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  1. Not where I work. Way too much liability in something like that. In ghetto cities, absolutely. And numerous times ive taken gangsters to jail, who are kind of weirded out by it.... offering to take the ass kick in exchange for no jail. (These are guys who come from shittier cities than I work)
  2. Im obviously not trying to equate the two. But when you say people of color being harrassed and abused. Theres a ton of stats and media that support this. But like all stats you need to step back and look at the larger picture. Case in point. The current story of the lady who called the Police on the black guy in central park. My question is why is this an actual "news story"? Is the story an example of an endemic problem? Or is it a certain segment making it seem like its a problem? Because white people call the police on stupid shit other white people are doing ALL THE TIME. But the news doesnt put those stories out there..... and they shouldnt. Because the story of "dumb bitch gets annoyed and tries to get the police to back her up" isnt going to get any clicks. Every study has shown blacks arent killed by police any more than whites are. And this is years and years of study. Yet can you name any white person killed by the police? Or can you name a single cop killed by a black person? Theres a stark difference between things that happen and what is reported to the public as having happened. Because the media knows the public as a whole isnt going to care unless theres some meat to the story. Case in point. Chicago had its worst memorial day in years this year. That story made the news. Did any of the individual events from that weekend in chicago make the news? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/05/25/us/chicago-memorial-day-deaths/index.html 49 shot, 10 killed in 3 days..... CNN reports, in two sentences, that a 16 year old was killed.... then puts filler in the article that chicago still has covid lockdowns. Thats the extent of CNNs coverage of 50 victims. Yet how many stories are on their front page about central park lady? https://homicide.latimes.com/ Scroll through there..... and pinpoint the outrage and protests for all those events. Sharks kill about 10 people a year around the globe. And each one makes the news. So sharks get the rep of being killers. Dogs kill about 40 a year in the US alone each year.
  3. Hey, if god wanted us to use apostrophes, he would have put them in the spell checks.
  4. I have been known to throw some junkballs
  5. Theres a great documentary on the making of the movie. It was allowed, if I remember correctly, because they filmed an actual ceremony of some sort overseas and incorporated it in the movie, as opposed to just writing it in.
  6. Crawling along the edge.... of a straight, tanker....
  7. By the way, for those who have seen it, or those who will. Brando is phenom in this, at least his character. The point being whereas he "decided" the war, as was being fought, was pointless. So he went and did it more effectively. As someone who works in an industry with contradictions, fuzzy rules of engagement, etc, I dig on his ramblings. "We train young men to drop fire on people..... but their commanders wont allow them to write F*ck on their airplanes, because its obscene!"
  8. Apocalypse Now is starting now (get it?) on HBO. Those of you who havent seen it, need to. "I saw... a snail...... crawl along the edge..... of a straight razor. Thats my dream..... thats my nightmare. Crawling.... slithering... along the edge of a straight razor....."
  9. MLB is also one of the rare sports with guaranteed contracts, too. Would the players union support renegotiated contracts for sunk costs, like Pujols? "Arte has made a killing! He invested 200 million, and now the team is worth a billion!" Very true. But add up the pujols, hamilton, wells, gmj, cj wilson etc deals from the past decade.... those were all losses. Huge ones. Its not all profit.
  10. Again, i dont know the specifics. But it seems to me that the players union is essentially fighting it because it could set precedent. "We give in to this, what next?" I totally get that. But I think this all uncharted territory. @Tank mentioned about fans not being able to afford tickets. I think it goes beyond that. What if fans arent even allowed in to begin with? The payrolls are figured out based on the income of the org, with extras added like TV deals. Well if they play with no fans, what is the organizations income? No tickets, no parking, no food sales. Sure, you dont have to pay the ushers, but that aint shit. The overhead here is huge. The fact is, the teams will lose huge money this year (they already have). And not bad vegas weekend money, but potentially crushing losses. The argument is "but they made a killing in the past". Well, so have the players. Should the owners be able to say "hey trout, we have like a fraction of revenue coming in because of this. You need to lose money in the overall scheme this year, because we made you rich as hell before this year"? Again, Im not taking ownerships side here. Its just not as simple as saying "this group has more money, so they should be the one to cave."
  11. Meh, ill try to keep it short. I agree the cops shit the bed on that one. On that, or any instance like that, I am fully behind "hold them accountable". The whole "thim blue line" thing is overblown. Do we support each other? Absolutely. Do we judge each other? Absolutely. The "thin blue line" thing is, for the most part, a "im not going to comment publically". That doesnt mean i support the guy. Its like with athletes.... you talk to them one on one, theyll tell you so and so sucks. So and so is hurting the team. But when the media asks you that, you say "hes going through a rough patch, but hes a pro, he'll figure it out". In this particular case, I think the cop f*cked up, but I dont think he did it on purpose.... I think hes an idiot that didnt realize what he was doing. Doesnt mean hes not at fault. Its that i think the guy was an idiot, as opposed to malice. But as a habit of the job, I dont really have an opinion. Thats a byproduct of doing this for years and years, knowing i have 1 percent of the facts involved. Being that i wasnt there, have no ability to interview anyone who was, cross check anyones statements, etc etc, I dont have an opinion. In all honesty, i guess because I do this as a daily job, I dont really have an interest in other events that dont involve me. I see enough in my own work hours that something 1000 miles away is a shoulder shrug, "let them deal with it". But again, its because I know I dont have any ability to investigate it myself, so I dont waste the energy. It would be like showing a baseball player a highlight of a strikeout. And going "can you believe he swung at that?! What was he thinking!" And the baseball player will be like "what was the count? How many times has he faced the guy, and whats the scouting report on his 2 strike pitch? Whats the hitter been doing the last week average wise? How has the pitcher been the last few appearances, and how was his fastball looking? Firm or was he looking limp, so you were expecting that (firm) or assumed it would be a secondary pitch (limp)."
  12. Aside from the nerd new guys, everyone is wayyyy too cheap to spend that much. Because we lost things left and right..... you always lose flashlights, gloves, handcuffs, etc etc. And some other cop always "finds" them. So once you go through that once, you spend as little as possible for whatever works good enough.
  13. Im 1000 percent for people protesting. Im 1000 percent against people disrupting. Especially when the people who are effected by it have NOTHING to do with what youre protesting. And this has nothing to do with BLM. Or at least specific to them. Its any protest. Weve been dealing with the anti-quarantine protests the last few weeks, and its the same thing. Dont like the restrictions? Think its ridiculous? Cool, I respect your opinion Now get on the f*cking sidewalk, youre blocking traffic. Ive been in a few riots. The one that stands out was the "trump got elected" riots. People hated it (and thats fine). Lighting shit on fire, looting liquor stores, and shutting down the roads wasnt going to change the election. And they took place (the ones im talking about) here, in California.... where trump didn't win. So I hate protestors who disrupt regardless of cause. Peaceful protests I fully support.
  14. I thought her nickname was costsApenny, not pennywise?