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  1. The way it's going, i think we'll get one of Ryu,Bum or kechuel. Than take a chance with one of the starter's that were non tendered
  2. here's a nice interesting video i found on Kluber (skip like the first 3.30 mins) I also do not believe that Kluber is broken, last year it was a small sample size, but control was the big issue. Alot of people saying the Kluber has lost some Velo, but it hasn't been a dramatic decrease, in 2016 he was averaging 92.3 mph on the heater and last year he was at 92 in 35 innings.
  3. I think you still pursue pitching on the trade market until it becomes out of reach. I would defiantly not mind getting Kluber at the right price. But i also would not mind waiting until the dead-line to acquire a pitcher. there will be quite a few name on the market; Bauer, Ray, GRich, Kluber. This also gives our prospect time to develop future. In free agency, Ryu is the top pick. I do not see him being worth a 20+ mil risk, but would not mind offering a 3yrs 45 mil, with added bonus, or maybe take a risk and offer him a four year deal, 4yrs 45 mil with added bonus. If that does not work, switch to keuchel. a 3 yrs 43 mil. Than make a play at the deadline.
  4. I thinks it's going to depend o the teams and how much they are willing to spend on Ryu knowing his history. Out of all the pitchers, he has been talked the least. last rumor about him was from the Twins and Cardinals.
  5. feels like the Dodgers might be looking at a Lindor and Kluber trade.
  6. Seems like Ryu maybe pissed at the Dodger. Mlbtraderumor just posted an article out, with Ryu basically telling them that he's isn't a priority for them. maybe time for Billy to grab him and than make a trade for Kluber.
  7. fletcher has been one of our most clutch player this past season, at time i would rather have him than trout. Would be tough to trade him.
  8. i wound't mind having Fletcher rotation between 2nd and rf, while La Stella plays first and 2nd. I think both will get a good amount of playing time this way. And it's always nice have a swiftknife like Fletcher.
  9. yeah its 72 mil, what my trade involves us eating 15 mil. This leaves upton's salary at 57 mil. It kind of matches up with Kluber's Salary for the first 2 years (40 mil) For the third year, you had a few pieces to offset this last year. Clevland made a similar trade before as (Bauer trade) will they make a similar trade? i have no idea. Even considering the Bauer trade, it was a bad trade. ! years of Puig, Reyes who is a 1 dimension player, no OBP, ok Average, no speed just a Dh, plus two prospects that look like 4s/5s.
  10. I think an Upton for Kluber could be in play, if Upton is willing to be traded. The reasons? i don't think Cleveland is in a full rebuild, they still have a strong 1-3 without Kluber, with Clevinger, Carrasco and Bieber. Plus they have there top pitching prospect in Mckenzie close, and have a fair amount of pitcher to plug into the 5th spot. Even if they do trade Lindor, and get someone like Lux and May, these are good pieces and keeps them in contention. They always needed offense and an right handed Of, that is a middle of the Line-up bat, which Upton Provides. Something like Indians: Upton (57 mil in salaries for the next 3 years), Rengifo/Jones and a Relief Pitcher/ prospect that projects between a starter/relief pitcher Angels: Kluber and Plutko
  11. I feel like if i was to include Marsh in a Package, it would be more than just Kluber, maybe Kluber and Carrasco?
  12. Interesting trade proposals by some of the indian Fans. 1st think i also noticed was that they know that Kluber does not have high value 1. most are looking at Marsh, but some are also considering Jones as a center 2. interesting proposal was Kluber for Upton, Salary would have to fixed on this trade....But i'd do it.
  13. Lets say we make Fletcher the center in a trade for Kluber, and than one of Suarez/Sandoval and another prospect. What do you guys think about Cesar Hernandez? he could be an replacement for Flecth while filling in a Ut. he's can rotate between 2nd and rf, while La Stella rotations between 2nd and 1st.