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  1. Fletcher- 2b; Simmons ss; Trout cf; Rendon 3b; Ohtani dh; Upton lf; Adell rf; Pujols 1b; Castro c.
  2. When restoring a home to original, you use what would have been used back in the day. Linoleum was widely used back in the day. That is why he uses Lino. Wood floors don’t last long in kitchens due to water damage. And Lino is very good at keeping the water away from the wood. Redlands is where Bret lives, hence why so many homes were in Redlands. Yucaipa, Cherry Valley,Riverside, Corona, Fontana, and Monrovia are other cities where shows have been filmed.
  3. I think the roster will be utilized differently than any regular season, because of the short season and expanded rosters. I think 8-9 different starters will get innings by piggybacking them early on. Example, Heaney throws 4-5 innings , then Andriese takes over. Then Ohtani and Suarez. Bundy and say Pena.etc. After 3-4 times thru the rotation they find out who is progressing good and go with that group. That way when the rosters start dropping, more guys are built up. Then if they are in the playoffs we will see the guys who have pitched the best.
  4. Didn't Gatto get released. When was Arcia resigned? Last i heard he was in another org.
  5. Has Detmer signed yet? I think the deadline is 2 weeks away.
  6. One of the nicest things about the Big A, to date, has been the ability to get in and out of the stadium. Having parking structures will probably make it worse than trying to get out of Dodger Stadium.
  7. LA Coliseum, Wrigley Field LA, Wrigley Field Chicago, Chavez Ravine, Big A, Petco Park.
  8. This small draft is going to give John Smith a big break. Not many players to sign from the draft.
  9. Mickey Calloway stresses throwing strikes. Detmers throws strikes. If Mickey has any influence in this, i would say he would want Detmers. And the org needs strike throwers, not nibblers.
  10. 81 games is half of the year. That would be 27 3-game series in a 3 month season. Sounds like a good compromise. Season could be done by the end of September. Playoffs thru October.
  11. I cringe to think about the traffic there when it is all done. BTW, if Arte backs out from the deal by Sept, can the city sell to developers and leave the team without a stadium?