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  1. Maroon was already signed for next season. He and Perry are probably line mates
  2. Backup goalies and tandem starters are the middle relievers of hockey. he's going full Octavio Dotel
  3. I guess they had to give him more than Jones got, eh?
  4. Is Reaves there specifically to take on Tom Wilson? Bring it on. Vegas still needs to trade Riley Smith to have any cap room
  5. It looks like giving the extra year is the trend for cap problems this off season. Some of these deals will be ugly in 3 or 4 years
  6. Call me a dinosaur but I get up in the morning and brew a pot of coffee then I drink it. Sometimes with creamer and sometimes black. Never with sugar
  7. If Kuemper can stay healthy he's a good option but that's a big if
  8. 6 years is too much. Best of luck, Grubie
  9. I don't get why teams are so intent on collecting wings when they have no centers
  10. I think they just didn't want him and his agent getting in the way. They needed that cap space and couldn't afford to have 12 mil invested in goal this season. They have to find a legit center to play between Pax and Stone
  11. So MAF is unhappy with being dealt to Chicago. I wonder if he'd be open to being flipped to Colorado for a little revenge and another shot at the Cup. Retain 2 mil and we'll give you Connor Timmins and a 3rd next year
  12. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/bdsm-dommes-subs-vaccination-covid19-1201121/
  13. And for pretty much what everyone expected. Now who plays in goal this year?
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