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  1. So you already knew Blarg sits to pee? I understand. Next time I won’t muddy the water with stories of cops and vaccines and ex-girlfriends. Point well taken.
  2. I apologize. Sometimes things make sense in my head and don’t for other people. The point I was making is that we shouldn’t be surprised when people act the way we all expect them to act. Instead of the girlfriend example, I suppose I could have said, “if you had blarg over to your house and he locked you in your room for a week for no reason and then peed sitting down on your toilet, should you really be surprised?” People are pretty predictable was all I was saying. Maybe I should have left it at that. But have you never seen a city park on a Sunday in Southern California? I think maybe if you had you would have appreciated my comparison a little more. I mean, It’s a sea of easy ups and cholos fresh out of prison. That isn’t an exaggeration.
  3. We’ve led different lives. It was a true story.
  4. Wait. You mean a group of painfully average intelligence men who are have excessive power and are rarely called out or questioned about anything and have a toxic fraternity of supporting each other even in the face of dangerous behavior are acting like petulant children or, well cops? And following a historical pattern of claiming “you can’t tell me what to do! I’m a cop!” Really? I ever tell you about my Latina ex-girlfriend who was all upset after her uncle drunkenly made a pass at her at a family gathering? My response was “let’s see, this was a drunken, Mexican uncle? And you were all at a park on a Sunday afternoon? We’re there like 20 easy ups? Look, sometimes you need to just be aware that people around you are going to act like the way everyone else expects them to act. I’m surprised you’ve never been hit in by a drunk uncle at a park on a Sunday afternoon before. Next time you’ll be more prepared.” Point being, these cops are just being drunk Mexican uncles. It’s not even a news story.
  5. You know how cute it is when you listen to little kids talk about the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus?
  6. Seriously, and I say this with all due respect: you guys are absolute fags. Right now those old lemon party dudes are reading this and saying “whoa take it easy there twinkletoes.”
  7. Just say antivaxers. You’ve just described antivaxers. Blarg sits down to pee.
  8. I have the Trout and Vladdy ones framed at my office. Any of the old Reggie Jackson ones lying around? And when are you guys gonna do an Ohtani?!
  9. I can’t tell if you are being facetious. But yes, most of these things are about money and class, not about race. And Larry did have a point (though not exactly) because I didn’t see Jack shit about this story tonight. If it was some disturbed white kid who shouldn’t have access to guns, but did, then it would still be the top story. Also, Blarg sits down to pee.
  10. A story came out today dude is rich. It’s about money.
  11. I learned this recently because of Dave Chappelle. It’s a feminist that doesn’t support chicks with dicks.
  12. Well we’ve solved the mystery as to why @Angelsjunky doesn't believe in the vaccine. https://www.newsweek.com/marijuana-use-could-make-covid-breakthrough-cases-more-likely-1636427 Looos like you’re gonna have to put the bong down, Bro. And get a job.
  13. Debating this is essentially pointless. All you former C students with your Facebook groups and your chiropractor friend, you can kick and scream all you want. This is happening.
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