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  1. This isn’t true. There are elements of a power trip that can be present, but they generally assert that prescience or authority component very early on.....not 60 something texts later. He was infatuated and wanted to get his dick wet. The troubling and underlying condition that needs to be addressed is not getting a response but continually making advances then out of desperation sending out lewd messages to simply get a response/reaction.
  2. Only 60 unanswered texts? Everyone knows chicks don't change their mind until text 67.
  3. Not sure if Corey is out yet from Federal pedophilia case to participate
  4. I think there are two threads that are nice visits down memory lane. A where are they now would be cool.
  5. There we go. And this was what they were talking about...hosting three in a row at home. There's an even bigger nugget in what Reid accomplished. The 2002-2004 Eagles and the 2018-2020 Chiefs are the only franchises in each conference to host three consecutive championship games since the NFL merger in 1970 (when the conference championship games began). Both those teams were coached by -- Andy Reid.
  6. Both games look like they will be pretty good. All four played well or grinded out tough wins. If I was to pick I'd say GB edges out TB and a friend I know in KC is the team reporter and says Mahomes is fine and will play Sunday and the starting running back will be back healthy. The normal offense should be there that no one can really stop, but the Bills look good and have a little something going on over there that they could upset....I saw KC is at -3 (not sure if Mahomes and Edwards-Helaire were taken into consideration), but the random ESPN percentage factor has Buffalo at 54% to wi
  7. Hilarious. I actually got my info from ESPN this morning...or some sports shows I had on in the background. Maybe it was something like the only coach to do it twice or with two different teams, although I didn't see or hear them mention that part. Reminds me of the dumb stats they come up with that no one cares about, but they want you to think some moment was special......"Player X joins great company by being one of a few players to at least throw for 327 yards, 2 td's, 5 rushes, and 0 turnovers in 6 straight games"
  8. Fun fact of the day. Kansas City is only the second team in NFL history to go to three straight championships games in a row. The other? Another Andy Reid led Eagles team from 2002-2004.
  9. @Chuckster70 we can skip the festivities and just let everyone know now that I signed the largest contract in message board history and have committed to another 10 years here.
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