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  1. 5:00 tomorrow is the deadline to protect players from the Rule 5 draft. The Angels have 2 openings on the 40 man roster. Who does & doesn't get selected?
  2. Not a lib. Have been registered as a repub since mid 80's. More of a middle of the road guy. Just can't stand the piece of shit scumbag.
  3. It bothers me that he shits on the Constitution, thinks he is above the law, is totally incompetent, shits on the rule of law, and every other word he speaks is a lie. That is the short version.
  4. I don't know much about Gibson, other than i have heard that he is not a hard thrower. That doesn't make him a likely sign by Eppler. Eppie has a thing for hard throwers.
  5. doesn't it bother you that Trump is implementing Putin's foreign policy, and using Putin's talking points?
  6. This is pretty much my list, except i would have Baylor ahead of Chili Davis.
  7. I think i read somewhere recently that Castellanos was rated as the worst defensive rf'er in MLB.
  8. Watch Kole sign with the Yankees, and hit 40hr’s with that short right field.
  9. Gomes just had his option declined. Was for $9 mil. Half of what Grandal is expected to get. Either Gomes or Castro fit in better financially, given how many holes the team has. And with Cole, Wheeler and Odorizzi all attached to QO’ers. Grandahl might also have a QO. They would set back the farm a year.
  10. 6 hr's in 20 innings last season between Pit & Seattle. He will fit in well here.