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  1. Ok that post came off as douchy. Sorry about that @Dochalo. You're right that I'm trying to do the opposite of the normal trade scenarios posted here but IMO mine is closer to reality than not. But I don't know. I guess we'll see.
  2. How is Stassi behind the plate? From what I understand he's pretty good. But Minasian may have a different plan in mind. He stressed the importance of the C position so I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign someone like Molina.
  3. I don't think it sucks at all. Tampa would be getting just one top 100 guy in Marsh. At this point Chris Rodriguez and Kochanowicz are unproven. Remember how trades go down here: It gets announced, one guy is heading the other way but there are "more pieces involved" and we're like well that kind of stinks but hopefully the other pieces aren't anything huge. Then the rest comes out and we collectively lose our shit. The Simmons trade is a perfect example of this. If my trade proposal "sucks" then it's probably closer to reality than the other proposals. Please post what you thi
  4. Detmers may also be on the table (I think he can be traded now since it's been a full year but I could be wrong).
  5. Interesting, but more of a thought experiment I suppose. Not an unfair package for Snell. But I still think they're gonna go after the guys we don't want to give up. And you know if Tampa wants them, then they are probably winning that trade. I suggested Marsh, Rodriguez and Kochanowicz. I think that may get it done if we also throw in Sandoval or Barria. That's a trade I don't make, personally. But again, I don't know anything about anything and the market hasn't even begun to take shape so who knows?
  6. I'm sorry I just can't take the Lindor trade shit seriously. It's unrealistic, shortsighted, and doesn't help the team move forward.
  7. Whatever we think is fair for Snell would get laughed at by TB. We go through this every year. Adell, Kochanowicz, and Rodriguez is what I think it would cost. TB doesn't want the players we are fine giving up. So Thaiss, Ward, and Rengifo are not going to be at the center of any package.
  8. His takes on this part of the forum are....let's just say "Special".
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