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  1. My favorite card though is a Ohtani/Trout double auto #'d /5. Bought that last year for around $700. I actually invested in Ohtani fairly heavily last year when he was horrible. I've made quite the nice profit on his rookies and autos this season.
  2. $2K for a 2011 Topps Trout PSA 10 RC. Worth about 5-6K now. I'm considering selling it but it may still increase in value. Tough call.
  3. Yuuuup, one of my top 5 comedy series. Ive introduced it to a number of people who also think very highly of it.
  4. I turned it on since I saw it was in extras. Two batters faced, two hits. Turned game off.
  5. Probably not. It's kind of dumb to have rankings before week 4 or 5 for this reason.
  6. Let's see how much respect we get. Should be top 5 after that win on the road without our two best defensive players.
  7. No, Matt V, he did not have to use his A group of relievers yesterday. He chose to and it cost them tonight. Fire Maddon please.
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