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  1. It won't happen. But that being said yes I could totally be happy watching any sporting event with no fans in the stadium. I don't watch sports for the fans, I watch for the game itself.
  2. Not staring at the news constantly has helped me a lot. I look at the news once or twice a day. If I read stuff every 15 minutes from the media/news media I think my brain would combust. Theres always some new this prediction or that, and I just can't. Another thing that has helped has been trying to stay preoccupied, whether with work, read, video game, run, clean etc. Both of which have contributed to me not completely losing my mind.
  3. Thanks @Stradling for being so honest. I am truly sorry that sucks and that has to be rough. Hoping you can get through this with your head above water. For me I think it still hasn't hit me, other than totally isolating myself with family at the moment. I have definitely watched more tv than I normally do. My work has slowed down a bunch being in commercial and residential real estate. But other than work being completely slow, no sports being on I think the thing that is affecting me the most is not being able to go out and do my usual stuff. I have a trip planned to go to France in July and I am really concerned that will have to be cancelled/postponed. I think my next poll will be more light hearted fun but definitely concerned for all you Angelswin family people and how you guys are doing and hoping praying we get through this stuff and hoping the worst has hit us, but alas I have no clue.
  4. This is what I was eluding to in another post. I just don't think this will go away before it gets to a date that doesn't make sense to even start the season anymore like August or September.
  5. I know you've all been waiting for your latest installment of week 3's poll. Here we go
  6. You have. One lost season won't make him not in his prime.
  7. I agree that it would totally suck. But, if this thing doesn't stop and people continue to get infected games being played are only going to speed up that process of more people getting infected. We can joke around all we want about attendance being down or fake stats about who's at the game and not. But 30k people at a stadium that close together might completely spike this thing to another shut down. Might as well get the whole thing under control, even if that is shutting down a season for it then play think it's all under control and then relapse the system.
  8. He and his clients want a 162 game schedule because they want to be paid a full amount for the year. A shortened season cuts the pay of the athletes, owners, and agents.
  9. I guess the reason I don't think the season will happen is because even the shut down happens until Easter. The fear of someone on a team getting it and then more people on the team getting it and quarantining one team or two teams while the others play is probably unlikely. Similar to what the NBA did when the guy tested positive. It would be a really big issue for the league and the team if someone or a team got shut down because of corona virus. I mean if 5 players on the Angels got Corona virus would it just be a DL thing and would that be fair to the Angels?
  10. No. If the Olympics are cancelled and moved I think the only sport that gets played this year is football.
  11. Season is more than likely lost so might as well clean up all issues so you can be ready for the season to start next year.
  12. I thought none of the players get paid till the season officially starts? Isn't that what Fletcher said?
  13. poll three will adapt and learn
  14. Doing fine. Everyone I know is healthy. Bored but doing good. Kind of hasn’t hit me yet. It has been weird though at the grocery store. Seeing everyone wearing gloves and masks.
  15. It's been a week since the first poll. I am bored, this lock down is pretty crazy, I hope all of you are doing alright financially and health wise. I love me some questions to keep me distracted through this stuff.
  16. I don't think it matters. I am starting to think more and more that there won't be a baseball season this year.
  17. Definitely weird. I don't know if I am overwhelmed. Just feels super weird. I imagine it is only going to get more weird with restaurants and everything shutting down. What's In N Out doing? You guys staying open?
  18. Starting tonight OC on full lock down. Be safe everyone.
  19. You wish that would happen. But just like 9/11 a year from now or a year after this is all over we are going to hate things the same way. I mean goodness look at the political climate we are in. Who would have thought this is where we would be after 9/11? People have short term memories.
  20. MLB might get 100 games in I highly doubt it though.
  21. I find this whole situation fascinating. So what say you my fellow Angel fans. Since no sports are actually happening. What do you guys think?
  22. It definitely will be remember. But 5 years from now will we be like holy hell wtf happened? Why did we freak out? Or will people be saying phew? I personally think it’ll be somewhere in the middle. This whole thing is absolutely nuts though. I’m astonished how much ish this virus has caused. The markets dropped a gazillion points. All sports concerts and events have been cancelled and people are acting like the worlds gonna end. When the vaccine actually is here and everything goes back to normal. Will the next random virus in a couple years do the same exact thing? Because the one before this didn’t ... who the fuck knows. Everything’s on the table now.
  23. They've closed 3 times before. JFK, 9/11 and something else.