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  1. kaiser called me today. can go in for pfizer
  2. Yeah man. Putting your tee shot in the drink with an 8 iron is the chokiest of chokes a choker could choke in golf.
  3. He could start a gofundme and have his fines paid for in 20 minutes
  4. If he could have made a putt on Saturday he would have had a top 10
  5. Now we have to have a masters winner who doesn’t speak English and wears asics
  6. Xander never winning a major. He’s too much of a bitch on Sundays
  7. https://www.dirt.com/gallery/more-dirt/politicians/black-lives-matter-co-founder-patrisse-khan-cullors-lands-topanga-canyon-compound-1203374803/patrissecullors_tc1/
  8. Dude my wife and I were watching the office. It wasn’t even some sexy after hours commercial, just a chick with a bush who needed to trim the edges.
  9. Holy shit. I just saw a commercial for a female razor and the chick nonchalantly shaves around and on top of her vag. Wtf
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