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  1. Shohei with the SV...He deserves one to add to his already rare stats.
  2. Are we adding Maddon's stupid head to the bad mountain yet? Gonna need a bigger mountain!
  3. Celebrating Bunker hill or Paul Revere in Boston with the camo hats or some shit?? They actually look pretty good!! Canning providing the fireworks.
  4. The guy would of had more playing time in a limited role with the Halos, If he had just accepted it. Aint no one signing him and giving him significant playing time. At least not at this point....A injury somewhere in the bigs could open a door for him...Maybe
  5. Not bad for a bullpen catcher!! And 22 million...ill take it!
  6. For me RP, the pen is the most important facet of a successful team. Its like good defense or good fundamentals its a necessity Im old school ...catch the ball ..limit BBs...hit with RISP The game may have passed me by... But how many games are won or lost in the later innings....espessially for the Angels. I understand that its a crap shoot with RP pitchers these days, but what I dont understand is how GMs neglect to address this issue every year
  7. His comments may have a grain of veracity to them, but by no means does it make this staff a good one. Last in ERA in the bigs is more than just bad luck. I may be old school, but you need good pitching to compete JOE!!
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