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  1. This is the first time I've looked into this thread. I feel like I just entered a room with a bunch of dudes jerking it. I've now got a half-mast sad boner.
  2. My guess is that he plays half the games or less, so his triple-slash could be anything. His baby is due in August, right? So maybe he misses the first week or two waiting for the birth, then another couple weeks with the baby, then he realizes how hard it is having a newborn and plays baseball for a month.
  3. This is a classic case where what I want for myself differs from what is probably best for someone else. Trout, no worries if you want to sit this one out. We love you. Do what's best for your family - and that includes doing whatever needs to be done to be with (and hold) your newborn.
  4. Well, Jack Kochanowicz will be there too. As his floor manager.
  5. Welcome to the majors, Reid. Sincerely, Mike Trout, Anthony Rendon, Shohei Ohtani.
  6. I would be surprised if we didn't see Adell this year. Unless Goodwin absolutely crushes and Adell looks like Jabari Blash, he's going to get at least a cup.
  7. It means you should look for Jordyn Adams stocking product at Home Depot.
  8. I think all MLB clubs should hire a Sensitivity Consultant to sit in each dugout to make sure nothing is said that is offensive.
  9. It is filtering through pretty much every area of culture right now, a kind of new McCarthyism. As someone who is politically left, I dislike the fact that it is almost entirely coming from the left. It is a misapplication of Marxist political-economic ideas onto culture. Mob rules.
  10. Thanks. It was fun to do, and I realize a lot to digest, but hopefully gave some people a bit of baseball pleasure during the layover.
  11. Adams could be an interesting option for a 5th outfielder/pinch-runner. Marsh and Adell, too, although they're not as fast. I really hope we see both this year.
  12. Looks pretty good, @Hubs. I would guess that the Angels opt to go for a deeper pen than have Taylor Ward up there. With Thaiss, Pujols, and Walsh, I just don't see Ward getting much playing time, unless he starts catching again. Also, Jaime Barria has to figure in somewhere. I forgot about him in my starting depth chart in another thread, but he's got some utility and deserves another shot.