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  1. Funny enough the mattingly is pretty sought after these days
  2. Damn you’re sitting on a decent pile of cash
  3. Prolly get a 6/10 for a few hundred dollars
  4. Yeah it was really cool. If authenticated prolly worth $500-$1000. But he won’t sell it
  5. My son wrote Trout a letter a couple years ago and invited him over for pasta. His agent sent a response passing on the dinner on behalf of trout but included this, signed by trout.
  6. I remember spending $6 on a Juan Guzman Fleer Ultra RC and being so happy. lol I try to manage my son's expectations. There's a reasonable chance that Jo Adell sucks, buddy.
  7. I've got 9 will clark rookies. Willing to part with them for $1000. Fuck it. $900. $100 each. #Stealingfromme
  8. Your "mint" condition cards were almost certainly no where close to mint the way they do the grading these days. In the 70's and 80's the cuts were so bad that mint cards are incredibly rare.
  9. When I collected, and now that my son does, I was and push him to be more of a pack guy than a single card guy. That said, I took him to the LB Expo a couple weeks ago for a Collectibles show. It was mainly coins but there were 8-10 sports card vendors there. We bought a lot of singles, including a raw Yellich and Arenado RC. $12 and $15 each. Most of what we picked up were 2019 to 2021 rookies for $2-$5 each. As I think about it more from an investment standpoint I think the play is to buy and hold unopened hobby boxes. The 2011 Topps Update (Trout) Hobby boxes are like $17K each. The 2018 (Ohtani) are $1K or more.
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