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  1. Cole was the Angels priority last year, but were outspent by the Skanks. Which is exactly where Cole wanted to go. He was a Yankee fan. That is when the Angels went after Rendon. Rendon was never priority one. He was number 2.
  2. 25 starts 4.00- 4.20 era averages 5 2/3 innings per start several no decisions.
  3. Taillan is now off the board. Traded to the Skanks for 4 minor leaguers.
  4. Mariners. If they paid him $30m, it would only bring their payroll to $107m.
  5. If we were to sign Realmuto, we would have 4 catchers on the roster. Who do we get rid of?
  6. The way things are going, the Angels will have to fill those final 3 spots on the 40 man roster from within.
  7. It's about time the leaks start happening to help drive up his price. If there are leaks, it might mean he isn't getting offers that he likes. So, i guess we will hear about 3-5 teams involved, maybe even a mystery team.
  8. At this point, i don't give 2 shits how much money Bauer gets. I know he will sign with some other team, because he does not fit into the Angels budget. And no, Arte is not going to be busting his budget. Not with the current unknown baseball economics. And with the money needed for the stadium improvements in the near future. Ain't happening McGee! They need to get 2 affordable starting pitchers that can keep the team in the game for 5-6 innings consistently. Then add affordable , catcher, & rp: and if there is still room in the budget, get a 4th of'er who can play all 3 of spots. And
  9. Bauer is pricing himself out of the Angels reach. Trade for Musgrave and Stallings, and sign another SP'er. Then we are good to go.
  10. Not so sure of that. Any team that signs him long term, needs to protect their investment. Research over decades is why MLB teams have made the move to 5-6 man rotations. I doubt any club would be happy with him if he blew his arm out 6 months after he signs. Not for that price.
  11. Time for the Prima Dona to make a decision. He has had a couple of months to talk to teams. Time for him to shit or get off the pot.
  12. I still think he is going to the Mariners. They need pitching, and their payroll sits at only $77m. Plus, he spends a lot of time up there working out in the offseason. And he has a previous relationship with Dumpoto.
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