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  1. I heard 1.3 billion things about it on the radio a little while ago
  2. Anyone who took time to read that crap should be considered a special American fully eligible for special olympics
  3. It seems like any attempt to point out a single incidence of one group of people cruelly victimizing another group is just cherry picking and is ignoring human nature
  4. definitely helps to win but the only shot on goal they had in the 3rd was a 180 ft empty netter
  5. I missed the first 2 periods but I don't know how you can call that 3rd fun to watch
  6. PLD is exactly what Winnipeg needed. He and Scheifele give them a strong center duo to go with all those wingers. Their D still blows but they’ll be a force in the Canadian division this year
  7. Both goals scored with the Avs 2nd line on the ice. It's been a disaster all season so far. Kadri and Saad look lost together. Graves and Pateryn should never be paired up again. And wtf was Silfverberg doing watching the Landeskog goal?
  8. When he joined the Brewers in ‘75 I got his autograph at the Big A. He stood patiently for an hour before the game signing for anyone who came up to him. I remember standing there and thinking the greatest home run hitter of all time didn’t look all that athletic or intimidating. Just an average sized man. RIP Hank
  9. If you're watching the game today you'll get the NHL debut of Bo Byram and first NHL start of goalie Hunter Miska
  10. Peterson looks ok in the net but he can't give up those rebounds like that. Francouz has the same problem
  11. I didn't find it very funny either but I'll watch because I'd rather arrest myself and kneel on my own neck than watch another cop show
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