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  1. I know the comment is in jest. However did want to point out that every FA is going to be under paid. Next year maybe a great time to sign Simmons on a short term deal
  2. We are of difference opinion. Playing 2 or 3 times a week is better than nothing. Now if there is real opportunity to grow as a player by going on the taxi squad than I really dont care. I do believe every player that is sitting on his ass this summer this summer is going to regress in their development.
  3. I don't know but I am certain it's better than playing "practice games".
  4. If he is still developing than I don't have a problem. I just wonder how does he "polishes his game" with intrasquad games.
  5. Is it better to have him regress by not playing?
  6. In my opinion it is better to have Adell up where they are actually playing than skipping the summer and hoping the Arizona Fall League happens.
  7. How does he work on things? Thete is no minor league season. Does intrasquad workouts really improve gone development
  8. It's only six games isnt it?
  9. Without reading I say it's a toss up. If he was still managing I would think it's a lock but he maybe done managing and if Angelwin posters vote for HOF he will get rejected.
  10. With Aybar listed as a top 5 and ahead of Simmons, let's reminisce about the good ald days when this board was full of Aybar sucks posts and free Brandon Wood posts.
  11. Ate we that bad of a franchise where Izturis, a utility player is honorable mention best ss?
  12. Prior to Sciosvia the Franchise only made the playoffs twice. Both teams managed by Mauch.
  13. You think he will be healthy enough to play until age 40?
  14. I was going to comment on that. Has Harper done that well that he is a lock?