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  1. I did, and I say the same. There's a ton of stuff in your video, but they same the same thing i'm saying in part. Overturning Roe will reduce abortion in some capacity. So will providing easier healthcare access etc. I'm saying you do both.
  2. Given the disparity between the two, and given the fact that one of the groups I've provided is bullying victims i'm not sure how anyone can come to the conclusion that the primary cause of transgender suicide is due to poor treatment. Which isn't really all that different from bullying.
  3. How about a combination of education/assitance etc. AND outlawing it? Why does it have to be an either or? Outlawing the practice will reduce the occurrence on its own, that's just an objective fact. I'm sure that what you prescribe would also curb the number of occurrences. I'd bet money that the two of them together would reduce the number more than either on its own.
  4. Abortion has fuck all to do with controlling women's bodies. Do you understand what's even happening during an abortion? In 2011 for example, over 100k abortions were performed at the second trimester or later. At that point the doctor is essentially reaching up in the woman and ripping the baby out pieces at a time. One hundred thousand. That's 25% of the number of homicides that occur in the entire world in a given year. But sure, the Democrats are more aligned with your faith.
  5. Source on the 7%: Bullying and suicide - Wikipedia Source on 41%: New Study Reveals Shocking Rates of Attempted Suicide Among Trans Adolescents - HRC Do you still think it's simply due to how society treats them or are you willing to concede this group is mentally ill? I can't find any group that even approaches that number.
  6. I'm not Jason, but a Mossberg 500 is a good get if you can find one in stock.
  7. Bullying victims attempt suicide at a rate of about 7% compared to transgender youth attempting suicide over 41%. I don't know how anyone can look at those numbers and say yeah, it's because of the way society treats them. Get your fucking head out of the sand. These people are sick and normalizing their delusions helps nobody.
  8. "The ezhectev ectory of the ports of..." "Mary-oh Cordono" Hahaha.
  9. At least a Dodgers v Astros WS would result in lots of fights and destruction between the two fan bases.
  10. I'm waiting for rally to find something now where I said something along the lines of "if you don't support free college for all then you're a piece of shit"
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