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  1. 2001 Angels won 75 games. 2002 Angels won the wild card on the way to winning the World Series. They had a mediocre starting pitching staff, but had a lockdown bullpen. The 2002 and the 2022 teams both had a pretty good nucleus of position players. So yeah, one year can make a difference.
  2. I don't think he accepts a QO. At this point in his career, i doubt he signs for anything less than 3 years. That would be his insurance to qualify for a pension, in case he were to get hurt.
  3. Guerra has no business being on the team going forward. As far as Mayer goes, if they non-tender him and he goes elsewhere, i don't think he gets anything more than $1.5m.
  4. The team will have 3 roster spots for the bench. One outfielder, one infielder, and one catcher. If Upton is on the roster, that means Ward is gone, as he is out of options. Then one of Adell or Marsh becomes the 4th of'er. If Upton goes bye,bye, then Ward becomes the 4th of'er, who can also back up 1st & 3b and be the emergency catcher. Upton really hurts the teams flexability.
  5. Mayer isn't worth 2.2m. Non-tender him, then try to resign him for about $1.5m. The savings can pay for another bp arm at minimum pay.
  6. If you trade marsh or Adell { who are min salary] for a need, you will take on more salary with that new player. Now you have another need for an outfielder. There is no outfielder mlb ready in the org. So you will incure more salary signing a outfielder. One need turned into 2 needs. less money for other needs.
  7. Yes. You fill one hole, and create another with less money to fill it.
  8. Currently, management is doing their evaluations and making their plans. So this offseason they want to make plans A,B,C & D happen. But, more than likely they make plans Q,R,S,T happen.
  9. Iglesias needs 3 more years to qualify for a MLB pension. I don't think it would be wise for him to sign a deal for anything less than 3 years. A 3 year deal or more takes any injury risk out of the equation. I think he is at that point in his career to where a pension is part of his long term goals.
  10. Davis is a better defender than Stefanic and Rojas. That said, i would scour the list of Rule 5 eligible ss's and look for the best defender.
  11. Pass on Baez. .312 obp .954 fielding % 20 errors. RUN PREVENTION.
  12. I like the Angels core, when healthy. I like the Mets starting pitching better, when healthy. But the Mets are probably lose some of their pitchers as soon as this offseason. Leaving them with not much else left. The Angels pitching prospects have a brighter future.
  13. The market will dictate whether "all in" can happen. We need pitching! But, i don't see the Dogs letting Mad Max get away. Nor do i see the Giants letting Gausman or Desclafani go elsewhere. The BlueJays need pitching. Don't see them letting Ray get away. The only pitcher of interest that i think will be available is Stroman. And he will be expensive. the Mets will want him back, but, they're the Mets. Seems like the Angels payroll for the last 5+ years has been in the $180 m- 185m range. A whole lot of wishing isn't going to make that budget go up.
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