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  1. Was about time. I've never seen someone come up and look so bad with so much hype behind him. I'm kind of glad he got a dose of humble pie with how he complained about service time manipulation (I know it's because that idiot Mather outright said it) and thought he belonged in the MLB with sooooooooo little minor league plate appearances. I think he'll turn it around in time.
  2. Yeah. I mean I'm a Mariner fan so I see all his shit. He posts tons of behind the scenes youtube videos and has his own merchandise brand like he's some made superstar already. Kinda glad he's getting some humble pie. Obviously for my sake I hope he comes out of it some year.
  3. Maybe next year after they demote his cocky ass back to AAA soon.
  4. The hell he gonna do? He's easily the biggest disappointment the Mariners have ever had so far.
  5. Very true. I'd love if all prospects, at least Mariner ones, could be Tatis
  6. It's 37 at bats. But yes, he is not doing well. Not striking out though.
  7. Your pitching is *that* bad. But we're both pretty turd sandwich-y so far.
  8. We probably wouldn't. We fucking suck. We're kinda ravaged by injuries, but whats left sucks ass. Even Kelenic (yes its like his 12th game above AA ball) has been underwhelming.
  9. Tune into the M's game for the Bottom of the 9th coming up .... we about to get no hit for the 2nd time in 13 games by the worst team in baseball!!!! Get in the party bussssss!
  10. Holy shit y'all finally went and did it. I'll miss seeing his corpse out there. Though he did seem to hit a lot of homeruns against the Ms.
  11. No reason we can't be better. No one has really been hitting besides our top 3. Kyle lewis just came back. Kelenic is coming. Logan gilbert probably too. We've also had a tough schedule. but I've also been a Mariner fan long enough to know that yes we will most likely suck and finish 4th. I'd be more worried of the A's.
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