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  1. Glad to see fans warming up to the idea. It will change the game. It will be an advantage to the pitchers and hitters will have to slow their roll. The single best thing that could change the game for the better is the electronic strike zone. Bye Blue.
  2. 25 to 1. 8 to 1. Take the bet? Would love to see it. Physically I think he is capable. If he can command his FB with his almost unhittable splitter I think it could happen. I know he is probably not going to be allowed to pitch past the 6 inning anytime soon but lets say he throwing a no hitter thru 7 in August, can you pull him? Those are my odds. I didn't check the Vegas line.
  3. It looks like Suzuki has a hard time just catching the ball let alone frame it.
  4. 25 LOB in that game. Wonder what the record is for a 9 inning game.
  5. Could he still do local TV commercials?
  6. I had Fowler being clutch player and a fan favorite and doing local TV commercials. Cant always be right.
  7. My hope too. But I must admit Ward had a better ST than I thought he was capable of having.
  8. I thought his walk off stare /strut was a little much, specially when the ball only cleared the wall by 5 or 6 feet. You would have thought is was 40 rows deep. He would have looked pretty stupid if that ball didn't go out. Maybe it was the famous marine layer that fooled him.
  9. Is it a good move for MLB to have developmental learning centers in China all knowing they have SLAVE camps. Your hypocrisy has no bounds. Oh and BTW the law is going back to pre covid laws basically but more liberal.
  10. MLB currently maintains three development centers in China. Stop the madness!
  11. MLB "woke" up stupid today. In 2015, Delta Airlines purchased a 3.55 percent stake in China Eastern Airlines for $450 million. At the time, Delta described the relationship with China Eastern as “long-standing” and an “already effective partnership.” To be clear, that partnership, which continues to this day is with the Chinese Government itself, which owns a majority (62 percent) of China Eastern stock. While you are certainly free to opine on domestic political issues, it is the height of hypocrisy to claim Georgia’s revised election law is “unacceptable and does not match Delta’s
  12. Brandon Marsh after Upton hurts his toe.
  13. Ouch! But I agree. Ward is very good ball player but his ceiling is only so high. Marsh on the other hand may become a good MLB player. Maybe an all-star. I don't see Ward ever being an all-star and Flecther can put on the catchers gear in an emergency situation so the idea that he can catch doesn't really matter. If Suzuki or Stassi get hurt they are going to call up a catcher immediately. I would leave Ward at SL and hope he does really well and trade him when his stock is high. Same goes for Adell. He is never going to be a good MLB player. I would try to convert him to a 1st baseman. He ca
  14. Who is going to be on opening day roster? I guess you have to throw in Ward too. It will not be Adell.
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