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  1. I have little doubt that they acknowledge the risk here, pretty silly to think they don't. However, teams like the Padres have little choice here. If they wait too long, the player may decide to wait it out and test FA which almost ensures they sign elsewhere.
  2. Gone are the days of a little bit of foreplay to set the mood.....what are we becoming? Honestly though, there is unlikely a way for the team to know until people come out and say something. You can't just say it's common knowledge. Looking at the Mets or Angels in a different light based off of the report is unreasonable.
  3. I would like to see Dombrowski as president and Billy Owens put in as GM. LaRussa and Dombrowski have a pretty close relationship. Pretty obvious a birdie is likely in the ear of Arte
  4. They should be tarping the seats and selling advertisement instead to bring in some more revenue like they did overseas
  5. The Double Dry Hop really brings out the hops more and while still piney, it is well balanced. I dont find Elder sweet unless you are drinking a three week old bottle but who would do such a crazy thing?
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