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  1. I like how no one actually participates in a conversation and just bashes @Second Base. Y'all are dumbasses. It's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that ohtanis time here since coming over has been one mess after another. Speculating on it all is part of baseball discussion. Get over yourselves.
  2. I think he has less bargaining power with Iran because they're a much more capable and developed nation in comparison to North Korea.
  3. And the humanitarian issues you speak of are already pretty well known about north korea, so there's not too much exposure happening there. Those issues also aren't unique to north korea, eventually a solution has to come to the table even if that solution involves some level of injustice in order to preserve future generations.
  4. Well the economic approach isn't working either. What's your solution?
  5. The progress Trump tried to make with North Korea was one of his better moves. North Korea is a shithole, but what are your options to liberate it? You go in guns blazing middle east style and install democracy? Expensive disaster. They've been trying to bleed them economically for decades, that doesn't seem to be working since China just keeps them going. Trump tried the diplomatic approach at starting to make them actual members of world society despite their brutal dictatorial leader and it seemed to result in actual progress. North and South Korea actually meeting etc.
  6. Has a congressional committee ever achieved anything worthwhile?
  7. Matt V is sort of the Mike Trout of announcers. I don't think he'll be coming unless he gets paid a lot. He's got the sunday night baseball gig with ARod and who knows what else with MLB Network.
  8. I hope Callaway was there to watch Kluber. He'd know how he looks better than anybody.
  9. Choosing to drive drunks around for some extra cash doesn't entitle you to have companies pay for your health insurance.
  10. Machado didn't sign until mid-late Februrary with the Padres. We could be in for a wait still.
  11. What's that? I think most republican constituents see their representatives as a means to an end. A tool to get the job done. The problem is they're all fucking black and decker tools. Trump is a made in china Craftsman. Slightly better quality, but still pretty meh. This isn't really a new stance.
  12. The barney frank nipples protruding tweet is objectively funny as hell and no one will convince me otherwise.
  13. I'm 100% certain these actions won't embolden any violent actors. Definitely not.
  14. Trump banned for incitement of violence but this dude can stick around:
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