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  1. If he gets the job, it should be a smooth transition for you Tdawg from the old regime to the new one.
  2. I wanted an Ex-Angel player to break the Dodgers hearts. That turned out pretty well.
  3. Exactly. Several Dodgers didn’t show up in the series. Another: AJ Pollock. 0-13 with 11 K’s. Now that’s some sucktitude right there
  4. I know you didn’t. That was just joking. In pre-game, the Braves manager said he was going with a couple “gut feelings” in regards to decisions. None worked out and he will be second guessed all off season.
  5. Well hindsight is 20/20. If managing was this easy, Ausmus may have been able to win at least say.....84 games or so
  6. Things starting to get chippy in the game. Flaherty gets plunked in the 5th then Flaherty plunks Acuna Jr. in the bottom half of the inning. May need to stay tuned just for this drama
  7. So did my father. Apparently he’s a f*cking racist. At least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe from this thread.
  8. The worlds greatest fans must be pretty happy today. As I’m sure Albert is also.
  9. 5-0 St Louis in the 1st. Maybe the Braves should just bring back the foam tomahawks
  10. Cards up 2-0 with the base loaded and ready to break it open already
  11. Maybe Porn is in your future, TG. Just Sayin
  12. Dammit. I just saw this after I submitted.