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  1. I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to give Eaton a shot and see if he can recapture what made him a solid outfielder as recently as 2019. I hope the leash is short though. I’d rather see one of our young players getting those at bats if the production isn’t there quickly from Eaton.
  2. The implosion here when he starts off hot in an extremely small sample size is going to be epic.
  3. 2020 Breakout Bundy 18-9 3.68 ERA 170 k 126 ERA+ 188 IP WHIP 1.07 @Lou
  4. I feel like both Shoemaker and JC Ramirez have the stuff and makeup to be quality high leverage relievers. With Ramirez's injury in particular, I wonder if there is any thought of using him in that role? I think Shoe will get another opportunity this year to be a starter, but if he doesn't take a step forward I could see him being used late in games starting as early as later this season. I think this increases the odds they add another starter before adding a high priced reliever.
  5. GA was always under appreciated here and probably by Angels fans in general. Instead of seeing him as smooth everyone seemed to see him as lazy. Top 5 Angel position player in my book.
  6. Also, how do I join ad free and what is the cost?
  7. Chuck, I don't know if it's useful info or not but it's been an issue for some time but very intermittent. It would be there for a day or so and then not be a problem. Usually you could just back out of it or open another window and it wouldn't be an issue. But it's been persistent for the last 4-5 days and as someone else noted you can only leave the site to escape it.
  8. Is anyone else getting the relentless gift card winner pop up using Safari? It's pretty much making the site unusable for me. Considernetwork.com is what keep taking over the site.
  9. I'm hoping that Shoemaker has hit that time of the season where he dominates for 6-8 weeks. That would be a nice boost.
  10. The Tex-Mex influence is heavy and they can't figure out how to do salsa or red sauce at all for some reason. It's not terrible food in general, it just pales in comparison to Southern California Mexican food.
  11. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. - way better than Four Peaks for both the beer and the food. Pizzeria Bianco - it lives up to the hype. The Farm at South Mountain is a cool place for lunch, especially with kids. Hash Kitchen - in Scottsdale for breakfast/brunch. Creative food and a kick ass Bloody Mary bar. Completely skip anything Mexican food wise in Phoenix if you grew up eating Mexican in California.
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