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  1. It wasn’t him, but I vaguely remember what you’re talking about and it’s bugging the shot out of me. The only one I remember all too well was Kurt Fuller.
  2. Nice pull. I had to look it up as I had no idea who he was. The quintessential "I' know this dude from somewhere" actor that know one knows their name.
  3. Naw son. Not doing cock push ups in women is gay. Keto is basically free roam minus sugars and carbs which are fucking terrible anyway.
  4. I didn’t have him as borderline, but he’s definitely above average and had a great career overall. I just always had him in that tier below HoF level. One of my favorite players is also probably in this tier in Garrett Anderson......good/great, but not era defining. And GA is definitely better than Abreu. Maybe I’ll call it the Jim Edmonds tier where it’s a good player you want on your team, but at the end of the day isn’t HoF worthy. But who knows. If Harold Barnes can get in, I don’t even know. I had him in that same tier with guys like Cecil Fielder or Ryan Howard
  5. Speaking of farts, this is one of the greatest videos of all-time. Her reaction is priceless.
  6. I hope my team wins, but think this will be a good game with a few interesting storylines. I like Pat and the offense against anyone in the league (especially since it's an offensive league), but really like the 9ers D....mainly their pass rush. But now that the O-line of KC is finally somewhat healthy they have been able to shut down animals like JJ Watt and Jurrell Casey in the playoffs. So I'm probably most curious about that aspect of the game. Mahomes is going to make plays and get his regardless, but the 9ers aren't a team I feel like we can get away with some of the dumb shit like we have in the playoffs with penalties and dropped passes. Another thing I'm curious about is the 9ers rushing attack versus the Chiefs D. Maybe I'm too critical because there are times the D will give up the big rushing plays, but they also just stopped the best running back in the league last game that also has a kickass O-line. The Chiefs have arguably been the best defense in the league since week 9 or 10 (I forget the week, but they have given up the least amount of points since then), but I like the SF offense. Two really great and complete teams should make for a good game to where it might come down to something like turnovers, 3rd down %, or even something like a special teams play that I know a guy like Mecole Hardman is capable of.....who ironically was the catalyst for the comeback against Houston. Pretty nervous because of the stage and the Chiefs being somewhat of a young team. So I can see errors, drops, or turnovers. But of all the sports teams I like or support, the Chiefs have been the only one in my lifetime to never get to this stage or win the big one and they are so close. It's like us dudes here that endured the 90's Angels to get to 2002 or even those really good 2000+ teams that were solid but seemed to always find a way to lose in the playoffs, even though I have lasted 38 years of futility or disappointment. Exciting time. Friends and family have sent me pics from all the playoff games and just little things regarding the excitement. It reminds me of the buzz in SoCal when the Angels were making that 2002 run and you could feel the excitement or it felt like everyone you talked to or ran into wanted to talk about the team.
  7. I’m all about getting paid for not doing much. I was mainly laughing at “I love the Rosen pick”. That shit has to sting. I think they say with regards to analytics that if you miss on a QB it sets back the franchise about five years to recover.
  8. Gotcha. I think I’ll just pay for it. I think I spend more time on YouTube than anything with all the podcasts, comedy, etc.
  9. That went how I expected. I like and respect Cowboy, but he’s not at Conor’s level. Completely outmatched. Dana wants to do Conor/Khabib 2, but I would love to see Conor/Masvidal since Conor looks like he can hold his own at 170.
  10. Will do as I think I’m going to go this route. Curious question, if one purchases YouTube TV, it doesn’t grant you ad free viewing for the YouTube account, does it? I was told no, ad I mentioned in my post, but since you subscribe you would know better than her.
  11. I’m trying to get some sleep but the girl next to me is snoring