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  1. Time for Pujols to sit. Simmons' glove is just too good and he deserves a chance with the bat - I'm surprised at how easily people are willing to write him off. Adell is pretty weak-sauce in there, and at some point Upton is going to start hitting, so unless Jo starts performing his clock is ticking.
  2. Still waiting for Canning to convince me he's a good pitcher. He's throwing batting practice out there - a weak fastball with no movement.
  3. I think one aspect of Bonds' greatness in 2001-04 that is overlooked is his hitting IQ. He just knew how to do it.
  4. I think so. 2014 was one superstar and a bunch of above average hitters. Now we have prime hitting Trout, a second superstar in Rendon, whatever Ohtani is, and a handful of above average guys. Plus, whatever Adell and Marsh become.
  5. Do you mean this one? Gagne was so nasty there for a bit. Probably the most dominant closer ever during 2002-04, with the possible exception of Kimbrel for a few years.
  6. I think we finally saw what this lineup is capable of, and should see more of for the rest of the year. It should be the best lineup we've had since the Golden Age of the Aughties, and maybe better (more power). What is particularly exciting is that it should continue to get better over the next few years as Pujols phases out and Adell and Marsh come into their own.
  7. 90s Bonds vs. Trout is close. Throw in peak A-Rod and those are the three best players of my era.
  8. Yup. But I can comprehend it. Baseball hasn't been all that kind to the Angry Black Man. Bonds was a dick, but he walked to his own beat and didn't suck up to the press. From 2001-04 we got to see the best hitting the world has ever seen. Let us not forget what he did to the Angels in the World Series: .471/.700/1.294 with 4 HR and 13 walks in 7 games. .700 obp is just absurd.
  9. Looking forward to seeing if Suarez can take a step forward.
  10. I think the current leaders are as good a bet as any - Judge or Trout in the AL. Not sure Tatis can keep up the pace, but he's awesome. Trevor Story, maybe.
  11. Barry Bonds was the best player I've ever seen, especially in 2001-04. After him, though, it is probably Trout - over the last forty years of my baseball cognizance, at least.
  12. I also thought/think that Marsh was more polished and ready for the bigs. But yeah, good points. The lack of a minor league season really hurts Adell's development. In the long run he'll be OK, but it is a lost year--and an important one for him. He should start next year in AAA, as he would have this year.
  13. I think you've got to keep playing him, although I do worry about the Brandon Wood effect. Maybe they should call up Marsh to at least keep him company. Let the boys learn together.
  14. I love it when someone wants to take credit for something a ton of people have said.
  15. Ward is starting to feel like Mathis, without the elite defense.