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  1. And the reason why I believe that package would work is because it's justifiable on both sides. The Cubs traded Darvish because they're entering a rebuild, but also aren't entirely convinced they won't make one last run because the NL Central sucks. They cleared money, got a solid pitcher in return to keep them in contention with Davies, and increased their prospect capital. Darvish has three years remaining and by the time those three years are up, the Cubs still wouldn't be in position to make a run. Similarly, Hendricks also has three years remaining. He's less expensive than Dar
  2. From what I've heard, the Angels, or more accurately Minasian, is a HUGE fan of Callaway and Maddon. They have a great deal of respect amongst the players. And while Minasian hasn't really focused on bringing in players that have played for Maddon in three past, he isn't wrong that players that have played for him are doing to play for him again. I've also been told the Angels are more involved in the trade market than free agency. So if I'm looking at players that are available via trade that have played for Maddon before, I'd say Kyle Hendricks in Chicago, and David Price in LA make th
  3. Minasian grew up in clubhouses. He knows pitchers have been using illegal substances for years, and that it has now reached its fever pitch. The league is on the verge of being forced to investigate and ban it, because it's making them look bad. Maddon knows about, Callaway obviously does too. For a lot of reasons, they need to steer clear of Bauer. But the question then becomes, who can they acquire that isn't specifically benefiting from illegal substances? Who is clean? I think that's where Minasian and the coaching staff and their vast network and respect in the league probably
  4. Call it a load all you want, it's what people in the business have been saying for months. The Angels were never a primary landing spot for Bauer. I still think they'll either be in on Odorizzi, or they're going to make a trade for Kyle Hendricks.
  5. Literally anyone 1-8 is pretty interchangeable on this list. But Rendon is probably the best choice at #1. Bregman probably not because it's looking like losing the advantage the trash can banging has cratered his offensive output from elite to merely solid. Jose Ramirez and Nolan Arenado both can make a solid claim too. Ramirez is pretty dynamic with the bat and on the bases, and not bad in the field, before last year Arenado was elite in both bat and glove. I'm sure it'll all return for him, particularly if he's still playing in Colorado. But Rendon is probably the surest be
  6. I mean, a few reasons. He isn't opposed to the Angels, they just aren't his first choice, but if the Angels offer what he wants and no one else does, the Angels aren't a bad option for him.
  7. If it comes from Passan, Morosi or Rosenthal, it's solid. Passan is saying what everyone else seems to be thinking. Bauer doesn't necessarily want to go to the Angels. He'll go to Anaheim if they offer him the clear cut best contract, but he's pushing for the Dodgers. They offer the local So-Cal lifestyle, along with guaranteed serious contention, branding on a big stage, and a more data-centric approach.
  8. First time I saw Grease was in the late 1990's and I wasn't quite a teenager. I'd like to think that Olivia Newton John, along with Britney Spears and basic biology had a lot to do with jumpstarting my adolescence.
  9. I wouldn't put it past Arte, but veto probably isn't the right word. It's also a little early in Minasian's tenure to be doing that him. Arte didn't do that to Dipoto until he lost confidence in his previous acquisitions. He didn't do it to Eppler until he made some truly awful coaching staff hires, and I'm Eppler's case, it was for the best. I'd much rather have Maddon and Callaway over Ausmus and White. Minasian hasn't really hard the opportunity to disappoint Arte yet. Unless he's upset the Minasian didn't make it happen with Darvish, Snell and Musgrove, which I could see.
  10. I voted Dodgers for 3/100. I think Toronto and New York blew their wad already. Chicago and Minnesota will how out for financial reasons, and the Angels don't match exactly what he's looking for. It'll come down to Seattle, and the two LA teams. The Mariners won't be competitive immediately, I don't think he liked Callaway as a pitching coach in Cleveland, as he's hinted at publicly without specifically naming him. The Dodgers will come in with a short lucrative deal that offers everything he wants, and he'll revisit FA at age 34. He's thinking he'll perform well for the next three
  11. Even the Josh Hamilton situation, it's not like Arte vetoed Dipoto. More than anything Arte authorized the expenditure because he absolutely wanted him. It's not like Dipoto said, "No, Arte!" It's a report from a non blue check mark, but even if it is true. I doubt Minasian is telling Arte, "No, don't get Bauer, we don't need him!" Minasian off anything would say, "Well, that wasn't the avenue I was going to go, but if you really want him, I won't complain."
  12. What does veto his new GM even mean? Is he insinuating that Minasian doesn't want Trevor Bauer?
  13. I'm sure someone has already pointed this, but I wonder if the Angeles could pretty Hendricks from Chicago at a lower prospect price than they otherwise would have if they took on Kris Bryant was well. You'd definitely be buying low on Bryant with the possibility of him rediscovering his former form, and he young enough that he could make for an acceptable one year bridge in RF, despite being more of a 3B and LF. Hendricks is obviously the jewel of this trade, he would check a lot of the boxes they need in a starting pitcher.
  14. Glad the proverbial floodgates have opened. Hopefully we see some action from the Angels here pretty soon, regarding RF, the bullpen and starting pitching.
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