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  1. He's apparently a bit of a headcase, his velocity isn't great (never has been) and now his movement isn't great, etc.
  2. The Braves declined his option and bought him out, so they did kind of dump him. He signed for $3M less than he would have made if they picked up his option. (This does not mean I think he's a terrible pitcher, I'm not bagging on him, etc. Just clarifying some things.)
  3. That was a few days ago, wasn't it? Maddon's comments are from today.
  4. Despite Maddon's quote here, at this point, I wonder if anyone in the organization really cares if he shows up? He was signed to a 1-year deal as more or less an innings eater, and in a season like this, that doesn't seem to matter as much. Seems like they'd maybe be just fine saving some $ and using some of the minor league depth.
  5. Turns 23 in November and hasn't pitched since HS--but I guess it's only $20K at most, so why not, right?
  6. Wow, that's a random one. Doesn't look like he was drafted out of HS, either. 5 2B, 2 3B, 0 HR, and only 2 SB in his college career. Odd stats all around, really.
  7. This is a very productive conversation at this point.
  8. That sounds like absolute torture.
  9. I have it on good authority that these will be the championship rings for this joke of a season:
  10. But you don't know if a test is a false negative, so how would those be workable solutions? You'd re-test everyone who got a negative? I don't see how that would help things.