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  1. I'm on board dealing Fletcher for Kluber. The Angels desperately need that bonafide top of the rotation guy.
  2. Getting Rendon puts our lineup on par with the best. Astros, Yankees, Red Sox, Twins...our lineup can put up a fight with anybody.
  3. Cole, Donaldson, and Ryu. If that were to happen, TDawg's bunk would break.
  4. Meh. He'll probably be another Kikuchi and turn in a 5.5 ERA. Assuming we get Ryu and are out on Cole, who else is left on the FA market for starters? Bumgarner, Tehran, and Keuchel? Bumgarner is probably the best of the lot.
  5. Let's assume that Boston eats 12M a year on price. Would you rather do price at 3/60 for ages 34-36 or Bumgarner at 5/100 for ages 30-34?