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  1. Well Maddon finally started to care about the defense, and stopped caring about the offense. There is no in between with this guy.
  2. Time to move Upton in the lead off spot. Put Flecther in the 3rd hole. Keep Othani at the 2 hole Move Stassi to 4th Phil 5th
  3. dafug is Bundy doing... fucken shit you suck! stop embarrassing yourself. Learn to pitch better.
  4. Damn Right! A's about to Sweep! Led by the Mighty Bundy!
  5. ooh fuck.. We're about to see Maddon's boyz in the game today! Bundy, Quinrana, Gurrea, that other garbage reliever, the other one, Eaton.
  6. did y'all know the Yanks had the 4th best system bu fangraphs...
  7. sounds more like a salary dumb/roster spot gets opened. Yanks clearing Salary for a move.
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