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  1. Yes! And, I have no idea.
  2. Ehh...For me the gold standard will always be Vin Scully so everyone else pales in comparison. Ya Ya I know Doyers...but the man was a brilliant announcer! Chick Hearn for the Lakers back in day was brilliant as well!
  3. Lol..Yeah Balboa wasn't the most articulate guy. Funny fact and maybe u know this already. Stallone still has and keeps as pets the turtles from Rocky.
  4. You're right and that's my bad!! I should of known better bc Rocky 3 is my favorite after the original. That whole running on the beach thing and finally winning!
  5. I don't think this sentiment applies in the booth...on the bench YES!! I mean u gotta call the game. But I get it man! Great outing for the kid!!
  6. Why would u assume I don't get it? I understand the bigger picture, but I would like our GM to address the immediate needs of the team that matters right now before he delves into this mess
  7. The organization should do everything possible to optimize the potential talent with these guys. But to what degree?? I mean do they have to be treated like Drago in Rocky 3... Scientists..nutrionists.psychologists.etc I mean where does it end? Do u want to pay $500 dollars for a shitty seat to go and see a game. I lived off top ramen and pork and beans at points in my early 20's and was strong as a ox.
  8. Perry assemble a good bullpen and then turn your attention and energy towards the abject poverty in our minor league system..maybe in the off season? Thanks!
  9. Wasn't your post...u didn't win this time. Try again next time! Lol.
  10. This is interesting...it's not that I have sympathy because I lived the same way or worse from time to time when I was young. And had a blast!! But it does sound detrimental to a individual that you want to develop.
  11. I agree that anything that is counterproductive to the development of these organizational investments and assets is probably not wise. Hate to make these guys sound like objects , but that's exactly what they are to the organization. That's just life man. It just all sounds kinda soft to me...Im sure these guys are not living in abject poverty. If they don't like it I will trade with them.
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