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  1. These GM for a day ideas are really fun, and I respect that Sherman didn't simply say, "Sign Gerrit Cole." That's the last argument. Again, I know I'm in the minority here, but I still think the Angels could use a total overhaul of their rotation. The only two I'd want there are Canning and Ohtani and neither were pitching at the end of the year. I'd trade Heaney for a catcher, and bring in Wheeler, Ryu and Hamels and Pineda. Granted that would only be possible by back-loading Wheeler's deal, but it would essentially wipe the pitching slate clean so that they could start the process over. It just feels like the Heaney is that last holdover left from the Dipoto built pitching staff that we'd all like to forget.
  2. Quite frankly, I'm surprised the Angels didn't protect more guys. I know this isn't what the Angels would do, but this is certainly what I'd do. Cut Cozart, Jose Rodriguez and Taylor Cole and add Oliver Ortega, Adrian De Horta and Jose Rojas. Cozart has fallen behind Rengifo, Fletcher and La Stella on the depth chart, so rather than having your reserve-reserve infielder taking up space on the 40 man roster, it even the 25, why not give it to the local product that you can stay in AAA. And De Horta and Ortega both possess the necessary arsenal to be successful major league relievers, a trait that I'm simply not convinced either Cole or Rodriguez have.
  3. If I were an opposing team, De Horta would pique my interest as well. Angels misused him as a multi inning reliever. Keep him in one inning spurts and I think he will shine.
  4. Surprised with Yan. Don't get me wrong, he had a great year and has potential but typically guys won't go straight to the major leagues from A Ball. Still, I approve! Yan is the one you didn't want to lose.
  5. Keep in mind, Wheeler, Cole and Strasburg are worth the sacrifice in 2nd and 3rd round picks. And the international bonus forfeiture. It's just noting that it will cost more than money.
  6. But seriously though, if the Angels come away with Cole and Wheeler, and put Ohtani behind them in the rotation, they're going to be tough to beat. That would also make next year's draft suck.
  7. Yes, the Angels are interested in a good starting pitcher. Bang up job there Morosi. Now collect your money.
  8. Something something Maddon reunion something something.
  9. I see Jharell Cotton is available. He used to have some solid mid-90's heat and is still young. Could be very another Luiz Gohara type of signing.
  10. I like the Price for Upton ideas, I really do. My only objection is with Sherman suggesting the Angels need to add prospects on to of the Upton-Price deal. Who the heck would add prospects ON TOP of a starting LF AND payroll relief? That's absolute stupidity. If it's Upton for Price straight up, sure. But nothing beyond that.
  11. If they really wanted to speed the game up, they'd put in the pitch clock and enforce the rules in which a career has to keep one for in the batters box. Then limit the amount of warm up pitches.
  12. Most of these are rules just for the sake of having rules. hardly any of them will have any significant effect on the game itself. There's literally no reason for some of these.
  13. I think Goodwin is going to struggle in Spring Training which will only further the narrative of our prospects being promoted. Adell and Marsh will both have a strong Spring, but it won't matter, both will go to AAA because the Angels can easily defend that position instead of being accused of manipulating a service clock, which is pretty much exactly what's going on. Goodwin will start in RF with Hermosillo as the 4th outfielder. Goodwin will be decent in April and part of May. Not great but decent. But Adell is going to absolutely destroy AAA for the first 6 weeks of the season. Then Upton will go on the IL with some sort of knee ailment, and Goodwin will shift over and Adell promoted to play RF. Adell will struggle at first, as he did in AA and AAA. Then Upton will return from the IL, moving Goodwin back to RF in June. Adell will take a couple weeks to figure it back out in AAA then get going again. The all-star break will come and Goodwin still won't have separated himself as the starter. Once July comes, Adell will be promoted to play RF and won't look back. Goodwin will be the 4th outfielder and Hermosillo will be back in AAA. Come August, Upton will go back on the IL. Hermosillo won't be looking great in AAA, but Marsh will have found his power stroke around July. Marsh will be promoted and split time in LF with Goodwin. When Marsh is playing, he will be in RF, Adell in LF. When Goodwin is playing, Adell will be in RF. Come September, Upton will be back, but will mostly be limited to DH. This will work out because Pujols will finally give out in July. So Upton will split DH duties with Ohtani and be forced to spend the rest of the time coming off the bench. Knee injuries suck. Marsh will have severely outplayed Goodwin, particularly on defense. The Angels will make the playoffs as a wild card team, and will start the wild card game with Brandon Marsh in RF, and Jo Adell in LF, Matt Thaiss at 1B, Ohtani at DH, and Rengifo at 2B with Cole on the mound. It will truly signify the beginning of an era of success for the Angels. The 20's will be their most successful decade ever. As for Goodwin's final line in 2020, I'll give him 400 PA, .250/.310 and 10 HR.