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  1. Accurate. He ran a wRC+ of 99 this year. Just a smidge under league average. 101 RBI and 35 HR is neat, but he sold out for power this year. Still pretty damn good defender at 3B though.
  2. Yeah he's done here. 20m option. They sold their house or at least put it on the market. His wife, Julie, has been posting about their new home in the Carolinas etc etc for a while now. He has 3 young children, has made over 100 mil, wouldn't be surprised if he does retire.
  3. I dunno I hear Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and Oregon are pretty big Mariner fans.
  4. Yeah I'm real sad to be pegged for last in the division but finish with 90 wins and play meaningful baseball until game 162.
  5. Sure. I cared. Would I have liked to make the postseason? Yes. Did I think this team any realistic shot of doing anything in the postseason? No. It's not everything to me. After years of being dogshit. I'll take a winning (if fluky) season and look towards a brighter future with our prospect potential. Hopefully spending money this offseason too. And again. I live in Connecticut. No one in Seattle is my friend or neighbor. Blue Jays fans should feel way worse than us.
  6. Nah we're fucked. Magnificent plan by Scott Servais this game starting Anderson who just pitched 2IP and 9 ER to you guys literally a week ago.
  7. I live in Connecticut. While I did check flight prices to fly out there .... I passed on almost $600 each way. I will be there in spirit! Ha.
  8. Lord knows we need more Boston and NYY in the playoffs for everyone to enjoy. Just let us get in and get knocked out in the wildcard game. Thanks.
  9. Thats not true. I was in the thread last night when we were getting fucking smoked. I even said our season was done in it prior to this series .... this win doesn't matter.
  10. Would you say more or less positive than I am on the Angels chances of making the postseason? At least you guys saw why our run differential is the way it is this series.
  11. I mean it'd be cool but the odds are HEAVILY stacked against us especially since Boston has been rolling over for NY.
  12. Our 3% playoff chances? I mean technically you're right but I gave up on the season when we lost to the Diamondbacks twice. It was cool for us to finally play some meaningful games in late September though. I'm excited for the coming seasons. I know it will just lead to heart break since I'm 38 and know the Mariners well .... but what can you do?
  13. Manfred and STUPID ideas. A floor should never be implemented. A cap .... MAYBE.
  14. So she banged her way around the Padres and then Bauer? I mean Bauer was wrong and an idiot for what he did to her ... but man, what a skank.
  15. I knew former Mariner King Cishek would get it done for you guys there.
  16. Woo let's go Angels! Win win win win. edit : Well fuck. My ass.
  17. Sounds like his penis stopped working and he went on TRT ... but didn't do it smartly? What an idiot. Can MLB players legally be on TRT if medically diagnosed by a medical professional? Legit question.
  18. Even I am an Angels fan this series.
  19. Sometimes grabbing an unranked, unknown lottery ticket pitcher hits .... most of the time, they do not. Also ... Adam Lind never hits, but that's a separate issue.
  20. Yeah I've never heard of Tejada ... Bins I have .... but neither are of any consequence for a back of the rotation starter rental.
  21. Bins is not even in our Top 30 prospects ... gotta see who else we gave up.
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