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  1. I used to try to do the fingerman thing with people, but always forgot which number to use.... and ended up looking confused and stupid. Its still a cool trick though
  2. Ill let Lou Diamond (named after the famous Marine) answer. The Mayans knew how many games Pujols should start.
  3. Hopefully nothing. It would set precedent. And would open me up to problems with the waitresses of the world who I told I was 24. (Even though Im old enough to remember the Challenger tragedy).
  4. To me, thats the most genius line of all time. Hes basically saying "if we dont do it right.... we're not going to fix it. But thanks for the call, friend."
  5. Have to wonder if this in some way saves ownership money? Or do they get paid per year regardless?
  6. I know he does. But this year hes in the best shape of his life.
  7. Would be funny if he posted a pic with a bowl haircut, attending the empire strikes back premier for his 9th birthday.
  8. Yes. We are overdue for good luck. Ohtani will be healthy, and Adell will be a totally different player. Pujols will hit 2 triples. Last week of the season we'll be tied with oakland. And they'll all get Covid and will have to forfeit the first 2 games of the best of 3 while quarantined. Luke Bard will appear in games 3 and 4, and we'll win game 5.
  9. "I once gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob" "No way! Was he silent?" Love that line.
  10. Doing a major house remodel. Habent had my tv/cable hooked up for a few weeks. Finally broke the addiction and was gonna cancel cable. A shitty spring training game airs.... and I start getting twitchy, wondering how to move all the dryall out of the way to hook the cable up to the tv in the garage so I can watch a bunch of guys ive never heard off botch some grounders. Dangit.
  11. Cash considerations sounds like a rapper. Other things that sound like rappers. Local elections, when there are koreans running. And you see signs saying "young kim", or "young hyun". Dont believe me? Now picture a sign, in different colors, that reads: Cash Considerations Young Kim Young Hyun August 3, 2017, Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet. See, I told you.
  12. I dont know anything about the doobie brothers. (Funkdoobiest if anything). But every reference I see of them, anywhere, this pops in my head
  13. Thats true. But a guy like Bonds at his peak.... But true. Its hard to call one player dominant whos not involved in every play.
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