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  1. What something is worth and what you actually can get for it are entirely different. Good luck picking the right time for buying or selling. Signed Jerseys are also a solid investment and nice for displays. I have a few from various sports. I also try to mix them with stadium seat backs or stadium used cushions. These are from teams I followed as a kid and mostly still do. Other than the Yankees, who are of historical interest to me. Signed Bobby Richardson jersey and Yankee Stadium seat back. Signed Joe Montana jersey and Candlestick park seat. Signed Montreal Canadiens jersey from Jean Beliveau and Rocket Richard and Montreal Forum seat bottom. Tim Raines signed Expos jersey and Expos seat cushion. USC 4 Heisman winners signed. Simpson, Allen, Garrett, White. 1970 Rosebowl seat cushion. Lakers Chick Hearn honored jersey. Signed by Abdul Jabber, Johnson, Wilkes, Worthy, Cooper. Vintage Laker girls signed picture. No Fabulous Forum seat anywhere. And the Trout jersey is in my previous picture. I'be bought and sold many others as my mood changes and other options become available. I prefer multi signed stuff if possible but the individuals are important.
  2. I have been a collector for a long time of many things in many categories. Here are some of my baseball things. Autographed cards of every single Expos player from 1981. Plus other personnel. Some ticket stubs from games I went to personally that year. A signed Trout jersey. A small 1961 Yankee mix of vintage cards and autographs of Mantle, Maris and Tracy Stallard, who served up homer #61. A signed picture of Mantle, Mays, Snider. " Willie, Mickey and the Duke" of fifties New York centerfield fame. In front are a few balls I caught or scrambled after at major league games. I used to have complete Topps baseball sets from 1958 - 1963 but like an idiot sold them a number if years ago. Hockey autographs are my main collection/investment. Hundreds of those. And hundreds of 'golden age' movie autographs. I'll share more pix during the off season.
  3. There were a few bad ball/strike calls that really made a difference. The called check swing definition has varied over the years. In the past, deference to the third or first base ump was a way to take the pressure off the home plate ump. But if you are already deferring to an ump ninety feet away, you don't always get a definite answer. Some are more obvious than others. But a number are tough to judge. Even slow motion and multiple angles aren't always definitive. The one tonight though really seemed to be a non swing. The bat never moved more than a couple of inches and his wrists never broke and easily stopped the swing. With all the technology, they might as well go another step and use a combination of replay and computer graphics for certain situations. Maybe incorporate more challenges that factor in home plate dynamics. Balls and strikes are the sacred, untouchable domain of tradition, but times have changed. The public watching on TV sees and knows the accuracy of each ball/strike call via technology. Enough important games in history have been spoiled by bad ump judgment. The umps admit they aren't perfect. So why not aim for a higher standard?
  4. The playoffs really showcase the importance of fielding. Especially factoring in sketchy weather conditions in some places. Inner diamond defense, positioning, outfield jump and accuracy in hitting cut off men and/or throwing directly to the fielder. Hitters will hit and pitchers will pitch, but fielding is a key component often overlooked. Pederson and Kike Rodriguez drive in winning runs while the Dodgers are shut out. Delicious irony. One loss away from both of last season's finalists eliminated before the LCS. But Pujols inflates his stats.
  5. It will be a quiet off season. The narrative will be about how injuries ruined the season. And how a healthy team (mostly as is) will be so much better. Also positive spin on Walsh emerging as a star. Marsh and Adell and some of the young pitchers ready to take the next step. Of course there will be some changes, but no big name expensive additions. It won't be a tear down or go for broke approach. Minasian takes a cautious, methodical approach and is committed to the farm system producing internally. Probably resigning Iglesias may be the biggest move. They will likely be in the bidding for a free agent shortstop and pitching, but maybe lower tier, less expensive guys. Unless the prospect of a disgruntled Ohtani in two years provokes more risky decisions.
  6. He was really good for a few years with the Expos before being beaned. Raines, Dawson, Cromartie, Valentine, Carter, Parrish, Wallach, Al Oliver, Speier, Scott were the heart of late seventies, early eighties batting lineup. Fond memories.
  7. Interesting and comparatively lucid discussion. We in Canada face much more draconian Government mandates. Which is another story for another time. It's the side effects that are worrisome. Especially for those with existing medical conditions. My wife (otherwise totally healthy) had a lump on her collarbone immediately after taking the Moderna jab. Forced by her work to get a second she took the Pfizer. We shall see what the future brings. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Can everyone be evaluated by the same criteria? Normally a lot more due diligence and testing is done before confidence in the efficacy of a new substance can be assured. Especially when worldwide mass inoculation is basically demanded. And what happens after more time passes and unforseen consequences possibly emerge? For those who have or haven't taken the shots, it looks like this will be a constant ongoing mystery.
  8. With a healthy (and close to career expectations) Trout, Rendon and Upton, Ohtani (batting first or second) scores + 120 runs, steals 35 + drives in 70 - 80. Homers 25 - 30. And 25% + or so fewer walks. Also fewer strikeouts. The entire psychology of pitching to the lineup changes. And Ohtani's role changes. His priority is getting on base and in scoring position. Therefore less chasing pitches and trying for homers. More line drives, stolen bases, taking extra bases. When the season started he wasn't feared. Trout was the obvious power threat, Rendon was the high average threat and Upton was there to add power behind Trout. As we're Pujols and/or Walsh at the start of the year Ohtani's earlier seasons at the plate didn't predict this sort of production. Most probably expected maybe 25 or so homers max. Obviously nothing worked out as planned. But Ohtani as the consummate professional would have adapted to prioritizing getting on base and scoring position. Also the game plan against the Angels would be to avoid walking him ahead of the power behind him. He probably still strikes out a lot, but not as much. It's easier to make contact when swinging for hits and moving runners than going for the fences. And that responsibility maybe cuts down in his swing and brings more discipline. But now that he has set a new bar for himself, fans expect him to be a slugger first and foremost. Think back to the all star game and how it messed him up for a lot of the second half. Best thing would be for some rethinking of the lineup. But that presumes that Trout (likely) Rendon (unknown) and Upton (unlikely) revert to career form. Add in Walsh as a big upgrade from Pujols and Adell and Marsh as probable lineup additions on either a semi regular, platoon or part time basis, and Fletcher back in form. And it's a pretty formable hitting lineup for Ohtani to fit into. Keep him second in the order, don't restrict his natural focus on power in general, but situationally (especially at the start of games, close score games) he can aim for getting on base, stealing if appropriate, and letting the guys behind him drive him in.
  9. Checked the score first, then fast forwarded through it. Funny listening to the instant deflation of the Mariner broadcasters when the leadoff man homered and the bleeding never stopped for them. So arrogant last night, but they lost two of three must win games. Nice to see Ohtani end with another homer and hit the 100 RBI mark. What a season. Century mark in runs and RBIs, 46 homers, led the league in triples, 26 stolen bases, 3.81 ERA in 23 starts, striking out over 150, 9 - 2 record. One for the ages. Also Walsh finish strong, homering off a lefty and nearly finish with 30 homers, 100 RBI. Next year the numbers won't be as high if Trout, Rendon Upton are in the lineup. But he established himself as a star. Also nice that Fletcher ended the last series 4/9 and came out of his slump. Should erase any negativity starting next year I got my wish with the Jays and Mariners on the outside. Not that I like the usual eastern suspects. And a little reality check for the Dodgers now trying to win a legitimate title.
  10. Herget looked good at times from a small sample. Possibly a solid middle inning guy if he can eat up more innings. They need to bring back Iglesias though as a real closer. The rest of the relievers will sort out, though some new faces need to be in the mix. Cishek can be good or bad, depending on control. But a patient hitter seems to be able to wait him out till he grooves a pitch. Might as well bring him back if he's cheap.
  11. Funny how there was optimism and excitement with the first series of the year against the White Sox. And now there is a little marginal excitement about playing a spoiler role at the end. I still think that with a healthy lineup, an upgrade in pitching and Ohtani producing even at 70% or so both ways that they can at least be generating this kind of end of season excitement. And not as spoilers.
  12. They battled, but just couldn't finish. But once you get a late lead you should hold it most of the time. Middle relief has been an even worse nightmare than starting pitching.
  13. Wouldn't he want to be in the critical save situation? He could go two innings and not be needed tomorrow. Doubtful that this kind of an opportunity will materialize tomorrow.
  14. Yes. Aren't you supposed to play your best players? Barring injury. Or just roll over and go along to get along in the gentleman's agreement managerial world.
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