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  1. I hope he closes out the season for the Yankees pitching like an ace. Then resign a large multiyear deal with them, Then Buttercup them.
  2. 17 1/2 hours till the deadline. And nothing. Tomorrow afternoon, the Angels statement will say, " We couldn't find any deals to make our club better going forward". "We like our roster going forward as constructed. And when we get Trout, Rendon and Walsh back soon, we feel we will have a chance to finish strong and get to the playoffs". I would love to see the reporters reactions, expecting facepalms to outright laughter.
  3. Based on the lack of moves, Perry might just still be trying to make that movement happen. Constipation on two fronts.
  4. 25 and a half hours till the deadline, and no sign of the Angels flushing any of those turds in the bullpen.
  5. I have been a Angels fan since they became a franchise, and cant remember a worse bullpen. Not even the Arson Squad days were this bad.
  6. If they don't make any trades, they could put Adam Eaton in the pen. That one inning last night was as good or better than we have seen from most of the guys we have had in there so far.
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