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  1. That shouldn't be a problem since they're in Detroit on Wednesday
  2. I don't know the answer but I will take a couple of guesses, it has to be one of the few times Musial struck out three times in a game, if not the only time. My other guess would be the 3 guys who would later become announcers, White, McCarver and Shannon, which is just more of a coincidence.
  3. That's an easy one, Johnny Callison's walk-off three-run home run at Shea Stadium in 1964.
  4. Dodgers are paying Kazmir 8 million this year
  5. I can't believe no one has answered it, even without his more famous number 7. The Mick is unmistakable.
  6. I used to think that too. I looked up the address and it said Firestone Boulevard Norwalk
  7. The Golf n Stuff they filmed at is actually in Norwalk.I happened to be there that night, you can see my Harley in the parking lot. I did not know what movie they were filming at the time and I wondered why the parking lot was wet in the middle of summer.I have to admit it was pretty cool when I saw that scene.
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