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  1. Not sure all the rest will be tendered. If they non-tender Robles (I can't see any reason why they WOULD offer him a contract), that's still 7 relievers on that list--plus Buttrey and Milner, etc who aren't yet eligible for arbitration. Something's gotta give there. I wouldn't be surprised to see Middleton get non-tendered and possibly 1-2 others.
  2. I've stopped following Chuck on Twitter due to politics and I've also let him know that I'm not all that keen on how politics have crept into things on this site (obviously not talking about on this specific board, since that's what it's here for--but the main one, etc.). I doubt anyone would consider me one of the "best posters," but I've been here a long time and have been a supporter of the site (financially and otherwise) for a while. I admit that it's been tough to find much joy here lately for a variety of reasons--but the political bent of some of the more prominent posters/moderators
  3. I have a game-used bat of his. Bought it since he's the only guy with my last name who's played in the majors. Sent him 2 letters asking if he'd sign it. Never heard back. Must have been too busy answering all of that other fanmail I'm sure he gets.....................................
  4. Willie McCovey won ROY in 1959 while playing in 52 games and getting 219 plate appearances.
  5. Take off the tin foil hat, you fucking moron.
  6. I want to be optimistic (god knows there's enough bad news in literally every other aspect of the world these days), but I'm still finding it hard to be. Seems like there have been threads similar to this one (or AngelJunky's, or...etc.) every year for the past few years--yet the end results are still the same: mediocrity. Whether it's "culture," bad talent assessment, poor financial resource management, something else altogether, or a combination of things, I honestly have no idea at this point. I'm all for stats, data, deep analysis, etc. (data is a huge part of my career), but for whatev
  7. What's the point in DFA'ing someone in the last week of the season? Sandoval is already on the roster, so he can just make the start if that's the plan. Might as well keep Julio around at this point, just in case you need someone to absorb some innings in a blowout.
  8. ...and draft a college guy with a "high floor" who'll be a mediocre-at-best major leaguer.
  9. Thaiss is gonna get a turn in the rotation next week, from what I hear.
  10. Maybe we're a bottom 3 team because we don't have many players other teams want. Just a thought.
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