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  1. Welp Descafani struggled and with his second half struggles, looks like the first-half was a fluke.
  2. Same. I'll give Perry anotyher year. Similar to how it too Zaidi 2 full years to turn the giants around. We've seen a little bit of it in display, The data he had on Cobb, turned Cobb into a solid 2/3.
  3. They are spot on with what is wrong with this team. I do think we need need to improve the scouting, development and the analytical departments.
  4. How about Desclafani? he's had injury histories in the past, but has shown Big upside and he has finally put it together. there is concern with the Injury history and the Giants giving him the QA, but he's an interesting piece, he could be the next Morton. So, Instead of spending 25+ mil on one player, rather you go over quantity. So go after Desclafani: 30-33 mil over 3 years Re-sign Cobb: 14 mil over 2 years maybe take a shot at Greinke at 10 mil for 1 year. he can be the inning eater and veteran of the staff. Still showed really go number away from Houston. So that's 27 Mil on the starting rotation. If these guys repeat there 2021 numbers, combined we're looking at around 7 war. This add more depth to the system, we can keep guys like Detmers and Rodriguez down. Than, we can next focus on the Bullpen; re-sign Iglesias 64 mil over 4 years than about 7-9 mil to add another arm. But lets say you don't sign Grenike, and have that extra 10 mil to spend. Re-sign Iglesias Mchugh: 16 mil over 2 years Knebel: 16 mil over 2 years..
  5. I'll give Perry another year to see how he dose.I do wish that he, Maddon, and Arte sit and spend there money wisely. I would love that Ace or mutiple aces, but we can also add a better development teams, Improve analytical and even the scouting. Looks at the giants, this is what did. Improved their analytical department, Scouting and development, and they were the best team in baseball. Hopefully we see something similar.
  6. I've used Spotrac estimated values for free agents in the past and they've been quite close They have Kershaw (?) and Scherzer getting over 30 mil per year. For Kershaw that may change. They have Syndergaad getting close to 29 mil, I think he accepts the QO Ray,Rodon, and Gausman are estimated in the low to mid 90s They have Iglesias Over 15 mil, which is close to what I accept that he will get Kimbrel and jansen are close to 10 mil
  7. wooWoooWoooo Now just one for year of upton....and hopefully Rendon rebounds
  8. You add a healthy trout and rendon, Sandoval and Cobb stay healthy, with the addion of wantz and Warren into the Bp, I could see us being in a similar spot to Seattle and the blue jays
  9. wha...Wha..? what you told me he was going to get around 40 mil a year...
  10. OOh fuck Guerra is back! well congratz to Seattle for having a game 163!The entire city can thank Maddon and probably Guerra!
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