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  1. This ump has been generous with low and outside strike calls on right-handed batters tonight.
  2. If he had enough plate appearances to qualify, he'd be 8th-worst in the AL in slugging percentage, just ahead of David Fletcher...
  3. Ok, I'll grant that that bad hop over Fletcher's head is just flat-out bad luck. Also, I'm gonna need a GIF of Heaney falling flat on his ass ASAP. Thanks.
  4. NO ONE CARES that Scott Bradley, the Princeton baseball coach, is in the stands tonight, Daron.
  5. Rengifo got a terrible read on a ball that ended up going over his head. That said, Heaney didn't have to completely implode after that.
  6. "Off the end of the bat. Soft contact on that one." They should just have those lines cued up for every Rendon AB.
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