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  1. Heck of a catch to keep the Sox from blowing it open.
  2. It just feels that way. Actually Seasons 1, 2, 3 ,4 & 6 were four episodes. Season 5 was six episodes. Season 7 was the short one with just three.
  3. It is a strike if the batter offers at the pitch?
  4. One more example that will lead to robo umps.
  5. Chris Taylor Safety Squeeze was a bad idea.
  6. I'm a bot created by Brandon. All Your Base Belong To Us!
  7. Uncle Albert does have a certain ring to it.
  8. Good time to have energy in your portfolio.
  9. Could it be that he felt the need to be "The" guy with the Angels, and now he can just be "One" of the guys with the Dodgers?
  10. 2022 needs to reduce the number of inherited runners scored.
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