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  1. something something leveraged longs something something liquidated something whale duppening. could be game over fuck if i know
  2. BTC 50k imminent? I think so
  3. Fuck I just spent $50,000 to install a sauna in my 610 sqft condo. I've been mislead.
  4. What supplements you guys be taking? I been experimenting trying to fix my retarded brain and body. Currently taking.. Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Curcumin, Creatine, CoQ10 and a multivitamin
  5. Do you see Cardano and Solana eating into the Ethereum ecosytem? I sure don't. Then again, I am all in on Ethereum so I'm biased. I guess we'll find out soon enough. I think ada and Solana are good hedges and will definitely continue to pump in this bull market, but if it can't gain any adoption, then it will dump the hardest. You can't ignore Defi and even NFT's right now. I wish I had the capital to invest, but buying a condo took all my disposable income. I'm mainly interested in eventually earning passive income through Defi. Also, if Bitcoin is able to move past 60k and beyond, then your shitcoins like doge and shibu will also see massive pumps.
  6. 50k bitcoin! Edit: Frick no more 50k Edit 2: We're back to 50k! Edit 3: this is a le epic battle for 50k. Maybe i should've waited a little.
  7. For brake pads? That shit takes like a hour max. Google says labor should only cost 125-150.
  8. How much did they charge in labor? Some of these fucking mechanics charge thousands in labor for a few hours of work. I hate them. The one I went to in Aliso Viejo usually services rich people who don't care/know any better. That's probably why they get such great reviews. I now go to a Persian dude in Lake Forest who calls people habibi. He aight. I believe he charged me 500 dollars for new brakes.
  9. rough guestimate. around 2.10 era Before the NY start/after NY start 59 IP 2.58 ERA / 40 IP 1.58 ERA
  10. When I took them, It made it extremely difficult to cum. And I lost a few pounds. And turned me into a zombie. bout it.
  11. I've suffered with anxiety/depression. My mind always enters "fight or flight" mode. I actually took adderall for 2 years everyday which probably fucked my dopamine levels. I also drink a lot of Caffeine and vape, which tends to make things worse. Been experimenting with some supplements recently. L-theanine+Caffiene and L-Tyrosine. I'll report back once I have used them enough.
  12. I enjoyed some of their animated stuff. The last non animated show I watched on Netflix was The Witcher and Ozark, but I binged those in like a week and then go months without watching anything worthwhile. I think I'll be better off subscribing once or twice a year, watching everything I want, and then cancelling. None of them have enough content to sustain throughout the year. They're spread too thin now.
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