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  1. It should lower with weight lifting... But make sure youre mixing both. The more muscle you build, your metabolism goes up. But dont skimp on cardio. You dont have to go crazy on it. But still work it in to each workout.
  2. Juat remember to nail the presentation... theres a fine line between Arte and Bernie from weekend at bernies
  3. Like as an Arte tribute? Youll dress like him, play all his hits?
  4. Great point. Its crazy how much one move can have ripple effects. I saw the thread about donaldson vs rendon.... had we signed donaldson and went after a pitcher, most of us would have been good with it. Who knew donaldson was ready to get old this year?
  5. Something else Ill add here, aside from whats already been mentioned (coming aboard with a bloated payroll, no farm, nothing to trade.) Pitching has been our biggest problem for years. And every year someone needs TJ. (15-the current has been brutal). In epplers defense, Skaggs wasnt his fault, and hurt us big time. And nobody knew Ohtani would be out again. Sure, he should have done a better job acquiring pitching. But we seemed to have pissed off God with the luck weve had the last half decade. And i cant blame him that.
  6. Constantly adjusting the thermostat in the clubhouse... buying the brand of soda you like, not what they want...making silly rules like "no barefoot in the kitchen, have to wear slippers"
  7. Well, this sucks. I have only watched maybe 1 or 2 games this year, and maybe listened to 5 or so on the radio, but just heard the news Simmons was my fave... sucks to see him gone. Gonna miss his defense for sure, and that weird ass swing when he whips a double down the left line. Was fun as hell to watch the last few years. Didnt think hed replace aybar, and he did.
  8. Probably the best scouting report in the history of this website.
  9. I think when you make comps like this, era has to be included. Pujols was a monster. Never take anything away from him. But he had better parks, for one. (Nl central vs al west) But id say that scouting has come a loooong way this past decade. Shifts, bullpens, etc etc.
  10. domestic violence victims as a whole dont report... its not a cop spouse thing. But more to the point, again, to make it a legit study, youd have to interview every DV case nationwide..... this has never happened, nor ever will. What has happened is people have created this myth. Like I said, in order to prove anything, youd have to open EVRRY case, and show that, like you said, it happens more in cop homes than non cop homes. Doing it the way the article you posted would be like taking covid cases from LA alone, having a handful of quotes saying "I couldnt get in to Harbor UC
  11. This is what I know. What I know is that there is no requirement to document anyones job occupation when they are arrested. And as such, there is no such database one could find that would list crimes against job titles. Anymore than you can find a database showing catholics vs protestants for domestic violence. As there is no database, there is no way a reporter could tap into "domestic violence reference.com" and compile who the GOAT numbers are. The only say you could actually conduct that study would be to compile every DV arrest made nationwide, follow up with each sus
  12. No it isnt. These are those bullshit stats people make up and like to push. And the problem is people like you eating that shit up, and spreading it. Theres actual value in going out and actually seeing and experiencing things over reading about it. Its why I prefer banging my girlfriend to watching porn.
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