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  1. Shohei's interpreter needs to start multi tasking... Translate..great!! Stepping in front of rogue foul balls and taking it in the face...even better!
  2. This post sums up Minasian's trade deadline moves!!
  3. Maybe it's Arte?? You're right this organization has been in a position to liquidate for several years now..Rightfully so but our GM's don't pull the trigger. I'm not talking about a complete rebuild...but I think there has been opportunity to improve the overall success of this team via trades at the deadline that have been missed....No im not naming them. So maybe it's Arte....selling hurts his bottom line for the immediate year. Just speculation,but Arte may be concerned about the dime over the dollar
  4. We absolutely need him next year. A extension has to be the reason for not dealing him. If Minasian loses him to FA than he really screwed the pooch on this
  5. D alright C- because we're not privy to what's really going on within the organization. It was underwhelming to say the least. I hope a few of these arms he acquired work out. I just expect a little more creativity or "balls" from a GM...I had the same opinion of Eppler.... This trade deadline has really got me suspicious of Arte.
  6. Yeah, he may be stoked to be playing for the Yanks or shiting his pants.
  7. Yeah, I mean can't Maddon just utilize Cishek better. Like don't bring him in with runners on base. I know this is problematic for a RP but Cishek could still have a role as a 6 or 7 guy out of the pen.
  8. This is a big league get!! Wish the Halos rolled like this
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