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  1. This isn’t college football and style points don’t count, but son of a bitch…. Light that bitch up.
  2. I agree. This title is a little unfair to Iglesias. It should read: ”Entire bullpen gives up the lead and the game, while the offense sat idly by and watched it happen.”
  3. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear what they were saying about this club. ”Jesus Christ, the scouts weren’t lying. Their bullpen is a steaming pile of dog sausage.”
  4. The bright side was there wasn’t an inherited runner on base to score for Cishek, thus keeping Cobb in line for a possible win. A possible win
  5. It seems the 11 pitch AB to Polonco has done something to Cobb’s confidence. Or gassed him a bit? Unsure, but he’s been off since that AB
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