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  1. With Simmons gone, this makes some sense. I don't think the Angels want Fletcher playing everyday at ss. They seem to want to use his versatility. He plays 4 positions well. Maddon also like players that are versatile. That said, signing Didi might mean we only get pitching thru trades.
  2. Any trade for Musgrove should also include their young catcher Jacob Stallings.
  3. I like his bat speed and extension thru the zone. What i don't like is that long stride. Makes him vulnerable against change ups. By eliminating that stride, it will keep his center of gravity. Which should help his power.
  4. Dude you should turn off that fucking Fox news and start hearing the truth. After that comment to the racist group, it makes me think everyone that supports that fucking jackass IS a racist. Watch MSNBC, half of the people on there are GOP. They will tell you the truth.
  5. Supposedly there will be a video press conference tomorrow. I doubt it is for anything other than naming a new GM. I think this has been a done deal for awhile. Doubt there has been more than 1 person interviewed.
  6. I think Dombrowski is too old. I would prefer someone who could be here for a decade or more. That is if the guy is any good.
  7. This is a guy who will have earned a MLB pension by spending more time on the DL/IL than the active roster. And people are talking about giving him a multi year deal? If anything, he is the guy who should have to earn his check, by giving him an incentive type deal. Especially when teams will probably be cutting payroll to compensate for the loss of revenue, due to Corona. To me, he is nothing more than a 33 year old prospect.
  8. Considering the state of the org, when Eppler took over, everything was in disarray. We had the worst farm in baseball. Some thought it was the worst all time for any org. He never had much if any payroll flexibility. Every year he has had the Luxury tax staring him in the face, which forced him to go the clean peanut route with relief pitching and position players. Like Nava, Gentry, Johnny G, etc. The farm is finally starting to show promise. We currently have a pretty strong nucleus. Not sure how much spending ability there is this winter, but by adding 1-2 SP'ers, 2-3 RP'ers the team shoul
  9. Do we have enough room on the Injured List?
  10. The nucleus of the 2002 team was built during the Bill Bavasi / Bob Fontaine years. Salmon, GA, Glaus, Edmonds, Erstad, etc. When Stoneman was hired, it was presumed by many in the press that he would have a fire sale and get rid of several players and start a rebuild. When he was with Montreal, that was common. Hence the speculation. Once he took over the Angels he realized that he liked the nucleus, and went from there . He made some good trades, like getting rid of Mo Vaughn. And he made some bad trades. Especially the Edmonds for Bottenfield / Kennedy deal. But he did leave the Farm int
  11. Unlike Adell, Marsh can play defense. I think his plate discipline will make him a better hitter also. Adell is striking out too much, to be productive. I really do hope he can turn it around.
  12. I think the results this first 26 games shows, the team needs to overhaul it's pitching staff pretty much top to bottom. The position players, not so much.
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