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  1. The Pacific Division of the Western Conference is going to be interesting down the stretch. Vancouver is in first place with 58 points, while four teams (Edmonton, Calgary, Vegas and Arizona) are tied for second with 57 points. A team could conceivably go from first to fifth within a couple of games.
  2. He didn't say anything about Mexican street gangs. Come on.
  3. MLB Network was talking to Derek Jeter today about his selection, and Joe Torre called in. Jeter recalled a day late in spring training in 1996. Jeter said that he forgot to cover second base on a play to the outfield, but the Yankees won the game anyway. He reminisced that Torre said to him without even looking at him, "We're leaving in ten days. You need to pull your head out of your ass."
  4. Of which their Libyan counterparts understood not one word.
  5. If they brought that kind of obligation in, it would be with two years remaining on the Pujols contract, and they are the two biggest years thanks to his backloaded deal ($29M this year and $30M for 2021). Add to that $32M per year for two years of David Price over the same span, and that would be $61-62M in sunk costs for each of the the next two seasons. That is a lot of money to eat. Then Price would still have another year at $32M left on his deal.
  6. Rather puts that in perspective, doesn't it?
  7. They opened on December 16. Five Guys burger chain opening at Plaza Singapura Dec 16
  8. I worked with a woman who decided that she was going to be a hero by "rescuing" her coworkers from a fire - that she set in the ceiling of a women's rest room. She originally got her wish, that people were very appreciative that she reported the fire - until an investigation revealed the truth. This was a large, old building with a lot of wooden floors. I worked on the second floor, and the fire was in the ceiling of a first floor rest room. Had her stunt gone wrong, she could have killed a bunch of us. She was charged with arson, but I never found out what happened to the charges, since she was immediately fired as soon as the investigation results came back. Her husband worked in the same building in a different department.
  9. I would only consider it if Betts agreed to an extension as part of the deal. Even then it might not be worth it. The Red Sox wouldn't take Justin Upton, because they are looking to shed payroll. The "prospects" they are talking about would be major league ready, but at or near league minimum in terms of salary. IMO they are just trying to entice other teams to take David Price, and they are willing to sacrifice a year of Betts in order to get it done. They know that Price alone isn't tempting, especially at that salary. If they found a taker for the contract, they would get very little in return. This would essentially be two top prospects for one year of Betts, and an awful contract in the rotation. The Dodgers have a history of taking on bad Boston contracts. Let them do it.
  10. Indeed. I hit 65 on January 4, so I'm in that category.