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  1. I guess this could be applied to everyone who states their opinion on this board.
  2. Enough. Logically your arguments are making head spin. Believe what you want. I am tired of "it rarely happens so there must be a disadvantage " bullshit you are throwing me. I gave you three variables that explain why it doesnt. Stick them up your $$$
  3. I suprised it was that high. I found it on sports reference. The category was tops+ I guess tops+ is different than ops+. These dissection of numbers can be confusing. I was looking to see his OPS at 714 his first year which I find impressive. Since then he has only had parodic opportunities to play.
  4. Anyone got a scouting eval on Thaiss as backup Catcher? It would solve one problem if he can fit that bill. I have to believe Thaiss is out of options soon so it's either give up or give a chance. I really do not think he has been given much of a chance. His career OPS+ is 100 which is pretty good for a part time player.
  5. So you can't come up with one logical reason. You only go back "it rarely happens". You know why it rarely happens? 1. The trading team has no interest in extending him. 2. the player did not playing on his original team. Thus he was never going to sign an extension anyway. 3. The player always intended to test FA and a different team outbid the original team. You pretend that these three variables do not exist.
  6. You are much better than that! Give me one logical argument why trading the player hinders the chances of signing them in the off season Other than "it rarely happens "
  7. I am good with that. I just do not want any excuses about it. I do not want to hear it's crapshoot. I do not want to spend 25+ on a player we do not need and not spend where we do need help.
  8. You keep going back to this argument that has no basis. You assume everyone traded was attempted to re-sign. Them you also assume that the offer from original team wasn't accepted because the player was traded and not because he was outbid by someone else or whether the player preferred to play someplace. If the original team was going to be outbid ir if the player prefers to play somewhere else that means the player was never going to re-sign with his original team. you are arguing just without logic. You can't tell me one logical reason why trading the player makes it near impossible to re-sign. You only argue that it rarely happens.
  9. There is a only a very small advantage of re-signing a player that has not been traded. It is only about a one week window where the team has exclusive negotiation rights. Other than that there is no advantage or disadvantages. If you "just can't sign them as FA then you probably was never going to re-sign them.
  10. Then spend the money in scouting instead if another big splash FA. Get a damn bullpen! Spend if necessary but get a bullpen. Lockdown bullpen this year and we have would be in a dog fight for the WC.
  11. Well we havent done it for 8 years. I am tired if a shitty bullpen and I am tired of superstar FA who are not worth the overall money we spend on them.
  12. Here we go again. Budget bullpen. An expensive starter, and expensive SS and a budget pen. As a fan base we are hard headed. How many years of a shitty pen are you guys willing to tolerate? Hell we are probably right in the WC race with an average bullpen!
  13. No F'n 25 million a year contracts! No need. Bullpen! Bullpen! Bullpen!
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