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  1. Speaking of which, I saw the thread Brandon made before it got deleted. We need more of those threads
  2. No need to hide behind the wife. I’m making the girlfriend go to taylor swift.
  3. I thought the same, but then on Effectively Wild they brought up that this drop was predicted by the projection system, along with a lot of new batters getting at bats. Make of it what you will. From January 2017: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-astros-have-a-completely-new-look/
  4. What should a rational, reasonable fan (if they exist) expect from La Stella offensively in 2020? A repeat of his shortened 2019 season of .830 OPS and 119 OPS +, his previous 5 years OPS of .710 and 94 OPS +, or his current career totals of .743 and 101 OPS +? Is his swing change real, or was his 2019 just a small sample size with a juiced up ball?
  5. “What’s that idiot even doing playing up 35-7? This is on Saban”
  6. Not yet. I’ve been in Asia the past week + and they’re actually showing the tournament on TV. Pretty cool to see
  7. What do you want the idiot to do with 8 seconds left down 21-7 after what just happened? Mason Rudolph isn’t getting suspended.
  8. Strasburg leaving the Nationals confirmed
  9. Discussed the past page +. Is this the same @Scott34?
  10. Carlos Beltran to the Mets like it’s 2006 again