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  1. If you’re competing for a government contract this is definitely the way to go
  2. Yeah and I bet all the protesters contributed to his re-election fund for the privilege of protesting
  3. It is ours to govern as much as is anyone else's. This was an opportunity to have the high ground but that can't happen as long as our president insist on selling everything by suing, withholding payment, tweeting something stupid then bailing
  4. Don’t be an obtuse fuckwad just because. The US doesn’t have authority per se but definitely the influence that the big fat checks bring. Of course you know that but you just haven’t flexed your contrarian ass muscles on here lately. I guess you’re enjoying your vacation?
  5. Makes it that much sweeter when they win it all
  6. If it is screwed up we could make an effort to fix it instead of the typical bullshit our fuckwit president prefers
  7. She's a disabled vet, lost limbs in combat, who's just pointing out that his most patriotic accomplishment is running his stupid mouth in front of a tv camera for a ready-made audience
  8. Don't worry. Nobody who wants something fixed will ever bring up Trump
  9. I thought we were all supposed to have smarter kids when they removed the lead paint from the baby's rooms
  10. Boogeymen are necessary components in proper grandstanding. We need a "them" to justify you becoming a part of "us". Since the breakup of the USSR it's been Noriega, Escobar, Saddam, Qadafi, al Qaeda, ISIS, MS 13, Antifa and the old reliables Iran and North Korea. I've never actually moved on from Russia, China, or the fucking Red Sox
  11. Any movement that gains momentum will be hijacked and turned into shit. Along these lines I’m thinking of forming an anti-movement movement that I hope lasts just long enough for me to sell some t-shirts and hats and maybe get a nice gofundme page working
  12. After so many people threw a giant hissy over kneeling during the anthem it would seem quite hypocritical and douchy to interrupt the song with boos, wouldn’t it?
  13. I can name FIVE GUYS who laugh at the notion that a hamburger could ever be too expensive for a fatass American