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  1. Seems like the logical choice for the Republicans in 2016 was Rand Paul (he doesn’t quite live up to his father but he’ll do) based off of how they preach about small government, reducing spending and upholding the constitution. But when the time came, they failed to uphold what they supposedly love.
  2. I feel like this is close enough. Get ready to vote hard Adam.
  3. It’s satire. Now get back to sharing Fox News with us.
  4. Not sure where Lou is so I’ll help him out for now.
  5. I disagree with that first part. At least where I live I hear about teens being arrested for plotting to do a school shootings. Definitely agree with everything else. Know a lot of kids that had good resource officers who provided some sort of positive influence that they had lacking at home or rebellious ones that cops were the ones to make a positive breakthrough for them.
  6. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to the exact procedure of how this is supposed to be done and handled but as commander in chief, can’t he just order the troops home? When Trump took office, this should have been his first order of business. Not a wall to replace an existing wall, not Obamacare, DACA. He could work on those things as well but this was priority number one and it just doesn’t seem like it ever was. There are people dying in that country who weren’t even alive on 9/11. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad Trump is focusing on it now but he’s doing it in an election year and therefore played with people’s lives who he could have helped two or three years ago. As for the article, I don’t think you need troops in the country to investigate if Russia was putting bounties on our soldiers. If they want analysis on what would happen to the country by withdrawing our troops and our counterterrorism efforts, we’ve only had the last decade to figure that out. And that’s when the war was already in its ninth year. Rant over.
  7. Yeah I should not have made it seem like there were only two reasons. I’m a dumb ass. I’m good with guns for the most part but I know that nothing in life is perfect or is without flaw and that applies to the 2nd amendment as well. I just find it slightly funny that one of the reasons for the second amendment is to protect us from the government and any abuses and injustices they subject us to. But yet they do it over and over again and yet gun owners kind of put up with it. I’m not advocating violence but just wondering what the tipping point is? I know if the government tried to confiscate guns, you would see an increase in fighting back. Just seems like a lot of our other rights get stripped away but only thing people do to fight against that is just bitch about the government.
  8. What about the other (main) reason to own guns? To protect yourself from an overreaching and tyrannical government? Hasn’t that already happened with our government in some cases?
  9. Well about fifteen years ago they did have a black leader that called out the bs of the black community. Didn’t seem to take.
  10. Where is the “Look over there!” crowd in this thread? The same ones that say it when a lib idiotically brings up Trump in a dem focused thread?
  11. I have such a hard time trying to figure out if Trump is part of the establishment or if he’s different. He gives such mixed messages.
  12. He should do it only because he said he would.
  13. I’m okay with the protesting the death of someone regardless of their background because the cops aren’t judge, jury and executioner (except Michael Brown because they could not have picked a worse person to protest about and I think the officer did have to do what he did. I’m leaning that way towards Rayshard Brooks as well). Rioting I can’t tolerate because there are too many opportunists in this world. I have no idea if there is exaggeration with what arch said but we heard the same thing about @Adam friend Andre and how he was exaggerating being pulled over 30+ times in a year. Was that an exaggeration? Philando Castile was pulled over 49 times in 13 years for minor violations, the majority of which were dismissed. Has anyone here been pulled over that much? Besides smoking weed, the guy seemed pretty decent from what I researched. The other thing that sucks is sometimes cops don’t actually do time for murdering someone. They pull the “my life was in danger” and that’s all they need. The cop that killed Philando used it. The cops that killed John Crawford didn’t’ serve time either. But if you have sell cigarettes, you’re looking at jail time or death.