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  1. As long as Fletch, Ohtani, Trout, Walsh and Upton are batting in the first six spots, I think we should have a functional offense.
  2. I think if I wrote it all over again, I'd say everything after the ASB is Marsh.
  3. Depends on when you ask. In April, it'll be mostly Jared Walsh and Juan Lagares. In May, once the minor league season starts and Rendon comes off the IL, I think Rojas will be sent down and Taylor Ward will come up. At that point, it'll be Ward and Lagares with Walsh back at 1B. June, I think they'll realize Ward hits, just not as much as you want, and plays some D, just not as well as you want, while Lagares doesn't pinch run or hit as much as they'd want, he only plays D. At that point, I think it will be a Ward/Schebler timeshare. July, I think they'll start experimenti
  4. I thought for sure that Heyward would likely be a 4-5 win player in ages 26-32. More like a 2 win player. Not bad but not worth 21 million a year. And #4 on his similarity score list is none other than Dexter Fowler, which is a pretty apt comparison given their ability to reach base and combine speed and power earlier in their careers.
  5. Specifics are always more inaccurate, which is why I've purposely avoided them. But here's what I believe will go down. 1. Bundy - 180 IP 3.25 ERA. 2. Ohtani - 120 IP 3.25 ERA 3. Cobb - 170 IP 3.75 ERA 4. Canning - 140 IP 4.00 ERA 5. Heaney - 160 IP 4.25 ERA 6. Quintana - 90 IP 4.75 ERA 7. Detmers - 60 IP 3.75 ERA They'll keep Rodriguez in the bullpen this year, and will transition him to the rotation in 2022. Barria will mostly be riding that shuttle between Salt Lake and Anaheim, but will put together an impressive enough second half that he'll enter 2
  6. I think as most of us, and the rest of the world were realizing toward the end of Spring Training, the Angels rotation is actually going to be just fine. Bundy has developed into that solid #1 or #2 starter they needed. Ohtani will have his bouts of wildness that will get him into trouble, but when he's healthy, and is throwing that splitter of his down in the zone, he's an ace. Cobb is showing that the adjustments he's made will yield actual results, as long as he stays healthy. That, and getting out of Baltimore helps every pitcher. Canning is finding marginal success without the 96 mph
  7. They should replace the placeholder with another placeholder, like Taylor Ward.
  8. Subpar in comparison to the Padres, who grabbed the exact three starters I was hoping the Angels would. Neither Cobb, nor Quintana will be as good as Darvish, Snell or Musgrove. So that hasn't changed at all. And neither has my view of Canning, who I believed would be the Angels 4th best starter, despite his inconsistencies. After my initial unfavorable reaction to the Cobb trade (which mainly my disappointment in not getting a TOR starter, AND giving up Jam Jones) I acknowledged the likelihood in my mind that he would bounce back away from Baltimore and post 160+ innings with
  9. By the way, in still standing by my original bold prediction, that Cobb will be the Angels third best starter and Quintana, their fifth or sixth.
  10. Human aspect. Releasing him to rehab on his own without the support of his teammates, and team doctors when keeping him on the 60 day IL doesn't eat a roster spot would be messed up.
  11. Fowler can now help the Angels with his strongest skill set, which is in the dugout and in the clubhouse. Lagares should get some decent PT as a result of this, either via late inning defensive replacement when Walsh is in RF, or pinch running for Albert late in the games, or getting the starts in more expansive outfields or against teams that put the ball in play in RF more frequently. I think it's probably inconsequential who they actually call up unless it's Adell or Marsh. Because Ward, Jay and Schebler all fall in line behind Walsh, Rojas and Larges on the depth chart so they w
  12. Chicago debacle? Joe Maddon led them to their first World Series win, and removed any shadow of a doubt that what he did in Tampa Bay was no fluke. The Cubs players and fans alike loved him, and he was the highest paid, most successful manager in baseball during his tenure there. Ausmus wasn't necessarily disliked. I know members of the media liked him just fine. An unconfirmed rumor has it that Justin Upton wasn't particularly fond of him, going back to their days in Detroit. And in Ausmus' defense, I'm not sure what he could've done differently. The death of Skaggs destroyed their seas
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