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  1. Until the Angels get a top of the rotation pitcher ... we’re not done.
  2. Fletcher reminds me of Eckstein ... but bigger and more powerful
  3. That’s a bold statement ... good luck with that thought
  4. Definitely one of my favorite players
  5. Is there a reason why Adell isn’t on the 40 man roster?
  6. Do the Angels have a better chance of getting into the WS with Adell or Clevinger over the next three years? Maddon has a three year deal and Trouty isn’t getting any younger. A kid like Clevinger will be hitting his prime and Adell will take time to settle in. Honestly, I want to find a way to not trade Adell and get a controllable top of the rotation arm to go along with Ohtani. That’s what it will take to get into the WS imo.
  7. I luv everything about Jo Adell ... not just his talent but for the person inside. I would only trade Jo if it makes the Angels division favorites. The Angels are very close now ... a top tier pitcher will get them over the hump. It’s time to win again! Jo will be a great player but he may not fully blossom until 2022.
  8. Angels can’t afford to start the season without a legit top of the rotation pitcher imo. It’s now time! I suspect that the Indians would pass Adell straight up for Clevinger. It may take one of our top young pitchers to seal the deal. We still have Marsh and Adams. It will sting at first but at least we’re not adding $30-35M to payroll. Winning always makes the wounds heal quickly.
  9. I truly believe you could of done as good or better than Eppler. Trout and Rendon would of been a slam dunk for a guy like you.
  10. Sweet deal for Kole ... congratulations kole if you’re listening
  11. Another reason to hate on Gerrit Cole