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  1. So the answer is yes. And you know how I know. Don’t play coy with me, Pom.
  2. If you were sitting behind me at the restaurants I also ate inside at this weekend in AZ, I’m going to have to say you’re a stalker.
  3. You mean he has tiny balls and doesn’t make much money? I thought that was AJ?
  4. You were right behind us. The guys in the purple and white shirts at the bottom of your photo were right in front of us. But you can’t see us.
  5. I had my kids with me so I had to use my brain camera to add to my spank bank. Otherwise someone’s gonna tell mommy about daddy’s pictures of the girl wearing a swimsuit while watching the baseball men.
  6. You really have to be careful about what you put in your mouth. And yeah those joints will be hating you if you don’t. Is it your knees?
  7. Went to the game today. Seemed fairly normal. Most people weren’t wearing their masks by the later innings, but it was damn hot, so forgive us. Still had the contingent of drunk ASU douchbags and sluts, so that was cool. Anyways, I took these pics.
  8. Fuck it I’ll throw in a $20 to learn your scam.
  9. So basically you can explain it for $17.50?
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