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  1. Joe Saunders but with a better breaking ball. Important to keep in mind, Saunders was actually a pretty solid #3-4 starter for a while there. Detmer should be a solid #3-4 starter and more importantly, should be ready midway through 2021. This isn't someone to stay on for 2023 and beyond. He's a bit more tangible than that, which is what the system needs. There's "best player available" vs addressing team needs. Detmer is definitely the latter without sacrificing too much of the former. Exactly what the team needs.
  2. I've actually kept track of these. The highlights include... Grant Green - Not enough glove. Taylor Ward - Wrong disposition for catcher. Brandon Wood - Headcase. Michael Kohn - Lots of movement and velocity, but no outpitch. Kyle Kubitza - I honestly don't know what happened. He was impressive in person and on Trevor Reckling - Lost velo, never regained it. Couldn't succeed in baseball without it.
  3. Again, it would appear AW has been so dumbed down that your best posters legitimately believe Bundy and Teheran are the answer. I feel legitimately sorry for you. I provide numbers and you throw a tantrum. I offer opinion, and you disagree. I offer common sense and you cover your ears. Sorry guys. The Angels rotation sucks at this point in time. There's just no way around that. And if you can't recognize that, it's either because your choosing to ignore the obvious or you're just that plain dumb. I can't answer that for you. For the most part though, what I'm seeing is a large collection of individuals that are smart enough to be stupid homers. Alas, hope springs eternal. And some things, will never change.
  4. Yup, I was board with Harvey and Cahill. The difference is, I've learned, something you've proven incapable of.
  5. I just have a really difficult time buying into this optimism when the same exact group of gentlemen were right here one year ago celebrating Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill signings, talking about the difference they'll make, how shrewd Eppler is, the playoffs, etc... Harvey's fastball velocity and Cahill's ERA clearly indicated they'd be pretty good. And Bundy's sinker and Teheran's ERA both say the same thing. I have a difficult time seeing how these guys are different, other than the IP. Are we supposed to be optimistic because the Angels got themselves Joe Blanton and Joel Pineiro all over again?
  6. I used the most recent year for FIP, doc. Just because it doesn't fit your homer narrative that we are amazing doesn't mean it's wrong. It's the most up to date actual performance information available. And you're defending a system that says Frankie Montas, Sean Manaea, Jesus Lazardo and AJ Puk won't be better than than Ohtani, Heaney, Bundy, Teheran and Canning. If this were a common sense debate, you'd get laughed off stage. Why? Because that's fucking stupid and everyone who knows anything about pitching knows it. The Angels rotation isn't as good as the A's, it the Twins. Or the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Indians, Astros or Rangers for that matter. If you can't wrap your mind around that, then I just feel sorry for you. The Angels rotation just isn't that good. The only lense in which it is that good is a Rosy red one that requires you to squint. You ask for numbers, I give them to you. And now I'm offering common knowledge and you're still blind to the truth.
  7. 6 ERA? When did I predict that for the starting rotation?
  8. Two things. 1. FWAR (bWAR for that matter too) are garbage when it comes to valuing pitching, but point taken. 2. These projections absolutely suck, particularly on Oakland. Montas was amazing last year, Manaea looks like an ace in the making, Luzardo is the most dominant young SP I've seen in AA/AAA since Julio Urias, which is only like 1-2 years, so not much time, and AJ Puk was the 6th overall selection for a reason, and looked awfully convincing in the bullpen last year. Bold Prediction: I think the A's overtake the Astros and win the division.
  9. We'll let's just go with a basic one. FIP. Dylan Bundy - 4.73 Julio Teheran - 4.66 Andrew Heaney - 4.63 Griffin Canning - 4.37 Shohei Ohtani - 3.57 (2018) Patrick Sandoval - 4.59 Average - 4.42 Thank goodness for Ohtani, because without him, it's a lot uglier. Now let's go with Minnesota. (Again, I go with Minnesota because they are closest to the Angels in talent and team construction). Berrios 3.85, Odorizzi 3.36, Bailey 4.11, Pineda 4.02, 4.10 Average - 3.88 We can do the same thing with every single last contender in the AL, NY, BOS, TB, CLE, CHI, TEX, OAK, HOU..... And the end result will be the same. The Angels will come out worse, and in most cases like this one I just showed you, it'll be by a fairly significant margin. I still think the Angels will win in the high 80's. The simple reason why is because I believe they'll have the second best offense in the AL, the best defense in the AL, and a strong back end of the bullpen in Robles, Middleton and Buttrey. I also believe that either before the season starts or at the trade deadline, they're going to acquire a mid rotation starter, hopefully someone like Jon Gray. You wanted numbers. There's numbers.
  10. Nice straw man argument. I said a lot of games will be 7-6. Not all. Not most. Strad of you think the Angels pitching staff is good, then I'd say the Orioles and Mariners should be pretty average.
  11. If you were to say innings pitched, I think if have to agree with you.
  12. Hey, guess how many wins I predicted the Angels will have.
  13. Even so, not every game will be 7-6. Will a lot of them? Yeah, probably. Why? Because the rotation does suck. It has the potential to not suck, like if Bundy and Teheran change their pitch selection for the better, Heaney and Ohtani stay healthy and Canning reaches his potential. But the chances of all that happening is slim. In all likelihood, the rotation will be well below average. That's just the personnel the Angels have.