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  1. To be fair, I actually think that's the proper way to account for 2020. It was 60 games and he played 53. No way of projecting how much he or anyone else would have played. I basically toss out all outlier performances (whether good or bad), too. Treat it as a lost year for all intents and purposes when evaluating anything.
  2. Several people on here have said something similar, but honestly, who knows? Evaluating pitching coaches isn't an exact science. Is it Wise's fault that the bullpen was largely a collection of has-beens/never-weres/never-will-bes? Does he get any credit for the big steps forward that Suarez and Sandoval took this year? Does he get credit for Cobb returning to form? Does he get credit for Othani's strong performance? Do we blame him for Bundy turning back into a pumpkin, or do we look back on the limited sample size from last year and say that he was probably not that good to begin with? Do we ding him for Canning's regression? I have no idea how to answer any one of those questions, let alone all of them.
  3. I'm not sure that being 6th in outs made is "special" in Fletcher's case. People who lead in that category tend to be guys who play a lot, don't walk a ton, and/or play on high-offense teams. Of the guys in the top 10 in the AL in outs made this year, Fletcher is having by far the least productive offensive season. He's making a bunch of outs without creating any other value from what he does offensively. Same for his league-leading AB/K ratio: he's not striking out in part because he swings at everything (he's dead last in the AL in pitches-seen per plate appearance).
  4. More discussion of what was asked, what the answers were, and how those things were translated. The net takeaway for me is still that Ohtani isn't exactly happy.
  5. He had an OPS in the 500s over the first 60 games of the season. What was his excuse then?
  6. So his official translator...didn't translate it "accurately?" That's weird. Maybe Ippei translated it in a way that he felt was more accurate to how he thinks/knows Shohei meant it? But, yeah, not sure what else I could have done initially.
  7. Fletcher has the 2nd worst OPS of any qualified player (i.e., 3.1 PA per team game) in the AL. The only player who is lower is Elvis Andrus. Because of the differences in ballparks, Fletcher's OPS+ is actually lower. Congrats, David!
  8. I don't disagree. My point was simply that there aren't any good free agent SS in the $15-20M range.
  9. Of the top-tier free agent SS, Semien is probably the cheapest, and he'll likely get well over $20M a year.
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