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  1. Fletcher was the emergency catcher last season so he could step into the role if necessary. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/sports/angels/la-sp-angels-catcher-roster-20190402-story.html%3F_amp%3Dtrue
  2. Bummer he seems like a good dude hopefully he can recover and provide some relief help this season.
  3. McMillions a documentary on McDonalds and the Monopoly game. The lead FBI agent is hilarious.
  4. So now the Angels trade with the Dodgers can be completed.
  5. Some of those slices look they would give you some serious heartburn
  6. RIP. He was great in Ba Ba Black Sheep and The Wild Wild West.
  7. RIP. A very talented actor. I enjoyed his work in the Final Countdown among other flicks.
  8. So basically the Angels got Pederson for Cron in a roundabout way.
  9. Are you sure you’re not referring to Cookie Monster?
  10. The only issue I have with people outside the store is when they are asking for you to sign a petition or anything political. Some of them can be too aggressive.