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  1. 100% agreed. With everything 2020 has thrown at us theres not much to be happy about.
  2. Allard and This Terrible Rangers Bullpen is about to shut us down............. ...... And I dont even care ..... anyone else feeling the same?
  3. When did Texas develop a Cy young calibrate pitcher?
  4. Two bad calls by the um, one to La stella and now this at bat with Fletcher, might be the difference.
  5. Alright does Maddon have a thing for Mayers or what? this is the last guy you want when a game is close, tied or bases are loaded.......Yet incomes Mayers to blow everything up.
  6. Ooh Shit.... Madon would bring in the last guy we want into this situation.....
  7. Wait...I though Y'all didn't want to resign Simmons?? Pick a Side.
  8. Good thing that Bundy Had a CG last night, the Bullpen will be needed.
  9. Breaking News Albert Pujols has beaten out a throw to 2nd for a double!
  10. Bros we might get a CG here. When was the last time we had a CG.