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  1. I'm only cool with letting Rengifo, Barreto, and Jones fight for 2B if the Angels make significant moves (more than one) elsewhere. Presumably, that means pitching. Realmuto wouldn't be bad either. While I think Ohtani will have a better year offensively... and maybe Upton... offensive production from the catching spot could take a huge hit.
  2. Those are good lists. Especially if you are focusing on results. Harvey and Cahill were weird to me, though. Teheran, too. I didn't expect much from any of them, but they were all horrible. Cahill pitched this year how I expected him to pitch last year. Harvey was even worse than last year. We'll see about Teheran.... he'll get a chance somewhere else. You just can't predict some things. These are human beings. The people making the decisions and the people throwing, catching, and trying to hit the baseball.
  3. Nobody ever jokes on the internet. Nobody ever says outrageous things either.
  4. If someone said such things, they were clearly joking or in need of professional assistance.
  5. Ten years is a long time. How long should Arte wait?
  6. Didn't someone list a bunch of 2016 picks that are already contributing? The Dodgers had a few.... granted they were at the top of the list. If I'm Arte I want to see progress other than moving from the bottom to the middle of the prospect rankings. Over five years? That's not going to save your job in many places.
  7. Yeah, I can't see many turning it down. Probably the Dodgers GM. The Yankees GM. Likely several more current GMs. Non current MLB GMs, though? hahahahaha. Maybe a couple. Like Trump and Biden. Bill Gates.
  8. I agree it was tough, but five losing seasons. The farm system is still questionable. Lots of failed pitching acquisitions. He got Ohtani. Which I give him credit for... and there hasn't been good luck with him. He got Rendon. He re-signed Trout. Which I give him credit for. I also think that narrative has already gone too far. Would Trout really turn down that much guaranteed if the GM was... anyone else? Maybe an extreme situation. Eppler got some things done. He was also able to spend some money. It's not like he was in Baltimore for three years. You can't expect Ar
  9. It's hard to believe Jesse Chavez is still in MLB (that might end soon, though). He somehow managed a good year since his time with the Angels.
  10. I think Mike Trout's decline is why the Angels have declined since 2009.
  11. I like how no men were considered. Just like for Biden's VP. Seems like a good approach. Maybe the Angels should do the same with their GM opening
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