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  1. Vlad may be hurt by Semien, although I'm guessing very few if any vote for Semien over Vlad. That said, I still think Ohtani is a virtual lock. Vlad is having a great year, but it is basically a "garden variety" best hitter of the year season, while Ohtani's is historic. But it wouldn't hurt if Shohei got his head out of his ass and finished strong.
  2. I don't think he's saying Adams will become Buxton, just that they're similar in type, and such players sometimes take awhile to figure things out. Plus, the injury. After the five I mentioned (Detmers, C-Rod, Bachman, Vera, Paris), I don't think anyone is clearly and obviously a better prospect. We get into a grey area. I'm not saying I'm going to rank Adams #6, but it will be somewhere in the #6-12 range.
  3. I know you jest (I hope), but he's sucked for a month and a half now, or at least been mediocre. July 30 on: .193/.321/.379, 87 wRC+, 168 PA
  4. Maybe. I'd definitely rank him behind Detmers, Rodriguez, Bachman, Paris, and Vera. But after that, he's in the mix. Adell and Marsh being off the list helps.
  5. Fuck Arte. Give Perry the benefit of the doubt for another year. Keep Maddon for feels, but send him to offseason school for bullpen usage and defensive coaching.
  6. 8th inning, gameday is still on first page. Angels baseball in September. Anyhow, remember when Ohtani used to be good?
  7. I like his optimistic view on Adams - that's a bit encouraging. I guess he doesn't consider Chris Rodriguez a prospect anymore. It will be interesting to see who is better between Vera and Paris. My sense is that Vera has the edge on extra base power, but Paris will get on base more. But we'll see. No Maitan! Fake news.
  8. Yeah, I remember that, although double-checked and Nola had a 10.2 bWAR that year! (2018). 5.5 fWAR...I wonder if that is the biggest discrepancy between the two ever. It certainly puts some doubt into the accuracy of both, although I think fWAR is (generally) closer to the truth. But yeah, there's no accounting for the X-Factor, be it luck, clutch, or mentality. I think psychology is woefully underrated, partially because there's no way to quantify it. I wonder if the Padres were so high and over confident, that they just never clicked. Obviously more quantifiable factors are central, though.
  9. That joke stopped being funny in the Obama era. You need new material.
  10. The Giants didn't have a season above .500 since 2016, and now they're on route to 100+ wins, with the best record in baseball. Meaning, sure, it could happen. But they'll need some luck, and to bolster the pitching staff. One good starter, several good relievers. I'm optimistic about the hitting because even if one of Trout or Rendon gets hurt, both probably won't again, at least not like this year. Also, Adell and Marsh will continue to improve, and Rengifo is showing glimmers of being the player we hoped he would be. Walsh looks good again, and while Stassi has been frigid, is overall good. Ohtani...who knows. But he can fall back a bit and still be really good, but he could also improve, as crazy as that sounds (higher BA). I like the rotation depth, but the Angels need at least a couple guys to step up and be reliable mid-rotation starters. Ohtani is very good, although due to innings limitations will likely never be a true #1. But if Sandoval and a couple of the other guys can step up and be solid #3s, the rotation should be fine. Plus, they'll probably add someone like Stroman, or at least re-sign Cobb.
  11. David Fletcher's offense is like a slightly below average wiener with no girth. @cals?
  12. One of the reasons I love baseball: you just never know. Before the season started it looked like the Dodgers would duke it out for 110 wins. And now the Giants are the best team in baseball? BTW, according to fWAR, Darvish is at 2.4 and Snell at 2.2. Man, I hate pitching WAR. Too wacky.
  13. Yup. He's obviously streaky. 2020 just didn't include the down-swing. In fact, it is why the season was so wonky for a lot of players: it was too short to equalize. I do think we can hope that he can recapture 2019, as you say. But the pipedream of him being a borderline star and possible batting champion was just that, it seems. Still, 1.1 WAR this year. He's been a fringe regular.
  14. I'm reminded a bit of when Jered Weaver signed that five-year contract that everyone thought was the Angels getting a "home town discount," and then Jered turned into Gumby and the contract ended up being bad. The Fletcher contract is a bit like that in that we thought were getting a 3-4 WAR player for $6M a year. Now it looks like we're getting an expensive bench player. Maybe a bit harsh, but his performance has dropped substantially from 2019-20.
  15. I can't wait to see pictures of a maskless Newsom celebrating while dining at a hip bistro while being served by masked servants.
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