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  1. Sounds like Spencer Rattler, Oklahoma’s former starting QB and pre-season Heisman Favorite is now about ready to hit the Transfer Portal. Its a crazy fall for him. But for Oklahoma, just plug in another 5 star QB recruit and get back to business, I suppose.
  2. I highly doubt Mary Hart’s husband remembers what he had for breakfast, let alone what the final score was. He looks like he’s 5 days older than Christ’s sandals.
  3. Boy that was an impressive win tonight for the Braves. I didn’t give them much of a chance after last nights game. The way the Dodgers won that game last night may have crushed a lot of other teams. The Braves won a bullpen game against what some would call the Dodgers ace, and that makes it even more impressive. With Fried going tomorrow, they have a chance to end it.
  4. Among many of the obvious differences between these two teams and the Angels, the one glaring difference I see is both of these teams ability to beat the shift and hit to the opposite field. Both of these teams are very proficient at it. It pretty awesome to see. There IS one Dodger who can’t seem to do it though.
  5. Walk, intentional walk, HBP and a bleeder by Chris Taylor. 4-2 Dogs. Not clutch pitching by the Braves pen.
  6. Freddie Freeman can’t hit his ass with both hands right now. 0-7 with 7 whiffs. Yikes
  7. Red Sox go up 8-0 with their 2nd grand slam of the game. First time in post season history a team has hit 2 grand slams in a game. Oh yeah…it’s only the 2nd inning. Suck it Astros.
  8. Ah yes….they’ve finally identified what the problem has been the past few seasons. It’s been Jose all along. Well thank God they finally cut bait with him. I hope he left for a bigger, better position elsewhere.
  9. I thought I was going to see this when I opened this thread, after we took down the Golden Knights last night. But the 2002 Angels team was good also.
  10. That’s usually what bench warmers do. Reggie Willits was a master conversationalist.
  11. Probably a lot of San Gabriel Valley people on this forum. Also, Puente Hills Theater was the premiere place back in the day to watch a movie, then go drink a few beers across the street at Schabarum Park and bang your girlfriend. Not necessarily in that order.
  12. Same here buddy. Visionquest was the standard for all wrestlers. I must have made my girlfriend (now my wife) see that movie like 5 times at Puente Hills mall. Madonna was hot as hell back then, but for some reason I had the hots for Linda Fiorentino. Something sexy about her.
  13. Went to bed in a Tool t shirt and woke up Sober.
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