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  1. You had to sign up at a Godiva store. Happy Birthday Weekend!
  2. @Lou's post about knowing a gal in Galway made me think of a group I first learned about while in Scotland years ago. I first heard this song while shopping on High Street in Edinburgh, and became a fan.
  3. He was also in the series Soap. Very good character actor. RIP Gregory
  4. HBO: 30 Coins Spanish language English subtitled series. After watching the first episode I would describe it as a supernatural thriller. An eight episode limited series. I am hoping the rest of the episodes are as engaging.
  5. He might be able to throw the ball out of the stadium from the pitcher's mound!
  6. 1 year deal with the Angels, $25M. Many will compare it to the Harvey signing and call it an overpay.
  7. Don was part of the '82 Brewers team that knocked the Angels out of the playoffs. He was the winning pitcher in the 3rd game of the series.
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