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  1. Blackhawks and Jets are pretenders. Watch out for Nashville to get a hot goalie and a 10-12 game point streak to get into the race
  2. His defense is terrible and his offense is redundant with Karlsson there
  3. Burns, Cotoure, and Kane have modified NTC's so they're tradeable to certain teams. I wonder if anyone has interest
  4. I mentioned San Jose specifically because they have a ton of old farts on long term contracts. Karlsson is probably unmovable and maybe Hertl and Meier are worth keeping around but everybody else should be on the table. Burns, Couture, Vlasic, Kane....
  5. A few random observations as we head to the all star break Boston already has 12 OT losses including 0-7 in shoot outs Panthers lead the league in goals. If their 2 time Vezina winner ever starts playing like one they'll be dangerous Is San Jose really going to stand pat? They should be trading anything they can Watching Ovechkin is like watching Shaq in his day. There's just nobody who can physically handle him one-on-one After nearly 2 decades of mediocrity it's finally fun to be an Avalanche fan again
  6. Look at MLB trades. The Expos traded for Fat Bart in '02. Gave up Sizemore who was one of the league's best players through his control years, Cliff Lee who won a CYA, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens. The Expos then proceeded to finish 12 games back of the wildcard then Bart bailed to Chicago
  7. I don't know that I would just throw at them for the sake of throwing at them but I'd damn sure let my catcher know that every 3rd curveball sign he put down would automatically be a fastball up and in
  8. Not a Chiefs fan but 49ers can eat fat dicks until the end of days
  9. Bay area always lead my list in baseball and football A's, Giants Dodgers Red Sox, Yankees Astros Rest of AL West
  10. So, some guy pulled a story out of his ass and some other guy brought it here then whined like a bitch when a mod rejected it then it got reposted anyway. Who says douchebaggery is dead?
  11. The majority of the current slow down is the number of pitches thrown