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  1. nice! 2 in a row ... light it up , humidity gone down a bit afternoon cigar is going to be great
  2. This youtube guy (ex minor leaguer) goes over minor league pay and minor league system as a whole pretty good ,, also nobody has mentioned this yet but out of their monthly pay each player has to deduct 'clubhouse dues' Now the pay below was based on 2010 so will be fun to know how much/or little the MLB raised the monthly pay in 11 years ,, everything below is pre tax and pre clubhouse dues * rookie ball to high A ball - $1,100 / month * AA - $1,500 / month * AAA - $2,150 / month Google search saying current minor league pay is * rookie ball to high A ball - $1,100 - $2,000 / month * AA - $1,400 - $2,400 / month * AAA - $2,000 - $2,800 / month
  3. Ohtani english is pretty damn good (starts at 3:00 mark) , one can only hope he keeps doing all interviews in japanese just to piss off stephen a smith
  4. trevor almost cropped out of the screen completely lol , espn center focal point is not the batter but a t-mobile sign lol!
  5. this is unwatchable you can't even tell if it's a home run off the bat because they're zoomed in so close ,, just looks like a bunch of line drives ,, and cropping the batter to only 30% of the screen has a claustrophobic look/feel
  6. they did a whole documentary about Sano's signing process and showing how shady that side of the business is ,, it's a good watch ... the film actual title is Ballplayer: Pelotero https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1885335/
  7. if you have a laptop or tablet https://mlb66.ir/simulator just click on select game and pick the angel game ,, in lower right corner you can pick either home or away broadcast ,, additionally close the ad and close the betting scrollbar and cover/close chat
  8. this is even better the more i think about it ,, if you switch it to aaron slegers at the bottom and angels starter leaving the game with a multiple-run lead on the undertaker it works as well , Sandoval reactions is prime example lol
  9. Here's 2 great series that go over the history of Aviation ,, if you have a fire stick or something similar search ''Amazing world of Aviation'' it's a 13 part series .... and ''First Flights'' hosted by Buzz Aldrin ... both are great
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