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  1. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/dylan-bundy-605164?stats=statcast-r-pitching-mlb This is nice little tool, that goes into depth on how a pitcher's year went, their trends, data that might help us determine what free agents to look at. Interesting tibs So, Bundy threw 119 curves last year, and gave up 0 hit. On his slider, he had a 50% whiff rate, Surprisingly his fastball was all so good. From the data collected, i believe that Bundy with his improved command and ability to maintain it, can be a mid to upper 3 Era pitcher, than can eat innings. Now
  2. Ha! Hunter Green that's a name that hasn't been heard in awhile? anyone know how he's doing? Also that 2013 draft class for us was a bust, I really don't think any player selected in that draft has had a solid career yet.... Dark times.
  3. Mid to the upper 90s fb, a curve that has the potential to be a plus pitch, when he was drafted he was know more for his command than his stuff. Koch has a chance to be special, i think mid 21 he'll be a top 100 prospects. I think Stalling has the stuff to be a solid 3, nothing will dominate what he has a solid 4 pitch, Fb 89-93, with wide Varity of offspeeds, and he going to be a command over stuff guy.
  4. I would say it's close, but the edge goes to Trout. If this teams start winning, I would say that debates would also end. Just the Fact that we haven't been a good team, is the reason why these debates keep on popping up.
  5. I wouldn't say it's Eppler fault, and i'm also not blaming him. I would say it might be the Philosphy that he brought in? He came from the yankees,amd they too have had their shares of TJ and shoulder injuries. Than the Padres brought in Larry Rothschild to be their pitching coach. From talking with a few of my Padres friends, that Rothschild has brought in the same philosphy as what the Yankees and eppler has used, and that is based on throwing a lot of sliders. The Padres also now have a fair shar to elbow/shoulder issued. I would also that it's something else. alot of other team
  6. The biggest take away from of this is that all of these guys were/are home grown talents, Except Grateroi. I think outside of Urias, all of the picks came under Friedman. While if we look at what Eppler has done, he's brought in Othani, Canning, Barria ( i think he developed under eppler), and SUarez (he's running out of chances). Personally i would say Eppler has done really well, But, the biggest knock that i've said for awhile under him, was the amount of Tj our pitcher had to deal with. Not hating the guy, but this was Personal big issue. He brought in Othani, a guy that could
  7. Regarding our Gm search, at the end of the day, it's Arte decision to make, but i hope the new gm has the abilty to do/ improve characterist; 1. Better player development and is a known name on the international market and have the abilty to attract top tier talent. Now with that done, it's all in Arte Moreno hands to improves the team aswelll 1. Put more into player developmet/ Scouting 2. Health, escpially the pitching aspect.
  8. Is Nonie even with us or did he get released?
  9. So interesting enough, It's reported that the May was either going to get picked by the us or the dodger's in the 3rd round...... We went after Nonnie, and few picks later Dodgers picked May. Also May was ranked 144th and Nonnie was ranked 60.
  10. Yeah lets bring in a guy, Who's team, outside of 2020, had not made the playoffs in the past 17 years, a team outside of 2020, that had sub-500 team for the past 7 or 8 years. Yeah no thank You to Micheal hill!
  11. Not trying to ruin the fun here and all this hype about Hill....But, looking at the Marlin fan page, it seems clear that most and i mean most of the fans are happy that he's gone. That is always a red flag. Secondly i disagreed with signing him. yes he had/created one of the better outfields, but he's made his fair share of bad trades and moves. Trading Nick Anderson, Luis Castilli....etc I know people have said that their system his really good, and giving him credit. i disagreed, I would say that the reason it's improved his to Jeter and them having the abilty to trade 4 big peie
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