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  1. Does Trump continuing Obama's policy in Yemen with regards to Saudi Arabia's proxy war count as peace?
  2. To be honest, either scenario is possible with regards to its origin.
  3. And they both spent a billion dollars to lose. @Lou
  4. The amount of sarcasm being missed by some is staggering.
  5. Of course they'll fold because it is just political for them, not because they actually care about being fiscally responsible. They had no problem raising it under Trump and will do so under the next Republican president.
  6. They caught the guy that murdered the University of Utah football player. https://www.ksl.com/article/50254594/man-with-violent-history-arrested-in-shooting-death-of-university-of-utah-football-player "According to court records, Buk was convicted in March of failing to stop at the command of police. In June 2020 he was convicted of robbery in two separate cases — including one in which he robbed a father and daughter at gunpoint — and was sentenced to three years of probation." So armed robbery gets him probation and 14 months later he killed a person. Nice.
  7. I understand the Bagram angle but my opinion is with too little troops and hundreds of thousands of people fleeing, that canceled out the strategic advantage of Bagram. Trump left 2,500 troops in Afghanistan when he departed (something I supported). Let's say that was how many troops were left in the waning days of our presence there (Biden probably withdrew more). With AT least 100,000 people trying to escape, could our troops handle being outnumbered 40 to 1 while at Bagram? That's an honest question. I really don't know. On the surface it just looks like we were overwhelmed. Like I said, the Afghan government is who I hold responsible in the end. Biden has his responsibility but the situation has more depth than that and this whole thing was twenty years in the making.
  8. Trump had troops die under his watch and so did Biden and they both had months of no U.S. deaths. The Afghan government was corrupt and their military didn't want to risk their lives for them thus causing the country to collapse forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee and overwhelm what little troops we had left. I don't think using Bagram would have helped in the end but I'll defer to @ten ocho recon scout on the that. Let's just be glad it's over.
  9. I get what you're saying but the only problem is the Taliban was still targeting Afghan government forces even after our peace deal with them and ISIS was already in the country. Our troops being there wasn't deterring any of that. Warfare has just changed over time and some strategies work in certain parts of the world but don't work as well in others. It was just time to end it.
  10. I'm just glad we didn't leave any troops there. That's what Trump started and that's what Biden finished.
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