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  1. You giving Dipshito for not trading Trout? He would have been fired by Moreno before he dialed another GM number.
  2. Dipshito didn't draft Trout. That was before he came in. Thank Reagins if you want.
  3. Is it lind of like what we have now?
  4. It's too late for NCAA basketball. Its pretty close to be too kate for NBA or NHL playoffs. There would be football but that would August before preseason games
  5. When playing in front of empty stadiums first came up in March I thought it was a ridiculous idea and felt it wouldn't make good business playing without the revenues of games. However it might really be a great idea. All live sports are cancelled. Sports fans across the country are begging for sports to follow. And if baseball comeback they would have a monopoly with the news. No NBA playoff hype. No NfL Camp or draft. No NBA draft. No hockey. Only baseball. Mlb would have a monopoly to brand the sport.
  6. 1. The loss of the season give Angel fans one less season of watching Pujols 2. Dodgers traded a boatload for Mookie Betts and the season maybe wasted. 3. Garret Richard's is a free agent again. And has not pitched an inning since he was an angel. 4. Angel's will not lose a starter to TJ surgery. Is this the first time since 2013?
  7. I do believe the Angel's had a perfect storm if bad luck. Rivera broken leg, Adenhardt death, Morales broken leg, Kazmir forgetting how to pitch only to be an All Star for the A's later on. In addition the pitching imploding after the Grienke trade. The Tommy John Parade 2016 to present. This doesn't mention self inflicted wounds of Hamilton, Blanton and Hanson.
  8. Unless you know all the details you shouldn't judge. I do know this: Despite his offensive contribution the Angel's were floundering. If not mistaken they were second place to the A's. After his dismissal Vladdy put the team on his back and the Angel's win the division. We did miss his bat in the playoff
  9. canceled? Let's go back to my original issue. From a business standpoint. What would be a better solution: Playing in empty stadiums or cancelling games (or season)
  10. Gate attendence, concession, jersey sales, parking isn't a significant amount of income? Ushers, security, grounds crew, electricity isnt a cost? Why would facility cost be baked in if games are canced?
  11. Does playing the game without fans and the revenue that goes with it make any business sense?