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  1. Yeah, I thought that he should have changed his name to Johnny Faggett or something like that.
  2. The last bobblehead that I got was Hideo Nomo, on a visit to Dodger Stadium to see the Braves. Gave it to my AA, who was a huge Dogs fan. The worst giveaway that I have ever gotten is an Angels air freshener, which was nothing but a round piece of wood with a string on it, with the Angels logo stamped on one side and Nimmo Tire on the other. Whatever scent was on it was gone after about 24 hours.
  3. The guy I always felt bad for when he was introduced was Ethan Faggett, an outfielder who played here when we had the Padres' AAA farm club.
  4. I should have quoted. That was in response to the post about Filipinos.
  5. Saw him play in a game against the Astros at Dodger Stadium in 1975 - the same vacation trip with my parents that brought me to the Big A for the first time. As I recall, he played the outfield that game and made a really nice catch against the wall.
  6. Even though real estate prices are climbing quickly here, I can understand why Angelenos make the move to the desert.
  7. An intriguing choice is the new Epson inkjets that don't use cartridges, just refill with ink bottles.
  8. My Epson all-in-one started throwing hardware error codes and making banging noises inside with every effort to print. One of our IT guys at work advised me to avoid inkjets this time around and go color laser. Some are horribly expensive, and the toner prices are prohibitive. He said that he buys toner from an aftermarket supplier who sells toner for a fraction of the Xerox price, but I also hear that some manufacturers are putting out firmware updates that prohibit their printers from working with aftermarket toner. He said that he paid $249 for his Xerox printer, but that is hardly a bargain if I have to pay $100 each for the toner cartridges. Now what?
  9. This was my first time hearing the new crew, and I have no issue with Waltz. Seems professional, doesn't overdo the homerism, no stupid nicknames for players, so far is tolerating Gubicza.
  10. Knights have made a couple of minor deals. On the surface of it they appear to be trying to get younger. Acquired C Nick Howden from NYR and Nolan Patrick from Philadelphia. Neither cost them much. The most notable player going out was Cody Glass to Philly. Glass was a salary cap casualty, spent most of last season at AHL Henderson.
  11. Suzuki in particular strikes me as dead money because of his age and decline in production. I understand why he was brought in, and a one-year deal was the right option in that case. Everybody wants pitching, and if a team believes that they might be able to fix one of the underperformers, one or more of them may be moving on. Iglesias will probably be the Angels' most coveted trade piece.
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