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  1. Peter Daou, who worked for Hillary, says there's no real oppo on Bernie. That's why we're get the BS Bernie Bro stuff, and socialism crap. Oh yeah, the Warren thing is bogus. I want to believe she really did that, but she didn't.
  2. Is all lust sinful or just homosexual lust? But more to the point, you can have your religious beliefs ("sinful lust") but why apply it to anyone else but yourself? Only religious fundamentalists, as far as I can tell, see homosexuality as sinful or wrong. Isn't the whole point of America that people of different races, cultures, ideologies, and belief systems co-exist together peacefully? Why not just live and let live? How about this idea: lust is just lust. It is only "sinful" if it causes suffering. Why would you care if two dudes, say @tdawg87 and @calscuf, wanted to cram their junk inside each other? If calscuf blows his load deep inside the rectum of tdawg, and tdawg likes it (as he would, being a bottom), why does it bother you or are you worried about their eternal damnation?
  3. Here's your confusion: you're conflating two things. One is the "urge," the other is whether or not you give into that urge. The urge is not chosen, but you can choose to give into it. Wanting to have sex with dudes is not a choice. But having sex with them is.
  4. @angelinkc if we choose our sexual orientation, I challenge you to test this. Choose to be gay and go out and suck a dick. In fact, what's your address?
  5. I hope this is true, but won't really get excited about him until those strikeouts go down. Right now he looks like Rob Deer, albeit a middle infield version.
  6. Bernie has praised certain aspects of communist countries, yes, like Soviet infrastructure. He also said that quality of life in Cuba was a lot better than American propaganda. I'm not sure what's so bad about such statements.
  7. But the difference is that Trump is actually an oligarch and wants to perpetuate that system, while Bernie wants to subvert and transform the system.
  8. The only reason the establishment dislikes Trump is because he's a wildcard and his antics pull back the curtain on oligarchy.
  9. Both aren't the Empire, but Trump is Jabba and Bernie is Obi-Wan. I'd much rather live in Jedi socialism than Imperial oligarchy or gangster scum and villainy.
  10. Does it ache in a mild but noticeable and insistent way, and is there a slight feeling of "blueness?"
  11. It would seem that his HR total is his main path to the Hall -- I think that's often the case with borderline players: there's a single statistical marker that determines whether they make it or not. Yaz is a terrible comp because he was both more consistent and much better at his very best (11.1 fWAR in 1967, three years 8.9 or higher). Murphy is a bit historically underrated and was a better player than Upton in his prime, but faded early and therefore didn't get the counting stats to get in. Jackson was also better in his prime and more consistent. So all three were better players than Upton, and the two who had longevity ended up as Hall of Famers. Probably a good precedent for Upton is Fred McGriff, who was a better hitter (134 wRC+ vs Upton's 120), had 493 HR and hasn't been elected. So yeah, Upton needs at least 500 HR to even be considered. Right now he has 298 HR through age 31, which is good for 44th all time. Of the 43 players ahead of him: 25 are Hall of Famers 3 are active, two definite Hall of Famers (Pujols, Cabrera) one possible (Stanton) That leaves 15 players who are Hall eligible, but not (yet) in: A Rod, Bonds, Gonzalez, Jones, Dunn, Manny, Belle, Colavito, Teixeira, P Fielder, Murphy, Glaus, Delgado, Canseco, Sosa. Most of those guys--all except for Colavito and Murphy--played at least a sizeable chunk of their careers during the Roid Era (which I'll define as 1993-2009, when offense was inflated). I'm not saying that all of them did steroids, but the concern is there. It is also worth noting that of the 43 players ahead of Upton, only Sosa (111) and Jones (119) were worse hitters according to wRC+. And of course Sosa's best years were later. Troy Glaus' numbers are very similar through age 31: Upton: 298 HR, 120 wRC+, 36.8 fWAR Glaus: 304 HR, 121 wRC+, 34.7 fWAR Glaus only hit 16 more HR and his wRC+ lowered to 120, his fWAR to 34.3.
  12. I hope this couple only clothes this child in gender-neutral colors and styles so they don't inflict hetero-normative hegemony on it.
  13. I would never vote for, say, John Kasich, but I'd be upset if the GOP was playing dirty to screw him. This is where Bernie -- as well as Tulsi, Yang, or someone like Ron Paul, etc -- are respected by people who disagree with them politically: they're trying to play fair in a system fraught with corruption.