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  1. Adell is doing ok against MLB pitchers the last few days. Extra base hits against Ohtani, Bundy, and Middleton. A few strikeouts, too, though.
  2. This still doesn't seem real, but... Andriese and Barria or Suarez. Pena and Peters probably figure in to the mix, too. Rotations aren't what they used to be. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. There's a 2.3% chance of a 7.5 or greater earthquake on the San Andreas in the next 12 months. We should evacuate CA.
  4. Didnt we do this already? And the virus didnt go away? What the fuck is the plan here? Businesses... in order to be open... spent time and money becoming compliant.... only to be shut down again.
  5. Same. Haven't been many places. Mainly to pick up food to go.
  6. It is crazy to think the season.... hopefully.... will start next week. What a crazy four months
  7. What if we just call everything we a do a protest? Will that stop the spread?
  8. That is a strange reaction. I expected more strange reactions, though.
  9. I hope the A's don't pipe in that band noise. They probably will.
  10. Schedule strength over 60 games based simply on last years records is kinda silly. 2021 schedule comes out on Thursday.
  11. I'm just glad you spelled it "Jo". Fox Sports West screwed it up on a recent show.