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  1. Yeah it sucks the players course is so much better And that’s the one they’re closing. Homeless people are the worst. I hope that’s not the plan
  2. I'm not nearly a man and can fix nothing but that doesn't stop my wife and mother in law from asking me to fix everything that breaks. I usually figure it out in a few hours but I'm sure most things should take 10-15 minutes.
  3. I went to target. No mask required. About four out of five we’re wearing them tho. Weirdos
  4. Fuck. Do you suck a cock before or after you wash your hands?
  5. So are there any gay companies still requiring masks today?
  6. Went to Islands in Orange on Saturday. Holy shit the service sucked. Like every employee there was brand new
  7. Doral is the most amazing course I've ever seen in person. Not that I've been to too many awesome places. But it was 10X better than Torrey. And far more difficult...at least for hackers. Torrey is wide
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