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  1. Why don’t the Dodgers just do what the University of Central Florida did and just hang a mythical National Championship Banner (in this case a World Series banner) like they did in 2017, even though we all know Alabama won it that year? Dodger fans and the LA City Council are already claiming it so they might as well fly the banner.
  2. But I overheard’s Mike Trout and......HGH????.....let me blast this out on Instagram, I’ll break the news.....DO YOU KNOW WHO MY DAD IS??? And to think, a poster lost his shit because this got pulled yesterday.
  3. That’s not a swim party Lou. That’s a Slip N’ Slide party. Completely different crowd than Dtwncbad’s community pool
  4. Can the next AW swim party be held at your community pool Dtwncbad? Please?
  5. Dude I’d tread lightly calling out a tenured poster and a reporter who covers the Angels for a living. I’m sure if there were teeth to the story, it would have already been reported, and not by some slack jawed son of a mediocre ball player. of course that’s my opinion
  6. I found a pic from Alberts birthday last year. Happy Birthday Albert
  7. Not only does that sound like Sosh, it sounds like a catcher in general. How AJ Hinch missed the memo, I don’t know. Besides a pitcher, stealing signs pisses a catcher off nearly as much.