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  1. Despite his poor average. Donaldson actually put up some pretty good numbers this year posting over an 800 ops. I don’t think anyone or maybe they did I don’t know? Wanted Donaldson over Rendon. Rendon is younger and the better player now. Donaldson is still good though. Who knows at that age and with that injury history though for how much longer.
  2. Bauer is the free agent to get. He’s young and you don’t have to vibe up talent to get him. It’s time to find the right guy to make the pitch to sign him.
  3. And Reagins was the GM when Wells was traded for but people blame Arte for that too. Also read what you write before you write it I don’t know what 9n or mame means.
  4. Arte signed Hamilton and Pujols just like Arte signed Trout and Rendon.
  5. So rumors are facts now. What you’ve heard lol you mean what you’ve read just like everyone else. You can’t make this shit up.
  6. If Eppler was saddled with terrible contracts so was Jerry. Again I don’t care but Eppler was here for Albert and Hamilton just as Jerry had those two. Albert was a little better Hamilton was still garbage. I get it we look at things differently. Over a 5 year span what the Mariners have spent compared to what the Angels have spent in terms of payroll isn’t that close. In the span that Eppler had been the GM of the Angels he accumulated 332 wins. What Seattle has done under Dipoto is 348 wins. Even with Dipoto basically having a fire sale in there as well. I don’t think either are great GMs bu
  7. You can choose to believe them or not. My belief is that Arte is the one signing the big contracts and the GM is doing the smaller ones. Arte was known to be the one calling Albert and making the pitch.
  8. Agree you just don’t get it if you did you’d understand that 5 years is plenty. You don’t know what happened with Arte and Dipoto and what happened. But rumors are that Arte was the one mostly involved and that’s all we know. Everything else is speculation. We also don’t know what conversations Eppler had with Arte. How long has Dipoto been with Seattle? What’s Seattle’s record this year? What’s the Angels? I don’t care about Eppler or Dipoto neither are employed by the Angels for good reason. But your complete defense of anything Eppler or Angels players for that matter is
  9. My hopes for the postseason. Every series is a sweep and the offseason gets here fast. I honestly don’t care who wins and won’t watch a single postseason game. Go Angels hire a President of baseball operations and hire a GM. It’s time you join the ranks of the other successful teams in the sport.
  10. 5 years is a lifetime. Do you expect the next GM hires to get 6-10 years to make the playoffs? 5 years is plenty to show progress. Eppler didn’t even show a winning record in 5 years. You know what Jerry did in less time? Went to the playoffs and had a 90 plus win season even with Arte hamstringing him with 350 million dollars in contracts to Albert and Hamilton. Excited to see who Arte hires and hope it works out. I’d give them the same 5 year contract and expect them to succeed in that time with a top 5 payroll. The other teams with those types of payrolls did. Eppler handpicked a manager th
  11. I expect Trout to be more mortal than what he has been previously. He’s getting older and he has a lot of wear and tear. I expect him to be all star and mvp level but not super hero anymore.
  12. Our lineup is good enough too 10 or arguably top 5. The Angels need pitching pitching and more pitching that is it. If they can find a way to jettison Pujols and Upton that would be great too to save payroll but that’s not happening. All this team needs is pitching and we are a contender simple enough.
  13. Arte may be a difficult owner to deal with. But let’s honestly look at the upside. Arte spends on a top 5 payroll. You will be living in the second largest media market. You have arguably the best if not too 3 player in all of baseball. Hate him or love him Adell was the number 2 ranked prospect in all of baseball. These are all reasons why if Arte offered anyone who’s not a GM currently a job and some who are currently a GM of a club would accept his offer to run the Angels.
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