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  1. If I was the dad I would remain deathly quiet as well. I would want the story to disappear as soon as possible. He probably made his kid apologize and feels any more comment keeps the story alive.
  2. Per the Libel issue Being a public figure Trout must prove that the material: 1. Was written in actual malice or 2. Reckless disregard of the truth. Trout would have a claim on the reckless disregard of the truth. However Brossius defense was that he used it as an example and didn't mean to defame. The biggest problem for a hypothetical suit would be claim of damages. Brossius recanted and apologized. MLB defended him. I am certain Trout hasnt lost any endorsement.
  3. I don't understand your logic. Just because we spend more on Pujols doesnt mean Pujols is stopping us from signing a pitcher. How much money did we spend on free agents this year despite having Pujols? How much money under the cap are we? We had the money to spend on pitching. The pitchers we wanted either chose to go with us or we decided not to sign them because they were too expensive. Do not be ignorant and try to make us believe Woods 4 million dollar contract was too much because of Pujols!
  4. We had the money to sign Wood. To suggest otherwise is stupid. Now maybe Eppler doesnt want Wood. Maybe he didnt want Ryu or Kyechal. That's fine but its idiotic to suggest Pujols stopped us from signing a starter.
  5. Didn't want to sign him for 4 million! Your logic is flawed. Signing Wood would have improved our depth for 4 million!
  6. Are you saying we would have been able to sign Cole, Bumbgardner, Ryu, Wood, or Kuechel had we not had Albert on the books? GTFO Cole is the only one we arguably couldn't afford. Come back to reality!
  7. We have two new starting pitchers. We signed an impact 3b for the offense. We have more outfielders than we need. We seem to have more middle infielders than we need. We signed our catcher. Therefore are we done? Will the any other acquisition from here on out only going to be minor improvements?
  8. I think we have historically been unlucky since 2015
  9. So the difference between Cahill and Bundy preseason projections is durability?
  10. Help me out. Is January 2020 Bundy really better than January 2019 Cahill. We know Cahill sucked but we didnt know that in January 2019. I know Ohtani projects more than Skaggd but I am not really sure the pitching staff is predictably better than 12 months ago.