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  1. What you spend at 2b and C you cant spend on pitching. If we go over the cap we could replace two. Not three
  2. Brandon wood was not good at every level. I believe he struggled in AA.
  3. Why do some teams always have good bullpens? Other's like ours is a crap shoot. If we had a good bullpen this year we would still be playing.
  4. I would laugh my ass off reading all the commentary here.
  5. Should have been fired right then and there. We never would have made the Napoli-Wells trade.
  6. generation. Dont see the quit dismissal of Eppler without having the next GM already committed.
  7. My comment was on major leagues being only a small jump from AAA.
  8. First I have heard several times that the jump from AAA to Majors is big. If the jump was small woildnt players such as Ward and Walsh smashed immediately? If it was small why would journeem sign million dollar contracts and teams not go with AAAA players at minimum wage. Second why do we care about his career stats?
  9. Does anyone have a video of that play? I didnt see it last night.
  10. Is it me or does it seem like all the young guys called up are trying to hit the otherway?
  11. I can't remember it ever happening.
  12. At SS I would take the defensive wizard. And Renifro has never shown the ability with the bat than Simmons. Therefore the issue is mute.
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