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  1. So what happens when those caw farts become human farts? What's the methane gap between the two?
  2. So he should take credit for stuff he has nothing to do with as well. Oh....wait
  3. It concerns me that the few megacorps will have the opportunity to grow even bigger. To me it just feels like time to move in the other direction
  4. I'm with you. I had a big chunk of scalp sliced out with skin cancer so shaving the head is an adventure. I just set the clippers on the lowest setting and mow it off every week or so
  5. You're only a homo if you skip the dressing
  6. 18% because I make world class banana bread
  7. Yeah they own everything they need except live ordnance. Red air support has been a big area in which the services have been looking to save money. I'd be interested to see their maintenance program. Who makes the calls on what money gets spent and what is ultimately deemed flyable versus non-flyable. I might eve see if he's hiring
  8. Bahrain is allowing the stores and malls to open tomorrow but everyone is required to wear a mask
  9. It took me a minute to figure out why you want Hubie Brooks at 3B
  10. C Bench 1B Albert 2B Morgan 3B Schmidt SS Ozzie LF Bonds CF Trout RF Aaron DH Rickey RHP Pedro LHP Unit Cl Sutter
  11. I wash my hands every time I walk past the sink. I use hand sanitizer constantly. I have no idea what happened but I woke up yesterday with a golfball under my eyelid
  12. There's a respiratory virus causing a global pandemic and I end up with a fucking eye infection
  13. Anal is not new. It was invented at the same time as near-sightedness