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  1. You being against Lous post makes you an anti-semantic. Wheres toby borenstein when you need him?
  2. It helps when your fanbase has cartel family connects. "Orale. You should draft this foo, ay. My primo says he runs the fastest when they raid the coca fields. Hes good with a bat, too, ay."
  3. Was going to mention this earlier. Ive always wondered what the most important aspect is. Scouting? Development? Obviously its a combo. But can a cant miss guy be ruined by poor coaching? And vice versa? This is where id love to see an analysis of a team like the dodgers. What their keys are.
  4. Pretty crazy list of talent... and one year away from Vladdy..... Crazy.
  5. Was gonna make a josh hamilton joke, but we lost one of our guys there more recently...
  6. I picture them giving him one of these, but with different pitches instead of animals. I also picture houston stealing this idea. Putting a petting zoo behind the dig out "for the fans". Then using a stun gun on the animals to relay signs. "The changeup goes moooo"
  7. Totally disagree. Firstly, and ive said this before, epplers report card wont be known until hes gone anyway. If anything, rather than trying to save his job, he should be martyring himself... if he cares about the team. He inherited a trainwreck... his job is to hand the next guy the keys to a finished or at least close to product. As far as the trout window, heres the bad news. Its already closing. And its not epplers fault. The smart move is to focus on the Adel window, with trout the older statesman in his post peak. Think about it like this... would you rather have spent money in 2016 give or take to pad trout with talent around him? Or go back in time and sign off on the cj wilson and hamilton deals, to pad pujols and weaver? Trying to freeze time for trout will end up biting us in the ass.
  8. Boston isnt moving price, unless someone is really stupid. Id look for betts to have a gig year, headed to FA. Boston likely does better trading him to whatever team whos been stockpiling young talent and is pushing for a deep playoff run at the deadline.