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  1. Jesus how have you guys stayed active in this thread this whole time? Stop reading for a week or two and suddenly behind by 80 pages. Are KC and Cals still best friends at least?
  2. Well I guess that depends on how.much I have.
  3. Finally got around to trying whistle pig. I get a super strong spicy flavor from it but it's very very good.
  4. This is really it. If somehow Hillary had become president and the government response was identical to this, and Gowdy was calling for this I'm certain @red321 would have no issue with it.
  5. You're a son of a bitch. @Tank is far too good of a person to be lumped in with me.
  6. Sounds like a question for someone who studied constitutional law. Let's see the big brain on @calscuf
  7. It looks like she's wearing my dad's old business shirt backwards. She's a retard in every area.
  8. That was the most blue balls season ever outside of trout. We should have won 110 games that year.
  9. This thread weirdly morphed into the "Fast food news" thread.
  10. Unless Eddie Bravo is on, then i'm sure you're all over it.