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  1. When making wings I melt butter in a pan and sweat out some garlic, than add in tabasco to make buffalo sauce It's not fancy but tastes less artificial than the bottled stuff, which is also good It's not sauce but trader joe's has smoked ghost pepper which I grind on stuff when I want to burn.. probably unhealthy
  2. Is it going to be all Cardinal highlight reel on the farewell tour?
  3. Anyone else remember the supposed Alberto Callaspo / Erick Aybar hotdog incident?
  4. Is anyone else reminded of Alberto Callaspo for Grant Green?
  5. I started a mask factory in LA. I have thousands of them in my car. Its a little cleaner and fresher feeling just to wear a new one all the time, so I do. I believe these kinds of masks are meant to be worn once anyway.
  6. Really pale guy turns into lightning at the end
  7. double stuff oreos have too much stuff, traditional - not enough 1.5 stuff oreos seems to be the ideal amount
  8. Since there are no fans driving home nowadays, what should Victor's call be?
  9. The day the Vernon Wells trade happened was the worst day in Angels history, deaths notwithstanding. The biggest reason we have been unsuccessful for many seasons is that we didnt overpay for Adrian Beltre. #JuanRivera84milliondollarextension
  10. cant tell whos being serious anymore
  11. I got wasted with some cats in the Mexican league who said that Johnny G did 21 shots on his 21st birthday how cool is that
  12. So the chick up until now I've said I would marry, looks good but feels like practice for having a daughter - needing to pay for everything, needing to check up on her, give her rides places, pouts when she wants s something, can't cook, etc There's a way more busted one who is super independent, acts like a personal assistant, works, loves to give dome, her dad and I get along great and her mom is dead so no mother in law. Definitely wife up #2? Anyone have any experience with something similar? Harder to look at 2 but I guess all chicks age and there's always cheating or hookers
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