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  1. At least locally, I see it especially in Hispanic families.
  2. The greatest thing about the photo is that all three of them look like they are living the name.
  3. Soliciting votes at polling places is illegal, and it should remain so. The water isn't the main problem, though.
  4. Amtrak hasn't stopped here for years. If you want to take a train from here, you have to take a bus to California. There is talk of reinstating passenger rail service, but so far it hasn't happened. The Amtrak station used to be at the Plaza Hotel downtown.
  5. Saying that passing out water to people standing in line will result in brawls and voter influencing doesn't make sense.
  6. I have owned three different vehicles that had door lock actuators fail. The hardest one to replace was in a 1984 Lincoln Town car - mainly because I had to piece it together from the old one and the new one, because the extension shaft was the wrong length on the one that I bought from the dealer.
  7. When you need just the right shade of green from the yarn section.
  8. That might be an incentive if I lived somewhere else.
  9. I haven't asked my cousin about this. She lives in Houston, and she and her family are big Longhorns fans. She graduated from Abilene Christian.
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