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  1. I agree, just get it done but many could still leave by May 1st. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/politics/biden-afghanistan-withdrawal/index.html It's possible US troops will be withdrawn "well before" September 11, the official said, saying the date was the last possible time when remaining personnel would leave.
  2. I’m re-watching Better Call Saul and seeing@ten ocho recon scout talk about baseball cards, I think I underestimated how bad ass tors is.
  3. You’re fatter than I thought you would be. I’m a bit disappointed after all the fat jokes over the years.
  4. Just got my first dose. I'm young and healthy and use a gym so I'm not worried but looking out for my son as well as not knowing if there are ramifications down the line. Mother nature is a bitch so I prefer not to tempt it. @Jay
  5. My guess is you voted for a certain someone who has failed to take accountability for their actions all their life but won’t call said person out for it. Typical.
  6. I’m just glad I work at a job that enables me to read AW and enjoy threads like this.
  7. Social media made it more accessible but there issues before. I remember having to listen to Michael Savage on the radio in the mid 90’s while stuck in commute traffic with my parents on the way home from school and work and what I heard was no different than what I see today. I think in my relatively short time here on earth, I saw unity only from 9/11 to about spring of 2002. When the rhetoric for the Iraq war started to heat up, it was pretty much dead.
  8. Hmmm I haven't lost any freedom or personal responsibility. Maybe it is a Bixby Knolls thing.
  9. Haven't started yet........ Luckily they are all boys. I was good with the two but the wife really wanted a girl. I guess my Y's are just better swimmers. And while I didn't take a post surgery photo like Adam, I made sure there would be no more.
  10. I’ve got an 8, 6, and 3 year old so not quite there yet. Been keeping an eye on this because the 6 year old has a heart condition for which he’ll have to have some sort of intervention in the future. Hoping I can keep him safe until the vaccination is approved for his age.
  11. Yep and that is mentioned in the article. But what I was pointing out is even with a tough stance on the border, people still try to cross illegally. It’s always a ongoing situation.
  12. I agree there was no replacement plan which was extremely dumb (although Biden has said he wants more technology used as a barrier but we’ll see). When it comes to the border though, it seems like there is always a fluctuation and potential crisis. 2019 was a crisis year with regards to illegal crossings and the highest in twelve years up to that point. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/03/02/how-border-apprehensions-ice-arrests-and-deportations-have-changed-under-trump/%3famp=1
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