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  1. Smyly just got 11 mil. If we are even close to getting Happ, it may take that much, or a second year.
  2. Happ has a career ERA of 3.98, and he'll pitch at age 39. A six man rotation may be ideal for him. For myself, it would depend what he wants vs what we'd offer. 2/16 may be as far as I would offer.
  3. Blarg, I disagree. No-Trade clauses can be bought out. Everything has a price. If we can move JUp, we would have to eat a large amount of what he is owed, or take back a similarly bad contract in exchange. Then, if that is done, we'd be looking for another productive bat to play a corner OF spot, or hoping that both Adell and Marsh are ready to contribute in 2021.
  4. I think most of us here would like to find a way to trade Upton and convince Albert to retire. Upton has a no-trade clause, which we would have to buy out. Albert is not retiring. Sign Bauer, sign Hand, sign Wong, sign Austin Barnes, and go over the tax threshold if we have to, it will only be for 1 season, since Albert will be coming off of the books. For myself, this is the best case scenario.
  5. I don't want any more guesswork. For example, we sign Kim, what if he doesn't hit? For the money invested in him, we could sign Wong, a gold glove 2B. Plus, we seem to have pretty good luck with former St. Louis second basemen.
  6. Anyone want to see a Matt Shoemaker reunion? Lots of interest in Garret Richards, between the two, I would like to see Shoe back. Fear the beard!
  7. I would trade Adell for Lindor only if I get Lindor's signature on an extension. Lindor and Plesac for Adell , Rengifo, and another prospect not named Marsh.
  8. Someone is always injured in Spring Training. My money is on Heaney. He always seems to be injured a couple of times a season anyhow. I would consider trading Heaney, if it cleared more money to sign Bauer.
  9. I would have claimed him. Maybe he will get a long term offer from us. Bauer and Hand would make a great offseason.
  10. Morton is not leaving the east coast. If he pitches at all next year, it will be for the Mets, Yankees, or Phillies.
  11. I would really like this. Eddie Bane finds pitchers like no other. If scouting and player development is the direction that we want to go, this would be a great hire.
  12. We tied for the ML lead with 12 blown saves, out of 60 games. If we had cut it to 8 blown saves, we'd have made the playoffs. Bauer to start, Hand or Hendriks to relieve. Please.
  13. I would claim Brad Hand in a hot second. Only then would I non-tender Robles.
  14. I said basically the same thing to a friend yesterday. The Dodgers always seem to find guys like Bellinger (3rd round), and May (3rd round). Bellinger was right under our noses, living in Arizona. Scouting, especially locally, and in South America, needs to drastically improve.
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