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  1. She could easily have just said that war with Russia would probably spill into our territory and that those drone-bombed weddings we care so little about now could be our own. but it seems that she was requested to do a more dramatic reading so that he could display a large part of his "Faces of a Douchebag" repertoire
  2. That was always done to force them to either burn 2 lefty relievers or get a possible mismatch against the pen. Probably not as prominent with a 3 batter rule but apparently Madden thinks more of Pujols than you do
  3. Looks like Toronto wants to take full advantage of avoiding Boston and Tampa in the first 2 rounds. They made some nice adds but I haven't seen their top 6 commit to the defensive end they way the big boys do and that's gonna be their downfall. Whoever comes out of Canada is going to be in for a surprise when they can't cruise through the neutral zone at their leisure. Avs added 2 guys who were there 2 years ago in Nemeth and Soderberg. Neither is a game changer but with the injuries they get Keaton Middleton and Liam O'Brian off the ice. Addition by subtraction now that they don't have
  4. If those are the choices I'm taking Lindholm. In the last year of a reasonable deal he's great trade fodder if things don't go right
  5. I think Bob wants to wait until the off season to unload him and probably Rico and one of the wingers thinking he can get better value then. That and a sharp reduction in Getz's salary might make them players in FA
  6. I know you liked Hakanpaa but the dude was an absolute zero on offense. He’s a big body with a RH shot but Fleury is an upgrade
  7. Obviously a game with no hits is a no hitter but whoever keeps the official records changed the criteria a few years back and so a pitcher only gets credit if he pitches a complete game of at least 9 innings. So if you have a walk, error SF inning and lose 1-0 on the road so you only actually pitch 8 innings you don't get credit. Same for a game like Harvey Haddix who had a perfect game into the 12th but ended up losing
  8. ox·y·mo·ron | \ ˌäk-si-ˈmȯr-ˌän , -sē- \ plural oxymorons or less commonly oxymora\ ˌäk-si-ˈmȯr-ə , -sē- \ Definition of oxymoron : a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness) broadly : something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements EX: pretty good golf tournament
  9. It blows me away that f’in Dunyk is an Av. I know they don’t want to trust JoJoh with their season but ugh. I was really hoping they could pull off the Bernier deal
  10. You don’t know that. What you do know is that he didn’t commit a capital offense during the incident. And if being a jackass is punishable by death the world population would be in the low triple digits
  11. Nah they'll turn him into a frickin superhero and make 11 versions of the same movie about him
  12. Yeah I like what I've seen of Drysdale. He'll be a stud. The Avs have played every other day for a full month and they're starting to look gassed. There were times I thought I was watching a tape on half speed. I'm glad Johansson was able to provide a little break for Grubi. Might even see him again Sunday. The Ducks could have the (dis)honor of losing consecutive games to a team using Kyle Burroughs and Keaton Middleton as their 3rd D pair
  13. Yet he apparently had 9 minutes of leisure time to waste just kneeling around the neighborhood
  14. Did anyone catch the Sorensen/ Athanasiou double battle? Is it worth rewinding for?
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