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  1. It has to give hope to the other "career" minor leaguers that one day they might get a shot at the Big league.
  2. 2 years 9 / 11 or 8 / 12, with club option on 2nd year and a 2M buyout.
  3. Hell No! Dude should have said his ankle was acting up and that he needed to sit the rest of the season. Now he is out 5 days of pay!
  4. Except he isn't getting the full $15M because this season is prorated.
  5. Carrying a coin purse in your pocket is redundant.
  6. Looks like it occurred near the Whiter Narrows golf course. Several smaller quakes in the same area after the 4.6 one. Check out LA Quakebot on twitter.
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