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  1. And then there is this happening: I’m pretty sure Governor Ten Ocho stated this would happen pretty soon. Along with wives and girlfriends eating knuckle sandwiches for meals.
  2. My daughter thought he was great also. i laughed hysterically myself.
  3. From early this morning. I know, not a meme, but at least he wasn’t Covid-19 positive.
  4. Was it a Pakistani IRS agent threatening you and telling you not to hang up?
  5. GA would need a cut off man to throw the brick through the front window.
  6. For #5, I picked people getting sick, but that doesn't include just physically sick. I'm getting a little concerned about the mental well being of our society. The isolation, the government control, the curfew's, etc. might start to take it's toll on some people here in the near future and that concerns me. I worry about guys like @ten ocho recon scout on the streets in times like that. When I start having thoughts like that, I just hop over to the political board and read the posts. It straightens me out pretty quickly.
  7. Well I plan to treat myself to a few hand sanitizers and cokes this afternoon.
  8. Like hell I haven’t. He makes an awesome cheesesteak. What this has to do with Come On Eileen, I don’t know.
  9. Toss up between Dexy's Midnight Runners and A-ha, I'd assume
  10. Damn, you’re right Lou. I forgot about the beer nuts and pretzels.
  11. Think of how rich and thin you’ll be, or already are? And in another 30 more days? Baller!!
  12. Aside from our call volume doubling over the last several weeks, nothing much has changed for me. That is going to change dramatically in the next couple weeks. We currently have 13 positive Covid-19 tests and those employees are on quarantine. We now have 71 symptomatic employees who are voluntarily quarantining awaiting test results. I'm fairly certain that, much like post 9/11, the world of pre-hospital care is going to change forever because of this. I find myself not thinking about me, personally, I find myself thinking about all of you. Those of you who are layed off, furloughed, or working from home. I'm concerned for your well being, and I hope and pray that you all pull through this stronger than before. What has helped me? Spending time with my wife and family when I can, but this weekend, my wife and I went to our house in Big Bear just to get away. While the town was a ghost town, we were able to do 2 amazing hikes on the North Shore of the lake, around the Pacific Crest Trail, and take our bikes out and just ride along the lakes edge. On Saturday, we packed a lunch, a bunch of beers, our speaker box for music, and some chairs and just went to the shoreline and watched people fish and observed nature. It was really nice. Whatever you can do to take your mind off this, keep doing it. Take a break from the news and the news conferences, and relax if you can. And like Red321. my hands feel like 60 grit sandpaper also. I've found the GoldBond hand lotion works pretty good, but I'm going to try the Trader Joes one on the recommendation from the poster on page 1.