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  1. he's is the only one that's using the sticky stuff. there are other and I doubt mlb will do anything.
  2. With reports of Tanaka going back to Japan, Odorizzi is the best free agent left. Sign Odorizzi to a 2/3 yr contract worth roughly/around 12-14 mil a year. Sign Rosenthal 1/2 yrs Than take a shot on a minor league deal with Edwards, Foltynewicz and/or Hamels In season make a big trade.
  3. Get Odorizzi, sign another late inning arm and go into the season with a the roster. May a trade during the season for a front of the rotation arm.
  4. I'm Just going to say that no one knows what bauer wants. Just two weeks ago, it was mentioned the the Angels, Mets and Giants were in on Bauer Last week to went to the Angels and Jays Than a few days ago it said Angels/jays were the front runners Than yesterday, the Mets offered a contract...a big contract...but wait nope no contract, wait they did offer a contract.....several weeks ago.
  5. I call bs on this. Arte has aready spent close to 25 mil this year, and the team is still looking to add more. If they wanted, instead of spending the 25 mil that has been spend, it could have easily gone towards bauer.
  6. So Mets made an offer "weeks" ago. Yet Bauer hasn't signed. So who the fuck cares? Tells us when he signs not who offered what to him..
  7. How about taking a shot at Shoemaker as a Bp arm? i think one or two inning roles may suit him and he may succeed with that Fastball/Split in short strings.
  8. Yanks taking a real risk here, 3 of there starters have dealt with serious injuries. Kulber, Shoulder issues and injuries Sevy, Tj and won't be back til mid season Taillon, two Tj and also sholuder history. Than they have Domingo who had hasn't had an era under 4 in his career. Montgomery, still coming back from Tj, but should be a solid 3/4 Garcia: talk about overhyped, no where near an Ace, dude looks more like a back of the rotation arm.
  9. You know one thing that I've learned throughout these last few free agencies, is just how important it is to devlop. Developing homegrown talent needs to be prioritized and should be the driving force. Perosnally i still have or would like to get bauer, but if we don't i take plays B. For me Plan B is Tanaka, i think he'll be a solid added to the rotation. he's not an Ace, but a solid middle of the rotation arm. Add Tanaks around 12-15 mil, than use that last bit of money and had another lockdown arm and build the Bullpen. We have a young Blend of Talent also coming
  10. shut up! You ain't making sense (too the guy that talking about an 11era) Quintana 170 innings, 12-9, 4.21 era 3.97 fip, around 2.6-3 war. bet on it. Not shut up and talk about something worth talking!
  11. personally I would rather have Richards at that price (8 mil). there injury risk, but there's more upside with Richards.
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