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  1. Uzbek food is delicious, maybe that'll be the next trend after Georgian food....hope so
  2. I think Ive seen many tiers of gym goers now and trying to generalize.....not sure if quite accurate yet 4AM - crazy people 5AM - people who are dedicated but have a normal job 6AM - a little less serious than 5AMers 7AM - people who are finishing their 6AM workout 8AM - 12PM - random, and dudes who try to make fitness their career 12PM - 3PM - strippers, aspiring IG models, drug dealers, people on unemployment 3PM - 4PM - ?? 4PM - 7PM - normal people who arent as serious as the morning crowd, gym bros 7PM - close - the weird crowd
  3. So, the dollar has purchasing power, cause with them, you can purchase something. We send our dollars to, lets say, China, which in turn, collects them to lend back to us, or buy other things, etc. China starts to pull more and more stuff out of the ground, make things out of it, sell it to the local people. Now, with having some chinese dongs, you can buy stuff. Economy does good there, people keep pull material out of the ground and making stuff....more people have money, costs for things go up, etc. Now the currency is worth something. A country with more people, means possibly more people to get $$ from, bigger chance to get rich. Many rich people means, country doing good. Is that mostly correct?
  4. I think they changed the formula in Budweiser over the recent couple years it gives me more hangovers than it used to, compared to other beer
  5. or sniffed/sipped beer is for pounding
  6. read something once about the possibility of satellite launches costing $300k which is nothing in comparison to conventional costs how could would it be, if someone could fire off from a satellite, to any place on earth, a 30 pack of beer while up camping straight to the camp site
  7. Between good - drinking/screwing/dumping/eating For me it's #1 - Drinking #2 - busting nuts #3 - taking a badass dump #4 - eating good although they are all kinda close
  8. Mark Prior is the new pitching coach for the dogs. Will he fulfill his duties or be on the DL the whole time?
  9. the mlbtr live chats can be cool to read while having a lunch or something, when I happen to catch them if AW can get some minor leaguers or something, and theres a push notif, that could be cool
  10. Kole Calhoun and Marcel Ozuna have pretty similar 2019 numbers
  11. sign me up when there is a keto beer that you can drink 20 of in a night
  12. going to need lots of dongs for that one
  13. great player, always looked like Kermit the frog to me though
  14. I guess in case anyone missed, or cared, the point was that the Chinese are paying far above authentic prices for fake merch