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  1. When I started on AW I lived in Portland, OR, then lived in NH, then Hawaii, now back to NH. I've been here a long time.
  2. Pundits have a tendency to gush about the flavor of the month, but I don't think the Harper and Betts hype is similar. Harper was always hyped, from about age 15, and then he had that Ruthian 2015 season (197 wRC+ same as Ruth's career average). But he's been up and down since, and seems to have settled in as a star but not a superstar, at least performance-wise. His numbers over the last three years have been pretty consistent (about .260/.900, 140 wRC+, ~4 WAR per season), even with a slight upward trend, but I think he's established his level. That said, I could see him churning out the occ
  3. 3. Taking guns away from whitey. 2. Giving rich people's money to the poor so the poor don't have to work. 1. Turning everyone gay or transgender. Bonus: making everyone have an abortion.
  4. I thought you were in Manchester. Where do you live, if you want to share it with the 7.7 billion people reading this? I'm in the Keene area.
  5. That must have been the gayest post ever on Angelswin. What, are you a soccer fan now, Toby? All joking aside, you're an Angelswin Hall of Famer - inner circle, undoubtedly. Everyone loves you here, even the Retardicans. Hang in there, buddy. p.s. I'm back in NH, so we should probably get a beer sometime. I'll message you if I'm ever in Manchester.
  6. The Dodgers have the best lineup in baseball. The Angels had a pretty good lineup. But the main thing is the guy behind you. If a man is on base and facing Trout with Rendon up next, the pitcher is thinking, "Trout is scary, but so is Rendon - I better not let another man on because Rendon with two on is worse than Trout with one on." Anyhow, again, not sure if lineup protection means anything. Trout's RBI and Runs numbers would be higher with a better lineup, but I'm not sure his real stats would be any different. Hard to say.
  7. I agree re: Marsh. He's going to be very good. I wouldn't trade Adell. Not only is there a slight tarnish on his prospect cred so GMs will try to lowball the Angels, but he's going to bounce back in AAA and be ready for the big leagues by Spring 2021 at the latest. I believe.
  8. Arte's trying to convince me to trade Brandon Marsh for Miguel Cabrera. He figures it will boost the Latino market, and we need a Hall of Famer to replace Pujols.
  9. No, I'm going to trade him for Mookie Betts, David Price, and Clayton Kershaw's jock-strap.
  10. Offseason plan, according to GM Angelsjunky, listed in terms of priority. Sign the best starter possible. I don't think Bauer is realistic, so start with Stroman, then Gausman, and on down the line. Consider trade targets. Prioritize Joe Musgrove, but look at others. Unless it is a top-flight young pitcher with club control, don't trade any of the top prospects (especially Marsh, Rodriguez, Detmers, but also preferably Adams, Paris, etc). If a second starter is acquired via trade, skip 3 and move on to 4. Sign a swingman/secondary starter, preferably to a one-year deal. Nothi
  11. I have wondered whether "lineup protection" is real or more a matter of perception. Trout had the best hitter he's ever had hitting behind him in 2020, and had his worst offensive season of his career (career low wRC+ of 164). Obviously there are other factors, not least of which was the shortness of the season; presumably his stats would have equalized over the course of 162 games. But we'd need a full season or two to really get a sense of what the Rendon Effect is, and then he's only one player. I'm guessing some statnerd has researched this, but I'm too lazy to google it.
  12. Doesn't really make sense based upon the available information about needs and money. Signing Didi would be either a really good or really bad sign: Bad: Arte wants a "championship player" - someone with name recognition who has played on winning teams. Or maybe he has a Didi fetish. This would be sort of a David Freese type move, and may prohibit acquiring the pitching that is needed. Good: Arte is willing to spend big, and plug any holes (huhuh, Beavis), and will be followed by other significant free agents, especially pitchers. In the "good" scenario, it only makes sense
  13. What is your point? Do you honestly disagree that Trout is widely considered the best player in the game? I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but I'd guess that 95% of statnerds consider him the best player, 75% of analysts/sportswriters, and 50% of fans. Those that don't are mostly homers of other teams. 50% might not seem like a lot, but consider that the other 50% is split between many other players. This may change in the not-too-distant future, and of course inevitably will change. But he has been considered the best player for quite awhile now, for knowledge fans since
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