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  1. How do I subscribe to your blog or newsletter?
  2. Not true. Although, I’m Russian Jew opposed to religious Jew. Regardless, I didn’t feel like I was in Auschwitz.
  3. I go to Godfathers, Tustin Inn, and Renz damn near daily. All three are open. No food required even though they have a sign that says so. The only restrictions are the operating hours. All three are a bit different, but Gods stays open until 2am.
  4. NFC East is the best division in football because everyone is trash and it's more of who is going to suck less to win the division.
  5. I only have one, but it is pretty mind blowing. I like the audio version because it's easier to digest, but also because David and the author do kind of a deep dive/Q&A after each chapter to give more insight. I think everyone should get a chance to experience this book.
  6. Same. When it started I thought they might do the whole movie freestyle
  7. Cam Newton just tested positive and is out versus KC tomorrow.
  8. I had last night penciled in as a loss. We beat the brakes off the Ravens. I was surprised. I don't think any defense can stop Mahomes and Andy Reid. We have a tough schedule this year, too. Should be fun.
  9. How are things holding up with your teams?
  10. A friend of mine is having issues with passwords that are saved on her computer, but shareable. Someone showed me one a long time ago that was safe and secure to store passwords for when you lose or forget them. Any recommendations?
  11. Wasn't picked #3 by AZ, but they turned around and traded him to CLE? Never understood that move.
  12. ID/DL was lost or stolen. It's my only form of legal ID at the moment.
  13. Kind of makes up for that game two years ago I went to KC in freezing as December. Chiefs up the whole game but the Bolts score and then go for two and win 22-21. Same thing here where the Chiefs never led until the winning kick.
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