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  1. She could be in our old International Trash Conspiracy thread. I think they are opening for Gojira this year or going on tour with them.
  2. Brooks plays fast, Bryson doesn’t. Brooks doesn’t like that Bryson doesn’t.
  3. I wonder how far cumrocket will go?
  4. I do just about everything myself through YouTube and Google unless I feel like I’ll do more damage or cost more to fix my error than just hiring someone the first time. For everything I do fix or do myself, I still won’t hang a TV on a wall as I already see myself missing the stud or it just falling off.
  5. Good night of fights. Even the prelims were good.
  6. I’m more surprised people still talk about me here. I thought this was a joke thread so I never clicked on it.
  7. I don’t find Raising Canes all that appealing. It wasn’t bad, but I’m not going out of my way to eat there.
  8. This thread reminds me of when I go to Chiefs games. Tailgating you see the usual stars or rookie jerseys, but there is always some dudes meandering around in John Alt jersey or some o-line dude from the 90’s. Kind of dope actually.
  9. Started playing cards again on a regular basis and it’s comical in these card rooms. Half the old Asians and old vets don’t even wear the shit properly and no one cares. I play with a mask on because “rules” and protocol bullshit, but take it off to drink water or eat at the table and no one cares as we are masked and play in these plexiglass boxes that resemble a hockey penalty box. I can’t wait for this shit to be over.
  10. Nice. I have an old ass Kobe #8 jersey that I wore a couple weeks ago for an office that was from the finals in 2004. I thought the same thing about it still fitting.
  11. Yeah, I’m pretty some are misconstruing a show they dislike with overrated.....or they just don’t know what the word means. Some of these shows mentioned are highly respected and well scored/rated through multiple platforms....yet some think they are overrated.
  12. Now concerns about heart inflammation with vaccines. Fucking idiots. I was of the ilk that although I am healthy and don't need to inject some shit in me that has a small sample size of data, I should probably get one for the sake of others even though the virus won't stick to me or hold if it does. But then you see these side effects coming out and I'm not interested, even after the initial waves of data come in. I'll take my 98% or whatever it is now of being ok and call it a day. I just got back another lab result today of negative. On a side note, ever try to play poker at Hawaiian Gardens or Commerce with masks on those dumb dividers? Fuck are these masks rough for long periods of time. I think my poker sash at Commerce was about 6-7 hours and was brutal. Godspeed to those of you that have to wear these things all the time. Breathing is rough and I can see the data coming out showing long term health issues for long term use of these.
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