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  1. You who seriously consider using Eeyore as your avatar
  2. When will the owners start crying for an analytics salary cap?
  3. Yeah and that was without MacKinnon or Toews. We really need to see who's available and healthy come playoff time. If Kadri gets suspended again I'm personally flying in and kick him in the nuts
  4. I think after a few years of watching Getz and Henrique age before your eyes you guys are just not used to seeing high energy, skilled centers
  5. And just to make it more familiar for Ducks fans, Heinen also gets the first penalty of the season
  6. First goal of the season with SoCal connection as Danton Heinen scores on a feed from Jeff Carter
  7. Sucks but I’m really more interested in who’s available in April and May
  8. I did some quick math and it seems it would make 10-15 feet of difference
  9. Time for opening night. The Avs lost some forward talent with Saad and Donskoi and replaced them with rookies. It might look a little rough in the beginning, especially with Toews out and Jack Johnson in. My predictions- The top dogs are gonna go off. The 1st line will be great and Rantanen will go for 40G and 55A this year. Once Toews is back he and Makar will once again be awesome and they'll put Byram with Girard and as a team they'll blow away the records for possession The bottom six won't score much but neither will the other team. Probably only getting about a combined 30% of the even strength minutes, if that. Low event hockey except when well coached teams start to take advantage of matching up against the line with Newhook and Ranta with Jack F'in Johnson on the D Kuemper will start out slow then go on a killer streak that puts him in the Vezina race They'll win the Central, put all the second round crap behind them, beat Vegas in the conference final but lose the Cup final
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