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  1. It works better if you imagine him saying it in badly dubbed audio and dressed for a heavily choreographed martial arts battle
  2. And what if they go to a lottery and the Angels get the 11th pick anyway? There is no bright spot to losing to the Dodgers. Ever
  3. Did you see the photo of Bettman handing the Conn Smythe to Hedman? Seeing the shriveled little Jewish man hand the trophy to the 6'6" Swede on skates just looks comical
  4. One of my fellow Edgewood HS guys and a great character RIP
  5. Pat Maroon has it figured out. Find a good team willing to give you a millionish dollars, be big, stand in front of the net for 8 minutes, win a Cup
  6. Quick and Bobrovsky would be an incredible duo if they were to replay the 2013-14 season
  7. Well they were the best team last season and choked it away. After a bit of a slow start they were the best team again and finally put it all together even with Point playing injured and Stamkos only playing a few shifts in one game. Congrats to Tampa. At least it wasn’t Dallas or Boston. Draft coming soon.....
  8. I just finished this and it brings up two of my biggest pet peeves First, is that the vast majority of "accidents" happen when established or recommended safety precautions are not followed. And anyone who's ever worked around airplanes knows that once those seals shrink up in the cold they rarely go back to proper shape. Second, administrators and operators are never playing the same game. They never have the same stakes and it's those who are farthest insulated from the consequences who end up making the decision and it's never based on the integrity of the operation. You gotta ha
  9. It wouldn’t be an off season without the Ducks trading away a Dman. I’ve convinced myself that the Avs are going to trade Grubauer, a Dman like Zadorov, and maybe something else for Andersen and Nylander. I’m holding firm until proven wrong
  10. If he was released he's a free agent now. If not then the contracts don't expire until after the WS
  11. It doesn't matter which of the old farts wins. Whoever it is will be in total dementia by 2022
  12. I'm also an avid pocket pool player. I play all the time and I can't remember ever losing
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