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  1. Nunes was pissed. That was awesome
  2. I’m 2 IPAs in. Not sure what the rest of my night looks like but there’s a chance I nuke this forum
  3. Of course we need a press. Unfortunately, the press we have is generally evil in practice.
  4. If anyone was born for twitter, it's you
  5. It's great theatre, though. Politics is entertainment. This is nearly as enjoyable as the impeachment inquiry hearings Obama had to go through when he weaponized the IRS against conservative groups.
  6. The media is the enemy of the people
  8. It will make us look cooler, regardless of what we're driving, if we happen to be in the middle of a caravan of CA employees on the FWY.
  9. If I had to guess, the implication is that Gavin and others have a vested interested, likely for political reasons, to make a purchase order with the specific manufacturer(s). Could be blackmail. Could be campaign finance related. Could be favors owed. Could be as simple as trying to cash in on a few stock points.
  10. Dang. I missed the good shit today