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  1. It's funny, they asked him what he thought of Mike Fiers coming forward and his response was (paraphrasing) "It's unfortunate he broke our clubhouse rule." Every single player on that team knew they were cheating and was fine with it, with the exception of Fiers.
  2. I really wouldn't get too excited over some cage swings by Marsh. The kid has always had impressive raw power, or at least since he was 17 anyway. The difference for him has always been game power. A big part of Brandon's game has always been strike zone discernment and pitch recognition, which all comes under the umbrella term, plate discipline. That space had been conducive toward driving the ball back up there middle but it very rarely includes being aggressive and unloading on a pitch. Matt Thaiss went through a similar journey after he was drafted, but he's definitely turned a corner in that department. And I think that's what we'll see from Marsh. This year he'll show an increased ability to turn in a pitch and focus more on driving the ball. This approach, along with the ball AAA is using, the hitting environment in Salt Lake, and the advanced pitching he'll see will lead to more strikeouts, and more HR's. If Marsh stays in AAA the whole year, I think he'd hit 30+ HR's, which is a pretty aggressive prediction. But I don't think that'll happen. I think Marsh is up in July and doesn't go back down.
  3. International presence as well. The Angels are getting a lot better, but the Dodgers are pretty unrivaled in that aspect.
  4. It would just be awesome if Callaway worked his magic and turned... - Bundy into a mid rotation starter z convincing him to live off his sinker and slider. - Teheran into a sustained #3/4 starter, where he isn't reliant upon batted ball luck. Again, sinker and sliders. - Canning and Sandoval into young mid rotation starters, using their velocity and attacking the inner half of the plate.
  5. Yeah I'll give you Ryu. I mean I would've invested 4/80 in him, but can't deny the existence of those red flags. Gibson is more than a fifth starter and we'll see that come to fruition in Texas. Pineda is healthy and has been for a stretch now, and when he's healthy, he's had stretch runs off absolute dominance. Twins got him back cheap. And the funny thing about those geographical preferences, they don't mean jack squat if you offer more money. If money is equal, does Cole pick NY? Doubtful. I know he said championships but that's just playing to the crowd. Corbina and Wheeler are on Eppler, not on some notion that they don't like Southern California. The one I won't pin on Eppler is Charlie Morton though. The only two clubs he'd play for were the Braves and Rays and he stuck to that. But then again, sometimes losing out isn't all bad. Eovaldi comes immediately to mind.
  6. Oh please. No one, and I mean NO ONE at this point blames Eppler for Cole or Strasburg. Kluber neither. But you've completely missed on Wheeler, Ryu, Gibson, Pineda, and even Corbin from last year. You use the logic that Ryu's own team didn't want him back, except that logic is so backward and flawed that if it were even remotely true, no player would EVER change teams. Free Agency wouldn't even exist.
  7. I think you can separate the AL into four groups. Not contending. Maybe contending, probably contending and shoe in for the playoffs. Not contending: SEA, KC, BAL, DET Maybe contending: LAA, CLE, CWS, BOS, TEX Probably contending: OAK, HOU, TB Shoe in: NY, MIN Since 5 teams are going to make it into the playoffs, and 5 teams fall into the shoe in and probably contending category, it's a pretty strong get that those are your 5 playoff teams. Surprises do happen. Maybe one per year at the most, like the Red Sox not being very good in 2019. So there may be a surprise in store for 2020, but even if there is, whose to say it'll be the Angels? Why not the Indians? Great pitching, Jose Ramirez rediscovered his stroke, they're getting Zimmer back. No team has improved more than the White Sox, and they've got a great young core of players. Boston played like crap and still won 84 games. With neutral performances they can be right there at 90. Texas got some pitching and they're getting Gallo back. And the Angels? They're healthy, they brought in Rendon and they got some back end starters, so maybe. I'm not confident saying the Angels will make the playoffs. Not at all. Will be be better than .500? Yeah, I'm confident there. But the difference between 81 wins and 90 wins is pretty significant. If they bring in a Jon Gray to, sure, I see 90+ wins, especially if Ohtani is as good as I think he will be.
  8. He's got insane bat speed, and his exit velocities are probably very high for a middle infielder. But the load.... Just because it works for Javy Baez and Bo Bichette doesn't mean it works for everyone. More often than not, that approach doesn't work. I have to admit, it worked in the Pioneer League, but with the exception of AAA to MLB, that jump from Rookie Ball to A Ball might be the most difficult to navigate.
  9. Unless Bundy, Canning or Sandoval have a huge breakout and emerge as mid rotation starters AND Ohtani is healthy and pitches like an ace AND Andrew Heaney is healthy and effective next year AND the rest of the staff stays healthy, there's no freakin way Billy Eppler has done enough in pitching. Not even close. But I still don't see him adding any pitching. The reason being is that Billy waited out the FA market and was left with his dick in his hands, and now other teams are asking for the moon and stars in return for their pitchers and there's nothing to suggest prices will suddenly fall. So Billy either acts in desperation and pays more than a pitcher is worth and depletes the farm, or he has to sit tight and hope another opportunity arises. So far, he hasn't overpaid, so I don't think he will act in desperation. But without another move, it's unlikely the Angels are a playoff team, or even that competitive of a team, beyond getting over that .500 hump. And that might cost Eppler his job, and rightly so. However, I do think they're is still some opportunity to improve out there. Jon Gray or German Marquez in Colorado, or Jon Lester or Jose Quintana in Chicago, or Chris Archer in Pittsburgh. But I don't think Eppler will make a deal, preferring Sandoval and Andriese as the sixth starter over a veteran starter, which pages Canning into that role.
  10. Which proves my point. Cleveland doesn't care about prospect rankings, they care about their own analysis, in scouting or metrics. They like Brandon Marsh enough to ask for him and more in return for Corey Kluber. I know you have this narrative that many of us, myself included have been down on Eppler, but no one faults Billy for passing on that deal. It doesn't really matter how good Cleveland thinks that reliever is, Marsh can impact the game every single day in any number of ways, via getting in base, power, speed, or defense, all of which he's strong at. I believe Marsh is inherently more valuable that the reliever Texas traded. It would've been insane to give up Marsh in that deal.
  11. I was just called a silly goose. If this were the 90's, those would be fighting words. Like jive turkey in the 70's.
  12. Cleveland showed that they didn't really focus on that in the Kluber deal. A very light return, unless you. Consider that one reliever to be elite.
  13. Probably not. It's getting pretty late in the off-season.
  14. Solid research. I'd also as that I think FG is closer on Ohtani as well, though I think every projection system is selling him short. It's possible he could be there best pitcher in baseball, with his arsenal and age. ZIPS likes Sandoval a lot, which is encouraging because I figured it would be a while before the rest of baseball caught on with him.