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  1. You’re comparing Ryu and MadBum to GMJ
  2. It’s a baby step in the right direction. He’s a innings eater and should get his share of quality starts. The offense will need to do their part.
  3. Well I’m guessing they have a good idea what it’s going to take to sign him. It’s been also reported they recently sat down with Eppler. Wonder if Arte was in attendance?
  4. Hope this doesn’t happen to the Angels chances of signing Cole. I’m very confident the Angels will come to the table with the best offer ... which doesn’t guarantee he’ll take it. He knows that the Yankees and Dodgers will offer the best chance for another WS appearance. On the bright side he’s a local kid and if he signs with the Angels the team will have the best player and pitcher in baseball ️ I imagine Arte could turn this into a advertising bonanza and actually get $3M legit fans into the seats.
  5. We definitely need a bat ... I’ve been saying Donaldson but don’t see that happening. We’ve been rumored to Castellanos. I see Eppler either trading or signing a must needed MOTO bat.
  6. Any new updates on his shoulder ... will he be ready for Spring Training?
  7. I miss not having Blackmon in LF all these years ... instead we ended up with Upton that’s ️
  8. Winter Meetings are especially good for trades