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  1. lol crypto scammers trying to scam people on an angels fan message board. I think this may be the top
  2. @Stradling? What's your opinion on the release. You've been a pretty outspoken Pujols supporter.
  3. The libs here really getting antsy lately. You woke sjw's need to stop getting offended and just own it.
  4. I followed this dude today based on AW recommendation and he's made like 20 twitter posts since then wtf lol
  5. https://theathletic.com/2577384/2021/05/10/yankees-arent-alone-in-struggling-to-score-as-mlbs-new-baseball-seems-to-have-backfired/ Apparently the new balls are favoring non angels pitchers
  6. He was obviously being exaggerated and hyperbolic for comedic purposes. You don't have a problem with the Disney "anti-racism" woke brainwashing? Politics should stay out of the workplace. It's infuriating to me. Same for companies who try to espouse "Christian" values on their employees.
  7. You act like it was without valid reason. The Angels had no young arms in the minors and terrible major league depth. Wasn't worth trading a potential Ace for a defensive specialist at the time.
  8. 25 year old pitching in A+ ball? That windup weird as fuck tbh
  9. How long before we blame Eppy for Minasian's struggles. Like we blamed Dipoto for Eppler's The farm system still trash
  10. I feel like I can go back to enjoying angels baseball again. Even if they suck. Like a huge weight has been lifted and it's the start of a new era
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