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  1. Are the ads viewable and free, too? Those programs are at least half ads. And they are too large.
  2. Fuck bright sides. With all due respect.
  3. My schedule is very hectic these days... Trying to sleep through the night, waking up at 10:30, six mile walks, supporting small businesses, mid-day naps (I was actually asleep during your first one).... but i'll try
  4. It's ok, everyone can play poker online. .. Everyone in Nevada, New Jersey, ?
  5. I have no faith in Barria being a #5, #6, or #10 starter. Said that before the when I realized he was gonna be pitching
  6. Pee Wee Reese definitely shouldn't have his number retired by the Angels.
  7. I wonder what number Jo Adell will end up wearing. Doubt he sticks with what he's wearing now. He's usually been in the 20's.