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  1. Holy crap Ohtani gets more blisters than anyone I've ever heard of lol.
  2. Ha, well leaving the place you've lived your whole life will always be bittersweet. Even if it is hell. And I just had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday, so not quite all my teeth. Close enough.
  3. I mean, they hired me so what does that make them?
  4. Thanks Taylor. Home ownership is a goal of mine and my family's that is going to be much more feasible than in SoCal. Very bittersweet though.
  5. Yeah man no doubt. TN has no state income tax and property tax rates slightly lower than CA as well. Highest sales tax rates in the nation, but...eh. Cost of living difference is pretty drastic.
  6. Add another life-long Calolfornian to the exodus list. Just received an offer that basically matches my California salary out in Nashville. Exciting, and yet incredibly terrifying.
  7. Worse than Upton is being kind. He's basically Marcel Ozuna on a bad day.
  8. Adell's defensive...I don't even know what to call it, is actually impressively bad at this point.
  9. I would think that as time goes on, the demand for gas increases. more cars on the road, population increases etc. If supply doesn't continue to increase at the same rate or better, the balance is thrown out of whack and that gas prices would be affected.
  10. I'm actually excited to see Cobb pitch, strangely enough. Last time out was excellent.
  11. Maybe, Matt did specifically address that though. He said he missed being a team's PBP guy because he likes being able to be a bit impartial and root a bit. He's a pretty professional dude, so I would expect him to do a great job.
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