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  1. We may not always agree. But I am thankful for this AngelsWin family and I hope each and every one of you has an incredible thanksgiving with friends and family and get lots and lots of food. No ones judging you today! Have an incredible day AngelsWin peeps Go Angels!
  2. Downtown San Diego existed before Petco park went in. Right now Nothing exists except Angels stadium and a parking. But this deal seriously just sounds like they want to put all these maps get it all agreed to by the city and then flip it for someone else to incur all these costs of building it. I don’t know how or why this is a 25 plus year deal in the works.
  3. 31 year old pitcher getting his first shot at the majors. Ya I think I’ll let some other team take that gamble.
  4. Exciting stuff. Ducks will be the first ones to get things completed and Angels will be right behind them 21 years from then. Should be exciting times.
  5. Agreed I’m not advocating for them signing him. I’m just stating you can’t trade for him and not re sign him.
  6. You wouldn’t trade for Lindor and then watch him leave. Similar to the Dodgers and Betts you’d trade for Lindor then sign him to long term contract. Otherwise there’s no point in trading for him.
  7. You crack me up. Read what I wrote and not what you think I said. I never said they were blowing their wad on Happ. But the money Arte has to spend isn’t infinite. If the budget is 30 or 40 million Happ would take up at least say 5 million. So the Angels would have less money to spend elsewhere. I wouldn’t offer Happ anything I don’t think he’d be worth it he’s old and his last “real” season was an over 4 era. Have your own opinion you are allowed mine is I don’t want the Angels to spend on over 35 year old players. Take a breath and breathe it’ll be ok.
  8. Not for me. A 38 year old pitcher who in the last “real” season has a 4 plus era is not something I want in the Angels rotation. I’d rather they stand pat then spend money on someone like that. I’d rather they spend that money on a back up outfielder or ss or closer
  9. But to honestly answer I wouldn’t sign him to a one year deal I wouldn’t offer him anything. I’d let someone else do it. I’d focus on younger arms personally.
  10. Do you think he’d sign with us if we offered a 10 year deal Plus a 5 year personal services contract?
  11. If only all professional sports contracts were like the NFL. Easy Peasy.
  12. Everyone has risk but a 34 year old pitcher with a history of injuries has a higher risk to him than just random player.
  13. Simple question for a simple answer are you wearing a mask when you go out

  14. I just don't think Darvish is the investment you want. I don't think the Angels need a 35 year old pitcher on the downside of his career. In 2018 and 2019 he had an over 4 era and this year he had a 2.23 era. If I were to guess next year a year older and a hopefully full season, covid being gone and all, I would bet he would be around the same numbers he put up in 2018 and 2019 and not what he put up in a shortened 2020. The Angels can't accept that level of risk, they need more sure things than another over paid guy who may or may not be injury prone.
  15. Maybe. He's 29 now offer him more money until the 35th year. There's zero chance if I am the owner I want to be stuck with an older player with a big salary who's at higher risk for injury. I will let someone else take on that risk. I like Bauer and think he's awesome but the same thing I said about Trout and Cole etc applies. I wouldn't pay anyone over the age of their 35th birthday season.
  16. I don’t put a crazy high value on Darvish for one simple thing he’s older and signed to more years. I wouldn’t trade young guys for an old pitcher. I value Bauer because of how good he is and his age. That being said I wouldn’t offer him any amount of money over his 35th year.
  17. @BillFOXLA @FOXLA Wear your mask in between bites he said. Don’t go to family gatherings he said. Close restaurants… https://t.co/QOcjvsjhrc

  18. Yup. I love the hypocrisy. https://t.co/hmFFWZIg0r

  19. Zero chance on the planet I’d trade anyone for a 34 year old pitcher. None what so ever. The likelihood he gets hurt is high. Why would the Angels trade Adell or Marsh who are young and haven’t even hit their prime yet and not even close. for a pitcher who’s on the decline of his career? Come on now.
  20. You prefer another expensive brand jacket I am confused? I don't own North Face Patagonia or Carhartt. But if you like Carhartt more power to you. I don't like any of them, I prefer not spending 500 bucks on a snowboard jacket I will gladly buy them on amazon and get the knock off version, and spend my money on lift tickets and drinks at the bar.
  21. Theo at the age of 46 has won 3 titles and the team he left in place in Boston won another one if I am not mistaken shortly after he left with the team he constructed. The guys been at the top of baseball organizations for 17 years and has won 3 titles. I am genuinely curious because I don't know the answer, who else would you put in his circle over the last let's say 20 years? Cashman with 4 titles? Friedman has won 1 with many more probably to come. Beane who I view as one of the best GM's hasn't won any so I don't know?
  22. I will bite... what does he get credit for that he doesn't deserve? or how's he overrated?
  23. I don't care what his reasons are why he quit or why he was "pushed out" All I know is the guy wins and builds winners. The Red Sox were built by this guy who won multiple titles, then was "pushed out" "quit" went to the Cubs won there and "quit" "pushed out" I would hire him in a second. To be what exactly I don't know, I am excited about our new GM. But like I said I wouldn't hesitate to add more smart baseball people to this Angels organization. I'd go after Beane as well. Smart baseball people the both of them.
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