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  1. I watched part of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood on the plane today. Love the fight scene with Bruce Lee. Hope to catch the rest of movie on the return trip.
  2. That is the GRRM story as I recall. It was interesting, but not that memorable.
  3. Cole can now safely sign with the Angels knowing that he will not be moving in the near future.
  4. He is waiting for the resolution of the Anaheim Lease agreement.
  5. Sunday nights are going to be boring once Watchmen and Mr. Robot finish their seasons.
  6. There goes the edge line on the game Sundsy.
  7. WAR... Cray cray people... Blowing up buildings... Can this thread get any better?
  8. The Saints fail to defend the On-sides kick three times? I have a feeling the Special Teams is going to be running some extra drills this week.