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  1. That actually reminds me a lot of Yasiel Puig when he first came stateside. Then again, he was 21. Physically, there's a difference between a 17 year old and a 21 year old. Just look at the difference in Trout between ages 17 and 21.
  2. Agreed @Dochalo but the next logical question has to be what that money can net the Angels. With payrolls likely being cut across the board, and many players being DFA'd, the potential for significant upgrades may still exist at 20 million.
  3. Not sure about bad blood or not. If I had to venture a guess, Simmons is disappointed the Angels traded for him and were perennial cellar dwellers despite all the talk about winning "next year." He's probably also disappointed the Angels spent money during his tenure, just not on an extension for him. He was well compensated to begin with and him not playing was simply a business decision. It's a clean break. Simmons wants to go elsewhere and try to find a winner, and the Angels have in house replacements and need the money saved from his exodus too spend on pitching. No hard
  4. He's using an across body throwing motion now, likely to create a more difficult look on RHB. His release point has dropped slightly. He always had a very good breaking ball, but it appears to have more horizontal movement to it now, whereas it used to just dive, probably as a result of him staying on top of it more, using more of an overhand arm angle. I like the new approach though. In today's game, when you don't throw 95+ you have to compensate with deception and location. He's got half that equation down now.
  5. New York writers again showing a lack of understanding on what is happening out West. Looks like a guess, an uneducated one at that. No GM, need pitching, in house replacement readily available at SS. I'd be very surprised if this came to fruition.
  6. I remember watching the highlights from this game. His delivery has changed a lot since he left the Angels.
  7. But all is well that ends well. Trevor Reckling went on to have a decent modeling career and Mark Sappington is a women's studies professor at his Alma Mater Rockhurst, as well as mentoring in their discipleship program. I know everyone gets weirded out when we start talking faith but that guy has been on fire for God for as long as I've known him. Really cool dude.
  8. Kehrer, Reckling and Maronde all surprised me, but I was a bigger homer then, than I am now. Kehrer's control was a flash in the pan, but to his credit, he always kept his cool in all the struggles. Reckling created an awkward angle with his release point, but once hitters learned how to read him, they teed off and he never recovered. In Trevor's defense, it's freaking hard to recover at Salt Lake. I probably talked to him more than any other prospect outside of Clevinger, O'Grady and Wesely and you really learn how much this game means to them in these struggles. And Maronde, I thought the An
  9. Solid logic too. Not necessarily the guys that were drafted as much as the guys Eppler developed overall and traded for. Soriano, Yan, Pina and Ortega are all likely going to be relievers. Chris Rodriguez can go either way. Barria and Naughton are probably starters, but Suarez and Sandoval may be relievers. All relatively low cost acquisitions.
  10. Griffin Canning winning this award would be like the time I won the 18-25 year old bracket in a 5k because I was one of two dudes that showed up and braved the rain. The other guy had the common sense to quit.
  11. Kochanowicz is a raw pitcher with potential that you dream on. Just like Garrett Richards was, Tyler Skaggs, Pat Corbin.... just like Griffin Canning was, just like Chris Rodriguez, just like Jose Soriano. You can't necessarily make a hit the lottery comp. Most folks have seldom heard of Tyler Kehrer, Dan Tillman, Hunter Green, Mark Sappington, Nick Maronde, Steve Geltz, etc.... All showed similar promise as an amateur or early in the minors, but never materialized.
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