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  1. Cameron is very underrated, mostly because he peaked at a time when only statnerds and smart execs knew how to judge his total value, not your garden variety fans. The term "poor man's" has no clear definition. My point is that he has a similar skill package as Cameron, just on a lesser scale. He could spend his career as a good 4th outfielder and end with 10-15 WAR, or he could become a regular for 5+ years and end with 20. But I would never predict he'll be 2/3s of Cameron, at least for his career. (p.s. and Garret Anderson was vastly overrated by many Angels fans, which is what I think tdawg's remark was riffing off of, or I could be wrong)
  2. For some reason, Hermosillo reminds me a bit of Mike Cameron - but a poor man's version. Cameron could do a bit of everything, but nothing really well - except as a fielder. He had some power, speed, walks, great defender, but poor contact. At his best he was a 5+ WAR player, mostly due to his great defense. Where Cameron in a peak year hit something like .265/.350/.450 with 25 HR, 30 SB, a 110 wRC+ and 5 WAR, I could see Hermosillo eventually hitting .250/.330/.420 with 18 HR, 25 SB, 100 wRC+ and 3 WAR. But he needs time to develop into that.
  3. Priorities.... KEY. Extremely important - absolutely necessary for any chance of contention. Very important - a definite need, but some flexibility in terms of how its accomplished. Optional - a luxury but not a big priority, and more of a bonus. 2019-20 OFFSEASON PRIORITIES 1. Very good starting pitcher 2. Good plus starting pitcher 3. Catcher upgrade 4. Relievers 5. Added offense somewhere 6. Third starting pitcher
  4. His ideal situation would be if the Angels traded him to a team that was willing to give him several hundred at bats, give a chance to adjust. He has a bit of trade value. It will be hard for him to find a place as more than a 5th outfielder (mostly in AAA), unless he can do as you say - which is a tall order for a player trying to adjust to the majors. But I'll think he'll eventually catch on and have a bit of a career, either as a 2-3 WAR starter on a lesser team (best-case), or a valued journeyman 4th outfielder/platoon player. I like him.
  5. That's probably true. I just think he has the potential to be a really good 4th outfielder, able to play all three well, while Goodwin's value is more as a fill-in/platoon corner outfielder, ,but with limited defensive skills.
  6. If Hermosillo can learn to hit .250, he'll be a more useful 4th outfielder than Goodwin.
  7. Yeah, something like that, I think. He'll be "Budget Wheeler."
  8. This chart illustrates why he's my fourth choice after Cole, Strasburg, and Wheeler - when you take into account cost and age (he'll be cheaper and much younger than Ryu, cheaper than Bumgarner). That's a nice velocity spike this year. I see no reason why he shouldn't be able to continue.
  9. Not only inaccurate, but I think not so smart. As the premier free agent (along with Rendon) in a rather tenuous market, there is always the possibility that the longer a free agent waits to sign, the more uncertain their contract will be - especially if he waits until all the other good pitchers sign. Right now Cole sets his own market. He will easily get the largest contract for a free agent pitcher in baseball history, quite possibly $20-30+ million more. But that could change, depending upon how the other contracts unfold. In other words, right now Cole is virtually guaranteed a 7/$220-250M contract. If he holds out into January or February to get $260-280M, he might, but he also has a chance of slipping a bit, if teams fill their needs.
  10. All-time greatest uniforms. They make me want to snort coke and listen to Funkadelic.
  11. What a horrible spin. Talk about fake, junk news.