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  1. They turned a triple play 7-4-3.
  2. I hate to disagree with the Oracle, but I think the other guy is Gene Hermanski.His idea was that all his teammates should wear 42.
  3. I wanted to post a joke about Sodium but I was like Na, people won't understand.
  4. I appreciate that, but that's a pretty low bar.
  5. I couldn't help but think of you
  6. Look at Lou, busting out the southern rock knowledge.The two songs were Southern Man and appropriately one called Alabama.
  7. Boston first album peaked at #3 on Billboard, 17 times Platinum Second album peaked at #1, 7 times Platinum Third album peaked at #1, 4 times Platinum Fourth album peaked at # 7 , 1 time Platinum
  8. This is supposed to be the new logo for the Rams.
  9. They also play KC in a split squad game, the KC game will be on FSW at 12:10.