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  1. Season turning point or an just a temporary reprieve from the ongoing slump? With such a dramatic ending, you would have to think that this should create some sort of positive feeling and easing of pressure. I won't say momentum, because one game doesn't necessarily create a pattern. Trout still hasn't busted his slump but sometimes a bit of luck can get things going in the right direction. Ohtani at the plate seems either feast or famine. But his power is coming at the right time. Such a fragile team, so out of sync. But a good week away from turning the corner.
  2. Any way to void the personal service contract? Not sure of the legal framework, but it seems odd that a commitment would be made ten years in advance with any number of potential reasons why it might become counter productive? It was signed with certain expectations and in good faith. But the assumption was that Pujols would take that position after retiring from the Angels after ten seasons as a fan favorite. Those conditions do not apply anymore. And is Arte so tone deaf that he isn't aware of the disillusionment about how this signing turned out? Obviously there is a cultural/de
  3. PR embarrassment. Not necessarily on the field. But expectations for Pujols will be minimal. A few hits and RBIs against lefties occasionally. Pinch hitters rarely have good stats, so his won't differ from the norm. What about the personal service future? This is a slap in the face to Arte and the Angels. Really, in all honesty who wants him back in the organization for ten years? His Angels career was a tremendous failure. Who wants to be reminded of it? His heart is in St Louis anyhow.
  4. It's going to take some consistent good play to even get to .500. 5 games below now. And drifting into uncomfortable territory. They have to win four or five series in a row or go on a long hot spell. Even though there is most of the season remaining, they need to stop the steady slide and put good games together. Far too inconsistent all season. Some games it's just one bad inning or pitch that kills them. Very little grit and intensity in most games when things go bad. A defeatist attitude. Few come from behind wins since very early. Missing the key clutch hits or shut down pitching wh
  5. I'll tell you what. I've been mostly a traditionalist when it comes to changes in the basics of the game. But I have reached my breaking point! The consistent missed ball/strike calls game after game after game really destroys some of the reason for even watching. And so often they aren't even close, and come at critical moments in the game. Enough with the brain dead response that 'each ump has his own strike zone.' Why the hell is that just accepted as inevitable? The damned strike zone is clearly defined. And integrated into each player's pitching or hitting approach. Are the ump
  6. Retreads, has beens and never were relievers are time bombs waiting to go off. You need to find young, lively arms and develop them properly. Physically and mentally. Pitchers perhaps without the stamina or repertoire to be starters, but have control and a specialized out pitch to get through a few innings or hitters. In the past relievers were often former starters who weren't good enough to be in the rotation. There were very few specialized closers till the late fifties when Elroy Face and Hoyt Wilhelm began appearing in multiple save situations regularly. Wilhelm's specialty pitch w
  7. Great starting pitching from both teams. Angels couldn't get ahead in many counts or hit the low pitches. Ohtani had perhaps his best game on the mound. With control he is elite. And then ... Enter the fire brigade bullpen If Trout and Walsh aren't productive this team has trouble scoring runs.
  8. Pitch framing is an over rated thing. Think the umps don't know or see what's happening? In fact, some calls seem to bring the opposite reaction when the catcher blatantly over compensates and jerks his glove too obviously. Umps don't like being tricked. And the framing occurs almost on every pitch, so it basically is a mechanical reflex that an ump can ignore. They mostly focus on the ball crossing the plate before it hits the glove. Their decision is already processed by then. Rarely a pitch with lots of late break or movement can be subtly framed, but it has to be very close to t
  9. Alex Curry? How about Aly Lozoff? She's from my home town (Montreal). A beauty pageant contestant and a lot of other interesting accomplishments. Here's a picture from her younger days. That Orange Julep place was a Montreal icon.
  10. Interesting. Only a .003 difference in batting average between Fletcher and Ohtani. 278 - 281 before their final at bats. I
  11. 99.9% chance of winning. Rojas crept over the Mendoza line till his last at bat but dropped below again. So weird with his doubles numbers. Hopefully he homers at home and adds another thrill to his season. I
  12. After tonight, Angels would be just 2 games behind the mighty Dodgers if in the same division. Kershaw on a day less rest after his last I inning beating will be interesting. Got to be disciplined against him and keep from chasing. But no doubt the ump will be very favorable for him.
  13. 5 of 6 pitches to Trout were changeup in the 80s. Mostly low. Seems like that's the scouting report.
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