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  1. If the Dodgers beat the Giants tonight, I will have gotten every post-season prediction wrong. All of them. Wild card games, division series, everything. That is why I don't hang out in sports books. I suck at predictions.
  2. My picks: Wild card Yankees over Red Sox Cardinals over Dodgers (playing the hot hand) ALDS White Sox over Astros Rays over Yankees NLDS Giants over Cardinals Brewers over Braves ALCS Rays over White Sox Giants over Brewers World Series Rays over Giants
  3. You're more optimistic than I am about Atlanta than I am. As a Braves fan since 1966, I am used to first round exits, even when the Braves carried the "best team in baseball" label. Not having Acuna, Jr. hurts. I thought that it would cost them the division, but it didn't.
  4. Fresno blew a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter and lost 27-24 at Hawaii.
  5. How 'bout them IRISH? Oregon also tossed away the Pac-12's shot at the CFP.
  6. We wouldn't be in six teams' "home markets" anymore. As far as Reggie goes, he was part of a group that wanted to buy the A's and move them here probably 15 years ago.
  7. The same thing has been said here about a state lottery. Everybody goes to California to buy Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.
  8. I have been to a couple of games at T-Mobile and it isn't hard. They also have shuttle busses that go from different parts of town (same thing for Allegiant Stadium). The stadium was never going to have a ton of parking around it anyway. There are a couple of parking lots being added nearby that will have stadium shuttles. The tentative plan for the baseball stadium includes an adjacent entertainment district, to include shops and restaurants.
  9. https://ballparkdigest.com/2021/09/22/as-to-narrow-field-of-vegas-sites-after-playoffs-three-sites-cited-by-locals/ One potential big change: in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, A’s president Dave Kaval opened the possibility of the team funding its own mixed-use development in Las Vegas if the best ballpark site is located off the Strip and off the Resort Corridor. This a first: A’s ownership has always looked to some sort of public-private partnership on the ballpark front, but real-estate developers gonna develop, and controlling all portions of a Vegas baseball city may be appealing to John Fisher and crew, a la The Battery and Wrigleyville. That orientation can be seen in the three major site contenders mentioned by local politicos and insiders for a ballpark site. The first is a parcel south of the far end of the Las Vegas strip, south of Mandalay Bay and other recent growth in the area. The second is the Festival Grounds site at Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. The third is the revival of a site once pitched as a Las Vegas Raiders stadium site: the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, located across I-15 from Caesars Palace on Flamingo Road. The site was also mentioned as a potential ballpark site early in the A’s siting process. These three sites represent the views of officials who have met with the A’s; indeed, the A’s may have a totally different view of where they want a ballpark, and results of traffic studies may also change a ballpark site shortlist. Those studies are due in October, fitting within the stance by the A’s to release a shortlist in late October or early November. Perhaps the most striking thing to take away from the Las Vegas politicos: they’ve gone from totally dismissing the possibility of the Athletics moving to Las Vegas and now see it as a inevitability. That may change should Oakland’s stance on the downtown waterfront site changes, but as of now the Vegas locals see it as a matter not of if, but of when.
  10. We are hearing maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves. The purchase agreement with the new owners allows them to move the team. Five years ago we had no hockey team. Now we have two.
  11. According to ESPN, the Athletics are going to make their intentions known regarding relocation to Las Vegas after the end of the World Series. Considering that ownership is going to make at least one more visit here to look at stadium sites...maybe. They are said to prefer a location near the Strip. One site being mentioned more than most is near the Raiders' practice facility. Another is near Las Vegas Motor Speedway north of town off I-15.
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