did for Obama(maybe not necessarily to vote for Biden but against Trump), the margins are easily achievable. And the turnout is looking more like 2008-2012 rather than 2016 so far.
  8. Green shooting 23% from 3 in the finals. If he can’t shot 3s what is he good for?
  9. All those players and picks they gave up for George. Clolippers
  10. The 2020 RCP average is only past 4 polls, for 2016 I am assuming they are using the average off all polls since for Wisconsin it says Clinton +9.5 but the 2016 RCP average was +6.5 https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/wi/wisconsin_trump_vs_clinton_vs_johnson_vs_stein-5976.html But we don't need to look at the polls to see that Trump is in trouble, just look at the 3 closest states in 2016. Trump in Michigan by 11k, Wisconsin by 23k and Pennsylvania by 44k. Biden is a much better candidate and Trump's approval is in the tank.
  11. Weren't you going to get it from a family member who had it?
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