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  1. He absolutely does have the right to "stick his hand in the cookie jar" (gross) but that doesn't mean he should. I can do that, but I'm fat so I probably shouldn't be eating cookies anyway, plus my hand might get stuck. I should leave the cookie jar to people who aren't obese and know how to eat properly. Also, lets not forget who negotiated those contracts. It's not quite that simple, but otherwise I agree. I agree that the SIGNINGS have been bad, but he has made some solid trades, which is probably the biggest impact a GM can have on their team. Remember, we were all-in on Co
  2. I.....shut up IP, his numbers indicated a decline but not a complete Blantoning.
  3. At some point in the future? You are 100% correct.
  4. I don't want to fuck you. You can't make me.
  5. I expected Eppler to be gone so nothing has changed.
  6. Oh. Cool. Another name to blame for our failures.
  7. Before anyone says it: No.
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