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  1. Did they buy Adell a 1st baseman's glove yet? If the Angels org. cant teach him how to shag flyballs, other orgs. got to be thinking maybe they cant either. Adell's trade value has plummeted, and rightly so. I would trade him asap. Before he becomes Brandon Wood.
  2. Marsh is the real deal. It is not physical, it is mental. The guy is calm, cool and collective. He looks like he belongs. Just like I predicted Fletcher to be a starter on a MLB team, I also believe Marsh will be an All-star on a MLB team. I hope it is the Angels.
  3. There is probably young talent out there being overlooked because they do not fit the MLB mold. 6'2" 205 lbs and has potential to hit 25 HRs. Think Jo Adell. The more Fletcher type players the better the game.
  4. If player were not paid while they are unable to play, they would take preventable maintenence much more seriously. Guaranteed money causes complacency in even the best of them.
  5. I said this a month ago. But there is no guarantee he can play 1st base either.
  6. 25 million would make most press a little. He is the real deal. Glad to see him back to old self.
  7. Canning is Richards. A MLB Pitcher that could/should be great (ok, much better) but lacks bulldoginess. I hope he finds his inner killer spirit soon. If not he will make a lot of money stuck in his mediocracy.
  8. So lets just say that the slide step instead of the high knee kick has been a true epiphany for Jo Adell (Only 6 Ks in past 27 PAs, big improvement on 21 Ks in the previous 47 PAs before that). That is great news but he still sucks defensively and there is no light switch moment for learning how to shag a flyball. Buy him a 1st baseman's glove or let him DH and put Walsh /Otani in LF. Desperate times call for desperate action.
  9. I predicted David Fletcher would be a MLB player when most thought it would never happen. I know he is struggling to live up to his contract now but he will be an asset for the next 5 or 6 years. Adell will not be a MLB player barring a major intervention. On the other hand, Brandon Marsh will be a solid MLB player. Great? We will see. Good ? Yes.
  10. Adell can not shag a flyball. Never could, never will. I would be sending him to every specialist there is. Sports psychologist, vision expert, yoga expert, etc. There is a guy that runs "Slow the Game Down" out of Irvine that kind of specializes in all the above. Send him over there . It cannot hurt. Desperate times call for desperate action. Without some type of intervention / epiphany, Adell ceiling will be Brandon Wood at best all over again.
  11. Glad to see fans warming up to the idea. It will change the game. It will be an advantage to the pitchers and hitters will have to slow their roll. The single best thing that could change the game for the better is the electronic strike zone. Bye Blue.
  12. 25 to 1. 8 to 1. Take the bet? Would love to see it. Physically I think he is capable. If he can command his FB with his almost unhittable splitter I think it could happen. I know he is probably not going to be allowed to pitch past the 6 inning anytime soon but lets say he throwing a no hitter thru 7 in August, can you pull him? Those are my odds. I didn't check the Vegas line.
  13. It looks like Suzuki has a hard time just catching the ball let alone frame it.
  14. 25 LOB in that game. Wonder what the record is for a 9 inning game.
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