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  1. Maddon doesn't tinker with the offensive lineup?
  2. My point is Barria's peripherals scared the front office from giving him the starting spot in the rotation thst they went out and signed players they thought would perform better but didn't. Just look at Heaney. Over the last four years Barria has performed better as a starter than Heaney. But hey, let's have a pitcher who gives up more runs per game because his peripherals. As I said, metrics are very important but too many people are following it as Gospel.
  3. Too many people do not give the Boston 04 team its respect. Ortiz and Rameriz was much better than Vladdy and Anderson. Martinez and Schilling was much better than any starter combination the Angeks can produce.
  4. The peripherals are no guarantee that he will pitch worse in the future. The peripherals just say what he should have pitched like. It is basically a predictions. That's the problem I have with people who follow like Gospel. Peripherals has its values but its foolish follow it religiously. Following peripherals led the Anfels to sign Harvey, trade for Stratton, and sign Tehran the last four years. We ended up having worse performances than Barria because of the peripherals.
  5. So a guys performance over 55 starts is secondary to his projected performance? This is what I do not get with advanced metric. Often there are people who over perform their metrics.
  6. Barria has 55 starts with a 4.03 ERA. 4 War with just about 2 seasons of starts. I believe 4 years of club control. I got to think he has some value.
  7. I never blindly accept the "blame Arte narrative ". In some cases it may have merit but usually does not. Minasian is the GM. He gets the blame. There was no logical reason why Arte would block Iglesias from getting traded. It didn't make him more money and we were out of the race.
  8. Thanks for the correction. My brain went brainteasers on that one.
  9. If we do not extend Iglesias than the entire front office should be fired for the gross negligence by not trading him at the deadline.
  10. Agreed, but how much of the limited innings was because Joe Maddons quick hook? Or because two starters had to wait until the gave up on Contreras, Heaney and Bundy before they moved into the rotation. We need to stop signing vets who can't get the job done. I agree we need another TOR pitcher and would like Cobb back. However if we are worried about innings maybe we shouldn't bring Cobb back.
  11. The starters were shitty because of Contreras, Bundy. Canning AND Heaney were shitty. When they got demoted we went with Sandavol, Suarez, and Barria. The starting pitching was pretty solid. Add Ohtani and Cobb we had 6 starters with sub 4 ERA performances. CROD, Diaz were also under 4 ERA and Junk was 4.16.
  12. Last frontkine starter we traded for was Heaney....just saying
  13. With a healthy Trout, Rendon Cobb And a full season of Suarez Sandoval and Barria instead of Contreras, Bundy, Canning and Heaney This team is a wild card team. Lock down bullpen and we give the Astros a run for their money.
  14. 1. I do not think Ward has any options 2. I know Barretto doesn't. 3. Ceshek will be in the bullpen.....unless he is in a contract year. 4. Why isn't Marte an option in the bullpen? I thought he looked good in his few opportunities.? 5. Barria has a 4.03 carrier ERA as a starter. 7.65 as a reliever. 2021 ERA as a starter was 3.98 and over 10 as a reliever. If we do not want him as a starter than we need to trade him. Keep him out if the bullpen! 6. Extend of QO Iglesias 7. Extend Cobb 8. Sign best FA available. OR trade for frontline starter. 9. Use players like Ward, Barria, Rojas as possible trade bait to improve bullpen options. 10. Tell Upton that he is going to be a 4th outfielder. Therefore we would understand if he wants to waive his no trade clause
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