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  1. Don't do that. Just vote for somebody other than Trump.
  2. All the new guy from KC has to do differently now to get a sticker is to include a ballot with his mail? Good news for him!
  3. Fascinating and predictable. Don't pretend you give 1/1024 of a shit about the Constitution if you support Trump.
  4. My cat is a fan of evil people, but he draws the line at voting for pedo enablers and those that hire accused pedophiles. Even he has the spine to write in a vote. It may be a joke vote like "Chairman Meow" or "Kitler," but he's not going to compromise on values.
  5. I doubt it, but if you go back in this thread a bit, you'll find us talking about somebody that recently died and has been lauded with adoration.
  6. I've read it's going well and has the full backing of President Trump, whose property was definitely not used as a base of operations/recruiting for Epstein's activities. Trump wants to get to the bottom of this and did not know that Epstein liked women on the "younger side." Trump avoids contact with all Epstein associates and would never employ one that has been accused of rape by one of the victims featured in the Miami Herald content that blew up the whole scandal. By the way, guys like @Tank and @Blarg , consider all this when weighing whether you will knowingly decide to pull the trigger for Trump in the voting booth rather than writing in a candidate that actually represents your values. Voting for a guy who helped enable child sex trafficking until he disliked a dude over a property dispute and then years later hired (this year) alleged child rapist Dershowitz isn't a good look. Gross, peeps. Write in that vote.
  7. Sounds like those people are actually voting pretty hard if they won't even admit it outside the booth.
  8. Oh lord, Tank is using cy's meme dealer's conservative brother for material.
  9. I was just about to post this. It's not great.
  10. [whynotbothmemeforthemillionthtimeonthisforum]
  11. How do you balance all of this with your obviously suppressed homosexuality? Asking for a similarly closeted friend. tag: @Adam
  12. I feel that if you're going to present this in a manner that indicates you'd be concerned about it if he (Sanders) were say, President, you have to be at least equally concerned with our current President's litany of comments praising autocrats and communist authoritarians. This history of comments goes back well before he was President and the comments could have been considered a means to diplomacy or negotiation. If those comments aren't equally concerning, you're inconsistent at best. This isn't a defense of Sanders at all, but a suggestion that perhaps you should be much more concerned with the actual asshole that is actually President.