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  1. Carlos Maza might be the worst human being alive
  2. Keto isn't a craze in reality. It's a buzzy term but really it's just an evolution/healthier version of the Atkins Diet. The big thing is eliminating sugar primarily, then grains and being moderate with fructose. Sugar is poison. A lot of people react poorly to grains. Too much fruit has (processed) sugar-like effects.
  3. Hey! We just delegitimized democracy! Look what happens when we work together! #exclamationpoints!
  4. I agree with very little and I like her as well.
  5. They should make every candidate vote a write-in.
  6. Existence of any matter is absurd in and of itself.
  7. She clearly focused a lot more on the cum than the laude. The logical problem with her position on "1 billion dollars" is it implies a cutoff. How much money can you make and have it be classified as earned rather than taken? There isn't a finite amount of wealth. It is created. I get the disdain for billionaires from an emotional standpoint though. I'd be more respectful if her energy were focused on what billionaires do with their money. Just saying they shouldn't exist is just a tired platitude.
  8. She's such a hot idiot. I love her.
  9. It’s a groupthink identifying term. Any Christian who believes the Church should evangelize to non-believers is an evangelical. Most of us are conservative Republicans. That’s true. But not all. I’d imagine that the hardcore maga types are people who mainly treat their faith/religion as part of some pseudo-patriotic identifier
  10. And 80 6 ounce bottles of water
  11. Not true. He played the first tournament of the year in HI. He choked in the playoff.