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  1. House passing decrim marijuana right before election and now completely ignoring it.
  2. I wonder what percentage of bills that pass the house actually make it to the senate and pass. If I had to guess, I'd say less than 5%
  3. to be fair, boycotting something and straight up canceling are very different things
  4. I think I read an article once. So I had some education.
  5. My uneducated opinion. There isn't enough properties available to buy, especially in California. Rich people, who don't even plan on living in these properties, are buying them all up and screwing over the little guy who dreams of owning one day. This of course drives up the rent. There needs to be penalties for rich fuckers who see owning 4-5 properties as investments.
  6. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gender-pay-gap-creates-second-class-citizenship-for-women-for-the-rest-of-their-lives-says-lilly-ledbetter-141823766.html stuff like this being mainstream with no pushback at all is pretty frustrating. While all women are underpaid compared to their white male counterparts, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, gaps not only persist throughout time, they widen based upon race and ethnicity. In analyzing median annual earnings, the Department of Labor found Black women earn roughly 61% of what white men earn. Hispanic women fare even wor
  7. Yeah what a disaster. Got my money's worth at least. 50 hours and beat the game. got to see Keanu Reeves cock
  8. Got the 1st Moderna shot. Not sure I want the 2nd one tbh.
  9. So no one knows where they ranked the Angels?
  10. If anyone is a member, can you let us know where the angels rank? also lol at everyone who shitted on Dipoto. Dude has done a masterful job rebuilding the Mariners.
  11. yea i know I'm talking about the stimulus package overall.. A multitrillion dollar stim isn't just going to be checks for americans.
  12. Biden assembling multitrillion-dollar stimulus plan with checks, unemployment aid https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2021/01/08/biden-stimulus-plan/ this shit is going to be so bloated lmao
  13. Is the printer still on? more stimulus coming? Sounds like Tesla can keep going. The unstoppable meme stock
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