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  1. Well hello again ladies and gentleman of the Angelswin Fam. Can you believe it's been 19 weeks since the start of this stuff. Hope everyone enjoys the poll questions this week. We are so close to getting some real sports action. Wish everyone a fantastic weekend hope you all stay safe and healthy.
  2. @JHaffke You’ve lost your mind so much you’re just talking to yourself on twitter now. I’m here for you Jonny!

  3. @nikolatrevor @marcuslemonis @TheProfitCNBC Excited for this journey. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  4. RT @nikolatrevor: Who was the biggest influences in building a $15,000,000,000 company? First, my father, a Union Pacific guy who got me ex…

  5. @ClayTravis What incredible news. Deaths are down. It’s what every American should want. Keep up the good work guys…

  6. @ShaneKingUK @AmandaHorst5 @nikolatrevor What’s a watxh dispenser?

  7. @ShaneKingUK @AmandaHorst5 @nikolatrevor How expensive. The stock is at $40. The upside being #Tesla or Tesla lite…

  8. @AmandaHorst5 @nikolatrevor It will rebound. Once the ground is broken on construction of the plant. Things should…

  9. It does. Like the option to not watch this baseball season or to not talk about it. Life is full of options. The season is scheduled to start in a handful of weeks, either watch or don't. Life gave you lemons it's your turn to make what you want out of it. Hopefully you make lemonade but it sounds like you just want to throw those lemons in the trash, put a blanket over your head and scream. You do you boo boo.
  10. Then that happens and you move two other people into the rotation. This is going to be the best test of a World Series champion we have ever seen. This isn't going to just be about the stars, it'll be about the depth in the rotation the depth in the farm etc. Can't wait for such an exciting baseball season.
  11. Can't wait. Can't get here fast enough. The fans are going to love it. Race to the post season. Every game matters. Should add an extra element.
  12. It'll be exciting. Like watching live sports.
  13. Why what are they doing to cricket?
  14. Your reading comprehension is shit. Where did he say some teams are doing well and some do not have their shit together? I’ll wait for an answer...