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  1. Is there going to be a way to watch Angel games on tv? No Dish, Youtube, Roku, etc.
  2. He has a 10 year extension for personal services.
  3. I remember the look on Andy Petite's face when Wooten homered. He knew then that they were going to lose.
  4. They should just stay in Tempe, do their workouts, and play some intersquad games to stay in shape.
  5. About that time for cuts to be made to the spring roster. Only 12 more days till the freeway series. Starting pitchers should be close to getting pitch counts up near 100.
  6. I have heard rumors that direct tv will be dropping these channels by the end of the calendar year. Looks like these channels are about to go out of business, because no one can view them.
  7. I couldn’t find one either. That’s why I posted.
  8. Wondering who is posting a Albie Pearson photo for tomorrow.
  9. There is a reason he is still unemployed. Teams are avoiding him like the plague. Like Blarg and others have said. He is a problem child.
  10. How are you getting pics inside the clubhouse?