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  1. I've got myself a nice powerrack, along with weights, bar and everything for a decent price. If you're down with doing strength stuff then I'd go with that. Obviously age, injury history and goals are a big factor.
  2. Why can't Bitcoin be another form of digital gold? Why do people buy and store gold? It's always wise to have a diverse portfolio right? Alt coins like Ethereum and Iota are the blockchain currencies with real potential and use cases. Bitcoin is basically the original Crypto. The problem with alt coins is it follows bitcoin. If Bitcoin tanks 50%, alt coins tank 80%. During a bull market, however, alt coins usually gain the most. Blockchain technology is real and has the potential to be a game changer.
  3. Yea I got that now. ?. I guess I should've done more research than simply googling "Angels president of baseball operations", Because google is wrong sometimes.
  4. Oh okay that makes sense. So the angels don't actually have a president in charge of baseball operations?
  5. The fact that the Angels have been afraid to commit to a full rebuild after all these years is amazing. Replacing the GM wont fix the Angels..What about John Carpino? Is it normal for Presidents to fail on so many levels yet keep their position? He's been president since 2009. John Carpino is like a ghost. No one knows what he does or how much influence he has. Meanwhile Andrew Friedman is like the face of the dodgers organization.
  6. I know why people like his posts. No need to explain it to me. Thanks bro ?
  7. bro you are like the most liked person on this board. You get around 10 likes per post. Why would one random troll face bother you. I gave you that troll reaction because you gave it to me the other day and I'm vengeful. I'll remove it though
  8. Please blame something other than injuries. That shit is so Facking stupid it blows my mind. Like are you guys really surprised that the pitching staff, who was all injury prone going into the season, got hurt? lol... Who's fault is it for building a roster of nothing but unproven injury prone 5th starters? p.s. I like Eppler. I will now accept my onslaught of troll reaction faces.
  9. angelswin in a nutshell
  10. I've defended Eppler this year and believe in his vision. Didn't realize going against the argument that Injuries are the main reason for our struggles would ruffle so many feathers. There are countless issues with this organization from top to bottom which has been discussed to death, and injuries are at the bottom of the list. I guess Injuries are an easy scapegoat for the superfans here because they don't have to blame anyone. what a joke. to all the people downvotting me, calling me retarded and the lowbrow attacks ?. This board used to be a place for discussion with varying opinions. I guess it's turned into an echo chamber now.
  11. every Facking year we blame injuries to crappy players as the reason we suck. it gets old
  12. bro those pitchers are ass even when healthy who cares
  13. injuries should never be used as an excuse. every team in the league deals with serious injuries throughout the years. The angels haven't suffered any more than most. Most of the pitchers you listed that we lost to injuries are garbage 5 starters.