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  1. I hope someday that there is a mega powerful, wind/vacuum based toilet where you dont have to even aim when you take a piss and public bathrooms will have no bad smells
  2. cant find it now, but some guy once scraped the hell out of (Russian facebook) and people would upload a photo of themselves and find all sorts of profile pics of people that looked really close to them
  3. I mean, shouldnt a guy be in some kind of hall of fame for having 2500 AB's and a lifetime .194 average Is there any other player with such a feat? I found this guy but he was in a different era Might Mathis be the greatest worst hitter?
  4. Wasnt the Pujols deal house money from the TV deal anyway?
  5. Wood could have made a great addition to the many AW posts of "and also if this player plays like he did in 20xx" list for 2020 optimism
  6. - Insert current weakness, respond with "but 2002" - Other team DFA's bad player, respond with "minor league contract" - Player performs bad, respond with "DFA that player" What else is there?
  7. I forked out the money for a computer capable of viewing video and didn't even think about my budget This must be why my Porsche count is 0
  8. Weaver vs Kershaw Wells couldnt make the catch, he later hit a HR to tie it (but we would have won had he made the easy catch) stupid Wells ruining my Sunday and basically the Angels franchise (or was it when Aybar and Figgy had the ball drop in NY ALCS?)
  9. - Watching Willie Aybar and those 2 other guys going back to back to back - That 18 (?) inning game against OAK where we lost - Watching Kendry break his leg on HP - Weaver pitching a gutsy game in his rookie year but Angels not giving him enough runs against BOS to win and tie the record
  10. Its not too crazy, 5 hour flight from Boston, round trip for $1000 or a $50 - $80 flight back to Lisbon and a cheap flight back via Norwegian Yeah Kazak is a mission
  11. For islands, Azores is really nice, very cheap and makes Hawaii look like Bakersfield. Almaty is certainly a path less traveled. The food is fantastic (uzbek at least), there is a ton of interesting history, good nature nearby, very safe and also extremely affordable (stay at the Ritz for $150 a night). Just go only in the summer. Also they smoke USA in alcohol consumption and the nightlife is good. You will be loved as an American there, and feel like the only tourist, which is hard to find nowadays.