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  1. What is their proximity to the beach and/or Laura Diaz?
  2. its not a line, but me and my buddy years ago had some scheme were we would shove each other into chicks and pretend it was accidental, and than try to start a conversation He pushed me way too hard and I knocked over like 5 peoples drinks across the bar and fell down I pushed him into a chick and they met, eventually got married
  3. What exactly does that mean? Once in a while I see a ride with "In loving memory of ......." Are they attempting to use the car as a monument to thier lost child? Is it to let the 99.999% of people who saw it that a love one passed? They won't know before and won't think about it more than a few seconds after.
  4. @Brandon If thats Donkey Lips, I busted him in the $40 NLHE table at Commerce and he got pissed, than started crying about an audition he missed, like crying literally poor guy
  5. MacGruber Powder Duel L'Appartment Il Postino Throat Yogurt #6
  6. I was trying to change my avatar but it seems it changed something else
  7. it seems like when you make the brain think a lot, things get more exciting comedies or tragedies where plot lines all intersect at a later point usually are better received than more simplistic films/movies/etc
  8. I read somewhere that the Angels are the only team in baseball to be sub .500 for 5 straight years we got worse this year I think we have a good chance
  9. https://www.mlb.com/news/bartolo-colon-playing-in-mexico?t=offbeat players so old you would think its the 1012 Angels roster
  10. how crazy would it be if I bumped this thread, and than died right after and also made a bump sound on the floor
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