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  1. Subjected myself to my bimonthly Roger Lodge torture and some guy called in asking about if we’ll keep Raisel Iglesias to which Roger replied that Arte and Perry know he’s the best reliever in the league so there’s no chance that they let him walk and another guy who kept talking about how crappy all of our big free agent position player signings have been and one name he kept mentioning before being told by Roger that he never signed with the Angels was Juan Encarnacion
  2. I still wouldn't call what happened a rebuild, but even if that's what you want to call it, how the hell can you consider it "completed" when the MLB team is no better than when it started, and the team still has multiple holes that are going to require a lot of offseason turnover?
  3. I have no idea if Minasian will be a good GM or better than Eppler, it's way too early, all I know is the fact that Cobb and Iglesias were better than any of Eppler's relievers or starters gives me reason to be much more confident in the organization's pro scouting ability than before
  4. So the reason they didn't have players other team's coveted isn't because they were rebuilding, got it. and I mean you've been a prick in countless threads defending him so...
  5. The guy who had 5 years to acquire a pitcher that could provide something more than 11 good starts of Dylan Bundy
  6. You're going to dislocate your shoulders with all the reaching you're doing in here. The rebuilding Orioles didn't have players other teams coveted, oh wait, except they sold Machado, Schoop, Gausman, and Britton. Same for the Tigers, no, wait, they sold Upton, Kinsler, Verlander, JD Martinez, and Wilson. I get that you still love Eppler but the statements you're making to defend him are completely detached from reality and bordering on delusion
  7. This is a sign that they didn't try hard enough to win, not that of a rebuild. You conveniently left out the fact that the Angels never sold in the offseason or traded anyone who wasn't a rental, something any rebuilding team would do.
  8. you don't build your team exclusively through free agency/trades but in one offseason Minasian acquired a better starter and reliever than Eppler acquired over his entire tenure (not counting Ohtani as he was a prospect). Just proves how shitty Eppler was at his job as far as I'm concerned
  9. Well it was clear the goal was to compete and Eppler had 5 cracks at it and failed to do so every time, so I just don't see how you can say it didn't make sense, maybe you don't agree that it was deserving but no ownership who's intent on competing is going to keep someone around for that long who failed that many times. If we had a winning record in 2020, I'm pretty sure he would've stuck around.
  10. You can tell yourself this all you want, it's never going to be true
  11. What team that's trying to win (not committed to a rebuild) keeps their GM after 5 losing seasons?
  12. I remember when Rendon signed he said a big reason he did was because Arte said we weren't stopping with just him, more pieces would be coming along with him. Who have we gotten since then who's actually been good? Iglesias?
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