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  1. Degrom got through the first inning in 8 pitches with 2 strikeouts and became the first pitcher to be checked for “sticky stuff” after the inning
  2. I was at dodger stadium yesterday for its “reopening” day and maybe 2% of people had masks on. We sat next to some Phillies tier 2 employees and they wore masks (I think they have to) but otherwise barely any masks. It was nice to be back to normal. And no one called me a chink or tried to shank me even though we brought the virus over to kill them off
  3. Jacob degrom pitched 3 perfect innings with 8 strikeouts and had an RBI single but is about to leave the game with another injury
  4. Also did they post the error of the botched grounder to him with 2 outs in the 9th to bring up the tying run?
  5. I was at the game last night, and yes, I'm no scout but it looked like his top half was pretty large.
  6. Just looked up the roster, former Angel great Brandon Phillips is also on the team
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