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  1. This is no concern to me ... let the authorities sort it out. stay safe my friends
  2. Love seeing baseball ️ stars donate
  3. I’m bored ... I want to play. Is it something you buy or is it a free app I can download? So how do get it?
  4. “Boras believes players are best-suited staying in camp and working out in the semi-isolation of their squads, utilizing the healthcare options available therein, per Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Speaking further on the issue, Sherman quotes Boras as saying, “Players are evaluated daily and have immediate treatment access. This process over the month is proven effective versus the outside world as there are no reported cases [of coronavirus among major leaguers]. … The key to low probability of the virus is to be in isolated areas. But the key in treatment is early detection and tre
  5. I believe another big turning point was in 2004 with a chance to win the WS. The Angels won the West division that season with a record of 92-70. “On December 20, 2003, Guillén was signed by the Anaheim Angels. In 2004, he hit .294 with 27 home runs and 104 RBIs for the Angels, but he was suspended the last two weeks of the regular season and during the postseason for "inappropriate conduct" in publicly expressing his displeasure with Angels manager Mike Scioscia following Scioscia's removal of Guillén in favor of a pinch runner during a crucial game against the Oakland Athletics.[2]”
  6. Done deal ... it’s a steal for the Brewers
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