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  1. Should Tulsi be the Dem nominee? Absolutely. Should the conservatives make fun of libs for not giving her a chance? Eh maybe but they would be hypocrites. Tulsi is the “Ron Paul” of this group and last I checked, mainstream conservatives(including the conservative and liberal media) never gave Ron a chance, brushing him off. Not once but twice. But four years later chose the conman.
  2. This is what I remember about the thread but could be wrong. I believe it was Scott 34 that was pumped about the trade and kept pointing people to Wells 2010 numbers. There were the die hard Napoli fans, like josquin, that hated it. For the most part I think some were hesitant to embrace the trade for one reason, the money. They neither hated it or loved it. It was known at the time that Wells was extremely overpaid for the production he put on the field and most baseball fans thought Wells couldn't possibly be traded due to that contract, considered one of the worst in baseball. At the time the trade was announced , it wasn't known if any money was being sent to us for Wells' contract. I think people were waiting to see if we would get anything of value monetarily besides Wells. After all the Blue Jays were desperate to get of that contract, surely Reagins knew this and could take advantage. When it turned out that Tony only got the Jays to pitch in $5 million , I think people began to hate it and in turn, felt like Tony got fleeced and he wasn't that great of a GM. Wells power to shallow left field only made it worse.
  3. He was pretty solid for us on defense.
  4. Solid work Rally. @yk9001 could learn a thing or two from you on how to post a thread in the main forum that has a political undertone to it and not get it booted over to this cesspool.
  5. In honor of @st1ckboy returning to AW. WHEN DOVES CRY
  6. I never indicated it was from this forum. In fact we cross post jokes and quotes from different forums all the time. And I don't believe I missed anything. You mentioned cals went over the top and I showed you have done the same in the past with other posters. No big deal.
  7. We all can be a hypocrites from time to time and go over the top.
  8. Naps would have trouble filming Saving Private Ryan. His squat isn’t good enough to hide behind the hedgehogs on Omaha beach.
  9. Adam is being nice. Both sides are cults.
  10. I work with a bunch of vets and Uncle Sam is paying for their education and Tricare is a pretty bitchin deal. I usually skip over flop's posts (I just can't get past the structure or grammar of his posts) but this one caught my eye.
  11. And the other 1281 pages? Get reading newb.
  12. Oops sorry I intended to respond last night. I should have clarified. The recent increase was for grocery stores. Used to be even lower which caused a lot of controversy. The state had no problem though with customers going through them for higher content. As Jay said, religious influence condemns it but they have no problem making money off it. This is from the alcohol laws in Utah Wikipedia page. Current Utah law sets a limit of 4.0 percent alcohol by weight (5% ABV) in beer sold at grocery and convenience stores and at establishments operating under a "beer only" type license, such as taverns, beer bars and some restaurants.[5] Beer over 4.0 percent by weight (5% ABV) is available in State Liquor Stores and Package Agencies and at clubs and restaurants licensed to sell liquor.[2][5] I’m no expert so hopefully this answers your question.
  13. There’s a common joke in Utah about alcohol and Mormon girls. What happens when someone shows up with beer to a party? The Mormon girls put their shirts back on and leave.