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  1. Since we need pitching, tell him to start his comeback.
  2. I think what I could've eluded to more eloquently back in 2013 was that there's always some pitching prospect I'm personally excited about. Santana, then Weav, then Saunders, then Richards, Skaggs, Reckling, Heaney, Shoemaker.... There's always one. I think a testament to the work that Billy and Perry have put in is that for the first time in a long time, there's more than one. Detmers, Rodriguez, Suarez, Sandoval, Davis, Bachman, Bush... I think my biggest wish is that I could've understood the fail rate on pitching prospects when I was younger. I was so damn sure that Richards was an ace, the idea of injury never truly factored into my line of thought. Skaggs too. Of the seven guys I listed above, chances are one ends up being a front of the rotation starter, another one ends up in the back of a rotation, a couple others end up in the bullpen, one or two others end up getting injured and one never makes it. God help us if we don't have at least a dozen different guys we are excited about.
  3. I honestly have no idea what they'll do. There's so much pitching out there in FA that they'll get someone, but it just feels like whatever they do, it'll backfire on them.
  4. If they think he didn't throw enough innings, they'll send him to Fall Ball. Either the AFL or fall instructs at the complex where they can control some of the variables more easily, like Spring Training. If they think he did throw enough innings, he'll shut down until the second week of November, then go on a non-arm intensive routine that focuses on core and hip strength. He'd be on that 4 days a week until second week of December where he's start playing catch daily. First week of January he'd start with short (15-20 pitches) bullpens twice a week, operating at 80%. Come reporting date for pitchers and catchers, he'll have built up those bullpen sessions to around 30 pitches at 90%. By April and May, health providing, he'd be built up to 80-90 pitches every fifth day.
  5. As long as you know what you're buying, yes, re-up him. - You're not buying an ace. So the money shouldn't be ace money. - You're not buying an inning eater, he gets injured too often to be expected to go more than 140 innings. - He isn't a long-term investment. He's 33 and looks like he probably has two years left in the tank. Ok, so what is he then? He's a short term investment to stabilize the rotation. Canning, Sandoval, Ohtani, Suarez, Barria, Rodriguez and Detmers is a dynamic group of starters. They're also young and unproven, and have an injury history. So then the question is, how much is that stabilization Cobb provides worth? I would argue there are several available substitutes for his services in free agency. But he is a leader, and when he's on the mound, he's pretty solid. The Angels spent 8 million on Quintana, and 11 million on the likes of Harvey and Cahill. They spent just over 4 million on Cobb this year with Baltimore covering much of the remaining money. I would offer Cobb 1/8 with a mutual option that could make this deal 2/16. That's it.
  6. Last year, someone complained to my administration because they found my American flag mask to be offensive. I wore it on 9/11. Admin asked me to take it off and put on a different mask. I refused, and there's nothing they could do about it. But yes, there are large swaths of people out there that are indeed offended by our flag, and that's why I said I felt we've lost our way again. But I don't want to change the topic of this thread. 9/11 and everything it changed in our country, everyone has a story and honestly, I never get tired of hearing personal stories. It humanizes and unites us all.
  7. He's in a class of his own, really. Didn't fit in with the previous administrations, and he really butt heads with Bush Sr. policy wise (thought he was a good person outside of Washington). What really set him apart was he was the last president that seemed to be truly beloved and respected by both sides of the aisle and the media. Not sure we'll ever see that again.
  8. I believe you are right. I think that's going to be the legacy (long term view) of this era and its administrations. Sort of the way we tend to combine JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter as all the same general era, so too will we combine W, Obama, Trump and Biden. All different, one moderate, two very liberal, one extremely conservative, but the end result is still the same. Little by little, individual rights and privacy (what I call freedoms but the nomenclature doesn't matter) have been chipped away, and a select group of people and companies have profited from it. There, I think I said one political post that hopefully offended no one.
  9. Lat strains in pitchers typically aren't that serious, unless it's a tear, as I understand. 6-8 weeks usually, if I remember correctly. I'm guessing this one probably wasn't too serious, like most lat strains. But if they were going to limit his innings this season anyway, this would be a good way to do it, while also ensuring he has a normal off-season. Kind of the same with Detmers. The team isn't contending, they got their exposure, might as well use this as an opportunity to rest up and get a normal off-season in, before competing next year.
  10. The way a lot of Americans behave now, they say, "never forget", but that's just a cliche tagline. It's pretty evident they forgot, and have likely never sacrificed for freedom. I was in high school, every teacher had the TV on and no one taught. I didn't feel like watching the same clip over and over again the whole day, so I ditched. The school never said anything. I think what I remember most were... 1. When an elderly person (likely WWII era) stopped me on the street and asked me if I knew what had happened. I nodded. They knew it meant was, even if the rest of us didn't. 2. The first time I saw an airplane in the sky above during football practice a week or two later. We all just kind of stopped and looked up for a moment. That's when life began to return to normal. 3. The American flags on every car, and every person being united in their common belief in freedom. It was cool while it lasted. 4. Going into the recruiters office, and the Marines being the only ones willing to tell the truth. If you enlisted, you're going to war. If you want to fight and think you have what it takes, try to be a Marine (you have to earn the title, you can't just sign up). The Army, Navy and Air Force recruiters had a line out the door. The Marines never had more than one kid. I chose the Marines because they were honest, and because the other recruiters looked soft. They got too comfortable behind the desk. You could tell it never sat well with these Marines. I'm still friends with my recruiter to this day. And he didn't lie. We deployed, early and often, and I don't regret it. It sucks that it took such a horrific event to wake people up. But for a while there, I'd never seen a nation so strong, united and laser focused on preserving freedom and eradicating terror. I think we had lost our way before that, or maybe we got too comfortable, I don't know. And I think we've lost our way again, unfortunately.
  11. Some guys carve out nice major league careers with their one money pitch. Mariano Rivera, Bartolo Colon, Matt Shoemaker, Dallas Keuchel. Guys know it's coming and they still can't square it up. Hopefully we can add Davis Daniel to that list. It's been highly entertaining watching him pitch. Like clockwork, here comes the 92 mph heat, and nothing else.
  12. Davis the real deal. Before getting hurt in college, there was speculation that he could leap into the first round. In 2018, he had just begun to transition into being a starter, and it would all come together in 2019. He had all the pieces to absolutely dominate (clean mechanics, good arsenal, good head on his shoulders, coming from a top notch SEC program and Cape Cod League). Then he got hurt and needed surgery, and his stock came tumbling down. By the time he was drafted, it was more commonly believed that he was a long term project with more of a reliever payout, which just wasn't worth whatever risk a team takes in drafting a player in a higher round. The Angels took him in the 7th round in 2019, and Daniel was one of the few people that actually benefited from the shut down of 2020, because he spent the year rehabbing and didn't lose a year of developmental time compared to his peers. We're now seeing the three year process of his development culminate in real results. His fastball plays. He spots it well, decent velocity. The slider plays as a "plus-plus" pitch when he puts it in the lower corner of the strike zone, which is why many scouts thought he'd be a reliever after surgery. Then he started using what looks like a circle change. He doesn't use it a lot, but it does have some nice fade to it. And most importantly, he works at a consistent pace and throws strikes. That's half the battle right there. He's a legitimate #3-4 starter in my book.
  13. Between Mayfield, Gosselin, Rengifo, Barreto and Stefanic, they should have some combo that gets them through to July before they have to make a trade. Or more preferably, one just rus away with the job.
  14. Goodness gracious, how quickly the fickle baseball world forgets about the greatest player of this generation, and possibly ever.
  15. One of the wisest approaches I've seen guys like Scioscia and Maddon take (and maybe this is more Stoneman and Eppler) is that they don't view anything as a "logjam." These things have a way of sorting themselves out. Some guy gets hurt, or underperforms, or slides to a different position to meet positional needs, etc... Others step up in unexpected ways to complicate masters. I don't see any reason to trade Marsh or Adell, not even for pitching. Let it play itself out.
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