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  1. The Austin Warren family reaction the other night was awesome. I love that stuff. Hopefully, Savala had some people there.
  2. Zeba Savala of the White Sox entered today with three hits in his career in 26 plate appearances. Two doubles. He hit his first home run today. Then, his second (a grand slam). Then, his third. There was another hit in there. Baseball is silly sometimes. And/or great. A night he and everyone he knows will never forget. Hopefully, he didn't/doesn't piss off old man LaRussa.
  3. These games have been snooze fests. I kinda want to attend Detmers' debut, but between the offense... and the weather... I dunno
  4. I like when Mota talks about Matt Thighs. And when Gubicza talks about Matt Weiss. He's even said the word "wise" in the same sentence.
  5. Nothing is gonna move the needle, long term. Yeah, they got Sandoval for Maldonado, but that is a rare find.
  6. This guy is amazing. I really wish Mike Trout was hitting behind him. I think lineup protection is overblown at times, but Trout vs Gosselin. Are you kidding me.... there has to be an effect
  7. Couldn't happen to a more eloquent person. Oh, wait. Reverse that. Turn it upside down. I'm rooting for the Padres, but that guy ... oof
  8. Bundy .... sheesh. These pitchers seem serviceable, then poof... they are horrible. Teheran, Harvey, Barria, Pena, Mayers. Lots of others. I blame Maddon, Minasian, and Wise (not really)
  9. Hopefully after he hits into a double play against the Angels.
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