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  1. Wonder if hand will have shoulder or elbow problems if he pitches here?
  2. And then a biden reaction for "cmon man" when we sign guys we universally all think suck, like blanton
  3. We need a trump one for "gonna be the best you ever saw" for when we sign guys nobody had on the radar, but we get optimistic because its someone new.
  4. Your reaction led me to notice we had one. Well done, aw.com
  5. That clip of him being swarmed when he broke the record is so iconic.
  6. Anyone else feel like hes almost underrated? You always read about ruth, mays, williams, mantle etc etc, but he always seemed like just behind guys like that in terms of legacy. Almost viewed as a slugger, not a "baseball player all around" type? I looked him up a few years ago and had no idea how complete of a hitter he was. RIP. Absolute legend.
  7. In that era, hed be realPuto I actually want to sign him just so if he sucks, we can use that name.
  8. We're wasting uptons prime years if we dont spend. Also. Maybe we need to whisper in artes ear that it would be nice to pujols in the playoffs at least 2 of the 10 years he was here... cough....
  9. Sign bauer. Hes not cole. Cole was "the one", and it still sucks we didnt get him. But bauer is still a stud. And its been years since we had one. We need one. We need a pitcher that can be expected to win every start. Its been way too long since we had that. If we dont get him, sign realmuto. Just for the thread arguments.
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