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  1. Manfred and STUPID ideas. A floor should never be implemented. A cap .... MAYBE.
  2. So she banged her way around the Padres and then Bauer? I mean Bauer was wrong and an idiot for what he did to her ... but man, what a skank.
  3. I knew former Mariner King Cishek would get it done for you guys there.
  4. Woo let's go Angels! Win win win win. edit : Well fuck. My ass.
  5. Sounds like his penis stopped working and he went on TRT ... but didn't do it smartly? What an idiot. Can MLB players legally be on TRT if medically diagnosed by a medical professional? Legit question.
  6. Even I am an Angels fan this series.
  7. Sometimes grabbing an unranked, unknown lottery ticket pitcher hits .... most of the time, they do not. Also ... Adam Lind never hits, but that's a separate issue.
  8. Yeah I've never heard of Tejada ... Bins I have .... but neither are of any consequence for a back of the rotation starter rental.
  9. Bins is not even in our Top 30 prospects ... gotta see who else we gave up.
  10. I'm assuming Seager is gone in a package ... but I have no fucking clue.
  11. Probably. Our pen is very good, especially since we jettisoned Montero. Middleton kinda sucks, but you already knew that. Just goes to show how much the bullpen matters in todays baseball. (Not that we have anyone noteworthy who had made a name for themselves previously, besides Graveman I guess).
  12. When we lose we LOSE. When we win ... it ain't by much. Shrug. Let's make it 8.
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