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  1. This team is ma...lcontent. LOL at those who said, "Upton looks really good." Let's face facts: Upton sucks. He's toast. Bring up Marsh and toss him to the curb.
  2. Williams is particularly striking because he lost three full seasons during his prime, when he was averaging over 10 WAR per season, then most of two more a few years later. WIthout the wars, Williams would be there with Ruth and Bonds - above Cobb and Mays. In other words, fuck war for reducing Ted's WAR.
  3. One more thing to note. All of the guys on that list have at least 400 games on Trout. Meaning, if he had the same amount of games played as the lowest total (Dan Brouthers at 1673), he'd have about 25 more WAR - or over 100.
  4. Yep. It also lost him the "best through age X" run, and he'll probably never get it back.
  5. Here's an update on where Trout is on the all-time fWAR leaderboard. This includes all those within 10 WAR of Trout's season starting WAR (75.6), so are all contenders to be passed this year. 29. Roger Connor 86.2 30. George Brett 84.6 31. George Davis 84.6 32. Chipper Jones 84.6 33. Adrian Beltre 84.1 34. Joe DiMaggio 83.1 35. Roberto Clemente 80.6 36. Jeff Bagwell 80.2 37. Pete Rose 80.2 38. Brooks Robinson 80.2 39. Dan Brouthers 79.5 40. Charlie Gehringer 78.6 41. Ken Griffey Jr 77.7 42. Bill Dahlen 77.4 43. Mike Tro
  6. Canning had a very Heaney-esque start: dominant in terms of Ks to walks, but some big hits and overall a poor showing. While its very early, so far it looks like the Angels have two good starters in Bundy and Ohtani, and a bunch of back-end rotation guys. At least one or even two of those four need to step up and join Bundy and Ohtani in the #3 or better category.
  7. All is right in the world: https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=y&type=8&season=2021&month=33&season1=2021&ind=0&team=&rost=&age=0&filter=&players=
  8. I'll watch it if they have a dance performance of WAP with Kenneth Copeland in the mix.
  9. I can't help but be honored by how much psychic power y'all think I have. Maybe I should start a cult.
  10. Fuck all (OK, most) of you. I stand by my optimism and my pre-season prediction of a 91-71 record. They only need to go 87-69 the rest of the way.
  11. WAR is a translation from RAR (Runs Above Replacement), which is comprised of various components: Batting Runs, Fielding Runs, Base Running Runs, Positional Adjustment, and a minor league adjustment and replacement level adjustment. The Positional Adjustment is what is being discussed. Fangraphs calculates it as follows, per 1458 defensive innings (162 games x 9 innings): +12.5 C +7.5 SS +2.5 2B, 3B, CF -2.5 LF, RF -12.5 1B -17.5 DH I am not sure how they calculate pitchers, but consider this: If Ohtani starts 25 games (at most) this year at an average o
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