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  1. I'm a little mad at him. Seen him a few times, but hadn't been to a comedy show in a while and was going to with a lady friend that set the whole thing up when he was going to do Brea Improv towards the end of last year...I believe early November. He cancelled the day before and there were no refunds. We got stuck watching a pretty mediocre comedy show with names I've never heard of or would want to see.
  2. I look terrible with a shaved head. She definitely wouldn't let me get it in. But I'd kind of rather take comfort than sex right now. My hair this long is making me suicidal. I look like one of the Beetles if he were gay, but only liked to be on the bottom.
  3. Yeah, I was surprised to be just over a quarter of the way to 100% by just answering two.....I thought about shaving my head because the mop on my head is way out of line and while I did the House Party app with some friends and none of the other options listed, the app said this chick I've been trying to smash since December was on and when I added her it called her but unexpectedly, but through FaceTime and not the I think that counts.
  4. Damn, 27% not very gay. Kind of weird, in the real world I'm about 10% gay.
  5. Thanks. Reminds me I need to restart this show. I'm a season or two behind but have forgotten most of it.
  6. From what I've read they kind of did and implemented strict rules and haven't taken the hit. They jumped on it right away.
  7. Props. This was a solid pull.
  8. Funny thing is I know Luke Schwartz. Haven't seen him in years, but he would always blow up if he took a bad beat.....hell, any lost pot really. The shit this dude would say at the tables was pretty wild.
  9. Nice. His earlier Fighter and the Kid appearances...about two years ago when he was voted best guest were pretty epic. He has a few funny ones on his own, but I prefer when he has guests on. I think the Chris Distefano one may be the best with Joey Diaz and Tom Segura up there. I think Nick Swardson had a solid episode, too.
  10. Can you still smell the Drakkar on the freeways?
  11. Damn, Dana White just scrapped the UFC fight in two days. Had everything lined up and ready to go, but said he got a call from the highest level at Disney and ESPN to stand down. Bummer. Thought we would have something to watch this weekend.
  12. I'm more focused on what she said to set him off
  13. Dude! This is the only time the freeways will be wide open.