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  1. Oh, youre not gonna big league me this time? I put my hand out to shake and you handed me your empty bowl with the napkin in it.
  2. To be fair, when you picked up the bowl and started slurping it, that was kind of gross
  3. Astros would pay off MLB to make sure Dipoto got them. The other teams would protest, until they realized it wouldnt hurt them in any way.
  4. The best part is, the fans will boo him every pitch... which means their batters wont hear the fake armpit fart signal from the dugout that the next pitch is a slider. Edge Lowell.
  5. At bare minimum, at least we will have something to talk about. The astros story wont tide me over until presidents day.
  6. Meanwhile, @Tank is sleeping like a baby. Guess Grandal didnt dig on the onion soup and beets garnish.
  7. And in all honesty, when he was doing whatever, he probably didnt come off any different than a lot of his peers.... who drink and get the same effect.