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  1. If I have learned one thing from the rich and famous, is that there is no sanctity in marriage
  2. my ex started an onlyfans should I join and send her the nudes we took, that are on my old laptop?
  3. Finally How many years have we wished he was on our team? Ive wanted him since OAK
  4. It would be funnier if covid caused people to lose their sense of fashion instead
  5. were lucky to have great announcers and he was one of them Jeff Mathis JIMMY CRACK CORN 3 RUN HOMER was my favorite
  6. waiter.org put out a press release stating that if you dont tip at least 25% youre a bitch and shouldnt be allowed in public
  7. hey they moved the thread so who would be the 1st to enter? Dmac, Wood, Guillen, Ralston, Matt PALMER Palmer is my first choice, he had some gutsy games and WON
  8. Does anyone have it? We did in the 90's and it saved us (we were in the epicenter of the 94 one). We think LA looks like trash now, imagine after a big quake.
  9. sad If there was an AW HOF for movies it would be only electric boogaloo and blood in blood out
  10. I found out theres a couple IPAs I like - (1) the celebration one mentioned here and (2) hazy little thing IPA I told my best friend and he accepted it. This is probably close to what it feels like to tell your dad you are gay.
  11. Robb Quinlan Esteban Yan DMac Mathis, Tripod, Palmer, Curtis Pride I suggest we make a AW HOF with players that have 0 chance of getting in the real HOF and would otherwise only be "immortalized" here Premium members could cast a vote and there could be an attempt to at least reach out to these people for a reaction of any kind Im happy to donate yearly for server fees or help amateur writers (if we still do that). This could be fun, interactive and I wouldnt mind adding on a few bucks as part of my membership for a funny trophy we mail to th
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