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  1. She’s got nothing special to say. She’s all for government which means she is a leftist despite what she says. That said she’s pretty sharp and definitely bold. I wouldn’t dismiss her.
  2. @fishbulb did you have a good time?
  3. I finally no someone who got it! He said he felt like shit for 6 days but was stoked that he lost 17 pounds.
  4. Required reading
  5. How have I never seen that? OMG. Too bad it's 2020 and I can't share it on Social Media
  6. I identify as a black lesbian you misracialling asshat
  7. It’s racist to point out someone’s failures Blarg
  8. I would personally like to think everyone who is ordering grocery delivery. Please continue to do so. Thank you
  9. Excellent public service by those elected officials
  10. Trump should hire a super old guy to be a stand in for Biden and hold a debate. The old guy could just stand there mumbling and sipping YooHoo.