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  1. What’s hilarious is watching a democrat get eaten alive by other Democrats at the mere accusation. If he was a Republican he could whip his dick out on CNN and the Jays/Blarg’s of America would think: “I really like the cut of his jib.”
  2. mmc should combine Twitter with viagra. Twittagra!
  3. I was just watching some Motley Crue videos and I tried to imagine taking a bunch of Gen Z’ers to a Crue concert. I think they’d probably shit themselves.
  4. Nice shitty photoshop job making his face red like the devil.
  5. I interviewed for a Pizza Hut driver job and I totally nailed it. To celebrate I peeled out leaving the parking lot. I didn’t get the job.
  6. I was thinking more lemon party, but that works too.
  7. https://www.tmz.com/2021/03/01/amazon-changes-new-app-icon-hitler-mustache-design-flaw/
  8. We should make a AW version with Blarg, Jay and FS.
  9. I wanted to write a book about my struggle as a pizza delivery guy but they wouldn’t translate it to German so I gave it up.
  10. Delivery these days must be such a piece of cake. With google maps and waze and shit. All I had was my memory, my pre-lasik failing eyes and really shitty copies of pages 807 and 808 of the Thomas Guide.
  11. I used to deliver in Anaheim Hills. There was this little lesbian bitch whose parents would give her a check and she’d wrote it out to the exact amount. Once they were there and she shouted to them how much to make it out for and they yelled back like $5 more than the bill and she was pissed off. My last day I told her to go fuck herself.
  12. Has Brandon said "blowjob" yet? I was gone for a while.
  13. This is true. They actually have their own high end terminal with private suites.
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