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  1. You guys weren’t kidding. So many woke young people saying there’s nothing to celebrate today.
  2. Political update! Either the season is f’d because everyone else is going to get it or they’ll manage to keep the number of positive people at the same time low
  3. He has the ability to take time off because he's made a lot and saved a lot (I'm assuming), so he can do whatever he wants. Plus he falls into the high risk category so he'll still get his pay. Sucks for the everyday Joe who have no choice but to go in and work for their paychecks even if they live with high risk people.
  4. I don’t understand why selfish retards just won’t wear the stupid mask so we can return to our normal lives.
  5. I understand locking back down but man we are effed economically.
  6. Who knew Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was such a popular place among AW.com family members
  7. It’s crazy because he used it correctly in his opening sentence.
  8. “10 minutes to log into your other account and agree with yourself. You got to step it up”