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  1. The Angels certainly need that!!! They really need a Terry Collins / Doug Rader type to raise up that intensity level in the clubhouse.
  2. Yep, this is what I've been wanting for a while. plus need to have the universal DH.
  3. Matt's fine, Rich Waltz was fine. My preference is for consistency. We need stability, a familiar voice and a good story teller, someone who tells the story of how a baseball season unfolds.
  4. I voted yes on bringing back Cobb, they need to resign Raisel Iglesias, We need a SS and a backup Catcher and a couple of dependable set up arms in the pen. If they can do that this off season and avoid major injuries they should contend.
  5. Yep, with you on that. Let's just hope there is a full season next year (with the expiring CBA)......
  6. Dean Chance Nolan Ryan Frank Tanana Clyde Wright Chuck Finley
  7. In general I’m overly optimistic about my teams. So as usual I was in denial until about two weeks after the AllStar break. Then reality hit me. But being optimistic just accepted the situation for what it was and continued to follow to see what Ohtani and the young kids will do the rest of the way. Being the gullible sports idiot that I am, I’m hopeful about next year (as long as there is a season with the expiring CBA). Fingers crossed we’ll have a season next year.
  8. Completely agree, would love to see next year OF be from left to right, Trout/Marsh/Adell.
  9. It's definitely been a rough year but as a lifelong Halos fan I can say, I've had worse years, for sure. For me, what's more hopeful this year as opposed to other bad years are the young players that are actually getting a chance to play (The pitchers, Adel and Marsh). In my mind, if Trout, Rendon come back healthy and we resign Iglesias then add a couple of pieces we're good.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been screaming for it all year. Imagine having a consistent strike zone, what a concept!
  11. It's unfortunate that' Trout's body is already breaking down, each year he seems to be out for longer periods of time than the previous year for what seems like the last 3 years. Hopefully he'll be healthy enough by the start of spring training (Fingers crossed). But who knows when Spring training is going to start with the expiring CBA the delay will probably work in our favor.
  12. Yeah at this point I'd like to see the Angels hang onto both of them, fingers crossed. Adel has improved a lot from last year and I like the emotion he plays with too.
  13. Thanks for the intel, this proves what we all suspected......
  14. That is funny but sad at the same time-LOL! That comment tells the story of the type of year its been .
  15. Never if our best players are constantly on the Disable List. Seriously Moreno should hire a professional training staff because the ones they have can't be very good with all the injuries this organization has had the last few years.
  16. Maybe he would prefer not to have to rehab during his offseason (LOL)! I would imagine 400 million creates a comfortable life, it would be hard to stay hungry and driven.........
  17. With our luck, I'm wondering if Trout and Rendon will be able to start next season........LOL! Well if there is a season (with the expiring CBA).
  18. Are we sure Rendon and Trout will be healthy enough to play next year............. Reminds me of Fred Lynn that guy was always hurt
  19. This seem realistic, I like it. CRod seems to me like he belongs in the pen (I wonder if he can stay healthy but isn't that the case with this whole team).
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