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  1. They should be tarping the seats and selling advertisement instead to bring in some more revenue like they did overseas
  2. The Double Dry Hop really brings out the hops more and while still piney, it is well balanced. I dont find Elder sweet unless you are drinking a three week old bottle but who would do such a crazy thing?
  3. Yeah you are right, 4 Sons, Riip, Green Cheek, Bottle Logic, Artifex, Bruery, Brewery X, Beachwood, Chapman Crafted, Pizza Port SC........yep only 5-7 are any good. You may want to stick to talking about baseball.
  4. You missed the humor? Nah man, I am always in for spring training. Always got to do tiki drinks and Arizona Wilderness. By the way, for the game on the 6th we have Section 106 Row G Seats 3-8.
  5. I'm out...... Tailgate before hand? Thinking of preordering some BBQ from Little Miss BBQ.
  6. Isn't Reamulto a free agent the same offseason as Trout? While he isnt Trout, I would venture to guess the Phillies will be looking to extend him. Afterall, they gave up a decent haul for him in the first place. Who knows what happens between now and then.
  7. We shall see. Those who say Dipoto was irreplaceable are hilarious though.
  8. Nobody can make this offense be consistent. Still shocking someone hasn't jumped the shark and attacked Baylor though.
  9. We shall see. I wouldnt have given up the haul they did when SS wasnt exactly a position of need.
  10. Toronto isnt a playoff team as of today. I will be more worried about them if they get pitching. Tulo comes at a risk and I question how much of a game changer he is compared to Reyes at this point in the season. No doubt he is an upgrade but not sure how much he will truly affect the standings.
  11. I wouldnt say Reyes is a bad contract and Tulo has much more time and money on his deal. Is he better? Of course, but how much better does he make them the rest of this season? Reyes hasnt been a slouch. Of course the Jays probably are not done.
  12. Too early to say that the Rocks got fleeced. I doubt they are keeping Reyes. Reyes to the Bucs could make some sense