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  1. Meh. Typical Bowden speculation based on nothing.
  2. Nope, the Wolfeboro Bats. Haha, get it? Because "Bats"
  3. Oh man, when they got Mo Vaughn you'd think my entire family experienced complete universal awareness. And then...well you know. We're an interesting organization, if nothing else.
  4. This is fucking bullshit. I won 500 tickets at Chuck E Cheese on a SpongeBob game when I was 23. I won league MVP in my basketball league when I was 11. Don't fuck with me. I hit a homerun off former Braves All-Star Jeff Locke when I was 12.
  5. I do too, actually. But my taste in beer is better than his. So I win.
  6. I don't have to take this shit from you. I have food to eat and beer to drink and pussy to masturbate to.
  7. I was very young in my Angels fandom when Jeff Juden was acquired. My biggest memory of him was actually my brother, who was 19 or 20 at the time talking him up like he was some fortune-changing acquisition. Kinda sums up the Angels of the 90's. He also had a Ken Hill poster btw. Really drives home how tough it is being an Angels fan sometimes.