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  1. I dyed my hair pink a few weeks ago and then shaved it Sunday
  2. 8-1 ratio on that. INSANE. I don't know if I've ever seen one that high
  3. Was texting with @EnglishCop last night. We ended up agreeing that the best thing to hope for, all things considered, would be to open as much up as possible ASAP even if it means we're required to wear masks. I bet all the big brands already have prototypes in market research. I can't wait to see the Under Armour one.
  4. I could see these giant welfare states wanting their old people to die
  5. He’s fearless. Love that about him. I just wish he were a funnier stand up (for my taste)
  6. I think my mailman’s on meth. That’s another strike against mail in ballots
  7. They really should give Biden an hour long town hall on cnn every night. That would be amazing
  8. Haha Ari is gnar. Almost too over the top for me. Almost
  9. I don't like mail-in voting. My MIL literally tried to steal my ballot because she knows I don't vote. I saw her leaving my house with it. I took it and tore it up. I was almost a non-consenting MAGA
  10. This is America. Democracy is king. No public servant would perpetuate a lie.