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  1. He's a great bench coach and that's where he belongs.
  2. Only if we get to talk about if they wear name tags in their new profession and debate if that means they are successful or not.
  3. Just a reminder that Kaepernick sat down during the anthem and people freaked out. Nate Boyer felt like if he was going to protest, maybe do it a little bit more respectfully and that kneeling was better than sitting. Whether you agree or not, at least you had two people that had a difference of opinion but talked it out and compromised on something. I know, gay.
  4. Yeah I corrected myself. This might be pushing it though
  5. I think we just get caught up in too much trivial stuff. Having said that, I have to correct myself. Technically it is okay to have an image of it on clothing. So we are good there.
  6. I bet people that get upset over the kneeling and "disrespecting" of the flag have disrespected it themselves numerous times by not following the exact etiquette. Most notably wearing an image of it or altering it in some fashion.
  7. My dad is at the game. Not great quality but first major league hit for Marsh.
  8. I agree with this but I think maybe the point the Frederick Douglass speech centers around the Declaration of Independence as the main document connected with the 4th of July and declaring independence from Britain. The part about "all men are created equal" and "unalienable Rights." Something the founders struggled with later when creating the nation with regards to slavery. Of course he had more justification when questioning the meaning of the 4th to blacks. Just my thoughts.
  9. And just like Covid, Trump helped contribute to its spread.
  10. Trout is even a part time topic in a thread dedicated to him.
  11. It would be interesting to see when they were trained. I could be wrong but I thought we trained some during the Pablo Escobar days and wonder if these guys are leftovers from that time period. From the article, it leaves open the possibility these guys really didn't have any issue with Haiti, they were just recruited to do a "job". The recruitment of Colombian soldiers to go to other parts of the world as mercenaries is an issue that has existed for a long time, because there is no law that prohibits it," the commander of Colombia’s Armed Forces, Gen. Luis Fernando Navarro, told reporters last week, according to Reuters. "There are a significant number of Colombian soldiers in Dubai, for example."
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