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  1. Some teams in Florida are selling tickets. This is strange considering the Coyotes have had fans... but its different. People will travel from many other places for spring training. MLB isn't going to delay the season. Arizona's case numbers are declining. Like everywhere else. It was a request... not a demand.
  2. It's been an hour or so Has Brantley signed with a third team yet?
  3. Someone reported on Twitter Luis Castillo going to the Yankees is a done deal. Someone on Twitter bitch slapped that report. One has a checkmark. One doesn't. I've heard of both. Twitter is so cool.
  4. I can't decide if I want to punch such people, laugh until i pee, or ignore it all. I'm currently failing to do any of those, but I did have a chuckle.
  5. Hopefully, the bidet is in working order.
  6. Mac Jones is a peasant. Sarah Fuller, American hero, got invited to the inauguration.
  7. Other than the similar contract, I dont see the Kluber/Harvey comparison.
  8. Clown wants a military send off. Oy vey.
  9. Apparently, smokers in New Jersey are among the chosen ones that can get a vaccine. Smoking and being a criminal might benefit some.
  10. I've always thought Jose Mota and Jesse Jackson would be an entertaining combo. Three man booths are cool now... Add Brockmire. With all due respect to Ron Burgundy and Snoop.
  11. Salt Lake had a good announcer a few years ago. I think he filled in on radio. Is he still around?
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