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  1. I mean of course they know about manipulating service time, what GM doesn't? I was talking about the racist and other shit.
  2. Mather is and was a cancer and I'm glad he's been cut away, by his own doing. Too bad it took this long. Don't kid yourself thinking that people like him aren't prevalent in the highest positions in most baseball orgs. Most are smart enough to not publicly make fools of themselves though. Real bad look on the Mariners, but I wouldn't blame Dipoto or Servais for any of this mess.
  3. Even as a Mariner fan, this title really confused the hell out of me coming across it.
  4. I'd imagine Bundy would get a pretty decent prospect in trade.
  5. True. They really really suck. That no hitter against them probably shouldn't have counted.
  6. In a meaningless season when we have no business competing?? Yep.
  7. I hope you do sweep us. I would rather rise in the draft rankings!
  8. Ya'll must be as bored as I am if you're posting The Onion articles and then end up yelling at each other.
  9. I don't believe they really test for marijuana in the MLB. Minor Leagues yes definitely, but I don't think MLB cares.
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