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  1. Available networks on my brothers flight to Mexico
  2. The debate honestly couldn’t have gone better for Biden. He held it together ok. Trump probably prepared even less than normal thinking Biden would fall on his face. Will be interesting to see what adjustments are made before the next one
  3. Part Of The Problem W/Dave Smith The Tom Woods Show Unregistered Babylon Bee Podcast We Hate Movies Talking Sopranos Broken: Seeking Justice (Epstein didn't kill himself)
  4. Every hour that these jackfucks are on the debate stage tonight is an hour in which 1 to 2 less women are being sniffed or raped.
  5. It is becoming pretty clear that Arte is a shitty owner. I think the only way for the org to get where it needs to go is to get an alpha in here who is going to do what he wants no matter what.
  6. I had no idea we had so many CPAs on the board
  7. That Biden ad was eye opening. Fucking mafia robs nurses of $10k a year. Holy shit
  8. Seeing lots of folks within the faith opining that Trump will be going to prison. Which group of three people are most likely to spend an evening laughing together? Nancy Pelosi, Jars Of Clay and Rico Donald Trump, Blarg and Jason Nanch Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump
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