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  1. It's true. If you can't see why then you are part of the problem that is contributing to systemic racism.
  2. Is this true? I thought this was one of the few that people on the board actually questioned
  3. Tough loss!! Hopefully the Angels can find a replacement
  4. Update: It's been a month since I came back from Florida and Georgia and no one has died
  5. I didn't hate it. We (at least I) ask for the best pitchers to pitch in tie games in the 9th instead of some bum middle reliever. Since the Angels are at home and it's tied in the ninth, you just have him sit the rest of the game because there won't be a save situation?
  6. Tatis left with an injury. Looked a lot like what Michael conforto had the other year
  7. This team is giving me 2002 vibes! You can just feel the magic when watching the games. I’m pumped!
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