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  1. On the bright side the Astros lost again...Downside, the A's are getting hot.
  2. Just turned on the game and saw the line-up......wtf......why is Jay getting the called? Where's Ward?
  3. Forget going to Driveline! Dear Arte, Just Build a Driveline like lab in Angels Stadium!
  4. wow that was just awful, not a single pitch against Rendon was a strike.wow.
  5. I think Eppler derseves alot of credit for what he had done! He laid our a foundation for us, build a solid team that just lacked a few parts, which perry was abel to fill out. I know Eppler willl always be known for the 5 losing years, but lets actually look at the postives he had done. He took Over in 2015, our top Prospect at that time was Victor Alcantara and the 4th best was Balodoquin.....That should tell you the state of the system SInce than, this has happened; 1. Flectcher has developed in a rock solid Starter! 2. Walsh has broked out 3. He's Signed Oth
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