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  1. A could things..... A) The Postal Service and that album was fantastic for it's time and I bet still holds up. B) Goya black beans are solid when you're tired of refried beans and are very cost effective. No issue with them. C) I think Mexicans and Whites should eat Goya beans while listening to The Postal Service and create babies.
  2. 100% agree with this. These fucking keyboard warriors and their shit talking or put downs need to be addressed. Someone hides behind a keyboard and feels like they can say what they want. You talk shit in my day you got repercussions. Now it's freedom of speech and all sorts of the point they even call you out as a goon because you can articulate a point but didn't go to the same school and learn Microsoft Point. With VPN's people will be ahead of the curve, but I wish people that said foul shit or talked tough on the internet got a visit. If I punch someone in the jaw I'm sure they won't have the bravado to say it to more people. I don't advocate violence and am usually the diffuser. I messed up some people wrestling and have seen shit where some dude punches a dude in a bar and he hits his head on the bar as he goes down and it's manslaughter with 20 years because the other dude was drunk and provoked a response. But I do think people need to get their ass kicked....and not in that dumb jock or bro-is way.
  3. A felony for a fist fight? Between two agreeing men? I think It's Seattle or maybe the state of Washington that has a legit law where if two men agree to fight, they are allowed.
  4. To be in a Dem stronghold and tell everyone the most patriotic he has ever done is vote Dem.
  5. "Please don't cum in me" Little do they know I was planning to cum anywhere but....
  6. Of taking out twats
  7. Ironically, I was bored last night and doing some cleaning to get rid of things or donate. I found my yearbook and went through it. Good times. The amount of pager numbers in there was pretty awesome. I also had an English teacher that was going through a divorce and the dude went off the rails.....legit would bring in his acoustic guitar and mess around with songs and not teach English or literature. Just didn't give a fuck anymore. Dude signed my yearbook with devil horns on his picture and wrote below it, "The only escape from Steak Escape is M420". Just funny shit. Steak Escape was my high school job and he would sometimes come in to visit. Cool dude.
  8. Yeah, I got lucky with being able to drive starting as a sophomore and would get the off campus pass to eat elsewhere or I lived closed to campus to eat at home. The funny one was always when someone forgot their pass or simply didn't have one and we would hide them in the trunk.
  9. Someone in SF voting for a Dem (where they have a strangle hold) is going to be the most patriotic thing you'll do in your life?
  10. I think Blarg is taking the piss. You want to have a go bruv?
  11. Damn, where were you yesterday with this? I'm not serious about politics and am friends with most of you on FB.....I rarely use the thing. But an old buddy that a few of us here know from his bar managing days posted a political post about Harris. I remembered always cracking jokes and making people laugh at the bar. I said something to the effect of, "The chick that called Biden a racist?" I forgot the guy is in the middle of law school and man the blowback and misogyny comments were beyond insane. Dude has really changed and felt the need to impress his peers. I even deleted the dude because the amount of notifications was too much and the dude and I don't talk or interact anymore, as well. Even this morning and into today I am getting people tagging me in SJW type videos and what not. This meme would have been a great bomb drop in there......although he did delete one of my other posts, so this wouldn't have lasted with his circle of friends/peers.
  12. @EnglishCop Can I get an affect/effect ruling?
  13. This makes a little sense then. My first high school was really basic and pretty much just a slice of pizza from a local place. But when I switched schools we had Pizza Hut personal pizzas and I think a few scattered Taco Bell items. The cool one was the school teamed with Miguel's Jr. and we had a few of their menu items.