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  1. maybe this is a dumb question, but Im serious If an dude (generally athletes) can take male hormones and become more "manly" (in the sense of things like hair, muscles, etc) and a male can take female hormones to become more womanly (and vice versa) Can a woman take female hormones to become more feminine? (more than just emotional, but physical)
  2. Down the street from my house - whats the deal with these everywhere?
  3. they are a few blocks from me now in the Valley, my buddy in Long Beach said they have moved on to residential homes
  4. The whole idea of hating on China because they whoop our ass in the economy game is lame. Its like Yankee fans booing Mike Trout because hes hitting dingers over there. We brought in 2 mask making machines from China this week. They are from a shitty open source design propped up by the govt which tons were made over there. It cost us 80k per machine. We already have engineered a better product at a lower cost per machine with American parts and hope to have ours done next week. Its damn near June already and I can barely find any competitors. The cost per mask using US materials is lower than the import cost. Is it really the Chinese fault when we allow them, and more so the multi-nationals to do this to us? Itd be nice if even a fraction of the China haters took their blinders off and looked in the mirror. This political forum is probably a bad habit but its kind of fun.
  5. while the "influencers" might be morally bankrupt, seems like a good story for the kid 1 - he got out of rural China (was it?) which is supposed to be a step up 2 - he got upgraded on the quality of parents thereafter 3 - loser YT couple got shamed
  6. My parents sent my brother away to a home when he was 9, and he hasnt been back since. I would frequently wake up as a child on my neighbors couch, knowing it had meant Jacob (my brother) had a bad night with seizures and had been hospitalized. There was no cell phone in those days. I would just sit at the neighbors breakfast table, staring at a full bowl of cereal I didnt have appetite to eat, waiting and hoping that he would come home alive. It destroyed any sense of normalcy to my whole family, and he deserved to be in a place that had doctors close by, a place that specialized in this kind of thing. The Camarillo state mental hospital took him in. There was a home type place on the campus where he really thrived. Although he is severely autistic and unable to speak, he felt comfortable being in a system, being around medical people. He was happy to see us but much happier to be there. When we tried to take him home for visits he would throw a fit, thinking we would take him away from there. In 1997 the place closed and they moved him to a group home type setting in Camarillo and than Oxnard. They say that the severely autistic deserve to be out of these kinds of places and into something more "normal". It went from a jail to a college thereafter. I had visited the place recently, amongst a friend who had attended the place, telling urban legends about the "loony bin" and the "creepy old building". I can only recant in that exact place 20 years ago, the last time I saw my brother smile. Sometimes its better for people to move on, and that kid getting out of that environment is probably a good thing in the end, especially if he has severe autism or something like that.
  7. as far as sequels go, Die Hard 2 is underrated
  8. Do any cops carry those $400 super super high lumen flashlights?
  9. I know there are a bunch of these
  10. some great stories here, do any cops blog about their stories or commercialize them? always wondered, do cops like watching COPS on TV ?
  11. Can cops moonlight as investigators and use police databases for info? Does a PI or general public have access to the same info given they know where to look? My senior citizen father rented a guesthouse to what I think is a dangerous scumbag but I dont know how to verify. Can't evict anyone right now.
  12. got invited to some bars "that never really closed" in Texas
  13. Basically prohibition in Mexico, too much domestic violence is the reason in some areas, "non-essential" in others shame