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  1. I've seen a few posts like this, and something just doesn't seem right to me regarding the math of it all. Unless I'm mistaken, the most you can get in CA (and probably anywhere) on a weekly basis from unemployment is about $450. Then you can also potentially get the $600/week extra payment for some period of time. So we're looking at a max of about $1,050/week for a number of weeks. Annualized, that's about $55K. What "senior management" or other executive job (especially in the entertainment industry, which is my field, as well) pays $60K a year ($55K is about 90% of $60K)? Am I missing something regarding how much people are able to collect on unemployment? I'm not saying people are making up things (though who knows, maybe some are?)--I'm just trying to understand. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Looks like CA is actually middle-of-the-pack in terms of maximum UE weekly payout. Massachusetts lets you get up to $1220/week in some cases.
  2. In addition to the Angels teams I'm running, I'm also doing a 1957 Braves season (I grew up as a Braves fan and that year was always talked about as the best Braves team ever at the time). My Assistant GM is giving me some great advice, isn't he? I probably never would have thought to look at this guy as a potential CF upgrade!
  3. I'm playing the 2022 season (I've been basically playing non-stop...), and I think there's a bug that'll end up causing me to have to start over. Midway through the season, I lost access to all minor league teams other than AAA--not just for the Angels, but for every team. I can still play the major league season (I'm currently 93-54 and in first place after making several trades, as well as giving Marsh and 19-year old Arol Vera (the #1 prospect in baseball) starting gigs), but I have no idea what'll happen after the season is over.
  4. I finished my season at 85-78 (beating the Red Sox in a one-game "play-in" for the 2nd wild card slot). Beat the Rays in the wild card, then got annihilated 3-0 by the Astros in the next round. Trout was far and away the star of the team. Rendon ended up with over 100 RBI, but no one else stood out in any category. LaStella did pretty well overall, then tried pushing for a $16M/year, 7 year extension. I let him walk... In the off-season, I traded for Aroldis Chapman--who immediately had to have Tommy John surgery and is out for 13 months. LOL. I guess that's pretty accurate for the Angels, huh?
  5. I can trade him for Zach Greinke and $10M in Out of The Park Baseball. Hmmm...should I pull the trigger?
  6. In my last game before I call it a night, Trout got hurt AGAIN. 5th time this year, and the 2nd time he'll be out for 4 weeks. He might make it back before the end of the year, but he'll end up around 90 games played for me. Just like in real life, Angels games aren't very fun when he's not in the lineup.
  7. Nice. I'm now 65-64 (yes, I've been playing a LOT...), 3 games out of the 2nd Wild Card. My offense is good (4th or 5th in most categories), but my pitching continues to be bottom-of-the-barrel, even after trading Adell for Aaron Nola. No matter who I put on the mound, they just get pounded. I've tried adjusting settings, etc., but the results are the same.
  8. I'm 52-53, just sort of muddling along. Got Trout back after 4+ "weeks", only to see his batting average drop 60 points since his return. This is the first time I've played OOTP, and while it's a good time waster, I'm still not sure it's very "accurate" in terms of a simulator. Other than like Gerrit Cole, it seems to be impossible to get any consistency with pitching--and I'm still finding that there are way too many random small events (e.g., wild pitches, infield hits, balks, etc.). That said, I don't have much else to do, so I'll keep playing.
  9. Simmons got pissy and wanted a 7-year extension, so I just dumped him. And releasing Pujols was like a dream come true! Because of all the injuries, though, Adell, Marsh, and Jahmai Jones have all gotten playing time.
  10. I'm rolling along at a mere 30-30. Injuries are killing me. Trout has been hurt 3 times already, and is currently out for 4 weeks with a fractured foot. Sandoval has a herniated disk, Jose Suarez has a partially torn labrum, La Stella (who was having a great year) is out for 5 weeks with a fractured finger, Shogo Akiyama (who I traded for to replace Trout) is out with an oblique strain, Howie Kendrick (who I got along with Trea Turner for Simmons and Fletcher) is out with an intercostal strain. Justin Upton is sucking mightily (.188/.296/.337) and Adell hasn't done much, either (.215/.287/.359). Pitching has been terrible. I released Dylan Bundy, but then ended up picking him up again because of all the injuries I was having. Thaiss has been a pleasant surprise: .299/.395/.467 in a strict platoon with CJ Cron, who I picked up after releasing Pujols.
  11. I've played 16 games now. It's fun, but seems like there are too many passed balls, wild pitches, hits-by-pitch, infield hits, and pop ups.
  12. I started an Angels team a few days ago. They're currently 3-6, in last place in the division, and Mike Trout is out for 1-2 weeks. Not exactly a great start... I tried to extend Andrelton Simmons, but he kept asking for a 7-year deal, so I shipped him, Fletcher, and $10M to the Nationals for Trea Turner and Howie Kendrick. EDIT: Also, Kyle Tucker from the Astros has hit 6 HR off of the Angels in the 6 games I've played against them so far. Fun...