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  1. I haven't paid for my own plan in many years, at least since 300 minutes a month + nights and weekends was the norm. Cingular wireless. It's not for me and I don't care about the best service. Which company has the best deal?
  2. need to dispense some R15 and warm things back up a bit
  3. What if it was just paying tribute to AW's all time favorite flick, Blood In Blood Out?
  4. I think that was just the workouts
  5. they just cancelled my girls flight over here this morning we have been separated months now.....bummed my house is a total mess as well
  6. me and my buddy did a blind taste test with bud light, coors light and miller light. I hate bud light, dislike coors and can somewhat stand miller light as long as I'm drinking 10+ of them. We were shocked, none of us could guess any of them right. Moreso, if you look up youtube videos of beer bros trying to guess, they all get it wrong too. later we had five people try to tell the difference between Corona and Modelo, and five for five guessed wrong.
  7. so I started a mask factory here in California, big machines, etc hard to find people, if you had a job, you are either still working or getting paid more than $15hr for unemployment I dont have the most talented people, but is nice to give some a 2nd chance, also some funny discussions One big discussion/dilemma was "what is 14 times 3?" guy 1 - hey Joey whats 14 times 3 ? guy 2 - how the F am I supposed to know that??? guy 1 - you see man, this is what happens when we rely on MACHINES too much man
  8. deniers should adopt a hand shake where they cough on their hands and than slap 5 to each other
  9. It only happens to me when I drank that gimmicky "bulletproof coffee", but happened each time I had some
  10. First the Jonathan Club and now Stater Brothers....
  11. My brother was in the hospital for about a year and a half. Just one month of sitting there (public hospital) with 0 operations or procedures was $662,000, billed to Uncle Sam.
  12. I went to Kukulcan Alamo Park - its possibly the coolest stadium name there is
  13. The garlic fries are hot at Angel stadium though, Dodger stadium needs heat lamps or something. Hard to say which one has hotter chicks. The daughters of trophy wives are hard to compete with, but theres something special about a petite body with pasty skin, crimson lipstick, hoop earnings a slim figure and a C section that you wont get anywhere else in the nation.