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  1. For anyone who hasn't seen it. Yes, this is a very sad excuse for an apology...
  2. I enjoyed UCLA's stadium this year. Beautiful sunset.
  3. Trade Adams and Rengifo for Gray Sign Castro for 1 year/7 mill
  4. I do care about the length of games as do a bunch of other people and it is a huge problem for the league. A pitch clock is likely the only real solution that will result in a substantial change. I am in favor of it sans the 8th and 9th innings.
  5. This dude saying swing on every pitch needs his vocal cords removed.
  6. This team has been very difficult to watch recently. This game has been particularly annoying.
  7. After a pretty exciting post ASB, the team has completely shit the bed against the Orioles. Lol. 7 Runs, 3 Hits. Awesome work, Trop!