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  1. No but you are willfully manipulating stats to create a false narrative. You should work for cnn. Walsh was demoted because he hit poorly at the beginning. Pujols got the majority of 1b starts at that time. Once he was called up he replaced Pujols as primary 1b. Any objective person would say Walsh took over the 1b job.
  2. In fairness Tehran probably would have been a lot better had he not had Covid and had a spring training. I am betting he has a much better year this year.
  3. They maybe rate but the Padres did it three times in the last month and half.
  4. Yes, it is vital we extend Bundy. It's becoming obvious that the Angel's cannot find any quality pitching through free agency.
  5. The Angel's won with mediocre starters because their bullpen was dominant.
  6. If Adams, Marsh, and Adell are as good as I keep reading on here then we should trade Trout for pitching. FYI. For those who don't get it, this is a sarcastic statement.
  7. I maybe mistaken but wasnt he playing cf in the minors?
  8. I would think if he is the athlete everyone says he is he could learn to be learn to be a solid defender.
  9. Releasing him would be considered giving up. Trading him for a marginal player would be giving up on him. Trading him for an Ace with club control would be a smart move.
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