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  1. I could imagine all the long lost libs coming back to this board like bandwagon warrior fans talking smack when Biden wins.
  2. https://reason.com/2020/03/16/the-cdcs-shift-from-vaping-to-covid-19-highlights-the-crucial-differences-between-real-and-metaphorical-epidemics/ https://reason.org/commentary/fda-finally-concedes-theres-no-evidence-linking-vaping-to-covid-19-infections/ https://vaping.org/press-release/stanford-study-finds-no-association-between-exclusive-vaping-positive-covid-19-diagnosis/ they're liars and frauds
  3. What about smoking severely increasing the risk of covid and then studies saying it might actually help prevent/fight covid a few weeks later. Fuckers trying to make me out to be a villain because I vape.
  4. I don't call anyone fags anymore. That reminds me too much of Xbox Live lobby's back in 2005. something like this I do love a good retard every now and then tho
  5. nah all those viewers are like 12 so she had to keep it PG
  6. Did you see AOC on twitch playing among us with some streamers tho? Amassed like 700k viewers.
  7. Ignore his list and watch Anime. Endless quality content. on Netflix alone I recommend Attack on Titan Castlevania Great Pretender Dorohedoro Devilman Crybaby Hunter X Hunter JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Death Note Baki On Amazon Vinland Saga I know you're going to ignore me because "lul anime". It's okay though. Not everyone can be as cultured as me.
  8. Just checked. He created an account in 2013. Also last visited the website on sunday.
  9. how does KC know who halothunder is. That dude hasn't been around for years. So halothunder>KC>??? this mystery needs to be solved
  10. Yea cause proud boys threatening Dems if they don't vote trump, totally makes trump look good. Iran wants nukes. They ain't getting nukes with trump as the pres. Stop being retards u retards
  11. Africans trying to scam people doesn't make bitcoin BS. Africans scam people over everything. billion dollar hedge funds wouldn't be investing in bitcoin if it was a scam
  12. It helps that Bellinger is playing Center Field instead of 1b or RF. His offensive production at CF is far more valuable than it would be if he was playing 1st base. He also plays pretty solid defense out there. I'd probably still take Corey Seager over Bellinger tbh. He's not as streaky.
  13. I don't have anything against young GMs. Front office personnel who have never held the position before is concerning to me, because it seems to indicate that Arte wants guys he can control. Reagins, Dipoto and Eppler were all rookie GM's. If Arte meddling isn't a concern for you, then the point is moot.
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