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  1. Is it suspicion or actually being caught testing positive in your mind?
  2. One person not voting For Jeter is totally a baseball thing thinking they’re so self important. Making it about them and not about Jeter. Way to go sportswriters
  3. There are certain people we know cheated but we don't know their extent of using. What we know is they weren't the only ones cheating. I imagine something like 50-80% of the league was using. Either people are getting in, in that era or they're not. Who's to say Jeter wasn't using when it is assumed a lot of his teammates were? Steroid use or PED use isn't just for hitting home runs. Put the people who were best in that era in and if you want to put a they played during the steroid era on their plaque so be it. Also I am guaranteeing you people are still using stuff that's undetectable right now.
  4. Clemens, Jeter, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Manny, Schilling, Walker, Rolen.
  5. Dissolving a multi billion dollar business into nothing? Good luck. There would be so many lawyers involved. MLB would completely shut down. The commissioner works for the league owners. Player contracts are with teams, employees are employed by the team, cities get paid taxes by the team, not to mention depending on what owner you’re talking about they could own the stadium. Do you know how many lawsuits would happen simultaneously against Major League Baseball? Maybe you could make an owner sell a team like they did with Sterling. But dissolve it would be a complete an utter disaster for the league.
  6. Translation. No one's close to offering us fair market value. We will see how the season plays out and if the offers get better we will trade him. And/or if you want him before the season starts better up the ante a bit.
  7. Who's going to have the better career Betts or Adell?
  8. Nice last payday for King Felix. His arm is completely shot.
  9. I'd want the Angels to trade for Betts and Price if they take Upton back. The Angels just can't feasibly trade for two big contracts and keep Upton. Betts Adell and Trout for the next 5-7 years would be an incredible outfield. Along with Rendon and this team could be the best offense in baseball.
  10. Who said anything about banning Mike. I don't know what the penalties anymore are but he didn't even get caught on a false test so what could they really do if any of this were even true. He is legally taking this if the accusations are accurate. Which I doubt they are.
  11. I agree. I don't believe some rando on twitter making an accusation. I hope Trout is not using stuff. I'd like to think he isn't using stuff. That being said it's sports and who the fuck knows anymore really. My favorite player growing up was Greg Maddux, I thought there would no way be an accusation about him using PED's, then I read a rumor about it so what I am trying to say is really... I don't know anymore. Everyone could be using... no one could be using... I think I could believe anything anymore.
  12. Weird. Burner account thing is a thing. Kevin Durant etc have talked about having them. I don't know why that makes you so upset. Weird thing to be upset about.