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  1. Play for something? lol His last 8 years was split between crappy Detroit , Cincinnati , & Baltimore
  2. Marsh hasn't looked good when he has to jump or dive , Adell on the other hand has been amazing when he laves his feet
  3. jesus kind of creepy how realistic they've become , but no joke bauer could go 12 rounds and do all the mma moves he wants and not get into legal trouble with these things
  4. well the blow jobs and moving around are only a few more years away, but these things can actually conversate now and will say thank you after a blow to the face lol
  5. Camera is zoomed in way too close and is also positioned too low ... The left handed batters are half hidden by the pitcher , if Slegers was out there you would literally not even see the left handed batters in the box lol what a crappy ass producer
  6. Albert looks bloated as hell , legit looks like a good 260lb if not more. Wonder how big he'll get this offseason lol
  7. Deca , Dbol , & Tren 3 most common steroids ,,, wouldn't surprised me if Laureano walking around with Tren cough during his off seasons
  8. I liked Thaiss's at bats even though his average fell fast , was making contact and worked counts. If they truly see him having value or a long term roster spot as backup catcher it's probably best he be in AAA playing everyday and working on his catching and calling games skills. I just hope he's good to go for being Angels backup catcher starting next year.
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