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  1. Does Maddon? Pujols was batting seventh in the original lineup. Maybe. I may have started Rojas
  2. The Royals only have one lefty reliever, I think. According to our broadcast team, that was the case on Monday. Albert Pujols should not be batting fourth. Despite injuries. Despite lefty righty stuff. Despite the fact he had a good game. Sheesh...he even came into the game with poor results against Duffy. 4 for 24 with a home run. I love Joe Maddon, but yikes.
  3. I've streamed a lot more recently... MLB TV... and have had no quality issues. The issue before was with ESPN3.
  4. Apparently. I still don't get it. Walsh is a better hitter. Against rhp. Against lhp. Against people that throw with their feet. That's why Pujols was originally hitting lower, I'm guessing. I want the better hitter higher in the order. It's not like there would've been consecutive lefties
  5. Unfortunate ending. Angels had their chances, though. I still can't fathom why Pujols was moved to 4th in the order, before Walsh.... but Pujols had a nice game. Nuts, squirrels, and lineup continuity... oh, my.
  6. The "woo" nonsense that has seemingly spread to every ballpark.
  7. Remember, in 2018, when Ohtani missed all that time after he decided he'd have Tommy John surgery? Neither do I.
  8. Crazy thing is, they still lead in third order wins. http://claydavenport.com/stats/standings.html Small sample sizes lead to such craziness.
  9. I'm going with colon cancer, but watch out for cerebral hemorrhage or vaccine reaction.
  10. Sucks for him. Doesn't suck for the Angels. Ward or Schebler should at least be equal, but probably better. Pujols is not going to play much in the long run.
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