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  1. From what I've seen and heard, We're looking at college arms, unless one of the top Hs ofer falls to 10. The name that has been thrown quiet alot at 10 has been Reid detmers.
  2. Grawd this awful. Mlb is starting to be an embarrassment. This is could be a missed opportunity for them. Like come on 50 games?
  3. Wondering how Coles feels, living in New York now.
  4. the timing is off with this, especially with the draft tight around the corner.But I would not be surprised if others team follow a similar after draft night.
  5. Interesting... also would not be surprised if the undrafted players decided to return back to college. A round 6 pick is usually valued at couple hundred thousand dollar, yet now they only get 20k max. definitely has big impact on them, they already lost 2 picks, so they might only draft 3 guys this year. On that note, I also would not be surprised if a team is willing to spend, and have a strong development system (the Dogs, Shanks) they might benefit from this.
  6. definitely helps, bring the season down to 130-140 games, you may get Othani (P) back around the 3rd/4th week or earlier. Also get a clear understanding on where Canning is.
  7. smh.. I though this was going to be a ridiculous trade........
  8. Here's a top 30 list, pretty detailed as well. https://jaredtims.wordpress.com/2020/03/08/angels-2020-top-30-prospects/