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  1. Just got the new Tower of Power album a couple of days ago, just beginning to listen to it. They never cease to amaze me, after 50+ years.
  2. What I have never understood about song that is that it was played by Lynyrd Skynyrd - who are from my home town of Jacksonville, FL, not Alabama.
  3. OPERATION ENDURING CLUSTERFUCK - COVID-19 (PREORDER) $8.00 for preorder, two different colors available. This is the other:
  4. I have no issue with doctors prescribing it, since they will be monitoring their patients. The President of the United States has no business hawking a treatment for anything. Of course, Trump can't accept that he isn't an expert on any topic that you care to bring up (claiming that he knew more about ISIS than the generals did, that he knows as much about COVID-19 as the doctors, etc.).
  5. Pujols, assuming he stays healthy, will put that double-play record in a stratosphere that no one will ever reach. He already has the record, having grounded into 362 double plays; he passed second-place Cal Ripken last year. If Pujols maintains his pace, he is likely to push his total 100 or more double plays above anyone else. Pujols' one unbreakable record - Halos slugger racking up remarkable number of GIDPs
  6. I wish that I could take credit for this creation, but the photo is borrowed.
  7. There are studies that say that it doesn't, so the reviews are mixed.
  8. Funny, Trump seemed to find plenty of time to go golfing and hold rallies during that same time. He never took it seriously until it became clear that it would impact him politically. The money connection with hydrocholoroquinine has become evident. The primary manufacturer is Novartis, who paid Michael Cohen $1.2M for access to Trump.
  9. Hasn't really helped the UK all that much. New Zealand is unique in that they don't have a large influx of international tourists.
  10. Exactly why I am pushing Jose for debate moderator. He will make the most sense of anyone who speaks all night - which is not much.
  11. That was my first thought. He wasn't going to divert it to the people who Trump wanted it to go to, so he removed him.
  12. It makes sense. Once a virus has taken hold, pretty much all that you can do is treat symptoms and wait for the body to fight it off - if it can.
  13. A French study that was just published states that they found no evidence that hydrochloroquinine and azithromycin are effective in severe cases of COVID-19. Opinions seem to be all over the place.