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  1. Overpaying is a bad strategy. Especially when you are coming off a 90 loss season
  2. I wish the Angels would draft and develop someone that becomes a really good pitcher.
  3. Missed this in all the chaos of the week Oy vey.
  4. I like how Sunshine doesnt stick to the default font.
  5. There was a post on an MMA? message board in 2014 claiming something similar If someone has an exemption it shouldn't be public knowledge. People run their mouths though. They player with the exemption. The one person they told. I dont get why Trevor Bauer was running his mouth and backtracking. Seems like a guy that shouldn't be trusted.
  6. Damn. Barely-an-Orioles-pitcher-guy getting involved. Does he have enough dirt in his spikes to do that? This is far from over. I do notice that it is mostly pitchers talking crap
  7. Three guys... extremely small sample sizes of batting average. Doesn't mean much, if anything. I'm curious to look into it more, but these cherry picked numbers are overstating the impact of any cheating. I get it. The Astros deserve all of this scrutiny. Altuve's pleading to not rip his jersey and his immediate trip to the dugout look incredibly suspicious. I'm not a fan of Alex Bregman, but he was a top college player, high school player, etc. It's not like he is a complete fraud. He's not Brandon Wood with the help of knowing some pitches that were coming. This is all crazy. MLB needs to implement some changes beyond the punishments they are handing out. The players, managers, and coaches speaking out now, should have spoken up earlier. It's all so reminiscent of the "steroid era"
  8. This is great. They mentioned he could hit the next day after a minor league rehab start. What if the 66ers play one of those wacky 11am games? Could he throw a couple innings and be available to hit for the Angels later that day? I doubt it. Sounds like it's based on days like all IL stints, rehab limits. Even if it's possible, I don't see the Angels doing it, but kinda wild to think about.
  9. I bet we see some extracurricular activities between the lines this season that are related to all this. I cant keep up with all the whistleblowing and twitter beefing
  10. Was Aubrey Huff hacked or is he really this wacky?
  11. So weird. 30 years ago. Now that people take this seriously, you say something. For what?