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  1. I thought I was going to get a badge for this
  2. Its happened many many times where AngelsSpin PR will say its a minor injury and suddenly theres a season ending procedure. Didnt this just happen with Rendon? Seems to happen yearly With Trout, like all others, we should just understand that we have no idea. His season could be over His career could be over and we would be none the wiser
  3. crazy, is it more than 80% in your opinion
  4. Are you saying here that most murders via gangsters go unsolved? I always guessed that but wasnt sure.
  5. My good friend who was there told me the story was exactly like that, he asked the shooter if he knew him from HS, he said no and nothing bad happened. The victim was a non gangster smiley Korean guy so nobody has any idea why what happened next did. That strip joint was bad news though. Some time later some guy dragged a stripper outside, poured gas all over her and lit her alive in the parking lot.
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