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  1. I saw it, I don’t know what was so wrong with it considering other stuff on the board
  2. Dude me too, the first couple weeks of this my drive was completely gone
  3. Putting 3 seconds of thought into this (started following around 2000) C- Pudge 1st-Albert 2nd- Utley SS- Arod 3rd- Chipper Jones LF- Bonds CF- Trout RF- Vlad DH- Ortiz SP - Kershaw
  4. If we keep everyone locked up so that people don't die from the virus, people are going to start dying from being poor.
  5. I never thought I'd see the day where I wish I could be watching Pujols play everyday.
  6. Yeah I don’t know what was said but everything under the sun has been written at one point or another here.
  7. I doubt it, they paused construction on it so the date's most likely going to be pushed back (if they're even going to be open by the original date).
  8. I’m too young to have witnessed good Kevin Appier but he had a 54.5 WAR according to baseball reference.
  9. I was expecting a big pay day but they pushed the release date back.
  10. Yup. I imagine everyone who works in the parks will be furloughed, but I don't know how they'll go about the corporate/accounting/finance side.
  11. I’m honestly not even broken up about it. I’m fortunate enough to be doing ok financially, I’ve got money saved up to last a while in the worst case scenario, I feel like I could use a break and just do nothing. Of course that said who knows, maybe the job doesn’t come back and I’m unemployed and unable to find anything else.
  12. We were told yesterday that employees across the company are getting furloughed starting April 19. Naturally they say no decisions have been made on who will be impacted.