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  1. The stupid nicknames for players, the convulsion-like reaction whenever the Yankees win a game, the tiresome it-is-high-it-is-far-it-is-gone home run call, just to begin with.
  2. John Sterling makes me homicidal. I didn't like him when he was on the Braves broadcast crew, and he went beyond annoying to insufferable when he joined the Yankees.
  3. Darth Vader shoveling snow while riding a unicycle and playing flaming bagpipes. Just another day in the neighborhood.
  4. One of the ESPN analysts said New England, because he has a lot of the traits that they look for in a quarterback.
  5. This arrived in my email on Thursday. HSBC BANK PLC LONDON.(REGISTERED NO.1026167). ADDRESS: 8 CANADA SQUARE, CANARY WHARF, LONDON E14 5HQ, UK.Attn: Beneficiary, $21.5 million coming to me, and they don't know my name. We write to inform you that Series of meetings have been held with the Secretary General of United Nations,U.S Department of State, the meeting ended this week. I told the UN to stay out of my business.During the meeting we discovered that you have not receive your long overdue part payment of US$21.5M due to past corrupt Government Officials who almost held
  6. I have gotten a vaccination, and I have no inside contacts at all.
  7. The gun control argument has been obsolete for decades. A handgun or rifle isn't of much use against a government who can bring in armored vehicles or take out your house with a drone strike. Try to use it against the government, and you have just given them open license to level whatever structure that you happen to be holed up in. I also fail to see how giving people health care is controlling them. We are essentially being held hostage by health insurance companies as it is. Take the profit motive out of the insurance business, put in price controls like every other industrialized nati
  8. I have heard similar stories about other managers. They will walk up to the umpire and tell him to toss them to fire up the team, and then they will start yelling about something that has nothing to do with the game.
  9. I do have to call bullshit on anyone following BLM or Antifa closely enough to see them "condoning violence all the time on Twitter". So when and where is the next riot?
  10. I'm sure that they do. I have gotten something out of every interview that I have ever participated in, even when I knew that I had no realistic shot at the position. Victor will be missed. He was a reason to listen to broadcasts, even when the team wasn't good.
  11. I don't find Twitter to be worth my time, so if anything was going on there, I wouldn't notice it. I have an account, but I check it maybe every 60 days or so.
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