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  1. Not that it would happen. And not that I would expect him to. But it would be nice if Cobb (or anyone else in his position) was like "I like it here. Ill sign for a lot less than market value, because i already have enough money, and I was serious about liking it here and thinking the team is on the verge". Again, it will never happen. But it would be nice.
  2. How big of a bullet did we dodger here? Everyone was ready to riot. Not just on here, but tritter, IG, etc etc Cant even imagine how screwed wed be if we took him. Which at the time seemed like a no brainer
  3. We need an emoji for that Could be handy when @Tank posts in the recipe section
  4. Eesh. Sucks for Marsh.... knowing now you were just being showcased. Kind of a head scratcher that this deal couldnt get done in time. Neither make any money yet.... what could the hiccup be? At any rate, this is the kind of deal thats more in the offseason anyway. Neither team is winning this year, so no rush at the deadline.
  5. Its like all the "magic must be gay!" rumors. The common person has ZERO idea how much poon athletes get. And Magic, in the 80s, was about as big of a star as anyone ever. Up there with jordan, michael jackson, etc etc. I cant tell you how many 10s I knew back in the day who would throw themselves, at the drop of a hat, to the dominican relief pitcher, who spoke almost no english, and was at the big league level for 3 months in his entire career. And that was for nobodies Guys like Magic, Kobe, etc. Fuggitaboutit'
  6. Kudos to remembering his full name He was stringfellow hawke.....
  7. I like the verb "airwolfed" I was never a Kobe guy. But, I took his side in the Shaq thing... just think Shaq should have been the bigger man, personally. But calling kobe out for banging the hotel worker. In terms of his family, yeah we can judge. But not in comparison to shaq. Or any other pro. Alllllllll those dudes do it.
  8. Meh. My gym routine is pretty stupid, too. And a couple guys I know Im sure surpass Mike. Injuries are inevitable. And not working out isnt going to help you. Had he torn something in the offseason, I could see it. But getting hurt doing a fast twitch movement.... meh, its gonna happen sooner or later.
  9. "Mrs. Nordberg, I think we can save your husbands arm... .... where would you like it saved."
  10. I laughed at this. More than i should have. "Trout says "calf's still there, so thats good!"
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