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  1. Jose Marte. Is it that hard for these tweeters to write the full name? Look up Marte on baseball-reference and you'll get 800 hits.
  2. Tony Watson returns to the Giant after we borrow him for a half season. After he puts up a worse ERA than he had in 2 years with them. Haha.
  3. I wonder if the Angels' Junk is gonna get jerked around. Or if they're gonna mess with Junk's head. Junk is gonna get crushed. Maybe one day the Angels' Junk can face Colon.
  4. Driven past it many times already! Haven't stopped to check it out yet though.
  5. Its whining because they should know what they're getting themselves into when they sign an employment contract. Signing the contract and then bitching that you don't like the terms is the definition of a whiner. It's a principle thing. Has nothing to do with "tough it out and take what they give you." You're taking what you agreed to receive. I wonder how many Dominican or Cuban players are complaining. I'm guessing it's either significantly less or zero. I wouldn't have an issue of course if the minor leaguers were taken better care of. In fact it's almost certainly the right decision for the health of the franchise. But some players acting like they've been cheated aren't living in reality.
  6. Hey my angelswin rank is up to AAA now. @Chuckster70 where's my raise?
  7. Maybe they should find a way to make more money in their spare time. Being in the minor leagues for 9 years means baseball isn't working out I guess.
  8. Can Arte afford to pay the minor leaguers more? Of course. My CEO can also afford to pay off my car but I won't curse him because he chooses not to. I'll do what I have to do because whining won't fix anything.
  9. I work Uber eats and doordash on my lunch breaks and after my regular 9 hour days to make extra money for savings and paying off debt faster. Breedlove can cry me a river. What a whiner. Invest that signing bonus and he'd be sitting pretty right now.
  10. Moved out of CA to the Murfreesboro TN area in mid-April. Closing on my first house, a 4-bedroom next Friday. Got a deal in this market too. Sellers asking 290, offer accepted at 297. Appraised at 270 and the sellers came all the way down to agree at 270. Sent in the cancelation documents and they freaked, apparently they were going to lose the house they were trying to purchase. Lucky me, don't regret my move one iota.
  11. Fletcher is good at second, and decent at SS. His UZR/150 in 658 career innings at SS is 1.7. His UZR/150 at 2B in 1362 career innings is 6.7 Makes sense to me, It's not like he's a butcher there and he would probably get even better with reps. Jose Iglesias btw in 2021 at SS has a -8.7 UZR/150 in 679 innings. His only negative year other than 2011 when he played 18 innings there. Every other year he was well into the positives. Not sure what his deal is this season on the defensive side, dude goes 8 straight years as a great defender then comes here and suddenly he's like Jeter at SS defensively.
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