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  1. Trump isn't polling well and a poll or two once a week (in between daily polls showing Biden ahead) in states that Biden doesn't even need to win isn't going to change that narrative.
  2. Why do you only post the rare times a poll shows Trump up? I am starting to think you are a Russian bot. There were 11 other polls just from today that have Biden up, including in Arizona and Florida.
  3. All those players and picks they gave up for George. Clolippers
  4. The 2020 RCP average is only past 4 polls, for 2016 I am assuming they are using the average off all polls since for Wisconsin it says Clinton +9.5 but the 2016 RCP average was +6.5 https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/wi/wisconsin_trump_vs_clinton_vs_johnson_vs_stein-5976.html But we don't need to look at the polls to see that Trump is in trouble, just look at the 3 closest states in 2016. Trump in Michigan by 11k, Wisconsin by 23k and Pennsylvania by 44k. Biden is a much better candidate and Trump's approval is in the tank.
  5. Weren't you going to get it from a family member who had it?
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/GSarafan/status/1294867322088431616
  7. If only the lines at the polls were as short as those at CVS and Walmart
  8. "USPS warns 46 states it cannot guarantee mail-in ballots will arrive in time for election" There is no crisis here, this happens every election
  9. We are talking about a secure, convenient, way to mail something 24/7 correct? None of those you listed checks all those boxes. If @gotbeer is telling me I shouldn’t trust the blue bins with my ballot why the hell would I trust my grandma’s friend’s mailbox? And don’t get me started on my work outbox, if they happen to see I voted for Trump I would get fired on the spot.
  10. Don't know but in California but is a common practice in mail in voting states with very low reports of fraud https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2020/06/02/low-rates-of-fraud-in-vote-by-mail-states-show-the-benefits-outweigh-the-risks/
  11. Except only 4 states are reinventing the wheel(by sending absentee ballots to all registered voters) , the rest are doing exactly what they have been doing in the past in regard to mail in voting
  12. So you are against something based on speculation of things that could happen even though there is no proof of it happening in past elections? Are you also against leaving the house when it's raining because you may be struck by lighting?
  13. So you are ok with special drop boxes outside polling places? Something Trump campaign is suing PA for?
  14. Yes that should also be an option for people to do that, just as there should be an option for people who want to avoid face to face interactions and long lines to be able to drop theirs in ballot boxes or mail them in.
  15. If the president feels it’s safe enough to mail his ballot and his whole family’s without them being stolen, I don’t think the rest of us have anything to worry about. Plus if it was really that dangerous, would it be a good idea to fund the USPS to improve the security of these boxes or have alternative ways to drop off ballots? (like special drop off boxes right in front of polling places, something the trump campaign is suing against may I add)
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