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  1. To be fair, schwartzeneggar was acutely aware of the apocalypse in our futures.
  2. The difference between S Korea and Italy is that both approached this situation completely different from one another. The Koreans went big, the Italians ignored it. They have separate outcomes to the same problem for that reason. And we wont be either because we emulated a but of both. We all talked about this a few weeks ago on here.... we too could be crawling out of our bunkers by now, like Korea and Taiwan. But Americans arent willing to do what those countries did... this is the problem. If we told everyone today "stay inside your f*cking house, no exceptions. We will pay all your bills. Just stay inside for 4 weeks, and money is no object. And then it will be back to normal", the freeways would still have people on them tomorrow.
  3. South Korea also got a far earlier jump than we did. Which is apples and oranges, like the Cuba/HIV topic. And everyone is being tracked in their cellphone. Are you willing to do that?
  4. How have we overreacted? Is here any country out there that hasnt done the same things we have? People have mentioned Sweden. Ok, thats one. But whos to say they wont change their stance once they start seeing the same numbers the rest of Europe is right now?
  5. 2 things. The first, not true. Flu vaccines have a lower effecrive rate, because the flu constantly mutates. But what about polio? Smallpox? Yellow fever? Those diseases have been eradicated from America... by vaccines. Second The deadliest war in America was the Civil war. To say this isnt the deadliest virus thats ever hit, is akin to saying we shouldnt have taken WW2, any other war, or the Cold War that serious, because, hey, its not the Civil War.
  6. So, meant to bring this up earlier. Whereas we judge the chinese for their disgusting eating habits, we gloss over the fact we eat some disgusting ass shit ourselves. Also. At least they can rightfully admit "dude, we're f*cking poor. We'll eat anything to survive". Then you go to youtube, and watch what people would eat on Fear Factor .. just to be on TV.
  7. Chappelles HBO standup circa 2000 is still comic gold. Its on youtube for anyone needing a laugh. Theres a great bit in there about bill clinton and a finger....
  8. Saw something about that last night. Forgetting for a second the current tragedy, this, to me, is fascinating. Ive mentioned before that ive always had an interest in these things. Medical "detectives" do some interesting things. Its crazy how this virus, which is a collection of simple molecules, has been able to round the globe in such a short time. Some mentioned on here a few weeks back that NY has a lot of italians, and that must be why and here we see that its very possible. But to be fair, it could be from any number of european countries. And until a "patient zero" is identified, its speculative that this is how it arrived.
  9. Cuba is an island nation, so a lot easier to quarantine. It also isnt wealthy, so not an daily influx of tourist / trade. More importantly, Cubas first AIDS case was in 1986.... and the quarantined immediately. Ours started exploding 5 years prior. Well before anyone knew it existed. (And research has found victims of it 20 years prior in the US). Point being, it had already run amok in the US before we knew it. Cuba was able to contain it because before it got to them, they not only knew it existed, but also had tests in hand to identify exactly who had it. To put it in perspective, by the time cuba got its first case, every state in america had it. And cuba is smaller and less populated than florida. By the time cuba had its first documented case, AIDS was a hot topic globally, and close to 20K americans had already died. The cubans had a head start that we didnt. We could have absolutely slowed the spread... but at the time, the government and much of america looked at "gay cancer" as a "thats what they get". Reagan didnt acknowledge aids publically until 1985.... at which time some 13,000 had already died of it in the US.... So, yeah, we could have done a lot more to slow it down. But didnt. Everette Koop killed his career by going against reagan and telling the truth about how it spread. This is what Australia did... who also did a lot better than us. Less restrictive than cuba. Same results.
  10. Chuck, this is straight infowars nonsense. Gates himself doesnt create these vaccines, obviously. But just to comment on one that i have read about in the past, reference polio in india. There are different forms of polio vaccines. One has a live version of polio in it... this one is more dangerous, and sometimes leads to paralysis. And our parents were given it here and the rest of the western world.... my grandmother died from it. It was pandemic as coronavirus is. And gates didnt invent it... jonas salk did, decades ago. Gates merely donated funds to create more of the vaccine and give it to the developing world, who needed it. When india stopped using the vaccine, they had an outbreak of polio and spread it to neighboring countries... This is pure antivax bullshit
  11. Exactly. And who is spreading it? Not whos sharing the posts but what knucklehead started the gates blame in the first place? My buddy forwarded me an IG video saying the same about 2 weeks back... which claimed gates has a lab in Wuhan... and also said Wuhan was the test city for 5G... so, both conspiracies wrapped into one lame ass video
  12. Taxes will increase in the short term. After thinking about my pimp train to vegas idea, i decided we need 2 of those trains, that run side by side, at the same time. That way one train has the grilled cheese AND HAM sandwiches, for the rest of AW, and the other train has grilled cheese and lettuce for you. Both trains have the boober eats girls, with those guns that shoot t shirts at sporting events, but theyll be shooting lotto tickets from train to train. Still want those taxes cut? Also, the train conductors will be terry crews and alex curry. Or, you could vote for the other guy and his stupid "lets fix the roads" campaign.
  13. I think its about bill gates developed anti-virus software for windows. But i havent watched it yet either.