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  1. He’s not just a 3B- he played about 20 games in LF last year along with some games at 1B. He would play left.
  2. So if I’m understanding most of you correctly, even if we are able to sign Keuchel or Ryu, you want no part of trading for Kris Bryant, even if we are able to get Upton to waive his no trade?
  3. I still have concerns about pitching overall, but I think having added Keuchel or Ryu along with Bundy and Ohtani coming back dramatically improves pitching and gets us into the playoffs. We can look at adding more pitching at the deadline instead of playing chicken with other teams. What it really allows the team to do keep our trade chips until the Bryant grievance is resolved and we see if he has one or 2 years left- either way we go get him. The Cubs will want MLB ready players as they are still in contention and the Angels seem to be a good match. It would require them or someon
  4. I don’t think Price would be the disaster everyone thinks- he wasn’t horrible last year- 1.9 war- I believe that’s better than any of our pitchers last year- pitchers are very fickle things- Maddon has a track record with Price- depending on the “price” we have to pay, it could work out better for us than Cole in the long run. Oh- I also think we get Kris Bryant now- another former Maddon player.
  5. I think it could get done without Adell- if we could do that and sign Cole, we’re essentially adding Bryant, Cole, Adell and Ohtani the pitcher- that’s not a bad jump start to get us to the playoffs and then anything can happen as we saw with the Nationals.
  6. I’d like to see a trade for Kris Bryant- makes too much sense. He’s not a FA for 2 years, which *happens* to coincide with the end of Albert’s contract. We’ve been needing a 3B for a long time- this gives us another star bat. Everyone knows he’s not re-signing with the Cubs, maybe Joe can show him that LA is the place for him long-term.
  7. Nice article about Wilson- kid just wants to win https://amp.newsobserver.com/sports/article230978473.html
  8. This may be old news, but I hadn’t seen it yet- according to MLB The Show simulations, we’re the only team that Harper wins WS with in 2019 https://www.mlb.com/cut4/bryce-harper-mlb-the-show-simulations/c-302869584
  9. I wonder if Harper would accept a backloaded contract? Seems like all we’d need is for him to accept $15-20 million the first couple years until Albert comes off the books. If that pushes us to a World Series win, it may even prompt Pujols to retire on a high note.
  10. I heard a thought on the radio here in Chicago that I’d like to see- seems like it would fit Harper best- Harper takes a 1 year deal for $40 million. He’s young enough to do this- be a mercenary for a few years and go to the team that he can help to the WS.
  11. This is what I read about Puig and Pujols: https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/jeff-gordon/tipsheet-puig-takes-pujols-advice-to-heart/article_51ccea86-1c4f-538b-8801-de53c3eb5c39.html
  12. I seem to remember reading about him having a really good relationship with Pujols. If Albert can help him be consistent, I’m down.
  13. Reasonable doesn’t mean a bargain or cheap- it would mean what Arte is willing to pay and Eppler is able to negotiate- the point is they get to set the market and not be at the mercy of it. Even if Machado doesn’t sign, I believe it will help them to craft a starting point for the Trout negotiations.
  14. It’s actually a pretty smart business move if they can sign Machado to a reasonable deal. It sets the market for Harper and thus for Trout also. Better than waiting for some team to overpay outrageously and then have to pay Trout even more.
  15. Assuming Richards makes it back to form and Ohtani is what we hope he is, an Arrieta, Richards, Ohtani rotation in the playoffs looks pretty good. Also, if we sign Arrieta, then it really gives us an opportunity to trade a pitcher or two that Eppler and the scouting department aren’t as high on as we might be.
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