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  1. I don't need the same crew for every game. I'd rather hear Vasgersian half of the time than not at all.
  2. I'm glad the Angels have never worn those bizarre baby blue head to toe monstrosities that became the norm decades ago and have seen an unfortunate resurgence in popularity.
  3. The problem is they haven't drafted well or developed much pitching. It's looking more promising, but you have to develop your own cheap talent.
  4. And he makes far less than the two you'd get. And he generates far more revenue than the two you'd get.
  5. I don't think that's the case. I think Arte values a certain type of person. Nevermind that, though. He gave a seven year deal to a position player. He balked at nine for a pitcher. Makes sense to me. Plus that pitcher wanted to go elsewhere. Top starting pitchers don't hit the market as often. Just look at the upcoming free agents this year. There's more impact shortstops available than starting pitchers. The Angels need to develop their own pitching. That has been the biggest problem over the last several years. I think they are on the right track now.
  6. Just Trout and Rendon could make a huge difference. As big as any pair in the league, especially when you consider who actually replaced them. Enough to make the postseason? Nah... but get improvement anywhere else... defense... outfield... pitching. .. and it could easily be enough
  7. Maybe he just doesn't like Aunt Chilada's.
  8. Seems like other factors are involved. First off.... there was no way he was gonna stay that hot
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