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  1. I agree with your sentiment of over complicating things, however, the way they ended season 3 was very satisfying. And it does come together by the last episode. Season 1 and 2 were masterpieces in my book. And Season 3, while not as good, had a very satisfying last episode which made everything feel complete. Unlike Game of Thrones, where the last season ruined the show as a whole for me.
  2. trump is a weird looking old man, but this is photoshopped.
  3. I mean the only reason we're locking down is so hospitals don't get overwhelmed. If hospitals are fine then fuck it ya dig?
  4. God dammit why does it always have to be the female jews in hollywood who drink the koolaid.
  5. this scene from community was pulled from netflix recently.
  6. okay I did a little more digging on andy ngo.. Looks like he posted a comic on twitter published by a fascist/holocaust denier. They probably work with each other. He might be a white supremacist vietnamese gay nazi.
  7. There was a trump booth right outside my 7/11. I was actually pretty damn surprised. I live in Laguna Niguel right now. Mostly rich white people and latinos. Cars driving by were honking a lot. Don't think the 7/11 employees, who are all mexican, were very pleased.
  8. Thanks for the twitter updates with video. As someone who doesn't watch the news, I'm definitely curious how the media is trying to spin everything.
  9. That awkward moment when former asian nazi sympathizer calls out evil jews.
  10. I binged S2 right after S1 which made it easier to follow. Waited over a year for season 3 and I'm having trouble following all the different timelines. I'm hopping it all comes together in the end.
  11. rumor has it that reddit is going to purge all the naughty subs that say mean things tomorrow. Tencent(china) owns reddit btw
  12. what the hell is chuck thinking locking the covid 19 discussion on the main forum.
  13. here's a video in 2017 where every garage had it
  14. In the not so distant future, some influencer is going to screenshot Cals posts and put it on twitter, "Angels fans are a bunch of racists, here is all of calscuf's personal information so we can publicly shame him into hiding". The fallout will be huge. will be forced to shutdown permanently. Chuck will donate all his website earnings to underprivileged asian kids in westminster. Arte Moreno will also respond to the allegations on his yacht.