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  1. At least they're aware of the problem in that 3 mile stretch. The old "wall" is about as useful as placing traffic cones along the border.
  2. This will probably help the number more in the future.
  3. There was a shitty bar I went to in Riverside that was selling hot dogs 3 years ago. At the time, it was probably the best wiener I've ever eaten.
  4. I have to ask, is this: new-scum or news-cum The world wants to know..
  5. Do most of it online if you can. I ended up in and out in 45 minutes at the westminster location.
  6. Surprised he hasn't already jumped off a bridge due to the embarrassment. Can you imagine the sudden realization? Lol.
  7. Giuliani said that Hunter signed a contract stating that if that laptop is not retrieved within 90 days it becomes the shop owner's property. It went 6 months without being picked up, and the same lawyer who represented George Steinbrenner looked at the contract and confirmed it as legitimate.
  8. Biden came out looking like a million bucks? He said it's ok for 8 year old children to be trans-gender. You think that's a good thing?
  9. Someone with a twitter account should point Bauer towards the Spin Forum. That's sure to lure him.
  10. Go for the T-RX if you don't care about spending 80k on a truck. That's all the privileged rich white males here, right? The T-Rex eats the Raptor for lunch.
  11. 30k on a new Ram 1500 is much better spent money.
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