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  1. As usual, the Jaguars saved their worst performance of the season for a game when they were the only thing on.
  2. Yes, because he was doing so well. He led the league in interceptions thrown during his five years in Jacksonville with 75, and he also led the league with 13 of those being returned for touchdowns. I suppose that he should count those as touchdown passes. There is a reason that he is third string in Denver.
  3. It would be hard enough to to remember the ones from last season. No offense taken, BTW. If you follow the Jaguars, that is mild compared to some of the other stuff that you hear. Most often, they're moving to London.
  4. Tech had the game won, then coughed up 15 points in two minutes, then lost in OT.
  5. Oklahoma led 35-14 with 2:46 remaining in the third quarter. They now trail 38-35 with 4:32 left.
  6. I highly recommend Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Sauce. Just the right combination of bite and vinegar.
  7. Comes in handy in meetings to know what I have scheduled.
  8. From the article you cited: If reelected, Trump could continue to defer the payroll tax with executive orders. This is the danger. Going on: "Nearly 90% of Social Security's funding comes from payroll contributions, and if Trump terminated payroll contributions, the other funding sources would be insufficient," Benesch wrote in an emailed statement. "By law, Social Security is forbidden from paying benefits if there is not sufficient revenue to cover the cost." Trump has to go. Period. My opinion is that he prefers to fund it from the general fund because it would be easier
  9. I specifically heard him say that he plans to suspend withholding for Social Security, which is where the funding comes from. He can play semantics all that he wants. I don't trust the son of a bitch.
  10. If I'm going out the door for work, car/house keys, chit for work keys, datebook, cell phone, mask. I have to remember to take the cell phone out of my pocket as soon as I get in the car, because it's illegal for me to carry it at work.
  11. I never understood the appeal of the show. I have probably watch a sum total of maybe ten minutes of it.
  12. I pray for that every day. I am due to begin drawing Social Security next March, and Trump has sworn to defund it.
  13. I believe that people who are in the business of selling a product to individuals across a broad spectrum of backgrounds ought to shut the hell up about their personal politics (and yes, I know that Moreno is far from the only one to do this). I will continue to support the team because they are a separate entity, but I have no interest in meeting or speaking to Arte Moreno, ever. Just like the convicted felon who hawks MyPillow, and whose counsel is sought by the man who Moreno loves so much. If they sent me one for free, I would burn the damned thing in the front yard. It will be a cold d
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