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  1. I’m still trying to explain it to my 3 year old
  2. If he’s still in Pensacola then he hasn’t made it here yet
  3. Pretty much all the Saudi aircrew that train in Pensacola or other American facilities end up in my simulator. They’re among the best they have. Generally smart and well educated, able to engage in thoughtful conversation and eager to tell tales about their love of fast food and how they were introduced to actual enforcement of traffic laws. Even then, going to the US can be a big culture shock to them and the biggest difference is in the expectation that they work hard and make no excuses. There’s a ton of pressure on these kids to succeed and excel. It doesn’t surprise me that one would eventually snap. I’ll see what the rumor mill puts out this week
  4. That’s the first time I’ve had beer in more than 3 months. Wife got VIP passes to the Radisson Christmas Market so it was all on the house. Next weekend I’ll go to the Irish pub and pound a few Guinness then I’ll probably go another 3 months
  5. Help me understand. Are these people who are likely to be black when they vote?
  6. The most accurate definition of masochism that I can come up with is not putting Claude on ignore
  7. In Bahrain sometimes you just take what you can get
  8. I’d be pissed because my wife would buy cheap crap but she did buy me a very nice (and expensive) set of kitchen knives that I was quite happy with
  9. Is there anyone here who checked Blarg's IMDb and did not immediately click on Live Virgin?
  10. Doughty getting a first hand view of what a $11 mil Dman should look like
  11. I would buy one for my wife but I can't figure out how she'll fit the nanny onto the machine to do the pedaling for her
  12. It's not that the remaining candidates have no color. They're just so goddamn old it's all faded out
  13. It took me 3 nights to watch The Irishman. I turned it into a miniseries because that's really what a 3 1/2 hour movie should be