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  1. I'm on a work call now so i can only watch with the captions, and man is it as funny as the captions make it out to be? Trying my best to not chuckle on video.
  2. What will you be going to Rico for?
  3. What is a liberal utopia? I might rather have this be my last election I'm alive for than live in a liberal utopia
  4. Claude and I may be the only ones rooting for the yankees. What a dynamic duo
  5. Talking about hopeless, if Trump gets thrown in jail today, is your life truly any better? If your life satisfaction is impacted this much by who is president, perhaps you are the hopeless one.
  6. AL MVP: Jose Ramirez (Indians) NL MVP: Mookie Betts (Dogs) AL Cy Young: Shane Bieber (Indians) AL Cy Young: Yu Darvish (Cubs) AL ROY: Luis Robert (White Sox) NL ROY: Alec Bohm (Phillies) AL Manager: Kevin Cash (Rays) NL Manager: Don Mattingly (Marlins) Also not sure on ROYs, Kyle Lewis will probably win, and cronenworth will get consideration/votes in the NL
  7. My life is much better knowing about donald Trumps taxes, and I have no more problems. Thanks NYT!
  8. Our old friend Matt Klentak is the mastermind behind that. I watched a lot of Phillies games this year, that bullpen is something else. Their big acquisition of Brandon Workman had a WHIP of 2.46 to end the year. The way the season ended, if they won one of 3 games in Tampa, they would’ve been in.
  9. I would’ve brought him back but we’ll see how this turns out. I’m sure all of us have full faith in Arte to figure this out
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