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  1. I really don't like spending large sums on relief pitching. The reason why, Cody Allen two years ago at 8 million. Brad Hand at 10.5 million for meh results. Craig Kimbrel bring terrible the two years before this at 15 million. Adam Ottavino in New York. If there's one on the market with prolonged success, no major feed flags and is still going enough to have some mileage left on his arm (like Raisel Iglesias), then yeah, you spend on that guy. But for the most part, I'd like to see the Angels trade for some high end relievers, like James Karinchak and develop some of their own. Combine that with a couple of safer free agent targets and they can fix the bullpen.
  2. I figure the Angels are going to win 87 games with the roster constructed. And the WC2 winner on going to win 92 games. The end of the season, we'll be able to say the Angels were a "decent" team. And that's it. Not a playoff team. Certainly not bad. Better than .500.
  3. Barria, Sandoval, Detmers, Suarez, Ohtani, Cobb. That rotation is young, and legit. They aren't front of the rotation starters for the most part, but they're all performing like they belong in the middle of a good rotation.
  4. Oh you have seen him catch. Great, can you tell us your assessment of his abilities behind the plate?
  5. I feel like this is a good spot to remind everyone that the last two GM's chose Teheran, Bundy, Harvey, Stratton and Pena over Jaime Barria.
  6. You don't have to get defensive. You're a big fan, I simply asked if you've ever seen him catch in AAA. Obviously you haven't, but you're skeptical about something you know jack squat about. That's cool. That's what a message board is for.
  7. Matt Thaiss had the most beautiful LH swing. Great at barreling the ball. Good line drive hitter. If his defense can catch up, his offense would make him one of the better catchers in all of MLB.
  8. USA pulls off the 4-2 win over South Korea. Triston Casas with a big HR. That kid loves wearing USA across his chest.
  9. Hoyt and Quijada pricing they belong. Mike Mayers proving what we've all known most of the year.... That last year was a fluke.
  10. Given the results, I guess that's how you know Minasian did the right thing. No one loves what he did, but no one also hates what he did and is calling for him to be fired. Everyone is just kind of meh. And that's compromise.
  11. If indeed we can count on Ohtani, Sandoval, Detmers, Rodriguez, Barria, Suarez (and perhaps an extended Cobb?), Then the Angels are looking at 45-ish million to play with, and will need a shortstop and a new bullpen. Let's just say play with the numbers and say they bring back Iglesias on something like two years, 14 million. That would leave them around 38 million to play with. When comparing Iglesias with his contemporaries that have recently got FA, you're looking at 8 million on the low end value and 15 million on the high end. Iglesias will be justified in asking over 15, but I think it'll take 3/45 to keep him. That still leaves the Angels with 23 million to play with and more than likely three more good relievers needed. That's PLENTY of money. The only way it doesn't work is if the Angels chase a TOR starter, and even then, if they backload it, they could probably pull it off. So yes, extend him.
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