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  1. Gotta love the current 14-1 piss-pounding the Angels are giving them right now. As this Diaz kid has been lights out...
  2. So, I'm confused, Given that pitching has been a chronic problem for awhile...did he ask for more at the start of this season? As, I don't think that he did & if so...it's strange coming from the guy who advocated for the Angels to waste 8 million on Quintana. Who, if I remember right...thought he would be their "innings eater". Plus, what's also weird...if he's indeed calling out Perry here (as he should given that he & his staff didn't produce any more/better than Eppler did alone) whose decision was it to let an inexperienced coach (Wise) have the job after Callaway was dismissed?
  3. I believe only Iglesias will be resigned. As I think Bundy's regression, this season from last, will make them leary about Cobb...
  4. Well...let's hope that Criswell can show us something tonight to give us even more reason to be optimistic for the future. That, seemingly, is telling us that we're still a few years away from being competitive...
  5. Sadly, even back in 2014 (despite their spin) the welfare of immigrant children was even less of a concern... https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-build-cages-immigrants/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-obama-administration-children-human-traffickers/
  6. Perhaps a bit high considering any mention of "polls", will likely start him waxing about his love of their sausages. Plus, his advisors are safe since he doesn't know who any of them are...
  7. This is what distresses me the most. Which, I'm sure has been mentioned already, but...given Minasian's staff of supposed "top men" (that Eppler never had) is it not odd that there appears to be no obvious benefit from it this season? I mean, from the Angels current record (and likely finish) one might well think that Eppler was still in charge & find it rather shocking that Perry & his brain-trust have failed to ID/produce better starting/relief free agents/minor league signings given their combined knowledge/experience.
  8. Otherwise known as the Eppler recipe that is rather ironic given his eye for talent at other positions. So, if Minasian doesn't want to get sacked as well...he would be well-served IMO to adopt a Costanza-like "opposite strategy" next season & sign a solid #2 & a #3 to give this team the best chance to succeed/compete/win next season. Not to mention it would help to break their perennial .500 cycle (that has/continues to plague this team) & would certainly/hopefully be a plus when the bats (sadly...more times than not) are at a minus.
  9. Final Scorecard: The Angels signed 19 of the 20 players they drafted (with the lone exception being Texas Christian RHS Marcelo Perez) https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-angels-sign-19-of-20-selections-from-2021-mlb-draft
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