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  1. All I digested was white lasagna...its delicious! And if u don't mind me asking how are u aware of white lasagna?? It's kinda of a REAL Italian specialty! Or maybe I've just been away from the family too long.
  2. Andrelton Simmons...even after last nights game.
  3. So Heaney hopped on the "wagon" after Skaggs death??? I will say this pitchers can probably get away with a lot more shenanigans than a every day position player when it comes to partying.
  4. I hate to see the organization settle with the family if there was no culpability...We don't necessarily know that yet. But if it goes to court and Angel lawyers have to get down and dirty regarding the family how is this going to look to Trout, Heaney and the rest of the team. I'm thinking not good...Skaggs was their friend
  5. Both of these posts are fair points, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. So what's the answer?
  6. We need Rendon along with pitching to be a LEGIT contender! So let me dream a little. 1.Fletcher, 2B 2. Trout, CF 3.Ohtani, DH 4.Rendon, 3B 5.Calhoun, RF 6.La Stella/Pujols 1B 7.Simmons, SS 8.Catcher (don't even care who if we get Rendon) 9.Goodwin/Adell, LF Renigfo UTL... Upton traded and salary freed up...said I was dreaming!
  7. I don't see a case, but I'm sure there is one. I guess I should withhold a opinion until more details are known but unless the employee in question held Skaggs down and forced a deadly dose of fent on him then forced him to chase it with alcohol how about some personal responsibility. Now is it possible the employee supplied him with oxy and neither they or Skaggs knew it was laced with Fent...Yes its possible! The employee should be held accountable for his part and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law if he broke the law. But now were talking about future earnings
  8. Ah hell, this franchise is teetering on the brink of ineptitude with every game now!
  9. Are you implying that he was using alcohol, oxy and FENT to deal with pain from injuries? If so, that's not a very resposible or professional way to go about it.
  10. I'm not judging Tyler by any means nor do I think this situation in a vacuum makes him a bad person,but I don't understand a lot of the sympathy towards him either. On the surface this looks pretty bad first night of a road trip in a big party city dressed like a cowboy and drinking heavily while taking pain medication,whether it was for recreational use or pain management. If he was legitimately dealing with pain than he wasn't dealing with it in a responsible or professional manner with the alcohol. Also I feal for his family but if they're looking for someone to blame or to p
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