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  1. If it means getting free porn I'd gladly sacrifice a few kids to the greasy pedo ring. For the greater good. Only hardcore libs would take free porn away because they want every single kid to be safe and unabused. I wish that were possible but if doing so means I gotta pay for porn then fuck them kids.
  2. That sounds amazing. But the pasta sauce is for large casserole meals and the McGriddle is for special occasions like when I get a gold star at work or get 10 likes on one of my posts. Can't mix the two together.
  3. I hate this movie. It is obviously meant to be a comedy drama but it's mostly just sad. Also everyone knows you never go full retard.
  4. Lightly tortured hummus has about 260 calories per serving.
  5. I've had a sausage egg and cheese McGriddle before. That's basically the same thing.
  6. Are you implying that getting better pasta sauce would solve my pooping problems?
  7. I buy the cheapest pasta sauce available. They have it at Dollar Tree. Good enough for me. Tastes pretty much the same as anything from the Italian section at the grocery store.
  8. Of course he does. His favorite is Pink Grapefruit.
  9. That's cool.
  10. I heard Curtis Pride was a notorious sign stealer. He didn't though.