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  1. Agree, like these lineups. and yes, lets give Pena some of those high leverage innings.. the bullpen is killing us
  2. He can only manage the talent he's given. He'll figure it out (as long as we get a semblance of a season). The hitting will come around, if we get some pitching we should be able to reach the playoffs.
  3. Long overdue, thought they talked about it. Then we would have consistency.
  4. And supposedly fielding issues was one of the reasons they kept him off the active roster. I don't think he could have done worse there. Bummer, bad play on Goodie but he's still better than Upton and a lot less expensive.
  5. Yep, wish we could just move on from him (trade him). Adell in left, Trout in center, Goodie in right with Marsh as our reserve.
  6. Yep, already activated my free MLB TV compliments of T Mobile, 2nd year in a row. A solid gift, way more than than than the empty wallet verizon gave me.
  7. Yes, every one of them have recovered. Unless you are elderly or have an underlying health condition your going to survive this. People die from the flu too. You shouldn't ride in a car either, that kills a lot of people every year. Don't understand all the panic.
  8. VERY NICE! A throwback from 1976, a vintage year. Well Done
  9. Who gives a crap what Fauchi says, if it were up to him we'd all be inside our houses the rest of our lives (That way we can be safe). Like a bunch of chickens waiting for the AX to fall. F that get out there, enough of this. What the hell happened to this country
  10. Life is a risk! These spoiled brats make millions, what about the grocery store worker, what if none of them went to work because they didn't feel safe. Where would the rest of us be?
  11. THIS !!! The more I hear from either side the more disgusted I am.
  12. OK, best player available from where we were picking but we need pitching. Also we need some help at catcher and corner infielders as well. Maybe we trade some outfielders for some arms (isn't OF the postition we have the most depth at)?
  13. It's nice to see them take a pitcher, we obviously need a lot of help in that area.. I'd be happy if they just drafted pitchers with they're remaining 4 picks...
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