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  1. If Chris Rodriguez or Detmers, or any of the other young arms step up, this discussion may be a moot point. Ohtani has looked healthy, and he's dealing. Canning and Heaney are healthy. One or two of the young arms come through, and the team has the ability to make a playoff run, possibly a deep playoff run.
  2. And, having met him, he's not that nice of a guy.
  3. The Angels still owe him too much money for him not to play. Assuming he is healthy, I will go over across the board. .265/34/105/.340 Games played 147
  4. Just my opinion, but when Albert got here, it became all about how far up the all-time HR list he could climb. Average and OBP didn't matter. This year will be no different.
  5. 1986. That year hurt as an Angel fan, but I believe it literally killed Donnie Moore. He was a good pitcher, and by all accounts, a fine person. But that one pitch, he couldn't handle it.
  6. Of all the remaining FA, is there anyone who can really help us? I really think we are good with what we have. Detmers and Rodriguez back up the rotation. Plenty of guys in the bullpen. Good depth in the infield and outfield.
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