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  1. You lost m @Chuckster70, I see a treadmill there but you need one? Also, what is that contraption in the right that looks like a lounge chair that says abs? Rest of it looks dope. Free weights and dips are where it's at.
  2. I like that Brad Pitts character is from Hemet, CA
  3. How many virgins did you bet?
  4. Hmmm, I worked at LA Fitness out of high school and saw it all....ironically instead of a timeline line tier, the women locker room always smelled like bad fish, for real, even the chicks I worked with hated going in there. That said, I will go by your timeline and shoot for the 12-3 area. I go early morning/midday now, but it's all old ass asians. I'd like some chick to make it clap or some dude to slang me an eight ball in the sauna around 1pm.
  5. So....... You want society to conform to your own individual beliefs?
  6. This is so ridiculous I choose to read it as jizz hands
  7. I'm honestly surprised you guys put up with it so much for all these years. A legit life troll.
  8. 1 The amount of times LaStella has been an all-star. Still trips me out how he overachieved.
  9. durka durka durka Some of the people look kind of dressed up which leads me to believe it smells more like Drakkar than a dead camel wrapped in goat feces.
  10. Interesting. Most of the guys have come up through the system or even guys like Langston came over while young and unproven. I think the only time we have spent on a game changing arm would be Bart or the when we spent on CJ Wilson.