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  1. Yeah, that's thinking too. I hope its not just wishful thinking, though. At the least, it would be nice if Quintana could come back and pitch well enough to be tradable.
  2. Curtis was the original David Eckstein. In fact, I bet he would have really like Eckstein. In 1986.
  3. Channeling my negative nancy: Looks like the Angels have a lot of "depth starters" (meaning, not #1-5s) and Angels-style erratic relievers in the minors. Whooptie-do.
  4. Just a reminder: Rengifo is hitting .313/.313/.563 with a 138 wRC+ since being called up. Only four games, but still.
  5. Nice debut for the phenom: Wander Franco with a three-run HR and a walk. What a beast, and only 20 years old. A bit more...as I've said, I really think Franco belongs in the same class as Tatis, Vlad, Soto, and Acuna, who I think will be the five best position players of the post-Trout era. If I had to guess who would accumulate the most WAR over this decade (2020-29), it would be these five. Anyhow, I think Wander has the best pure hit tool - he's going to hit .330+ regularly and win some batting titles. I see him as more of a 25 HR guy, but he's going to hit 40+ doubles and maybe get to 10+ triples.
  6. Nah. They will get a better bargain this offseason. He's shown what he can do, the only question is health over a long period of time. Lock him up.
  7. It does seem odd that they're in that group when some of the teams in the next group actually have higher odds. Maybe a typo?
  8. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/fangraphs-power-rankings-june-14-20/ They have the team listed in the "solid contenders" group, although don't comment on them in the blurb. Playoff odds are up to 14.8%.
  9. And it is June 22, 2021. Opening Day is in over 9 months. Hopefully he's healthy then. Steamer? heh.
  10. I disagree, as I said above. If Marsh were healthy, I think he could product 2 WAR right now. His offense would be below Upton's, at least right now, but his defense would make up the difference. Adell...who knows. But we can still hope that he's ready to be at least a solid major leaguer next year.
  11. This. I think baseball peaked in the 70s and 80s and, due to various factors, has declined since the 90s. Sabermetrics has led to a shift from 80s Cardinals style to three-true-outcomes, which is far less interesting from a watching perspective. This was compounded by the steroids-fueled shit-show of the 90s and 00s, which led to the idea that the long-ball was sexy. And then we have skyrocketing salaries that have led to embarrassing performances like Chris Davis and the latter-day versions of Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera, and perhaps a further remove from the working class fans who saw the top player contracts multiply tenfold in the span of a decade or two (1990ish to 2010ish), while their own salaries stagnated. Let us also mention the increase of Tommy John Surgery, and the apathy of many owners who are more concerned with optimizing profits than winning ball games. That has always been the case, with plenty of "loser franchises" throughout baseball history, but it seems more extreme now and one would hope that MLB would learn a thing or two from the NFL, which has much greater parity; it seems that most NFL franchises end up being pretty good for at least a few years of every decade, even if there still are better and worse franchises. Meaning, nothing wrong with having better and worse franchises, but within reason. I don't think we can place the blame on any one factor, but rather see it as a reflection of societal changes and cultural decay. But this isn't the political forum, so I'll leave that mostly unspoken. Oh yeah, I still love baseball, but it is because I love it that I don't like the trends I've seen over the last thirty years.
  12. I like the Lester comp for Detmers - that just intuitively makes sense, although probably represents a best case scenario. What about a non-douchey John Lackey? Or even Chuck Finley? Meaning, a work-horse who oscillates in the #2-3 range. Glad to hear about CRod. I wonder if that implies that Minasian is planning on trading Cobb and/or Heaney.
  13. Cool factoid about Musial - I also didn't know that. I agree with those guys that Ohtani is underrated. He's pretty much maxing out what I thought he was capable of, which is about 8 WAR combined - and he's on pace to surpass that. His breakout this year has me nervous about extending him. I hope the Angels do so this offseason, and pay him what he deserves.
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