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  1. I voted a dispassionate yes. Mainly because of the failure to put together a competent pitching staff. The Harvey/Cahill hail Mary symbolizes his approach to pitching. His other work with the farm system was good but not great. Trades and signings of non pitchers also good but not great. He just didn't do enough to really turn the franchise into either a contender or up and coming youth movement. Lack of firm direction and vision, more ad hoc, stop gap approach. Signing Trout however was a big plus, as well as finessing the Ohtani deal. But really, five years is a fair
  2. Not the best of times for Trout. Other than fatherhood and lifetime job security/wealth. Which really transcend all else. But in the world of lower priorities, maybe one of his most unsettling off-seasons ever. A disappointing season stats wise and team wise. Friend and neighbor Eppler fired. Even his Eagles winless. Quite possibly this is going to be a turning point for his mindset going forward. More cynical, more impatient for better team results. Even with a lifetime contract, most players think of the immediate present and near future. And want success as soon as possible. No
  3. No GM signs/extends for one year. It is more an insult than an endorsement. In fact, it's an explicit threat. The owner saying that he has to prove he's worth a longer term in this upcoming one year only. And the other GMs know this and have leverage in any trade discussions, knowing Eppler is essentially on probation. With Trout's support for Eppler on and off the field I can't see Arte doing anything radical. Maybe extend Eppler for three years (probably the respectable minimum) and hope he justifies Trout's faith. Sports is supposed to be about winning, but personal relationshi
  4. Maybe it will be best to just forget about this partial, artificial season and think constructively about what comes next whenever a full season returns. The Angels very well could have been a playoff team this year with even a 110 game season like 1981. A poor couple of weeks doomed them at the start and they never got rolling. Fifty more games and I think they get a wildcard. Oh well, no glory this year for any team in terms of history. All sports are irritating me with the fake noise and empty stands. Technically the games are being played, but the fan experience is diminished.
  5. Four of the six Angel pitchers in this game with ERAs over 4.00. Mayers and Bedrosian excepted. All seven Dodger pitchers at 3.09 (Jansen) or lower. Four under 2.66. Tells a lot about the season.
  6. So this is contemporary baseball, huh? The almighty homerun. And static boredom in between. Seven homers accounting for all the scoring except the first.. Give me Betts stealing home anytime over the video game slugging template. The balance of play has shifted into unsustainable territory.
  7. What sort of precedent does this set? Unless there are serious issues not disclosed it is the antithesis of team spirit and solidarity. Or loyalty to team mates. Also reinforces the idea the Angels are more a collection of individuals than a close knit unit. Doesn't say much for his professionalism or leadership. Could be a red flag in free agency, though I doubt it.
  8. I think Votto is an interesting case. Almost a 62 WAR, a .305 lifetime batting average and probably will end up with around 350 homers. 420 OBP, 149 OPS + for his career. League leader in OBP and walks for various seasons. Also a one time league MVP and multiple all star. Not necessarily classic first baseman power, but most seasons he consistently hit for 20 plus homers. After 14 years he's declining but still useful. Problem is that he plays for a small market team that mostly was very bad during his career. Now he's a mentor to an emerging team with more talent. HOF first basemen
  9. Rex Hudler nay not have been 'classy', but he exemplified hustle and team spirit. Also got the most of his abilities and knew his role, batting around 300 in his Angel career. The antithesis of class could have been Bo Belinsky, but he was the first Angel to get off the field notoriety. This book really brings back what baseball and life was like back then. The other picture is with his fiance, the actress Mamie van Doren.he missed a MLB award dinner that night to go dancing with her!
  10. Funny, but Albert is on pace for roughly the same kind of season (pro rated) that he's had the last few years. Batting average in the 240s, Homer's in the high teens/ lower twenties. Not good enough considering his other flaws but for someone his age and injury history not terrible either. But his playing time still needs to be reduced more next year. It's a shame that he couldn't have just declined more slowly. Such a steep and dramatic difference from his Cardinal days.
  11. Frustrating being on the losing end back to back to a team struggling even more. On paper this team should be much better. This was probably the last televised Angel game of the season in my area. TSN and Sportsnet only pick up a few ESPN or team broadcasts when they need to fill in late start scheduling At least it's a relief from those unending, uninteresting, self referential anecdotes from whoever is doing the ESPN games. Really, who cares? Still have Sirius radio team broadcasts, which somehow disguise the ugliness of some of the action. What you hear isn't as bad as what you
  12. How much closer to the last playoff spot would they be if they had Calhoun playing regularly instead of Adell? Factoring in power, defense, team leadership? I think even with his hitting flaws Calhoun could have made the difference in half a dozen games at least. The Adell gambit is troubling. He is not progressing. And is getting worse. He shows so many weaknesses in the field and at bat. So much was predicated on him being ready this year. An utter, massive flop, and misjudgment. Too much faith placed on stats, predictions and wishful thinking.
  13. Montreal Canadiens light years ahead of any other team in any sports. When I lived there I saw 18 Stanley Cup championships. Went to a dozen victory parades. Was a regular in the standing room section of the Montreal Forum. Lean decades recently, but a magnificent past that fuels hope for the future. Maybe. When the Expos were dismantled my passion for baseball died. Formerly it was pretty intense. The Angels were my American League team. The early 2000s compensated somewhat for the Expos demise. For the last decade I've gone to an Angel game every year except this season, obviously.
  14. Choosing an MVP in all sports has always been a complicated decision. The definition of 'valuable' doesn't necessarily translate to best player. Valuable also means a player who is most valuable to his team. A player who elevates those around him while still putting up great personal numbers. In other sports the debate gets very nuanced But because baseball is so stats oriented it often does come down to numbers comparisons. At some point the fact that Trout has never led his team even into the lower end of championship contention may turn voters off. There also may be a fati
  15. Imagine how many nightmare endings would occur over 162 games! Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory has been a constant theme this season. Even with starting pitching being relatively respectable.
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