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  1. Can't wait for the robo ump, Baseball needs to have a consistent strike zone.
  2. Completely agree, would have liked to see us give the bullpen a break. Maddon's handling of the pitching staff is just the worse. I'm ok with the way he handles the rest of the game for the most part.
  3. Hopefully the Rockies fire Bud Black and we can bring him back to be our Pitching coach.
  4. Agree, what the hell. On top of it, don't we have a six man rotation. What's the reason these guys are struggling to go five innings. I just don't get it. Where is the sense of urgency. Something has to change here, fast. They need to figure this out. The pitching seems to be getting worse, each year.
  5. use to love the Lakers too, now I hate them and the rest of the NBA. Hopefully MLB and the NFL don't become as bad as the NBA. Although it seems like it's heading in that direction.
  6. I do agree that he'll be a good hitter, the guy just can't catch the ball- LOL!
  7. I do hate the name LA Angels but unfortunately we're stuck with it. I don't have a say but if I did it would be the California Angels.
  8. Nice callout (Philippe's, bay cities)! you gota be a LA local to know those places.
  9. Watching C-Rod pitch reminds me of K-Rod. At first I didn't like the move of having him in the pen to open the season but the more I thought about, the more I liked it. He could have meaningful impact on multiple games in a given week. As Halo fans we haven't really had dominant starter since what, the days of Chuck Finley or further back Nolan Ryan. But we have had Dominant closers like K-Rod, Bryan Harvey and of course my favorite Percival. I could see Chris Rodrigues having that type of impact, he has that type of stuff to do it. I'm actually excited to watch how this unfolds. And the strategy of having a not great but solid starting pitching to go along with a very strong bullpen could be the way we have a great season. We have more than enough hitting to win, it's how we pitch that's going to determine our fate.
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