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  1. Nice callout (Philippe's, bay cities)! you gota be a LA local to know those places.
  2. Watching C-Rod pitch reminds me of K-Rod. At first I didn't like the move of having him in the pen to open the season but the more I thought about, the more I liked it. He could have meaningful impact on multiple games in a given week. As Halo fans we haven't really had dominant starter since what, the days of Chuck Finley or further back Nolan Ryan. But we have had Dominant closers like K-Rod, Bryan Harvey and of course my favorite Percival. I could see Chris Rodrigues having that type of impact, he has that type of stuff to do it. I'm actually excited to wa
  3. I noticed that too and appreciate Sutton for doing that. I'm happy to have him back, wish he'd work the radio booth when Vasgersian is on the TV broadcast.
  4. This is where I am at too and is what I voted for. Of course I would be more than happy with more but as long as they keep me interested in the team because they're close and fighting for a playoff spot I'm happy.
  5. I didn’t think the broadcast was bad. I’m not down on Sutton at all. He needs to get a few games under his belt. On Ward yes, completely agree we need him on team. They need to figure how to work that out.
  6. If Sinclair soon to rebranded as Bally Sports offers consumers the option to purchase and stream directly from them, sign me up. It's way overdue at this point.
  7. I'm with you on this. Loved that style of Baseball the cardinal teams played under Herzog and would love to see baseball played like that today. That's why I appreciate Fletcher so much he brings back some of that style that's been lost in todays game. Pretty sad that it's unique to see a player like him in todays game.
  8. You could cancel Frontier for TV and just keep their internet (Great internet as long as it's fios and not DSL). You could then sign up for AT&T tv (Formally Direct tv Now). AT&T TV is the only streaming service I'm aware of that carries FSW soon to be rebranded as Bally's sports West. Cost I believe is $85.00 a month. Or yes get MLB TV and watch it on demand (Tape delayed), not ideal. Not great options, I know. I'm in the same boat.
  9. Really stocked to have Daron Sutton back with the Halos it would only be better if he could do the Radio PBP whenever he wasn't on the TV PBP.
  10. THIS ^ plus I must add the delayed double steal. just to be a jackass I'll add the infield fly rule - LOL!
  11. Who has it (I assume only Spectrum and AT&T TV)? I have YouTube TV, so unfortunately I won't be able to watch it. I'll be catching the games on MLB TV, complements of T Mobile.
  12. Naming Bundy the opening day starter was the right choice, wonder how Maddon lines up the rest of the rotation......
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