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  1. Stop making sense. First it was @Kevinand now it's you.
  2. lol They won't say AMERICA anymore in 2021 in association with Superman! OUTRAGEOUS. Where do we even live?
  3. Are we supposed to be seeing this as a bad decision by DC Comics?
  4. I don't expect a numbskull such as yourself to appreciate such excellence. I understand.
  5. It's always fun when the character goes to an oldie but goodie from the playbook.
  6. I mean, you'd feel that way about the parents of any kid that sexually assaulted your kid anyway? Right? I sure would.
  7. Glad you can ask them. Sounds like halfway decent outcomes, hopefully. Also, very wise of your character to be chewing nicotine gum or using a patch. Good call!
  8. Damn. Any word on how much we pay for doses of a medication that does the same thing but before the otherwise ultimately inevitable infection?
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