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  1. Cancel culture is nonsense. Kemp is trying to cancel citizens ability to vote. So MLB is cancelling Georgia's chance at making money off of their Game. It goes both ways. For every action, there is a reaction.
  2. The DH The extra innings rule. What Blarg said. Also, all the damn advertising around the stadium. It has gotten out of hand. Blackouts. Extended playoffs. Rule 5 draft. When a team draft a player, they should be able to keep him on their roster for 6 years before free agency. Such player should not be plucked off a roster, only the have his new team place him on IL for the season to get around the rules.
  3. You got me in the mood get in the car and drive 100 miles to get a French dip @ Philippe's.
  4. I listened to the first 3 innings, and in those innings he had 3 ground ball outs in addition to the K's. Good sign. He did exactly what i hoped he would do. Get thru 5-6 innings and keep the game close.
  5. MLB needs to administer a drug test to the Gameday operator.
  6. More like a progress report. Final grade comes around November 1st. So, for now i give him B- / C+.
  7. Nothing is easy to fix if you don't have the resources to make those changes. Like prospects or trade chips on the mlb roster. Then there is money. Some teams , like the Angels, try to buy their way to make fixes. Teams that don't have the money, so they heavily depend on the draft. That is why a team like KC takes so long in a rebuild. And remember the Astro's tanking years?
  8. Looks like the opening day lineup. I wish that Walsh would be in there instead of Old Albert.
  9. { Yawn } I am awake now, and i still don't know what that means.
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