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  1. I’m only in on Ethereum and Cardano. (I have a little cash in on ShIb but that’s just for shits and giggles). I barely have the stomach for these dips.
  2. That's what happens when people grow up without fathers.
  3. Well they're kind of telling us also not to vaccinate American kids and to donate those doses to foreign brown people.
  4. Observational humor is often the funniest.
  5. You still have the spark. Nurture it. Let it grow into more decent jokes.
  6. Yeah it’s gonna come out that he was shot by the cops by mistake. Cause that’s that happens when Joe Public starts shooting perps in Old Town Square.
  7. Obviously there is still some risk socially with admitting you are gay. It’s 100 times better than it was 50 years ago (and it’s still that way in some places). So yeah it still has to be somewhat scary to come out. I think it takes some bravery. That being said…. You have to wonder what the world and gay community will be like when nobody truly gives a shit who you fuck. Seems like there’s a decent percentage of the gay population that thrives on attention and relishes the “specialness” (for lack of a better word) of coming out. If it truly becomes something nobody cares about then I bet many of them will miss the “coming of age” coming out announcement/event.
  8. But that’s kind of my point. They want to know if it’s safe to loan me money. It’s safe as fuck. But the dude with the rolling 10K balance has a higher score.
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