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  1. Agreed at the end of the day it all comes down to money. Players don’t want another cut in their salary and neither do the owners.
  2. You literally said “it wouldn’t be real baseball” but now your just being overly dramatic 1 game a week. 4 games a week or 5 is a good compromise and they usually play 6
  3. What’s bad about that? Changes everything. I think it would make it even better. The better people playing more games. Being fresher etc. I think that would be an awesome new way baseball could go. Hell if 4 games is your bother what about 5 games with one team 25 weeks. Would and could make things that much more interesting. You play each pitcher in the rotation than two days off and start again. Could be cool. 100 games is better than 60 and better than 162 in my opinion. Unless they are shooting hoops in between innings for runs or something like that it’s still baseball so I don’t know how
  4. Correct. Nationally baseball isn’t very relevant. Locally they’re a big draw. But most of these teams have big tv contracts or will have big tv contracts.
  5. It’s an easy fix play 4 games once a week be safe easy peasy I don’t know why that would be a bad idea? Just because you don’t get baseball every day? If your complaining well football only plays once a week. That’s an easy and simple solution.
  6. San Francisco begs to differ. They’ve had loosened regulations and lock down regulations. There’s no national anything. State by state and city by city. Florida and Arizona are open California not so much. 49ers are playing in Arizona. They’ve adapted.
  7. Sure. But they’re a contact sport with more players they got rules and regulations. Baseball could be one series a week. Cut the season down. No one needs 162 games of it. Start the season on time. Do 3 or 4 game series once a week rinse wash test go to the next week. Season fixed.
  8. Baseball is an old dinosaur. Last year was actually fun with the expanded playoffs universal DH and extra innings/double header implementations. But baseball will find some way to revert back to its roots of old slow and dated because well baseball. I hope I’m wrong.
  9. Football is playing a full schedule baseball could barely get off their ass last season, and that’s why they are king of the sports world. If I was a betting man I’d wager they play a similar amount of games as last year maybe a handful more but there’s no way baseball plays all 162.
  10. I used to be optimistic about the whole thing. I no longer am. If left to our own choices baseball fans will go back to games sit in stands and enjoy baseball again by the thousands. It would probably be the highest attendance we’ve ever seen by a year. But the governments that control said things won’t let it happen. So I think it’ll be more games than last year but much less than 162 I’d say it’ll probably be closer to 100 or so with no fans. California teams may have to play in another state as will some other states teams like New York etc.
  11. This is 100% done by the outrage of middle America looking to be upset about something. Rage! America bad everyone else good. But not outraged at the millions of Muslims being sent to concentration camps in China. Look the other way be upset at random names and things that happened 100s of years ago, not actual things happening now. Nope way too much energy for that shit.
  12. Bauer Angels 6 years 125 Realmuto Angels 5 100
  13. I like this restructuring. I’d be ok if it just went to A, AA and AAA but whatever works. I can’t believe teams actually had 6 and 7 teams just insanity. I got to get me a Salt Lake Bees and Trash Pandas hat soon though.
  14. As always you are and forever will be a FF. Good day sir. Hope you enjoy this wonderful Tuesday.
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