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  1. Considering the halos track record the more pitchers the better.
  2. Low cost fit gap option for depth still leaves budget for another pitcher
  3. RIP the guy was a passionate pitcher.
  4. For a very smart person he did an incredibly stupid thing!
  5. I’ve had two highlanders in the last 15 years solid vehicles. I’ll probably buy another one soon.
  6. Maicer Izturis altogether he had some injury issues when healthy he seemed to have good defense across the infield and got some clutch hits
  7. Shocking but I wish the best for him and his family. Thanks for the memories @VictorRojas29!
  8. RIP obviously not a Dodgers fan but respected his managing career and he did a lot of good things in the Southern California community
  9. He lives closer to Dodger stadium and has history with them as well as the Angels. If he were to come back it most likely be with the Dodgers. Maybe a spring training instructor?
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