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  1. Seems that it would be hard to throw them out of a ballpark that they own.
  2. So is Tony Sanchez, after the marvelous job that he did at UNLV. Hard to believe that he didn't duplicate the success that he had at Bishop Gorman. UNLV is kind of the college opposite of Gorman, where he was handed every possible advantage.
  3. More Republican wisdom in their headlong rush to prove that they care about the unborn (after you're born, they don't give a damn about you unless you're a billionaire, but I digress). I'm guessing that the morons who drafted this bill have no idea what an ectopic pregnancy even is. It is potentially life threatening, it cannot result in a birth, but prompt treatment can save the mother's life. It is probably also inconsequential to these idiots that the procedure to comply with the law does not exist in modern medicine. Ohio bill orders doctors to ‘reimplant ectopic pregnancy’ or face 'abortion murder' charges
  4. He was also walked 986 times, compared to Guerrero's 737 - hence my comment about him being pitched around. Other than the years when he played with Bob Horner, he was pretty much it in the Braves' lineup. You can't get a base hit or hit home runs when you're being walked all the time.
  5. Just saw that a couple of minutes ago. I didn't see that coming - although DC Jimmy Lake, who was named head coach, was referred to as Petersen's hand picked successor.
  6. The Angels were near the bottom of baseball in overall contributions by starting pitchers. Blowing a lot of the capital that could be used to address the elephant in the room by being distracted by the shiny new closer seems foolish to me. A closer isn't much good if you're always down by three runs in the late innings.
  7. Look at the jam that the Cubs are in with Craig Kimbrel. All that they can do is hope that he recovers his past form, because they are going to eat the salary whether he pitches for them or not.
  8. There is a big difference between improving your grip on the baseball and tipping your hitters off to exactly what pitch the opposing pitcher is about to deliver.
  9. Damn. Now I have to relearn the entire insult.
  10. You don't have to reach very deep into the bag to find examples of Trump rambling about nothing and making zero sense.
  11. I remember when the Dodgers took another batch of bad contracts off their hands.