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  1. Between houston and boston, who is more likely to beat the dodgers?
  2. I have a signed angel jersey thats got a total random mix. Lots of guys from 2004/5, then a bunch from circa 2010-2014. I forgot whos all on it, but know it has vlad, pujols and trout.... which as an angel fan standpoint is kind of cool I doubt i could get anything for it.... none of it is certified. And i have nowhere to hang it, or at least nowhere I want to. Just sitting in a box, will probably end up with the coroner when they find me dead someday Never sleep naked by the way.
  3. Im not trying to defend maddon, but hes never (in 2 seasons) had any pitching. Ohtani ans iglesias this year (maybe cobb), and bundy (lol) last year. This year he had the huge year from ohtani, and the all star year from walsh, but not trout. And without trout, rendon out and fletcher playing so badly, there was no way they were going to score much at all. If the 2020 roster is healthy next year, I like it. But i cant blame maddon (or give credit) until i see them all together for the year
  4. Theyre going to create a comic character for the minor league players called "starving man"
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2719278-babe-ruth-memorabilia-from-charlie-sheen-sells-for-over-4-million-at-auction.amp.html
  6. I remember going to one of those shows once. There were a ton of pretty big named athletes signing things for money (I couldnt afford anything). But I remember stepping out to smoke a cigarette, and some little dude came out and asked for my lighter. Made small talk, he asked if i got anything cool. I said no, and he mentioned a few things he got, and I was like "wow, this guy must've blown his life savings on this nerd stuff!" It was charlie sheen. I remember reading an article once about his collection, and he has some crazy stuff. Like babe ruths contract or something like that.
  7. I mean, that series hasnt even played out yet, and arent we already there?
  8. If its me, im not giving it to Urias. Hes been amazing this year. But I think Scherzer, was better. Bueller too, maybe. Must be nice to have that issue on one team
  9. I grabbed the canseco rated rookie for 10 bucks, and 2 years later or so swore id be able to sell it and buy a house when i got old. I remember the mattingly rookie card being the most sought after card out there.... and a buddy of mine trading some other kid for it, for a glenn hoffman card.... because glenn hoffman lived across the street from him, and he wanted to get it autographed. And it was this huge dilemma.... which one was worth more.
  10. Lol. Yeah... canseco was the man at the time. Remember that card, too. And funny enough, it begs the question... is it a joyner, or a canseco card?
  11. I never saw the whole thing. But did those gotcha paintball guns in the movie come first, or vice versa? Like did people make money selling movie merchandise, or someone made a movie off the toy?
  12. Saw it in the movies and fell asleep. Not because it was bad, just super tired. Need to give it another watch. I remember when the real thing happened. Crazy story.
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