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  1. Dear opposing coaches: Fuck your shift against Ohtani. The guy can hit opposite field. Fools. Sincerely, AW
  2. Some day, the Angels are going to be on the receiving end of the right call. God damn, that stunk. Again
  3. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Peter. Peter Goesinyou”
  4. “Hi, are you into fitness?” ”Try fitten this in your mouth.” Duck and prepare for immediate slap.
  5. Not sure if this was covered in the 7 pages earlier or yesterday, but it has to be a pretty awesome feeling for Vladdy, Bichette, and Biggio that their kids not only made it to the bigs, but are playing together. That has to be such an awesome feeling for their dads. I know how proud I’d be if my son ever made it to the show.
  6. The over/under on this thread is 30 pages before the season is done.
  7. Come on Angels. Let’s score a run or two so we can test the “save situation” vs the “non save situation” theory for Iglesias.
  8. Boy our opponents sure make a lot of web gems against the Angels. Why can’t everyone catch like Adam Eaton?
  9. I really want Griffin Canning to be good, and I root like hell for the kid but it seems he’s just the equivalent of a right handed Andrew Heaney so far in his short career.
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