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  1. City negotiations are conducted in private session, not in public, ever. The law does state that the city is required to announce whether any action was taken during the private session.
  2. i hope they select Ralston Schmidt Jr.
  3. Eppler even seems good at drafting relief arms, but not starting pitchers. Seems like the scouting reports on most pitchers he drafts say, “ he projects to be a decent arm in the pen.” I think I can count fingers on one hand how many of his picks say he projects as a top to mid rotation arm.
  4. At this point Goodwin has really nothing to lose in arb. If he loses his case he still gets $1.85 mil regardless. If he wins, he gets $2.2 mil. Win,Win.
  5. 1. Starting pitchers need to consistently get to the 6th inning or finish the 6th or longer, keeping the team no more than 2 runs behind. Then offence takes over. 2. Bullpen is consistently solid. 3.Hitters have career average seasons or better. 4. Adell has a big rookie season. 5. Have really strong records against teams in other divisions, and against Texas and Seattle. And hold their own against A's and Astro's. 6. Defense plays better then even expected. 7. Health, Health, Health!
  6. Tyler Eppler signs with the Nats.
  7. Because of Simmons leg injuries this past season, i would hesitate offering any multi year contract until after the season is over. Then they can reassess his health going forward. I don't like the idea of signing him for 3-4 years now, then seeing him contract Cozartitis.
  8. Major league staff has been announced already. Matt Wise being the final piece.